I’m Back…

For the moment anyway.

It’s been TWO WEEKS since I posted. Dude, I’m sorry! My last post was about my low down dirty EX sister-in-law who was also my best friend who up and left my awesome brother one weekend. Just in case you’re reading this – how is that working out for you? 🙂 Oh – and maybe you can borrow that big white Chevy to look for a job in.

For those of you wondering about my brother…Johnathan won another tournament with his best friend Jamie a few weekends ago. I honestly think he should try to go pro. He is that good, I think it might take just a little convincing. He has the time now to do it since he doesn’t have to work all three of the jobs he had.

Moving on – an update on my Origami Owl business. I’ve made about seven to ten sales and that’s made me my money back I spent on the kit plus a little. Since the Christmas season is coming up I have a few Jewelry Bars in the works and I have two fall festivals booked (one at my son’s school and one at a friend’s church) and possibly another one at another really prominent school for a family member.

Instead of handing out catalogs (which are expensive and take forever to ship at the moment) I printed up 450 (4×6) handouts with all my information on them. Want to see?

The only thing that’s missing from it is my Facebook page which I totally didn’t notice until just now…but that’s okay. I can put a sticker on the back with that information (Facebook.com/JaneMorrowCharms). I’m pretty excited about everything.

One other thing – we’ve been looking for a new vehicle. Something that will hold five of us….you know: me, Jeremy, Seth, Keira’s huge car/booster seat and an infant seat/car/booster seat in the future. The inside of a civic just isn’t meant for two car seats, an almost 11-year-old and two adults. I looked at come Acura’s yesterday and a Kia. Also a Tahoe and a Suburban. Those last two are for sure NO’s. I do not want to have that gas bill.

Oh – NO I am not currently pregnant. At least I don’t think I am. A week of no birth control pills because I forgot to get them filled – there is maybe a chance but I’d say with 90% certainty its a no. According to my fertility app anyway – it’s impossible. So don’t freak out family. If there is a bun in the oven you’d get a phone call or a Facebook post first. 🙂 Then there would be another gender reveal party to plan! Heehee!!

So that’s been the past two weeks in a nut shell. Nothing else really exciting going on. Keira isn’t walking just yet but she does take about five steps when she thinks no one is looking. Sneaky little bugger. She’s so smart too it’s crazy. Man they grow up so fast! OH! I got her Hello Kitty invites and party supplies. Only one more month and she will be ONE! I can’t wait to see her with her smash cake! 😀


TBD or Mish Mash

I don’t know what to title this post so I’ll just leave it as it is cause there is O2 stuff, baby stuff and other stuff so it’s just a mish mash….there we go  🙂

So….I made my first sale this weekend for Origami Owl! I sold a locket to my sister-in-law Rita and she took some catalogs and business cards with her the next day to church. I was so excited and I can’t wait to get more orders and make some more people smile with their lockets! 🙂

We ate at a buffet for Jeremy’s mom’s birthday on Saturday. Keira ate four pieces of chicken, three green beans, three peach slices, two cantaloupe pieces, a few bites of jello that she could actually keep in her mouth and some ice cream. Man was she hungry! This was also the first week that we started giving her bottles with a little cereal in them before bed. She still gets up at night but it’s a longer stretch from when she first goes down for bed and the first time she gets up. Even then she only nurses for five minutes and she’s out again for another three to four hours.

Like Friday night she went to bed at about 9 and woke up at 3am. Then she was up again at 5:30 but then slept until 8:30. She has NEVER slept past seven since she was born, it was a first and REALLY nice for mommy and daddy. 🙂 These days she’s only eating cereal and fruit for breakfast and then what ever we eat for lunch and a toddler meal for dinner. Yup – toddler meals. She LOVES them and she does so good with them. I swear the girl has gained at least two pounds this week from bottles and actual dinners at night.

