Well…..first off, you can now find me on Tumblr at www.owljane.tumblr.com. At first I didn’t like it, now I’m hooked. My Instagram photos will post there as well so make sure you follow me.

I stopped doing Foursquare, people on FB were getting annoyed and I got tired of constantly trying to update it. 🙂

In other news: I’ve lost a few pounds and around 4 inches overall. My bras and pants no longer fit right. I want to hold off on buying new stuff for at least another week (we leave for Florida in two and a half weeks) so that at least my clothes on vacation will fit.

I won’t be buying a new bikini, my tops and bottoms tie together so I know they will fit right. Keira will need new shoes AGAIN within a week or so. It’s like she went from a size 3 to a size 5 over a week. The Nike’s we bought her (size 4) no longer fit her. We won’t be paying $45 for shoes for her again anytime soon. She loves wearing shoes she can put on herself (ie: flip-flops or other slip on shoes) so that’s what we will be getting her for the summer at home. She can’t wear those kinds of shoes to school and she hates it.

Seth has been playing ball, they only have a few games left and they finally won one on Saturday. I don’t think ball is his game. He’s more of a soccer kid. He’s going to be lean like his Uncle was, plus he was great at soccer when he played in Upward. His new middle school will have a team so I hope he makes it there.

Jeremy has been working a lot of overtime and it’s finally starting to calm down where he’s only working 9 hour days instead of 10 hour days.

On the house front: no progress made in the bathrooms, surprise! BUT we have decided on colors, just haven’t gotten the paint or anything yet. I need to find some stuff that goes along with the colors we picked. Tile is first on our list and since our house is on a slab, we agreed we could probably do everything our selves cause it’s level. Just have to borrow the tile cutter from the BIL.

Outside the house – the bushes shall be gone! Well…..as soon as the baby mockingbirds in one of the bushes grows up. We have three white/green bushes in front of the kitchen/dining room window, two box woods and some kind of other bush that attracts bees in the spring. We plan on transplanting them either in front of the dog lot or down the property line. They will get pretty big if we let them be.

In their place……decorative stones/gravel and oversized pots with perennials or annuals in them. During the winter we can dress them up with lights and Halloween/Fall items and Christmas/Winter items. So they won’t just be empty pots sitting in front of the house.

It’s nice that Keira can come outside now and play while we do stuff in the yard. It’s been neglected for a while. My blue balloon flowers haven’t bloomed in two years cause the bushes are over growing them and my irises too. We also plan on making a flower bed around the Bradford pear tree in the front yard. Hopefully to transplant the blue balloon flowers and irises there. If not, we shall find something else.

I know I have been absent from my beloved blog for a while. Life takes hold sometimes and you just can’t get time to write…..unless your like Young House Love and it’s your job, then you make time. 🙂 Writing here isn’t a priority anymore, kind of makes me sad to think about.

Since I’ve been gone the past three weeks I turned 30 and remembered the passing of my father. It’s been eight years ago and still hurts, always does. The passing of George Jones made it worse. I cried at work. George was a great inspiration to my dad but now they are together, pickin’ and grinnin’.

So – before I start crying again…..I’ll stop there.


What To Do….

Hey – for once I’m not busy!!!

What should I do with myself? Write a BLOG POST! Duh – it’s been like two weeks since the last one.

So – what’s been going on? Well – SUPER BUSY with my side job – Origami Owl. Christmas orders are seriously two inches thick in a folder in my bag by my feet. That makes me really happy by the way. I’m having a 12 Days Of Christmas Sale starting Thursday – check out my FB page for details on it.

This past Saturday the family (Jeremy, Me and the kiddo’s) went to Red Robin to eat with Casey and Jakki. The manager came over and tapped me on the shoulder and had a card in his hand. He said that another family was doing a random act of kindness and picked our family out to give us a $25 gift card! I cried – for real. I made Jakki cry too – and she was so inspired that SHE bought a $25 gift card for another family that was sitting near us.

Seriously – it was the best day. We got Keira her first Christmas present and I’m working on getting her others this weekend. Seth’s Christmas is already done – Jeremy’s is on the way. I’ve got his mom’s, his step mom’s, my mom’s and his dad’s. We still have a few to do and then we will be done.

Keira has been interested in the Christmas tree – but not a lot till last night. She pulled an ornament off and almost made the tree fall over – we seriously need a new one. She crawled underneath it and sat in the corner until I bribed her out with a stuffed animal. I wasn’t going to crawl under there until I absolutely had to.

