Oh The Agony!

It’s been a while I know – life happens people.

I must say – the past few weeks have been pretty crazy/painful.

I went to the chiropractor yesterday for shoulder pain. It’s been hurting for a while now and this past weekend it caught at least five or six times. Enough that once I wanted to just cry. I apparently have rotator cuff tendon issues. I had some ultrasound therapy done on it yesterday and he told me to ice it twice a day and if it still hurt by the end of the week I would need to come back and see him.

Obviously I looked up what exactly a rotator cuff is and the surgery (if it is determined that I need it) and apparently surgery is pretty painful. Awesome. If the pain continues after I’ve seen the chiropractor a few times he said that he was going to send me for an MRI. Then we would go from there. PRAY that I do not need surgery – cause that would suck.

Next up – Female Issues

TMI ahead guys…

I got back on my birth control that I was on before – NuvaRing – and I love it. Downside – you start it on the first and end it on the 21st. I say downside because with the way my other birth control had been working – my friend came during the middle of the month. So – the first month I used the ring, my friend was about a week late. OMG – most painful week of my life.

I seriously wanted to lay in bed and cry the whole time. I wondered aloud about the possibility of some thing else being wrong – as to why it hurt so bad. I did a search and found this on WebMD: Changes in the color and thickness of menstrual blood are often normal. But there are a number of problems that might cause abnormal clots (which I did notice and it freaked me out, hence the web search) to form in your menstrual blood or lead to the changes in color or thickness during your period. Problems that can cause changes include: Miscarriage. Women who have miscarried may pass blood clots or gray clumps of tissue from the vagina. Fibroids or Hormonal changes are also possibilities.

Need I underline anything else?

I told Jeremy about it but he didn’t seem that all concerned and I didn’t push the issue or the discussion. I also didn’t call my doctor because let’s be honest – they would either say yes I did have a miscarriage and I’d feel horrible because what if I caused it because of the birth control (which is likely if that’s the case) and I’d feel even more worse or they would tell me no and I’d just be an idiot freaking out about nothing.

I haven’t told anyone this – now I’m telling everyone. Do I wonder if that’s what really happened, a miscarriage? Yes. Should I have went to the doctor? Probably. Do I feel better not knowing the truth? Yes. Does that make me a horrible person? Insert answer here _____________.

I’m kind of numb to the whole thing now. I think that’s one reason why I’m glad I don’t know for sure. If I knew and the answer was yes – I’d be a miserable ball of craziness. If the answer was no – I’d figure I was just one of those people who think they are sick all the time….what do you call them? Hypochondriacs?

So – with all that being said and trying to find something to take my mind off it – I am going to throw myself back into running. I have went once these past few weeks (cause it’s been FREEZING down here or raining or snowing) and I’m looking forward to warmer weather. Come this winter – I’ll be getting a gym membership just so I can have a treadmill to run on. Also – I’ve been contemplating joining 9Round – look it up here http://www.9round.com/. I just have to get my membership fees up. Anyone want to donate? 🙂

This is also on my to do list http://pinterest.com/pin/164733298842060021/

Who wants to go with me?


I see…

You know how you get that feeling about some people….that something isn’t right about them.

Yeah I got that feeling about someone a few months ago, and sure enough I was right. I also learned recently that even if you extend an olive branch to someone – that person can burn it down and not care less about it.

My mother told me last night that one of her good friends once told her “You don’t judge the person, you judge their fruits.” Something to that effect – it was late and I was yawning – but I am pretty sure I am close.

My talk with my mom was a good one. If my phone wasn’t beeping at me, and if I didn’t have to pee, I’m sure we would have talked for even longer. My mom is a pretty smart cookie. 🙂

So – now I see how certain people are – and that’s cool. I don’t like their “fruit” so I’m sure I can find someone with better. 🙂

Starting Over

Yesterday at church we had Communion Service.

We always have one at the beginning of the year and this one really hit me. I’ve never cried that much during prayers – ever.

I know I’ve said things in the past that has hurt others, I know that I have issues with anger sometimes when I get short on nerves and I know that I’ve probably pushed a few people away. I’m sorry for that – and I really truly want to Start Over.