She started to refuse the stage 3 baby foods and that’s why we started trying the toddler meals. At daycare she eats their lunches just in her size portion. Amanda (her teacher) says she eats every bite, every day. Keira also loves her pink Playtex sippy cup. She won’t drink out of anything else and I am getting tired of washing it everyday. I will have to buy her another one. OH – and we just went from 5 oz. bottles to 10 oz. bottles. I put six ounces in them today for daycare to see if she eats it all. She had just been taking 5 oz. for the longest time – we only have one month until we can start halving her bottles with whole milk. I kind of can’t wait but at the same time it kind of makes me sad. 😦

Another reason why we’ve been giving her bottles before bed – I think my milk is drying up. I hardly get a half ounce when I pump anymore and drinking more water isn’t helping. I knew it would eventually happen but it makes me feel like my body is saying “Sorry – no more bonding time with Keira!” Jeremy has been giving her the bottles before bed and I know he enjoys that time with her. He deserves it. 🙂

As far as other things go – I am totally happier. I used to wonder what people would say when I would say or do things but I’ve come to realize that what they think or actually say – doesn’t matter because their opinion – in the end – is pointless to me. I don’t do things in my life to benefit them. A wise not old woman told me once “Those people say and do those things to get under your skin because they feel inferior to you.”

Thank you not old woman, thanks. 🙂 I always thought I wasn’t doing enough for my family but apparently – I’m totally doing enough!

9 Months!

Keira turned 9 months old this past Saturday – the 18th. Yesterday was her check up. Seth also had a check up cause he’s 10 this year.

Seth’s check up was like a physical for school except he also got a flu shot too. I asked the doctor about his height because Seth said that he gets picked on because of it. He’s 4′-5″ and I am 5′-4″. The doctor said that Seth should end up being about half a foot taller than me – so that’s about how tall Jeremy is – 5′-10″. The doctor told Seth that he just hasn’t hit his growth spurt just yet. I remember when my brother hit his growth spurt (we are five years apart). It’s like he grew a foot in two weeks (I’m sure it took longer than that in reality). Hopefully – since Seth takes after his Uncle Johnathan so much that’s how it will be for him too.

As for Keira’s check up she was fine until she was laid down so the doctor could check her belly. She didn’t like that and started to cry. When she cried some times she sticks her bottom lip out and frowns…it’s makes me sad to see her unhappy but at the same time I think it’s a cute face. Is that bad? Anyway – they weighed her and she’s only 15 lbs 3 oz. which means she’s only gained a pound since her last check up three months ago.

They measured her and she’s 27″ long. That’s an inch longer than she was three months ago. It kind of made me worry that she wasn’t eating enough or that something was wrong because she hadn’t grown much. The doctor said not to worry – that based on her stats and the growth chart it just meant that she was going to be very petite. That just proves to us that she does take after Jeremy’s mom’s side of the family as far as her body build is concerned. His mom, Aunt and cousin Tara are all about my height or a little taller and little. Little like I gave my size three jeans I couldn’t wear anymore to his mom and they were a little big on her. Yeah – seriously.

Keira’s doctor also said that she could eat anything she wants since she burns off her calories so fast. She has started to eat the lunch that the daycare provides and her teachers say that she has been doing really good with it. Today is ham, corn and pineapples so I am sure that she will love it. Ham is her favorite at the moment.

OH! Something I didn’t know but am kind of super excited about – Keira’s doctor said that beginning at 11 months we can start subing half of her formula bottles with whole milk! She still only drinks between 4-5 ounces every three hours from a bottle so that means that come October 18th 2 1/2 ounces can be formula or breast milk and 2 1/2 ounces can be whole milk. If she does good with that for two weeks we can totally transfer her over to whole milk. I think that will be a good time for me to start weaning her. She already wants the milk I pour for myself (I think she thinks it’s formula or breast milk).

They also gave her a flu shot in her leg and pricked her toe to check her blood count and other things. It came back saying that she’s anemic. Which makes me think that I am too. Guess I should start taking my iron pills again huh? He (Keira’s doctor) said that we should get some Flintstone vitamins with iron and break one in half and crush it up and give it to her daily. So today I did just that and put it in her cereal. Did you know that regular Flintstone vitamins don’t have iron in them? I figured it would – I though it was weird.