I’ve been getting on my own case about not running lately. There is a list of runs I want to do next year. If I don’t get on it – I won’t be able to do them. One is a color run, the other is a “Run From The Police” run. There are several others but those are the only ones I can remember off the top of my head. I’m a sucker for cold weather so that’s one reason why I haven’t been running. I need some gear for this weather – I have NONE.

I follow a blog called Run, Hemingway, Run….he’s doing a challenge of 2,013 miles in 2013. I might just join in on that. Of course that works out to about 38 MILES A WEEK – 5 MILES A DAY. OMG….I doubt I will hit it – seriously – but I can try right? 🙂


Dude – it’s been almost three weeks since I wrote a post!

Seriously doesn’t feel like it’s been that long.

I’ve been busy.

The week before Thanksgiving was spent getting everything ready for Keira’s birthday party on the 17th.

The week OF Thanksgiving was spent getting things ready for Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving we went car hunting. We went to a Honda dealership and found two cars we were interested in – we are supposed to go back this weekend and see what happens with it.

This week I’m busy getting ready for three jewelry bars for Origami Owl!! I actually had one last night – it was fun and the hostess made lots of yummy food! I booked two parties from it as well! I have another one on Friday and Saturday evening. I’m excited and nervous at the same time.

We have also been looking at bathroom stuff. Vanities are our main thing right now. We still haven’t decided on a color yet but that’s okay. I am waiting to be “inspired” by something and take off with it. I hope that happens soon! 🙂

What have you guys been up to lately?

It’s Official…

No sleep for this girl tonight.

Tomorrow Keira has her “minor surgery” to get tubes in her ears. I have to be AT the hospital at 6:30 AM. Seriously?! I thought I would get to sleep in but NO….this means I will have to get up at around 4:15 am and get dressed, pack her bag(s), get her up and in the car by 4:45 am to get to my father in law’s house by 5:25 am (with a stop for coffee and breakfast along the way) to get to the hospital in time to find a spot and get inside before her scheduled time.

I may just let Jeremy get Keira ready for bed tonight and hit the sack around 8pm. Did you notice that “let”? She usually doesn’t go to bed until 9 and get’s up around 11:45 and again around 1:30 and sleeps until 7 or 8 in the morning. For those people whose babies sleep through the night – I hate you. Not really – but sort of. She’s so stinkin’ cute I don’t mind it.

There is a long list of demands to be met: nothing to drink except for sprite (for an 11 month old???), water or apple juice after 1:30am. Nothing at all period in her mouth except for her paci after 4:30am. Wear clothes that are easy on/easy off and bring something that she’s attached to. That would be her “ball kitty” at the moment and her bottle, sippy cup, etc. (things a baby normally needs on an outing).

Jeremy is going to be an hour late to work so that he can see Seth off to school on the bus and Jeremy’s dad (Big Daddy to the kids) is going with me so I won’t be alone. I’m glad, I’d go crazy there by myself.

Also – I have a free turkey that’s going to be sitting in my fridge this year (we get one for free every year from work – awesome) so I called my brother and my mother – guess what? Thanksgiving at my house this year! Holy flippin’ cow….you’d think they’d notice if I paid a restaurant to do everything for me? lol No – I won’t do that. They at least know I will make desserts.

One more tidbit….Houzz.com is my new hangout. I’ve even talked to the hubs – front bathroom renovation is in the works – with one catch. I have to do everything myself (well – almost everything, who wants to do tile work on our floors?) I also plan on doing it with about a $1,000 or less budget. Watch out now! I’ll keep you updated on my progress – I’ll even take pictures! 😀 Who wants to hold me to that?

Happy 4th!!

Lots of things have been going on in the Southerner household.

Seth (our oldest) has been away with his grandmother in Nashville. Keira has started to pull herself up on EVERYTHING including her crib which we have to lower her mattress now. We’ve been in the pool a few times and have been dealing with teething.

Also – I’ve been pouring over Pinterest and have been finding small projects to do around the house. I really want to tackle the second bathroom with is also the kids and the one the guests use. It needs to be putted (sp?), painted and accessorized. I have several small projects to do including wanting to frame the “construction mirror” that’s in there and changing out the light fixture. I want everything to be ORB (that’s oil rubbed bronze) instead of the silver that’s in there now. I REALLY want a new sink and cabinet too. I have been searching Craigslist every day or two also.

We will be spending today with Jeremy’s mom and his brother’s. We both have to work tomorrow so hopefully we won’t have to be out too late.

Be safe and be careful!

Valentine’s Day

Wikipedia says the following about Valentine’s Day.
“Saint Valentine’s Day, commonly shortened to Valentine’s Day,is a holiday observed on February 14 honoring one or more early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine. It was first established by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD, and was later deleted from the General Roman Calendar of saints in 1969 by Pope Paul VI.

