I’d Sure Not Like To

Check you for ticks!!! YUK!!!

I’ve never – ever in my life – had a tick on my body. Period. I go in the woods (and outside) alright – I wear tall socks, long pants and spray myself down with bug spray 50% of the time when I do. Kids – Seth in particular – wears shorts, short socks and sleeveless t-shirts. He’s a boy – it’s in their nature.

Last night he was playing with the new kids down the street – all five of them – and the boys across the street from us. I met the new kids parents – Sally and um…Allen and the kids across the street dad Scotty. They’ve lived there for a while I don’t know why I never introduced myself. I’m not good with new people.

Anyway – we cooked out hamburgers last night on the grill – well – Jeremy did. I heated up some mesquite baked beans and cut up a tomato that mom brought – horribly cut it to pieces I might add. Yes – mom came to dinner! It’s been a while since I’ve seen her and Keira was happy to see her too. As far as the tomatoes – I hardly ever eat them and I butcher them when I try to cut one up. Never give me a tomato to cut up – unless you want it in chunks for your salad – I can do that.

We all sat down and ate dinner in the kitchen – Keira had sweet potatoes and NO NAP. She’d been getting up a lot more so we thought denying her nap and filling her belly would help her sleep better. She got up once – so I guess it worked. Burger were DELISH – marinated in beer and Dales. Thanks honey! We talked for a while, mom played with Keira and I tried to clean up.

When it was time for mom to leave we went out and talked in the drive way while Jeremy jumped in the shower from smelling like work and smoke from the grill. Seth ran by us yelling “Bye Neeah!!” He could never say Nana so that’s what came out and it stuck – and he went back to playing with the kids down the street. Me and mom talked about everything in the drive way until around 8:10 including Seinfield episodes. The one with the chick and the man hands, the one with the “Pick” and the one where Kramer and George’s dad try to sell a bra for men. It was a fun conversation.

After mom left, Seth came in not to long after. I asked him to help me find Keira’s burp cloth (which is really a receiving blanket) and he went to her room and then the kitchen and then I found it in the living room floor on her play blanket. Seth starts to scratch his head – then he begins to pick something from his hair. Then you see him jump and throw something on the floor and start crying yelling “It’s alive!!!!! Something in my hair was alive!!!” I’m thinking – just a regular bug….

I say “Well go get a piece of toilet paper and pick it up and throw it in the toilet.” So he goes and gets toilet paper and Jeremy goes to check out what it was. It was a TICK!!! O.M.G. Jeremy told Seth to immediately get in the shower and wash thoroughly and feel through his hair for anything else. This is why he will be getting a hair cut soon – his hair is way to long for me.

No more ticks. But we couldn’t tell what kind it was. Deer tick? Dog tick? One of those other kinds of ticks? How many kinds could there be??? Well – there are five (here anyways). It creeps me out even looking at the pictures on the internet to figure out which one it was. This is the best place to check out – Tick Encounter. You can scroll down and click on the region you live in and see which kinds of ticks there are.

Here in the south – in Georgia – there is the Lone Star tick, the Dog tick, Deer tick, Gulf Coast tick and Brown Dog tick. Listed in order from high abundance to low abundance. I won’t put the pictures up here – cause it creeps me out that much – but you can go check them out for yourselves.

From the quick glance I took at the tick Jeremy had in his hand in the toilet paper I am pretty sure in saying that it was a dog tick. When you click on a picture of the one you think you found it gives you a list of diseases that it carries and when it is most abundant. Dog ticks can carry Rocky Mountain Fever and something called Tularemia. It says to seek medical treatment if you’ve been bitten by any tick.

Seth found no more on himself and we checked Keira’s room to be sure and the hallway – and the living room. None to be found. He wasn’t bitten because well – he wouldn’t have pulled it out head and all if it had. Want to hear a nasty story? The night before our wedding my brother (who walked me down the aisle) went camping with one of his buddies and ended up falling asleep outside. Sometime during the night he went inside and fell back asleep. When he got up the next morning and went home to get in the shower he noticed all the spots on his arms, legs and other areas. Upon closer inspection – they were all TICKS. My SIL Crystal – Lord love her – helped him pick all of them out with tweezers and he came to the wedding before going to the doctor about it. At least – I remember him going to the doctor afterwards.

Anyway – I hate ticks. That’s our story from last night – and Johnathan’s weird story. Do you have any tick stories?