Anyway – both kids are good except for the iron issue which makes mommy and daddy happy. Keira ended up falling asleep at around seven and she slept until about 11. Then she got up again around 2:30 and again at 5:30 (I was already up getting ready for work) so I count that she only got up twice. It’s an improvement from the past few nights when it’s been three times. I guess because she was so tired from the doctor’s office.

When did you start giving your baby whole milk? I don’t think Keira will have any reactions but you never know.

6 Month Check Up!

Can you believe our little pea is 6 months old?!?!
This was taken on May 6th (which was my birthday) at the Ripley’s Aquarium in Gatlinburg. She was so excited to see the penguins! She nursed/slept through the shark exhibit. She liked the jelly fish too. Do not mind the horrible mustard yellow finger nail polish I have on – it was a horrible idea. Never buy yellow nail polish. Ever.

My nails are pretty pastel pink now. Much better.

Anywho – Keira’s 6 month check up was this past Thursday on the 17th. She got three shots and an oral vaccine. I had the daycare give her some Tylenol before I took her and she didn’t have any reactions this time like she did last time. Thank goodness! She did scream and cry though when they gave them to her – what baby doesn’t?

They measured her and it was shorter than last time so they remeasured her and she is 26″ long. About 1 1/4″ longer than the last time she was there. She weighs 14 lbs. 1 oz. Her doctor said she was slightly below average on her weight but that it was nothing to worry about because she was on the high-end of average for her height. That just tells me once again that she will take after Jeremy’s mom’s side of the family – they are all about 5′-5″ and little – like twigs.

He said she could start eating the stage 2 baby foods now and that when she’s 8 months old we can give her finger foods like the little puffs of fruit and grain they sell. We had only been giving her veggies for the past two months and are slowly introducing fruit to her. She’s had bananas, apples and this week – pears. We went to the store and looked and most of the second foods are mixed. Like two fruits or two veggies etc. She LOVES sweet potatoes but didn’t like sweet potatoes and corn.

He also said that within the next two months she will be crawling. She is getting up on her elbows and knees and rocking back and forth – then she falls over. We’ve already discussed getting our carpets cleaned and her starting to crawl makes it a must do soon. I so wish we had hardwoods. In our next house for sure!

I went to Gerber’s website and went to their link on making a meal plan. I had the thought yesterday that maybe her getting up more at night being hungry was because she wasn’t getting enough for dinner. I was glad to see that I wasn’t too off what Gerber said she should be eating.

Here’s what she gets: 4 tablespoons of rice cereal for breakfast, a tub of veggies and a tub of fruit for lunch (she usually doesn’t eat all her fruit so what’s left over she eats for snack) and then for dinner more veggies and fruit. In the evenings we switch it up from what she’s had during the day.

Gerber says: 4 tablespoons cereal and 1/3 tub of 2nd stage fruit for breakfast, 2 tablespoons of a meat (like turkey and gravy) plus 1/3 a tub of 2nd stage veggies for lunch, 1/3 tub of 2nd stage fruit for snack and for dinner 4 tablespoons of cereal plus 1/3 tub of second stage veggies.

So we were missing the fruit for breakfast, the meat at lunch and cereal at dinner. Our bad. It’s been 10 years since we’ve had a baby – we are a little rusty. Back to the store I shall go then as we have no meat dishes for her. I’m glad I bought those little canning jars at Wal-Mart. I can divide up everything for daycare the night before. We have to label EVERYTHING with her name, the date and what it’s for (breakfast, lunch, snack). I bought a pack of 12 jars for about $6 (I think they are 4 oz. size) – that should be plenty.

I can’t believe she’s growing up so fast. Kind of makes me sad but happy at the same time. I know she will grow up to be an amazing woman. Hey – she could be the first lady President. 🙂

“Are you MOM enough?”

How could I not post about this?

