Baby Milestone

Keira, our little Princess, will be 15 months old on the 18th of this month.

For a while now we have had this little potty in our master bathroom:

You can click this link to get to Babies R Us website to see how much it is and get it shipped to you. 🙂

Anyway – whenever I go to the potty, she follows right behind me. I always ask her “Do you have to go pee pee?” She will point at the bear on the front and say “Pee-pee”. She’ll sit down and I have to get her up and get her pants off and her diaper to let her sit. But by the time I do that, she’s already went potty. I let her sit there anyway.

Well – yesterday at Big Daddy and Mawmaw’s house she kept saying “pee-pee, pee-pee” and pointing to her diaper. So I checked her but she wasn’t wet. Said it another few times and I finally asked her if she had to go to the potty. She started to walk off to the bathroom.

Once in there I got her pants and diaper off of her and sat her down on the big person potty. She sat there for a minute and kicking her feet, watching her pants fall off her feet. Then she started to fidget like she wanted down. So I stood her up, off to the side of the potty. Almost as soon as her feet it the floor she started to pee. I picked her back up really quick and she stopped and then when I sat her back on the potty she finished pee-peeing in the potty!

I told her “Good girl Keira! Yea!!” She just smiled and kicked her feet. Once I got her down and cleaned up she clapped and I hollared for her daddy to come get her and get a diaper on her. I cleaned up the floor and luckily she didn’t pee on her socks, shoes or pants.

I told her daycare teachers about it and told them to ask her if she needed to go throughout the day. I haven’t called to check on her yet today but I will be sure to ask when I pick her up. Hopefully by the time she’s two she will be fully potty trained – that’s the hope anyway.

If you have kids, how has potty training went for you??


Breaking Back In

I got pregnant in March of 2011 – it was warm so I mostly wore flip-flops. That trend continued until I gave birth. Old Navy flip-flops are the bomb!

Since Keira’s birth – it’s been flip-flops, riding boots or tennis shoes. This past Saturday and Sunday I wore heels for the first time. O.M.G. My feet were killing me!!! My favorite heels – LimeLight brand, brown swede with pink edging – 4″ heels.

But – after wearing them for two days and them killing me I decided to wear them again today. I have to say – they are pretty comfortable! Now – I’m looking to refill my shoe collection with heels. I only have two pairs I really like to wear….the other ones are an almost neon pink (they match a shirt I love to wear with a white cardigan).

I’m breaking my feet back in to the heels. Jeremy likes them – what man doesn’t like his woman in heels? I’ll take suggestions on my new shoe journey!

What To Do….

Hey – for once I’m not busy!!!

What should I do with myself? Write a BLOG POST! Duh – it’s been like two weeks since the last one.

So – what’s been going on? Well – SUPER BUSY with my side job – Origami Owl. Christmas orders are seriously two inches thick in a folder in my bag by my feet. That makes me really happy by the way. I’m having a 12 Days Of Christmas Sale starting Thursday – check out my FB page for details on it.

This past Saturday the family (Jeremy, Me and the kiddo’s) went to Red Robin to eat with Casey and Jakki. The manager came over and tapped me on the shoulder and had a card in his hand. He said that another family was doing a random act of kindness and picked our family out to give us a $25 gift card! I cried – for real. I made Jakki cry too – and she was so inspired that SHE bought a $25 gift card for another family that was sitting near us.

Seriously – it was the best day. We got Keira her first Christmas present and I’m working on getting her others this weekend. Seth’s Christmas is already done – Jeremy’s is on the way. I’ve got his mom’s, his step mom’s, my mom’s and his dad’s. We still have a few to do and then we will be done.

Keira has been interested in the Christmas tree – but not a lot till last night. She pulled an ornament off and almost made the tree fall over – we seriously need a new one. She crawled underneath it and sat in the corner until I bribed her out with a stuffed animal. I wasn’t going to crawl under there until I absolutely had to.

I’ve been getting on my own case about not running lately. There is a list of runs I want to do next year. If I don’t get on it – I won’t be able to do them. One is a color run, the other is a “Run From The Police” run. There are several others but those are the only ones I can remember off the top of my head. I’m a sucker for cold weather so that’s one reason why I haven’t been running. I need some gear for this weather – I have NONE.

I follow a blog called Run, Hemingway, Run….he’s doing a challenge of 2,013 miles in 2013. I might just join in on that. Of course that works out to about 38 MILES A WEEK – 5 MILES A DAY. OMG….I doubt I will hit it – seriously – but I can try right? 🙂

It’s Official…

No sleep for this girl tonight.