PETA Did What? (Day 184)

This is going to be short (probably very) and sweet (maybe).

I am all for ethical treatment of animals. I do not condone starving or beating or anything like that but as far as cows and chickens, pigs and anything else we eat – God put it here for a reason. If there is bad things going on in processing plants then by all means – fine them or shut them down or what ever. Don’t sit there and tell me that eating meat is bad. It’s what we’ve done for thousands of years. Get over it.

Now – I heard the other day on the radio (talk radio) that PETA is coming out with something new to spread the word about their campaign. A porn site.

Yes – you read that right. Porn.

I hate to even type that word much less say it out loud. I mean seriously? Haven’t they gone far enough in their naked billboard ads of famous people? I of course did NOT go looking into it because I don’t care one cent about looking any further into the story but if it’s true – they apparently hold animals higher than people. I think that kind of “entertainment” or what ever you want to call it – it disgusting and horrible.

I hope you’re proud of yourself PETA.

xo – S.J.

In The Beginning…(Day 157)

There was a girl with no sander and a full belly from just eating amazing chicken, broccoli with cheese and ranch pasta salad. Seriously – it was awesome.

After I sat on the couch for a while last night I finally decided to go and pick up the sander from my brother-in-law Jared. He’s a carpenter, electrician – jack of all trades kind of guy. If you need a tool, he’s probably got it. Once we pull up to his house Seth sees this little dog on a lead connected to a satellite dish pole. “Mom – look at what they did! What if he gets electrocuted?” I’m thinking – what? Then I explain that the dog won’t get electrocuted and that’s probably where they let him spend a few minutes outside to hang out instead of being in the house all day.

He gets it and we start to walk in. One of Jared’s cats (they have three – two outside one in) came up to me to be petted. Who was I to say no? I noticed bald spots on her head but what ever it was healed so I pet her. Then I see this little white, orange and black speckled kitten run from under a bush by the porch. You have no idea how flippin’ adorable this cat was. He let me pet him and pick him up and hold him and he even rolled over so I could scratch his belly. Then I see two of his siblings hiding under the same bush. They were scared I guess. I pet the other cat – a striped one named Tiny and ring the door bell.

Jared comes out – gives me the sander, explains the A-F settings and I put it in the trunk. A is slow – F is fast. I won’t be using F or anything from B to E for that matter. A is enough for me. I mention the kittens he says “Take one home with you in a few weeks.” Seth’s face lit up. Great. Two people in the house with horrible allergies to cats and Jared says to take one. I automatically tell Seth no. He looked so defeated.Oh – the bald spots on the mommy cats head? From a bird attacking her. When ever she would go near the tree the nest was in she’d get dive bombed.

I was going back in to say hey to my sister-in-law Rita and Jared says that there are a few more under the bush. His favorite one is black and orange and in hiding. Jared goes in to get cleaned up, I go in to talk to Rita and Seth stays outside to play with the kittens. After I talk to Rita for maybe 10 minutes I head out – I do have work to do! I find Seth sitting on the sidewalk with the orange cat feeding her kittens. It brought to mind the whole trying to explain nursing to him the other day. There were five kittens. One grey and white one, the orange & white one from earlier, two black and white ones but one with more orange on him and one that looked like butterscotch. He was very light orange and white – like a creamsicle. He was my favorite and he let me pet him after he got done eating. I guess he was too full to run away!

Once home I changed into shorts and broke out the sander. Sadly – the sanding pad on there didn’t have much grit left on it – I have to go buy more today. BUT I found a sanding block and paper in Jeremy’s tool chest. To work I went. I started taking off the hardware first – didn’t take a picture – sorry. The piece I am working on has two drawers down at the bottom and two DOORS up top with two shelves. I started working on the drawers first. In no time at all I had the first drawer done.
I took this with my cell phone – don’t mind my toes. It wasn’t nearly as hard as what I thought it would be. Within the next hour – I started at eight – I did the other drawer and both doors. I had to take a shower. I should have thought about it but the furniture probably needed to be cleaned before I started. Any dust that was on me wasn’t just wood dust – it was almost black. Yuck.

So there is the outside of this dresser/chest of drawers thing to be sanded and then on to the night stand. It only has two drawers and small so it shouldn’t take me long after going to Home Depot today to pick up sanding pads for the sander. Cool thing about that – it sucks up the dust! I just have to remember to empty out the thing so it doesn’t get clogged up.