Notice this cover says May 21st 2012 in the top right corner. It’s not even out yet right? Yet it’s ALL OVER the internet. This woman – Jamie Lynne Grumet and her THREE YEAR OLD son are automatically known.

I can’t read the article on the TIME’s website cause they want you to pay for a subscription – I won’t even buy the stupid thing to read the article but it has to do with attachment parenting. What is attachment parenting? This is according to Dr. Sears (the guy who is featured in the story). Oh – these are HIS points – and MY observations and what I did/do with Keira.

1. Birth Bonding – I stayed home with Keira for the first three month’s of her life. I hardly ever left her alone and she slept in a cradle by our bed and when she couldn’t or wouldn’t sleep in there she slept ON me in our bed or ON me on the couch. Now she sleeps in her crib in her room and we use a monitor to keep a listen out for her.

2. Breastfeeding – Keira was exclusively breast-fed for three months. Once I started back to work I couldn’t pump enough to keep up my supply of frozen milk. Now – she gets at least one and a half bottles of breast milk and three and a half bottles of formula a day at day care. There is always one extra bottle when I pick her up because I pick her up early unless I have something to do after work. When she comes home she’s breastfed and when we are out she’s breastfed. At church I bring a bottle for the nursery just in case.

3. Baby Wearing – I have a Moby wrap. I’ve used it maybe ten times. Jeremy has used it maybe five times. Keira is very wiggly and I doubt she’d want to be in there. She likes to sit on my hip so a sling carrier would be better for us now and I am looking into getting one that adjusts.

4. Bedding close to baby – See above #1

5. Belief in the language value of your baby’s cry – Those people who say babies cry for attention are stupid. Your baby – up to a certain age – cries because either they are hungry, dirty/wet or tired (at least in Keira’s case – she fought sleep hard for a while). I can tell when she’s “pretending” to fuss and actually fussing and crying. All mom’s should be able to tell the difference (IMO).

6. Beware of Baby Trainers – Or the Cry It Out method. I thought about buying a sleep trainer timer but then I realized – what’s the point? If she wakes up it’s because of something (dirty diaper, hungry, etc.) and never in my life would I let her cry and hollar in her crib. That’s just ridiculous to me.

7. Balance – Dr. Sears says you are supposed to be able to know when to say yes to help and when to say no and how to balance the rest of your life (marriage, other kids, job, etc.)

Do I basically follow was Dr. Sears says? Yes – I guess you could say I do. Do I take it to the EXTREME like Jamie Lynne Grumet? NO. I will try my darndest to nurse Keira until she is a year old. She sleeps in her crib in her room, we do not let her cry it out for any reason. If I had a sling I would wear it to the store, to family outings and anywhere else I needed to. It would give my left shoulder and arm a break and maybe I wouldn’t get sharp numbing stabs every so often any more. The girl wants to be up and see what I see so I let her. She hates to be held sitting down if there is stuff to look up at.

Good for Jamie for having the balls to do what she’s doing. She says she was breastfed until she was six. Good for her mom too. It may not be the right thing for everyone but for her and her son that’s what she thinks is best. I heard her interview from some news channel and she said that he is starting to self wean so this year will more than likely be his last year to nurse.

The title on the cover did piss some people off and understandably. Some mom’s can’t nurse – that’ doesn’t mean they are bad mom’s. Some mom’s – like me – can’t pump enough. I thought I was horrible giving Keira formula (mind you Seth was formula fed because I thought breastfeeding was “gross” when I was 18) but in the end at least I am giving her more of my milk than formula.

Every mom is mom enough. You give your baby the best you can with what you can and that’s all you can ask for. Women are looked down upon for breastfeeding, women are looked down upon for formula feeding. No matter what you do there will always be someone there to try to tear you down. I speak from experience. Do what you think is best for your baby and screw everyone else’s opinions. Here – on this blog – I’ve stated my opinions very openly and honestly. Do I expect you to read them and DO them? No. Do I expect you to get pissed at me for them? No – and I don’t really care if you do. Do I expect you to RESPECT my opinion? Yes and if you’d like we can have a discussion about anything you want. Why one thing is better than the other or why one thing is bad etc. but in the end – it’s my opinion and you’re not going to change my mind and I’m not going to change yours and don’t get pissy at me for it.