Tomorrow Keira has her “minor surgery” to get tubes in her ears. I have to be AT the hospital at 6:30 AM. Seriously?! I thought I would get to sleep in but NO….this means I will have to get up at around 4:15 am and get dressed, pack her bag(s), get her up and in the car by 4:45 am to get to my father in law’s house by 5:25 am (with a stop for coffee and breakfast along the way) to get to the hospital in time to find a spot and get inside before her scheduled time.

I may just let Jeremy get Keira ready for bed tonight and hit the sack around 8pm. Did you notice that “let”? She usually doesn’t go to bed until 9 and get’s up around 11:45 and again around 1:30 and sleeps until 7 or 8 in the morning. For those people whose babies sleep through the night – I hate you. Not really – but sort of. She’s so stinkin’ cute I don’t mind it.

There is a long list of demands to be met: nothing to drink except for sprite (for an 11 month old???), water or apple juice after 1:30am. Nothing at all period in her mouth except for her paci after 4:30am. Wear clothes that are easy on/easy off and bring something that she’s attached to. That would be her “ball kitty” at the moment and her bottle, sippy cup, etc. (things a baby normally needs on an outing).

Jeremy is going to be an hour late to work so that he can see Seth off to school on the bus and Jeremy’s dad (Big Daddy to the kids) is going with me so I won’t be alone. I’m glad, I’d go crazy there by myself.

Also – I have a free turkey that’s going to be sitting in my fridge this year (we get one for free every year from work – awesome) so I called my brother and my mother – guess what? Thanksgiving at my house this year! Holy flippin’ cow….you’d think they’d notice if I paid a restaurant to do everything for me? lol No – I won’t do that. They at least know I will make desserts.

One more tidbit… is my new hangout. I’ve even talked to the hubs – front bathroom renovation is in the works – with one catch. I have to do everything myself (well – almost everything, who wants to do tile work on our floors?) I also plan on doing it with about a $1,000 or less budget. Watch out now! I’ll keep you updated on my progress – I’ll even take pictures! 😀 Who wants to hold me to that?

I’m Back…

For the moment anyway.

It’s been TWO WEEKS since I posted. Dude, I’m sorry! My last post was about my low down dirty EX sister-in-law who was also my best friend who up and left my awesome brother one weekend. Just in case you’re reading this – how is that working out for you? 🙂 Oh – and maybe you can borrow that big white Chevy to look for a job in.

For those of you wondering about my brother…Johnathan won another tournament with his best friend Jamie a few weekends ago. I honestly think he should try to go pro. He is that good, I think it might take just a little convincing. He has the time now to do it since he doesn’t have to work all three of the jobs he had.

Moving on – an update on my Origami Owl business. I’ve made about seven to ten sales and that’s made me my money back I spent on the kit plus a little. Since the Christmas season is coming up I have a few Jewelry Bars in the works and I have two fall festivals booked (one at my son’s school and one at a friend’s church) and possibly another one at another really prominent school for a family member.

Instead of handing out catalogs (which are expensive and take forever to ship at the moment) I printed up 450 (4×6) handouts with all my information on them. Want to see?

The only thing that’s missing from it is my Facebook page which I totally didn’t notice until just now…but that’s okay. I can put a sticker on the back with that information ( I’m pretty excited about everything.

One other thing – we’ve been looking for a new vehicle. Something that will hold five of us….you know: me, Jeremy, Seth, Keira’s huge car/booster seat and an infant seat/car/booster seat in the future. The inside of a civic just isn’t meant for two car seats, an almost 11-year-old and two adults. I looked at come Acura’s yesterday and a Kia. Also a Tahoe and a Suburban. Those last two are for sure NO’s. I do not want to have that gas bill.

Oh – NO I am not currently pregnant. At least I don’t think I am. A week of no birth control pills because I forgot to get them filled – there is maybe a chance but I’d say with 90% certainty its a no. According to my fertility app anyway – it’s impossible. So don’t freak out family. If there is a bun in the oven you’d get a phone call or a Facebook post first. 🙂 Then there would be another gender reveal party to plan! Heehee!!

So that’s been the past two weeks in a nut shell. Nothing else really exciting going on. Keira isn’t walking just yet but she does take about five steps when she thinks no one is looking. Sneaky little bugger. She’s so smart too it’s crazy. Man they grow up so fast! OH! I got her Hello Kitty invites and party supplies. Only one more month and she will be ONE! I can’t wait to see her with her smash cake! 😀

Oh man…

This new job is REALLY time-consuming! But dude….I LOVE IT!

I started selling Origami Owl last week. My package comes in tomorrow and I can start booking jewelry bars! I know I won’t have tons of inventory right away but I can’t wait to build it up!

The ladies I have been talking to are so nice! They have been a lot of help trying to figure out how everything works! I am looking at display pieces and trying to figure out what to stock first – there is so much to pick from.