So – as I sit here crying while I type I am thinking of the two people whom I’ve pushed away the most. One for very obvious reasons that I don’t know if people would like if I brought back into my life and the other because I just can’t get along with for some reason or another. Maybe it can be worked out and fixed.

Here’s to a new year – and here’s hoping for change – in a very positive way.

Breaking Back In

I got pregnant in March of 2011 – it was warm so I mostly wore flip-flops. That trend continued until I gave birth. Old Navy flip-flops are the bomb!

Since Keira’s birth – it’s been flip-flops, riding boots or tennis shoes. This past Saturday and Sunday I wore heels for the first time. O.M.G. My feet were killing me!!! My favorite heels – LimeLight brand, brown swede with pink edging – 4″ heels.

But – after wearing them for two days and them killing me I decided to wear them again today. I have to say – they are pretty comfortable! Now – I’m looking to refill my shoe collection with heels. I only have two pairs I really like to wear….the other ones are an almost neon pink (they match a shirt I love to wear with a white cardigan).

I’m breaking my feet back in to the heels. Jeremy likes them – what man doesn’t like his woman in heels? I’ll take suggestions on my new shoe journey!

I’ve got that itch…

You know – that itch you get when you have all these ideas in your head about things to write but you just don’t have time to write them (or type them) down/out…yeah that’s me lately.

I have been working on oh….four stories….for the past two years. I’d say that one is about 55% complete. The other three are not even 10% complete. Can you tell which story is my favorite? Lately though – none of them have had any loving cause there is a new story in my head. A story of lost love and betrayal, forgiveness and searching….I just can’t get it down on paper/word program because I don’t exactly know where to start.

I mean – I know I can write it down and then write in front of it or what ever but – I think because I don’t know where it’s going to go I don’t want to put it down yet. I might throw caution to the wind and go for it. It’s been rattling around up there for DAYS….I even dreamed about it last night. Like the people were real. Hell they are real – at least to me.

I know what he looks like, I know what she looks like. I know her quirks and I know which one is secretly his favorite but he tells her it drives him crazy just so she will do it more cause she thinks it bugs him. It’s the little things people…

I’ve thought about sharing some of my stories with you. Maybe one day I will – just to see how it goes over. I could do it chapter by chapter….hmmmm…..

Tell me, what do you think I should do? 🙂

Ho Ho Hoe….

Yeah I did that.

Not for any reason – just thought it would be funny. Also – it might not be funny but I’m sleep deprived and I think it is so it’s going to stay.

This past week and weekend was an all together almost crappy one. The weekend of the 15th (TMI here people so avoid the next paragraph if you don’t want to know) was my ovulation weekend. It was also the first weekend that I didn’t have birth control (we are in a dispute with my OB’s office and they won’t see me so I had to go get a prescription from my other doctor). So there fore – when Aunt Flo came around after three days I was kind of worried/excited. What if it was early implantation bleeding or what if it was something bad? So for the next three days I hurt and had spotting. As of today – no more spotting but still hurts. I guess we shall see. I am supposed to pick up my new birth control (I get my NuvaRing back!!) today. I am not going to use it until Jan. 1st so I can get back on the same schedule that I was on before I stopped taking it to have Keira. Oh – and no we aren’t trying. But we weren’t technically trying not to try either…..

Also happening in the Southern household – stitches. Thursday the 20th, right around lunch end, I got a phone call from the daycare saying that Keira had fallen and that she looked like she might need stitches. I left the office pretty quickly and got over there. I didn’t say much to the girls at the front desk or the girl who was watching Keira when she fell. I just got her and her things and left for the hospital. I could tell she would need stitches. She was covered in blood and she wouldn’t let them hold a wash rag on her head so there was blood dripping down the right side of her face. I’ve never felt my heart sink so fast.

Once at the hospital they put a band-aid with clear, cold gel on it to make the skin around the cut numb so they could stitch it up. Long story short she ended up with four stitches right above her right eye brow. Ever since then she’s been wobbly. Saturday at Jeremy’s mom’s house she fell (it was around six I’d guess) and hit her head on the other side and got a little bruise. Sunday morning at 8 am she drank some milk and then started coughing and threw up all over me and the bed.