So – am I MOM enough? YES – and so are you.


Generic for Duricef. Warnings on the label: Finish all medication unless directed by your doctor. May cause Diarrhea WEEKS to MONTHS after taking drug.

Lovely. This is not something I’ve ever had before and it’s the medicine they gave me for my mastitis. MedMd information says “This medication is a cephalosporin-type antibiotic used to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections (e.g., strep throat, skin and urinary tract infections). It works by stopping the growth of bacteria. This antibiotic treats only bacterial infections. It will not work for viral infections (e.g., common cold, flu). Unnecessary use or overuse of any antibiotic can lead to its decreased effectiveness.”

My OB said I could still nurse her and MedMd also said that it does pass through the breast milk but there are no adverse reactions in babies. Well – that’s good to know. It also said that if stomach upset occurs to take it with food. Seriously if you are ever given this medicine TAKE IT WITH FOOD. Just trust me on this one.

Although my tummy does not like the meds when I don’t eat – it does work. My boob is no longer hard in any places. Actually – it seems as if my left side has produced more milk the past few days too. Almost like my body knows I need to make up for the lost milk from that side. Isn’t that amazing?

I’m not back to pumping 14-16 ounces a day like I was but I got about 10-11 ounces yesterday. I have been supplementing Keira’s bottles at daycare with only one bottle of formula. I thought that because of me she was spitting up more but I think it’s just cause she’s got the sniffles. Crystal’s couch, my pants, Keira’s outfit and Crystal’s shirt and living room floor got a great introduction to Keira’s spit up on Wednesday. I’m glad I had extra pants in the car and sorry about your couch Crystal! 🙂

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I won’t be able to pump what Keira needs during the week but I know that she can get what she needs herself from me at night and on the weekends. She is the best pump after all. I don’t feel as bad for having to give her formula – I will give her what I can and then we will buy the best formula out there for what I can’t. She really seems to like this Enfamil Premium stuff. It’s like she can’t tell the difference according to her daycare workers.

I know things will be alright….I have Faith. 🙂


How lovely. Keira will be four months old on the 18th of this month (we don’t do the weeks thing – I always hated that) and I have mastitis.

Monday morning I woke up with my left side hard as a rock – even after Keira nursed it was hard. I went on to work and pumped almost four ounces from that side and two from the other. My left side has always produced more milk than my right. A few hours later I started to feel dizzy and had a headache. My left ear started to hurt and so did my whole body – like I had done some kind of workout the day before kind of whole body hurt.

After lunch on Monday I started to get really cold. It was 78 in my office and I had a heater turned on my feet constantly. My boss ended up turning the air on because I was making the office hot. I then realized “Hey – I must have a fever.” I picked up Keira and met my SIL Crystal and Seth at her house. She said I was burning up. I took some ibuprofen and felt better.

Tuesday morning I woke up and didn’t feel any better. My left boob still hurt and my fever was back. Where my husband works is a doctor’s office that is free to any one who has insurance through his work. So I called into work and then called them to make an appointment. I had one at 11:20.

We arrived early so I could fill out paper work and such and when she called me back there they weighed me, took my blood pressure and my temperature. My blood pressure was normal (117/70) and my temp was 99.8. The lady doctor came in not long after and when I told her about my left side hurting and my symptoms she asked to see it. So I pulled my shirt down a bit and what do you know – big ol’ red patch on my left side and it was hot as fire.

She left the room and got an appointment for me at my OB’s office for 2:15 that same day. By the time I ate lunch with Jeremy and got down there and got called back my blood pressure went up to 135/80 and my temperature went up to 101.8. When they put me in the room I swear it was the shortest time I’ve ever had to wait. Sure enough with only looking at it for a second my OB and his nurse said it was mastitis.