We also decided to just paint Seth’s room one color so I told him to pick between the dark and the light blue. Guess which he picked?

The dark one. So I have to pick up two gallons of paint today and a couple of cans of black spray paint for the furniture. I also have to pick up the baby shower invites from Natalie today. I will be pretty busy after work today! Tomorrow we are loading up the furniture from Seth’s room to take to Aunt Kathy’s house – I dread what his room will look like with no furniture in it besides his bed. Oh Lord – I might just go nuts!

I hope to also enlist Jeremy’s mom Lynda and step dad Ric to come over tomorrow and help paint after dropping off the furniture. I shall bribe them with pizza – plus – Lynda said if we needed her to let her know!!  🙂

xo – S.J.

Shut UP (Day 107)

My alarm is set for five in the morning. I usually hit the snooze button until about 5:25 and THEN get up. I use the alarm on my phone because our so-called alarm clock has failed me more than once. Which makes me think of this Seinfeld episode.

Anyway – I really have no need to set my alarm clock when all I have to do is wait for Tiny. Oh – Tiny is our dog – who is anything but tiny. This was taken last year in February. We were able to finally get a fence up for him that summer but while he was on his lead this was his lady friend.

He is about 90 pounds and when he stands on his hind legs he is about as tall as me (I’m 5′-4″) and he is part English Mastiff and part Great Pyrenees. He was the runt of the liter and the only one with any coloration at all. See those brown spots at his back?

He’s a big baby and loves to have you scratch his tummy. He used to say “I love you” but we got out of the habit of telling him so he doesn’t say it anymore. 😦 He stayed inside until he was about 6 months old and was getting too big. We would play with him and most of the time we would squat down to do so. He got in the habit of sticking his head between your legs and under your butt and just lay there. He still does it. I don’t think he realizes how big he is.

He is also very smart. He can get out of his fence unless we keep his latch locked (we use the latch on his leash to “lock” it). He isn’t the best dog on a leash. He likes to pull – which is what part of him was bred to do. I’ve had to chase him down once when he got out and he dragged me about 10 feet through the mud once I got him on his leash. It wasn’t fun and very dirty.

Anyway – the whole point of this is that he sleeps during the day. At night is when he is up and most the time he’s quiet unless he sees a rabbit, possum, raccoon or anything else (you know – like a person). During the summer (when he is awake during the day) he chases butterflies. Yeah – it’s hilarious. He’s gotten into this habit lately though of starting to bark RIGHT AT five in the morning. That’s why I say I shouldn’t set my alarm clock – but I do anyway. He continues his barking/growling until about 5:30 which is when I have to actually get up.

This morning AS SOON as I sat my feet down on the carpet – he stopped. Jeremy and Seth sleep like rocks so unless I move or complain Jeremy doesn’t notice the growling/barking from Tiny. Now – the growling I could deal with but it’s when he starts barking that gets me. Listen to this…

This puppy is four months old. You hear her growling/barking at the same time? Yeah – that’s what Tiny does. I love him to death – sometimes I just wish he would shut UP!

xo – S.J.

IS Foundation (Day 54)

I have a twitter – you can see my twitter feed to the right over there. I don’t follow lots of people but I follow a few – okay like 28 people. A couple are friends, many are actors and actresses, radio people, artists and two Vanguard correspondents reporting on things you would never hear about on regular news. There is one person however I follow that is constantly filling my twitter feed with eco-friendly news and ways to help save animals and our environment – which I don’t mind at all – and it’s not because he’s cute. His name is Ian Somerhalder.

You may know him from Lost (I got in late on that one) or the Vampire Diaries. He plays as Damon, the bad boy vampire. Ian runs the IS Foundation or the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. I have signed a few of the petitions he’s had on his website for animal rights or environmental projects (I miss them on my feed sometimes). I can’t begin to tell you all the things ISF does but there are three main areas of focus. Habitat, energy and animals.

Deforestation, conservation, green technology, animal cruelty and empowerment of No Kill shelters are just a drop in the bucket of the things ISF hopes to bring realization to.

The IS Foundation has a Facebook, Twitter and you can find Ian’s blog postings in the Huffington Post. You can also shop at the ISF website. They carry gym bags, water bottles, t-shirts and tanks, doggie t-shirts, iPhone cases, a journal, buttons, stickers and women’s underwear. Yep – undies. You can get them saying “My vamp is GREEN” or “My vamp ❤ furry friends”.