During the day she was still wobbly and later that evening before my brother’s birthday dinner she fell again and hit the same spot as she did on Saturday. This time a bigger bruise and a little knot. About an hour or two after that she fell asleep and when she got up at around 1:45 or 2ish Jeremy went to get her some warm milk. She drank it and then proceeded to throw up all over him a few minutes later.

I called the doctor cause it wasn’t normal. They said “She may have a skull fracture from Thursday’s fall so you need to take her back to the ER and get a CT scan.” So at 2:45 this morning we all piled in the Dodge and off we went to the hospital.

Two hours later and a CT scan is clean. No clue as to why she’s wobbly. She does have a cold the doctor says but there isn’t anything we can do about that. No ear infections, no chest congestion, nothing to show that she should be wobbly. We are to watch her for the next day and if she continues we need to bring her back and there is a possibility that they will need to do a spinal tap to see if there is something else wrong with her. Those two words make me cringe. To think of something like that being done to our baby is awful. Please pray that what ever it is making her wobbly – goes away. I do don’t want to write my next post telling you all about how she had to go back for that. I want it to be about the fact that she’s all better and she was just having growing pains or something and that we had a wonderful Christmas.

Here’s hoping that you and yours have a great Christmas!! I’ll try to write more too – not just every two weeks. Oh – hope that I don’t fall asleep at my job today as well…. 🙂

What To Do….

Hey – for once I’m not busy!!!

What should I do with myself? Write a BLOG POST! Duh – it’s been like two weeks since the last one.

So – what’s been going on? Well – SUPER BUSY with my side job – Origami Owl. Christmas orders are seriously two inches thick in a folder in my bag by my feet. That makes me really happy by the way. I’m having a 12 Days Of Christmas Sale starting Thursday – check out my FB page for details on it.

This past Saturday the family (Jeremy, Me and the kiddo’s) went to Red Robin to eat with Casey and Jakki. The manager came over and tapped me on the shoulder and had a card in his hand. He said that another family was doing a random act of kindness and picked our family out to give us a $25 gift card! I cried – for real. I made Jakki cry too – and she was so inspired that SHE bought a $25 gift card for another family that was sitting near us.

Seriously – it was the best day. We got Keira her first Christmas present and I’m working on getting her others this weekend. Seth’s Christmas is already done – Jeremy’s is on the way. I’ve got his mom’s, his step mom’s, my mom’s and his dad’s. We still have a few to do and then we will be done.

Keira has been interested in the Christmas tree – but not a lot till last night. She pulled an ornament off and almost made the tree fall over – we seriously need a new one. She crawled underneath it and sat in the corner until I bribed her out with a stuffed animal. I wasn’t going to crawl under there until I absolutely had to.

I’ve been getting on my own case about not running lately. There is a list of runs I want to do next year. If I don’t get on it – I won’t be able to do them. One is a color run, the other is a “Run From The Police” run. There are several others but those are the only ones I can remember off the top of my head. I’m a sucker for cold weather so that’s one reason why I haven’t been running. I need some gear for this weather – I have NONE.

I follow a blog called Run, Hemingway, Run….he’s doing a challenge of 2,013 miles in 2013. I might just join in on that. Of course that works out to about 38 MILES A WEEK – 5 MILES A DAY. OMG….I doubt I will hit it – seriously – but I can try right? 🙂


Dude – it’s been almost three weeks since I wrote a post!

Seriously doesn’t feel like it’s been that long.

I’ve been busy.

The week before Thanksgiving was spent getting everything ready for Keira’s birthday party on the 17th.

The week OF Thanksgiving was spent getting things ready for Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving we went car hunting. We went to a Honda dealership and found two cars we were interested in – we are supposed to go back this weekend and see what happens with it.

This week I’m busy getting ready for three jewelry bars for Origami Owl!! I actually had one last night – it was fun and the hostess made lots of yummy food! I booked two parties from it as well! I have another one on Friday and Saturday evening. I’m excited and nervous at the same time.

We have also been looking at bathroom stuff. Vanities are our main thing right now. We still haven’t decided on a color yet but that’s okay. I am waiting to be “inspired” by something and take off with it. I hope that happens soon! 🙂

What have you guys been up to lately?