I got an antibiotic and a pain med prescription. I am not the type to take pain medicine (except for headaches) because I just don’t want to. I didn’t even take them when I left the hospital with Keira. This morning I did break one in half and take it because it was just too much pain for me to deal with at work. I mean – it hurts to even pick something heavy up on that side. It’s ridiculous.

So here I am at work. I usually get about four or five ounces, sometimes six on my first pump at work and then three to four the next time and two ounces each time after that. First pump at work today – 3 ounces, second pump at work today – 2 ounces, THIRD pump – only an ounce and a fourth. I broke down crying in my closed off office. What’s wrong with me? I see Jeremy’s cousin’s wife pumping eight ounces every four hours and Jeremy’s brother’s wife apparently doesn’t have any problems nursing either so WHY ME????

I feel like a failure as a mom. I feel like I can’t provide what I need to for my child. I am not against formula feeding but I was hoping to only have to supplement her bottles once a day during the week since I wasn’t pumping enough. Now it looks like it will have to be a lot more than that. What if my milk is drying up because of the mastitis already? I’ve read that it can happen.

Anyway – back to work I go. Still crying – still mad at myself for not being able to provide for Keira what I wanted to.



I’ve been struggling to keep up with Keira’s bottles that I have to take to daycare. She eats about four ounces every time she eats and usually goes through 16-20 ounces a day at daycare. I only pump about 14 ounces a day. 😦 I sent a bottle of formula with her to daycare just to see how she would handle it. It was Enfamil Premium and I used a single serve packet that I was sent from Enfamil as a sample.

It was pretty easy to do – pour in water (I used bottled water), add the powder from the packet and shake. I labeled it as such (formula) and told her day care teacher Mrs. Teresa about it and asked her to write down how she took it. I wondered about it all day and didn’t have time to call and check. I was relieved when I went to pick Keira up that she took it without any fussing and it didn’t cause her to have gas or any spit ups.

I was happy but at the same time sad because I fear that soon I will have to start supplementing her bottles everyday during the week. A friend from church offered a few cans of unopened formula a while back and I no, I may rethink my answer. I also checked out something else I heard about on my birth board from Baby Center. HM4HB or better known as “Human Milk 4 Human Babies”.

HM4HB has a Facebook page for global networking. Yes – GLOBAL. How had I never heard about this? Once on their page you can go to the left and click on the link that says “Community Pages”. There you will find local pages for areas in Africa, Canada, The US, Middle East and lots of other places.

The point of HM4HB is milk sharing. Buying breast milk is illegal (so I’ve heard) but sharing freely is perfectly fine. Women pump their excess milk and freeze it and give it to moms who connect with them through these local pages who either have medical issues and can’t breastfeed, whose supply is low or for any other reason you can imagine.

So – I went a looking. I clicked on the Georgia page under the US in the community pages section. It’s amazing to see that so many women are willing to share their over-supply of breast milk! I was so excited to find this page and think that I could still get breast milk for Keira if I continue to not make enough. I was leery at first – thinking about some other woman giving my child some thing I can’t. I then thought – giving her breast milk period would be better than giving her formula at least.

I started to look at who was donating and where they lived and thinking about telling Jeremy about it when the germaphobe in me came out. I looked on their facts page and got a few of my answers but I Googled this question “What diseases can be transmitted through breast milk?” Ugh – the following is from the CDC (I trust these people).

What can happen if someone else’s breast milk is given to another child?
HIV and other serious infectious diseases can be transmitted through breast milk. However, the risk of infection from a single bottle of breast milk, even if the mother is HIV positive, is extremely small. For women who do not have HIV or other serious infectious diseases, there is little risk to the child who receives her breast milk.

HIV and other serious infectious diseases. Um….

IF you use HM4HB and find a donor you can ask them to take a blood test to check for any infectious diseases. I wonder if you could check the breast milk though without asking the person to take a blood test? So – I Googled that too. I found this article on a science blog about sharing milk. Which lead me to this website: Human Milk Banking Association Of North America. I learned something else new! 🙂

At the milk banking website I learned that there isn’t one close to here. I also learned that they mostly donate to hospitals for preemie babies and babies who for one reason or another can’t get their own mother’s milk. All donors are screened (just like when you give blood) and then are put into the system. It also says you can order human donor milk but you need a prescription. (Wouldn’t that be selling?)