If you don’t want some undies that say “My vamp is GREEN” you can donate to the IS Foundation instead. You can pay by credit card or paypal and even do recurring donations. If neither one of those sounds good to you, you can mail a check to the foundations office in Santa Monica. Might I remind you too that donations are tax-deductible.

Way down at the bottom of the page there is a link that says “Get Involved”. You can volunteer, do fundraisers and give the money to ISF or you can share your ideas and projects through email. Ian is only one person – but he’s brought a lot of attention to many different projects, imagine what we all could do if we helped?

I try to be environmentally friendly and animal friendly. We’ve changed out all our light bulbs to those energy-efficient funny looking ones (that’s like 20 something light bulbs my friend) and set our thermostat correctly. We used to just turn it up and down all the time – it was horrible on our electric bill. We’ve learned to cuddle up in blankets if we’re cold and wear shorts and tanks if it’s warm instead of flipping the switch on the thermostat.

I LOVE to hike – just not when it’s cold. Being pregnant though might make it a little harder on the paths I like to take (falling down the side of a mountain wouldn’t be fun). I hate when I am out and see trash on the trail. Makes me get a little pissed. I pick it up and usually there is a trash can at the end. I have a Honda Civic – not the BEST energy-efficient car but better than the Mitsubishi Endeavor I drove for a few years and FOR SURE better than the Sport Trac I used to drive.

What I am trying to say I guess is this – we may do little things to help here and there and feel like we aren’t making that big of an impact. Thing is – if someone sees you pick up that trash, or rescue an animal – they will think, if she/he can do it – so can I and on it will go. I may not be famous like Ian and you may not be either – BUT – we only have one planet – let’s help protect it together.

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Photo of Ian from here.

Easter (Day 42)

To be honest – I felt like crap Saturday and Sunday. I was moody and just plain pissed off at everyone for no reason. (Sorry family!)

Sunday was worse than Saturday though. The ant bite on my foot was swollen to the size of a silver dollar and my head and stomach hurt SO bad. The one thing I was happy about was Saturday night at the Wal-Mart I bought a cute $14 dress to wear for Easter. It was purple plaid and knee-length.

I got up Sunday – got Seth up and fixed some cereal for us and then started getting ready. Again – I had felt sick all morning but it got worse after I ate. Everyone was ready to go and we get in the car – the strap breaks on my dress!!! I know it was a $14 dress but I mean really?! It had plastic loops in the back along with a plastic slider to make the straps longer or shorter and one of the loops broke.

In I went to change my dress. 😦 I bought that dress because I haven’t had a new dress in forever. I had to end up wearing a dress I got from my bridesmaids four years ago as a wedding gift. I love that dress – don’t get me wrong – but with certain parts of me getting bigger – it was hard to breathe a bit and you could see the beginnings of my baby bump. Which in reality – if you didn’t know I was pregnant – just looks like I’m fat. I felt awful.

I wore it though – and went into church with a smile on my face – sort of. Before service even started I had to go to the bathroom. Getting sick alone isn’t nice. Thank goodness I had a rubber band to hold my hair back. To make you not so grossed out – I went back out to service after about 20 minutes. I felt better not 100%.

After church we went to the store for hot dogs and drinks then home to change out of our church clothes and into clothes for a cookout at Jared and Rita’s house. Which – I realized that my shorts are no longer as baggy as they once were. 😦

Once we got there – everyone had already eaten – so we helped ourselves. I just sat around mostly – didn’t really talk to anyone and played with Jared’s kittens. They have four if anyone who knows me wants one and their other cat is pregnant too.

So – that was our Easter. After the cookout we went home and everyone got cleaned up and ready for the next day. Hope yours was great. 🙂

xo – S.J.

Ants (Day 41)

Saturday we went to the lake that the hubs dad and step mom have a camper at. It was about a 45 minute drive south from where we live but it was really pretty. The reason for us going was because Saturday was my father-in-laws birthday. He answers to Grand-paw, Mr. Mike or just Mike. I have a habit of calling him Mr. Mike.

Anyway – we get there and park. I get out and wait for the trunk to pop up so we can get the food for grilling out. I wore a t-shirt, shorts and my favorite Old Navy grey flip-flops. The exact moment I put my left foot down at the trunk I felt something pinch me on my right foot. I though – stupid mosquitoes. Cause sometimes it does feel like a pinch. This wasn’t a mosquito though – this was an ant. It wasn’t a fire ant but it hurt just the same.