I’ve been constantly updating my Facebook page with photos and news. Please like my page because at 50 likes I’m giving away a crystal dangle! If you want to know about ordering please go to the notes section and if you want to book a jewelry bar just send me an email!

Next up….more new PR’s and is my phone screwed up??

O2 – Girly and Shiny Things!

I first saw Origami Owl (or O2) back about three or four months ago at a craft show. I really wanted to buy everything right then and there but the lady said you had to sign up for it because there was a waiting list. So – after thinking about it for a few days I decided to sign up. When the time came I could decided then if I really wanted to do it.

Well – that time came last Friday when I got my email with my sign up link. I had until today to sign up and I did it yesterday! I’m really excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to see what happens next!

BUT – (there is always one of those isn’t there) I may not be posting as often as I have been for a bit. Just until I get settled into how to do things and how everything works – you know – just until I get my bearings. I don’t want to leave you guys hanging!

On that note – I will be posting about the run that Jeremy and I took together on Wednesday and how I discovered my phone isn’t quite what I thought it was. :/

I wasn’t running….

Stupid weather!

Ugh – yesterday before work was over I changed into my running gear. Which means I slipped into my new Danskin knee-length leggings, a new sports bra and a bright pink tank from American Eagle plus my New Balance shoes. I looked AWESOME if I do say so myself!

The only downer…as soon as I got into the car and started heading for the park – all kinds of nasty black clouds descended and it rained the rest of the day. DARN IT! I so need a gym membership where they have treadmills. Looking into it this week. I may sound weak and prissy but I can’t stand to run in the rain. Is it just me? Also – running in the rain and getting into my car with leather seats soaking wet probably isn’t a good idea. Oh – and my husband would kill me. Just sayin’.

I brought everything to run again today and it’s looking prettier so cross your fingers and pray that it doesn’t rain today. I really really NEED to run today. Like – it’s only been a month since I started running but when I miss a run it kills me. It feels like I don’t have a good day if I don’t go run. I feel like I eat worse (but I don’t I promise) and I feel – well – fat. I’ve lost about 4 pounds and have kept it off but I have 21 pounds left to go.

I found a small “express” gym in town, close to work and the daycare for Keira that only costs $15.99 a month with no contract AND it’s open 24/7. It has no daycare, no pool, no court for basketball or anything but like I need that! Keira is in daycare and Seth is back in school so I could go before I go and get them. I am going to call later and ask what kind of equipment they have. I think they even have trainers on site 24/7 which is awesome.

Wish me luck for today – oh – and I have the opportunity to get in on something new so I will let you know if that pans out. I’ll give you a hint – it’s girly and shiny. 🙂

See Jane Run

There is actually a website called See Jane Run. They basically sell anything for women that has to do with running.

This past Friday was the first time in a LONG time I had went for a run – and this time I went alone – into the woods. My hubby could have killed me. I had my pocket knife – and a cell phone but let’s face it – if something was going to happen to me, it would still happen.

I went to a nature park that ended up being 20 minutes from my work. I thought it would be closer. There were little white puffy clouds and it felt nice, in the 80’s I’d guess. Someone had said that the last time they were at said park that the trails were over grown. I could tell that they had been through there recently to clear them out as you could still see rake marks in the dirt.

I chose the 1.1 mile loop which said it would take an hour to do….if you were walking. I started up my Strava app and took off. I chose to go to the right which ended up being mostly downhill. Not so bad right? Well – I had to dodge rocks, limbs and leaning trees on the way. There was once – right before a wooden bridge – that I thought I was going to trip and seriously injure my face – but I didn’t! 🙂 I looked at Strava a few minutes later and found I had already done .3 miles and was pretty pumped to go the whole way around the loop. I felt good, I wasn’t breathing heavy or anything (which I honestly thought I would be) and then…

It happened.

Out of no where God decided to make it rain. REALLY!?!?! I checked Strava again and I had done a half mile in about 5 minutes. That’s pretty awesome for me since I haven’t been on a run in almost 6 months. That’s when the next thing happened. My phone decided that it was too hot or wet or whatever and froze. I was pissed to say the least.

So – in the pouring rain I decided to turn around and go back the way I came. I told myself “At least you will do a mile today!” Which is more than I can say for any other day. I started back up the trail and boy was I sorry. I mentioned at the beginning of this post that the way I took was mostly downhill, and remember that place where I almost tripped? Serious incline my friend – seriously.

By the time I got back to the top I was dying. Hills are my worst enemy. My legs felt like jello and I had dirt in my shoe and some how one of my socks came half way off from inside my shoe! I sat down on the closest bench I could find under some trees and took the battery out of my phone under my shirt and put it back in. It didn’t record my run – DANG IT! But I figured out the time and it took me about 15 minutes total. Five down and ten back. Good for me.