They also process the milk – just like cow’s milk – by pasteurizing. They also check for bacterial growth and throw out milk that is contaminated. Milk can be frozen and shipped overnight to hospitals and women at home (if you have that prescription).

Anyway – I find that it’s neat for women who want to donate milk to have places too and that women who need milk can find it. My germaphobe self doesn’t see me posting to the HM4HB page any time soon but if I could get a prescription for the milk bank I’d jump on that! Only because it’s pasteurized and tested for bacteria and such. I wonder if that prescription would come from the pediatrician or my OB. Hmmm…

I found all of this really interesting and I hope you did too!! Let me know if you have ever used a milk bank or a HM4HB community page to donate or receive breast milk for your little one!

Lesson Learned

I had lots to do this weekend. Since on Sunday’s we go to church and try to be lazy I wanted to get it all done on Saturday. My SIL Crystal said she’d go with me.

So – Saturday morning Keira got up at seven – her normal time. Jeremy got up with us so he could see her before we left for the day and we ate some cereal for breakfast. Around 9:30 I left to get Crystal with Keira’s stroller in the back seat because it wouldn’t fit in the trunk with the speakers and the amp.

Once I pick up Crystal we head to a big consignment sale they have a few times a year at a local “mall”. I say “mall” because it houses a church (where the sale was), a motorcycle shop, an antique mall and a few small hole in the wall restaurants. I got Keira about seven or eight outfits for $30 (some were Ralph Lauren and Baby Gap) and Crystal got her five outfits and a bathing suit for around $20. Score for us! Keira was in her stroller the whole time we were in there and she was so good. She talked and played and pooped (had to change her in her stroller as they didn’t have a bathroom – wth??) and was really good overall.

This is her at the consignment sale. I sent this picture to Jeremy since he was chillin’ with Seth at the house and he said she looked confused. I just know she looked cute – even if she was confused by my silly voice trying to get her to smile.
OH! Before the consignment sale we went to see my brother (Crystal’s hubs) and my uncle where they work (Honda Power Sports). My uncle had never seen Keira except for on Facebook so he held her for a little bit. He was handing her back to me and she spit up ALL OVER his hand. It was hilarious!!

Um – where was I? Oh – after Honda it was the consignment sale then on to the mall! We hit up the MAC store, Pac Sun, Forever 21, American Eagle, Charlotte Russe, Charming Charlies and a few other places. I only bought a pair of pants from American Eagle – I can give Crystal back her jeans now. Crystal got some makeup from MAC and a shirt from American Eagle.

After the mall we hit up Michael’s Arts and Crafts for Jeremy a clock thing, Petsmart for Lilly’s (Crystal and Johnathan’s Yorkie) dog food and finally – Target. Their diapers are cheaper than Wal-Mart (180 for $32) and since I was out there I figured we might as well. I also got a shirt for $7.

As if that wasn’t enough….we still had to go grocery shopping. In Dalton. Now – if you know me you know where I live and how far away Dalton is from Chattanooga. We live about 20 minutes from Dalton and Crystal convinced me that the Kroger had better prices than Wal-Mart. I hate the Food Lion that’s close to us and the Bi-Lo doesn’t have the stuff we like. So – off we went to Dalton.

By now it’s about 4 pm and Keira was not a happy girl. She was crying in her car seat from Chattanooga to Ringgold (about 10 minutes). We pulled over (I had to get gas anyway) and I checked her butt – she was wet so I changed her. Then just to be sure I tried feeding her for 15 minutes in the car. She ate for maybe five minutes and laughed and smiled at me the rest of the time. So I put her back in her seat. She cried for a bit then fell asleep in the car.