The hubs moved the car away from the ant hills and I continued to help unload the car. When we finally sat down in the chairs I checked out my foot. It already had a place on it where it was swelling. One of the other lady’s that owned another camper brought me some Benadryl and some itch creme. I got out my pink book they gave me at the doctor’s office to see if I could take the Benadryl and it said that I shouldn’t take ANYTHING until after week 13 or 14 of my pregnancy. I am only at 9 1/2 weeks. 😦

I used the itch creme though and that seemed to help. I didn’t feel good all day but I never actually got sick. I was just grouchy and irritable. Also the hubs brothers were there and Rita (one of my SIL’s)  and Hunter (my step niece). The hubs youngest brother would always take a folding chair or a bag of food from me when we were unloading and loading the car. I guess he thought that I couldn’t carry it? I never said anything to him – his wife is expecting too – but if it isn’t over 25 pounds – I GOT IT. I am not an invalid – I can pick up a bag of groceries or a folding chair. It’s not like I’m gonna die or something. Yesh….

The point of this was – I have been bitten by an ant once before. I had to go to the doctor because my big toe got so swollen I couldn’t move it – I found out then that I was allergic to them. Here is hoping that my pinky toe and it’s neighbor won’t get that way.

xo – S.J.

Our Weekend (Day 40)

It’s Saturday!!! That means I am half way through my three-day weekend :(.

Last night – after picking up our new John Deere lawn mower and eating dinner at the local Steak N Shake we went to the movies. We went to see HOP. It has James Marsden as Fred and Russell Brand voicing E.B. (or the Easter Bunny). All in all it was a cute movie but not what I had expected. The kids in the auditorium thought it was hilarious.

Afterward – we went home. It was around 9:30 and I was ready for bed. When we pulled up in our driveway the neighbors (the good neighbors) were having a bonfire and had tiki torches in the yard. Once our head lights hit their yard we realized they had tents set up. There were five tents. I thought it was neat and I think it would be fun. Made me want to go camping.

This morning I got up and looked out our bedroom door to the back yard and I saw the most prettiest dog ever! It was what looked to be a Great Dane that looked like a Dalmatian! It was so pretty!!! The one I saw had more spots though – and was more grey in spots instead of black. Seth went out to feed and water Tiny and said “Mom – there is a dog outside
bigger than Tiny!” Tiny is NOT tiny. He is part English Mastiff and part Great Pyrenees. He was the runt of his litter but still weighs about 80 pounds and his head comes up to the top of my hip bone. When he stands on his hind legs he could put them on my shoulders. He’s big but he’s also a big baby. He loves to have his belly rubbed and HATES baths. We’ve tried several times to give him a bath all to no avail. He also hates vehicles.

Anyway – today is the hubs dad’s birthday – we may go spend some time with them down on the lake. Lets hope I don’t get eaten by mosquitoes again!!!

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Picture of Great Dane taken from here.

2nd (Day 33)

Last night was the volleyball tournament. We only had 6 teams so we finished last night around 11:30. Our team got second place and we got a trophy. I had fun. My legs and arms are sore but it was worth it!!!

This morning I went out about 7 to shoot at the woodpecker. I know they are protected but I thought that if he got scared enough he wouldn’t come back. We think it’s a momma woodpecker teaching a baby woodpecker how to do their thing. I have seen the small one and the hubs has seen the big one. That’s why we think that. I just wish they would find somewhere else to peck!

Well – today is a busy day!!! Off to start it!

xo – S.J.

Silly Babies (Day 18)

If you haven’t seen these twin babies talking to each other – you’re missing it.

How cute is that? I have to think that these two really understand what the other is saying. I mean, watch their hand motions. The one with the missing sock is probably telling the other where he was and what he was doing when he realized that he lost it and asking for help in finding it cause his foot is cold.

There are stories that twins have this “connection” with one another. Like ESP  – how neat would that be? In high school I took Psychology and one day the teacher gave us a test. (Has nothing to do with twins but ESP). There were five different shapes he had written down from one to fifty on his sheet. We had to try to concentrate on his mind and draw what shape he was thinking for that number on our papers. I got the most right in the entire class – but I don’t remember the exact number. It was weird and I certainly think that things like that are possible but I was just lucky.

Since today is April Fool’s day and I have figured out how to embed videos now (yea me!) I will leave you with the following clip – hope you didn’t get punked or anything by anyone today!!

xo – S.J.