The day first became associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. By the 15th century, it had evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as “valentines“).

Interesting no? It says a bunch of other stuff too but that seemed most interesting to me. Our Valentine’s Day was celebrated this past weekend since Jeremy works late and we didn’t really have any other time to do it. Except ours was full of – complications.

First off – on Wednesday the 8th our washer broke. Well we had a used one and for some reason it didn’t work either so we had to end up going to get a new one and Jeremy’s dad thinks he can fix the other one so – we will be giving it to Jeremy’s Granny Pony. Her washer walks when it washes….really. The new one was finally put in yesterday and I got to washing clothes. It holds A LOT. Happy Valentine’s Day to me. Sort of. Jeremy didn’t just get me a new washer (hehe) he got me Breaking Dawn Part 1 Wedding Edition AND a Kindle Fire.

AWESOME! I feel like poop though cause all I got him was a card, some dark chocolate and a gift certificate for a massage. He works hard and I’m too lazy. 🙂

Saturday we were preoccupied with the washer issues and then we had a dinner for his brother’s wife at Olive Garden at 7 that night. It was alright. I didn’t eat much. Then Sunday is when we went and got the new washer and had to drive to two different stores to get the one we wanted. It was a GE and on sale plus Home Depot had a 10% sale so we saved like $200 on it! Yeah us!

So Sunday NIGHT Jeremy’s Step Mom (Granmaw) watched Keira and Seth so we could go out. We went to Big River out by the mall. It was YUMMY and we got dessert (which we never do really) and it was huge! A chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and ice cream! Delish!

I am still trying to figure out my Kindle Fire and I have already downloaded one book…Mockingjay I think it is. The last one in the Hunger Games series. I am almost done with the second on and I can’t wait to read the third one!

What did you get for Valentine’s Day????

Don’t Mean To Be (Day 194)

I think I might have said something the other day that came across as rude – but I didn’t mean it to be.

I was upset and aggravated and just needed to yell at someone but since there wasn’t anyone to gripe at I posted to Facebook about it. I think really only one person knew what I was talking about and I hope I didn’t seem – like a jack hole. I just don’t understand why said person can’t do more when I know said person can.

I mean – for crying out loud – the person who knew what I was talking about did more than said person that pissed me off and you’d think that it would be at least the same amount of helping or more.

I know that all sounds confusing but I know what I am talking about and so does the one other person. I hate naming names when I talk about people because – well – they’d read it an know it was about them so I try not to. It’s just super aggravating and stressful to know that so much is left to do and there really isn’t a “let me help you” vibe from said person.

I have family that just told me today they would find their Dr. Brown’s bottles (which is what we wanted and didn’t get any of) and give them to us. They wouldn’t be needing them any more. Oh – and on the day of the baby shower another family member said they had a Dr. Brown’s sanitizer that we could have since she wouldn’t be having any more kids and wouldn’t need it either! You have NO IDEA how much that means to us!!

I mentioned in the weekly update that Jeremy and I were going this weekend to look for a dresser for Keira’s room. We will also go to Babies R Us and Target to see about getting anything else we need. He said we’d probably do this every week until she’s here. Somethings I know we probably won’t get (but were on our registry because we wanted) like a bassinet. I mean – I’m the one going to be feeding her at night so I don’t care to get up to get her (or Jeremy could and bring her to me). I know I will need a pump for SURE and we will need a monitor.

We have over 150+ items on our Babies R Us registry and about 40+ on our Target registry that didn’t get bought. I will also need nursing tops eventually since right now I only have a nursing night-gown. I don’t have any nursing bras so that will be a must. If anyone reading this wants to get us Christmas gifts – just buy off our registries!

That’s something else I’m worrying about – Christmas. I know we will get Seth some things and Keira some things. I worry about what to get Jeremy and where the money will come from. I wanted to get grandparents something but I doubt that we will be able to do that. Everyone will just have to get over not getting anything from us this year. We usually buy something for the whole family – that’s like 10+ people and then our own stuff.

I just need to not think about it and stop stressing. I know things will be okay….He always makes them okay. 🙂

xo – S.J.

Apple Pie (Day 110)

I’ll be skipping around a lot the next few days trying to cover a few different things. This post is about the 4th Of July though.

We got up around 9am and we had eggs and blueberry waffles. I then decided that I needed to start making the pie for Jeremy’s mom’s party at her house that afternoon. I had went to the store Sunday (or Saturday – I can’t remember) and got a bag of red delicious apples. There were about nine in there.