Once at the Kroger I just took her in her car seat inside. About 20 minutes into the shopping trip she woke up and was crying. Nothing I could do would calm her down…so I tried to feed her AGAIN. This time she actually did eat – for 20 minutes. I carry a wrap/cover with me (Balboa Baby) so no one sees my goodies. I burped her and she was still fussing so I switched her to the other side and she ate for about 10 minutes then fell asleep.

We were checking out by now and I burped her again and a really nice girl helped us out to the car and helped Crystal shove all our groceries in the trunk (we both got groceries for the week). As soon as Keira’s butt touched that car seat – she was crying. She cried all the way from Dalton to Chickamauga. I checked her too before we left and she wasn’t wet. I started to cry because no matter what Crystal did to try to calm her down she just wasn’t having it. She was OVER being in that car seat.

Once to Johnathan and Crystal’s I got her out and checked her – she had just peed because it was still warm – and to calm her down I let her nurse. All she did was comfort nurse but that was totally fine with me. I stayed for about 30 minutes and I had to go or what I got at the store would be getting warm in the car. She fussed for maybe five minutes in the car and fell asleep.

So – what did me and Crystal learn? Keira will not tolerate an all day shopping extravaganza. I wonder if her car seat were more comfy if she’d be alright with it though. The next day after leaving church she did the same thing – fussed the whole time on the way to exchange the clock part for Jeremy (it was the wrong size). Crystal said she remembered from yesterday.

In May we are going to the Smokies and that is about a two or three hour trip. Hopefully by then she will have out grown her car seat and need to be in a convertible one which I think would be more comfortable but we will see….


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I surely agree BUT I am not a breakfast person – unless it’s a Saturday and I’m cooking or a Sunday and I make a run for Hardee’s. My favorite way to eat breakfast? For dinner – at Cracker Barrel. You can’t beat a Cracker Barrel breakfast plate – they are just amazing!!

Anyway – I started back to work on the 13th of this month. The first few days I forgot breakfast (and lunch) because I wasn’t used to packing it. I had been out of work for three months with Keira. So one morning I stopped at the gas station and got some Special K fruit crisps then another morning I stopped at Panera Bread and got a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich and a fruit smoothie. YUM!

Well I then got back into the habit of fixing myself and instant breakfast from Carnation. I like the vanilla flavor – the chocolate kind just tastes gross (Ovaltine is better if you want chocolate). All of that sounds great in my opinion for breakfast. I bring along water and something for lunch – either leftovers from last night or a sandwich. The past few days though we haven’t had any milk in the house (Jeremy and Seth drank it with Ovaltine or over ice cream – well me too on the ice cream part) so I haven’t been able to fix myself any instant breakfast. I have frozen yogurt and fruit for smoothies but no juice either and since no milk I can’t fix myself one of those either.

So Monday and Tuesday all I was able to think to grab for breakfast was a pop tart. Not the best thing in the world but it’s something right? I mean – a girl has to eat! So yesterday I’m sitting at my desk reading Bower Power’s blog and snacking on my pop tart on one of my two ten minute breaks and in walks one of the company counselors. They work on business problems – not people problems. He’s here for a few minutes and then upon his leaving he says “You should eat something better than that for your baby.”

FYI – he’s the guy I had to talk to get new blinds and a lock on my door for my pumping purposes at work – that’s why he knows I breastfeed.

Still – I was like “Yeah I know but I didn’t have time to grab anything else” when I was actually thinking “Why do you have the right to tell me what to eat?” I know a pop tart isn’t the best thing in the world for breakfast but at least I am not starving myself until lunch. I thought about what else I could have said to him for a while – then I got over it and starting thinking about ways I could make on the go breakfasts at home and not have to worry about finding something in the mornings.

Then I had a thought. You know those little canning jars they sell for jams and jellies at the store? Why couldn’t I get some of those and fill them with yogurt and fruit at the beginning of the week? Strawberries are my favorite (I hated them until I got pregnant with Keira). Maybe find some granola to throw in there too. I hearted lots of things on Foodgawker and I plan on implementing them soon and since I am trying to take more pictures – I will let you know what I do!