Getting There….

And I took pictures….but I forgot the card reader at home so I will have to upload them later. 🙂

I have talked about us redoing the front bathroom. I started on it last week. Go me!!

I bought some spackle – the earth friendly, no VOC and no smell kind – which is awesome. I sanded down the areas that needed spackled (where the cat scratched and some little child decided to carve his name into the wall) and started to putty it up. It wasn’t hard at all and didn’t take me long.

All the while that I was doing this I was thinking about paint and whether we should make the front bathroom just a shower instead of a tub and a shower. If it became just a shower we’d tile all the way up the wall and have to put in a glass divider thing. Once I started to think about it though – our shower head is on the left wall and our toilet is on the right wall. So if we did that and left everything where it is, you’d have to get past the toilet to get in the shower. Not ideal – so that puppy will probably just stay a shower and a tub.

I then started to think about paint again, I decided I wanted a kind of ocean color. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that the house I grew up in was 50 shades of blue. (I Love You Mom). Our kitchen was different blues and if my mind serves me right so was our one bathroom we all shared. I think the hall was blue – or maybe we never got around to painting that? Our house had panelling – our dining room was AWESOME (I miss it) but everything else was panelling. It was awful – and dark.

I thought back to my Houzz pin boards. If you don’t know Houzz.com is like Pinterest but for everything house. Fixtures, design, carpet, layouts AND you can ask the uploader (which is usually designers) what stuff is and they can tag it and you know how much it is and where to get it etc. It’s so cool. Here is the public idea book for the half bath. Now – we won’t demo anything, just redoing the same space. Some of the pictures just have things I love like fixtures, wall color etc. http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/3203214/thumbs/Half-Bath—Guest-Bath

If you want you can browse around to my other idea books….I think they are all public. I know most of the pictures aren’t of ocean colored bathrooms – I’m keeping my options open but I like the light blue color a BH&G’s color – I’ll have to get the name and show you guys. 🙂


It’s Official…

No sleep for this girl tonight.

Tomorrow Keira has her “minor surgery” to get tubes in her ears. I have to be AT the hospital at 6:30 AM. Seriously?! I thought I would get to sleep in but NO….this means I will have to get up at around 4:15 am and get dressed, pack her bag(s), get her up and in the car by 4:45 am to get to my father in law’s house by 5:25 am (with a stop for coffee and breakfast along the way) to get to the hospital in time to find a spot and get inside before her scheduled time.

I may just let Jeremy get Keira ready for bed tonight and hit the sack around 8pm. Did you notice that “let”? She usually doesn’t go to bed until 9 and get’s up around 11:45 and again around 1:30 and sleeps until 7 or 8 in the morning. For those people whose babies sleep through the night – I hate you. Not really – but sort of. She’s so stinkin’ cute I don’t mind it.

There is a long list of demands to be met: nothing to drink except for sprite (for an 11 month old???), water or apple juice after 1:30am. Nothing at all period in her mouth except for her paci after 4:30am. Wear clothes that are easy on/easy off and bring something that she’s attached to. That would be her “ball kitty” at the moment and her bottle, sippy cup, etc. (things a baby normally needs on an outing).

Jeremy is going to be an hour late to work so that he can see Seth off to school on the bus and Jeremy’s dad (Big Daddy to the kids) is going with me so I won’t be alone. I’m glad, I’d go crazy there by myself.

Also – I have a free turkey that’s going to be sitting in my fridge this year (we get one for free every year from work – awesome) so I called my brother and my mother – guess what? Thanksgiving at my house this year! Holy flippin’ cow….you’d think they’d notice if I paid a restaurant to do everything for me? lol No – I won’t do that. They at least know I will make desserts.

One more tidbit….Houzz.com is my new hangout. I’ve even talked to the hubs – front bathroom renovation is in the works – with one catch. I have to do everything myself (well – almost everything, who wants to do tile work on our floors?) I also plan on doing it with about a $1,000 or less budget. Watch out now! I’ll keep you updated on my progress – I’ll even take pictures! 😀 Who wants to hold me to that?