I love the Strava app on my phone but I really need an arm band. I looked on Amazon and found this one. Not the prettiest thing ever but are they supposed to be? I also thought about getting one of those FitBit things again. Maybe I can put it on my Christmas list. 🙂 Who knows, maybe Jeremy will get one for Christmas too and we can compare our stats.

I am going running again this afternoon after work. Even though I won’t have an app to track my time or distance (cause I forgot my phone today!!!) I still want to go, I probably just won’t go where I was going to go. I do feel naked without my phone and I’d rather run in an open space without one than in the woods without one. I plan on going Wednesday as well. I think I can put a Strava app on my blog – I remember seeing that somewhere. That way – you guys can see that I am actually doing something and motivate me if I get lazy.

I really want to sign up for my first 5k soon. It will give me something to work towards. AND – we might have found a jogging stroller for $50!! Woo hoo! Seth made mention that he wanted to go with me on my runs. I will see if maybe on Saturday’s we can start going in the mornings. Seth loved track at his old school and is really missing it here at his new one.

Wish us luck on our running endeavors! 🙂

**No such luck finding the Strava app for my blog. Sorry folks! I can keep you updated with screen shots though! It will still keep me accountable!

Good Intentions

Honest – I was going to make the new coat/key/hat rack mentioned in this post. It was something like this but on a bigger scale with different fabric to match our red and brown kitchen.
Our old coat/key/hat rack has pretty much bit the dust and needs to be replaced (and the wall patched where it was). I was ready to go on the 7th and pick out the fabric and the hooks I needed but – plans change. I really wanted to do this but with our new furniture I have to re-think things.

That’s right….new furniture!

See Saturday (the 7th) was our 5th year wedding anniversary. The traditional gift is wood and I wanted to order Jeremy this wooden ring.
It’s zebra wood with a Honduran rosewood inlay. I think it’s beautiful and it’s only $30 cause you get free shipping. Oh – it’s from Etsy shop Wood Recycled out of Montgomery, Alabama. This is from his welcome on his Etsy page: “At Wood Recycled we use the finest materials which are all rescued scraps from a burn pile behind a local wood shop. As a result all items are made of the finest materials and my customers help prevent deforestation by buying from Wood Recycled. You also benefit because we are able to offer the absolute lowest prices with unsurpassed quality. Thanks, Wood Recycled”

So you save trees and he makes some money! I will more than likely be buying something from his shop for a few people for Christmas. I can think of two people right now. 🙂

Anyway – point is I didn’t get to order it cause I need an exact ring size and well – that’s something I just have to ask Jeremy to get sized for so he’d know what I was getting. Instead – I ended up getting him a new pair of sunglasses because he lost his some how at his mother’s house on the 4th. Without them the sunlight really bothers his eyes and he gets headaches. They were a slightly more than the 30 for the ring but it’s totally worth it – they look great on him and he loves them.

Now onto the new furniture. Every time we get groceries I get frustrated about the cabinet space. We never have enough room it seems to put up everything.
Ignore all the people in our kitchen and picture cabinets behind everyone on the bottom. There is a stove in there somewhere too. Oh – and this is a picture of our house from last year during the baby reveal party in June. You can kind of see the colors. Red on the back wall and brown on the right wall. Just do your best to imagine. 🙂

Even with all these cabinets – there isn’t room for stuff. We have lots of glasses and dishes and pots and pans. I got mad last night cause I had to take EVERYTHING out of the corner cabinet to just get to the big pizza pan on the bottom. Shows how much we use it though. Moving on – Friday night (the 6th) Jeremy shows me pictures of what he wanted to get me but didn’t know which one I wanted so he told me to pick. These are the kinds of pictures he showed me.

AHHH! It’s a Pie Safe!! O.M.G.

You have no idea how happy I was to know that he wanted to get me one! Almost as happy as I was when he gave me my Kindle Fire for my birthday!

It will solve the “I have NO WHERE to put anything in this kitchen!” problem AND it will look awesome! The one I ended up picking out is almost as tall as I am – 5′-4″ and probably about the color of the one pictured on the right. It brings out the honey tones in our dining room table. We took our bench to compare. The only difference is there is a full drawer across the top and the bottom and there are three shelves. Our tin will be copper-colored and punch with a decorative pattern. It will be $15 extra but they will put wood on the back of the tin so that if Keira some how opens it up she won’t get cut on it. It should be here in about a week.

I AM SO EXCITED! That’s why I never got around to making my hanger for the kitchen. I don’t know where exactly this will hit on the wall and I want to get it in there before I decide to do anything else in the kitchen. So – I can’t wait! YEAH!