Bed….(Day 16)

I know I am still a Post A Day behind – I’m trying to catch up – really.

Yesterday I posted about the 6 week mark in my pregnancy. I should have waiting on saying that I wasn’t getting all that tired cause boy – I did NOT want to get out of the bed today. I told the hubs this morning that I was going to bed at eight o’clock tonight. Here’s hoping that I actually do that!

Also – I haven’t been jogging/running like I have been wanting to. The daily rush of getting off of work, getting Seth, fixing dinner and then cleaning all while trying to fold laundry is just to consuming of the rest of the day. BUT – I think if actually start doing it that I will sleep better. Of course – there would be a shower before bed so I didn’t stink up the sheets but I really think it would help. Starting on Monday I’ll try it – cross your fingers for me.

I have been visiting lots of baby blogs and entering contests for free stuff but I haven’t won anything yet. I entered one today for $50 to an Etsy store that makes custom baby shower invitations and birth announcements. People are so creative – I’m glad they provide their hand-made products cause let me tell you – that ain’t me.

I’ll be posting two posts tomorrow – so keep your eyes peeled. I really would like to take a nap but I don’t think my bosses would like that!!!

xo – S.J.


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