So I asked Jeremy if he wanted to help and he started cutting up the apples while I made the dough. It says it’s a deep dish apple pie but I couldn’t find a deep dish pie plate ANYWHERE so I just used a regular 9.5″ glass pie plate I got a Wal-Mart for about $5. The dough wasn’t all that hard to make and I left out the extra two tablespoons of shortening it called for. That’s just me.

After I did the dough I started helping Jeremy with the apples. Instead of using a knife to peel them I used a potato peeler – it went faster. After I would peel them Jeremy would use our Pampered Chef apple wedge cutter (ours isn’t stainless) and then cut them up into little pieces. We used all nine of our apples (about 8 cups diced) and ended up having some that wouldn’t fit in the pie crust. I saved it cause you can eat it on ice cream! 🙂

Once it was fixed and in the oven we got ready to go and waited until it was done to leave. We had hamburger patties we had been marinating overnight (Dale’s; Worcestershire and some super secret hamburger seasoning) to take with us too. Once there everyone started grilling so we waited to get in the pool. I cried about something someone said that really shouldn’t have bothered me but did – I cried for about 10 minutes.

Anyway – once food was done we fixed our plates and sat down to eat. I had a baked potato, salad with tomatoes, eggs and cheese and a hamburger. Most everyone else had a rib-eye steak. Those aren’t for me! I had some corn on the cob too but that also isn’t on my favorite list of foods. I had too many dill pickles to count and also too many rolls to count.

Once all the dinner food was done it was time for ice cream. Lynda made homemade vanilla ice cream instead of her usual milky way ice cream because I brought the pie. It was yummy! Everyone except for one person (Seth) wanted pie in the bottom of their bowl with ice cream on top. That left about three small pieces left. It wasn’t long before it was gone.

This was my first attempt at a homemade apple pie – everyone seemed to enjoy it. I should make another one just so I can have another piece! I only got one 😦 So without further a due – the recipe I used.

For the dough:
2 cups all-purpose flour
2/3 cup plus 2 tablespoons shortening (I didn’t use the 2 tablespoons)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup cold water

For the filling:
8 cups sliced apples (Granny Smith or Jona Gold) I used Red Delicious cause that’s all Wal-Mart had
1/4 cup flour
2/3 cup sugar
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg (or apple pie spice – Wal-Mart didn’t have nutmeg)
Dash of salt (left this out too – less salt the better!)

For dough: Use a fork (or your hands in my case) to mix flour, shortening and salt until it makes beads. Slowly add water while mixing. It won’t form a ball but will start to pull away from the sides. Divide and flatten into disks, wrap in plastic wrap and store in refrigerator for 30 minutes.

For filling: Mix all ingredients together and allow to sit while you wait for the pastry.

Assembly: Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Roll one half of the dough into a thin circle. Do this on a sheet of plastic wrap as it will be easier to transfer to the pie plate this way. Once done inserting dough into plate fill with apples. (As I said all of our apples wouldn’t fit because it wasn’t a “deep” pie plate). Roll out the second half of the dough and place over apples. If you would like, before placing apples, cut out shapes in the dough. I just cut slits in mine – make sure to pinch together the top and bottom pieces of dough and cover edges with aluminum foil.

Bake pie for 35 minutes then remove aluminum foil and bake for another 15 minutes until crust is golden brown and filling is bubbly. TIP: Place a baking sheet underneath your pie plate as to catch any drippings that may occur.

That’s it! Enjoy your pie with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. Oh – I have no idea where I got this recipe – sorry. I’m sure it came from FoodGawker but I have no idea which poster it was. If anyone knows – please leave it below. Almost forgot – here it is after it just came from the oven.
xo – S.J.

Psstt: Let me know if you try out the recipe and how it worked for you!

Memorial Day (Day 78)

First – thanks to all the service men and women who fight for this country and those who have passed in the line of duty. Yeah I maybe a little late but a little late is better than never right? I’ve known many people who have served and are still serving. When I hear about reports of our military being killed overseas I always search the web to make sure it wasn’t someone I know. I dread the day that I find those people’s names on a list.

On to a lighter subject – the family gathering on Memorial Day. I got up and went to Hardee’s cause I still hadn’t gone to the store yet. Came home and got everyone up to eat and THEN I went to the store. Surprisingly there weren’t that many people at my local Wal-Mart so that made me happy. I hate crowded places and I hate getting behind someone who pushes their cart like they are a hundred years old.

I got everything we needed for home and then a few things to take to Lynda’s for the party (Jeremy’s mom). She always makes milky way homemade ice cream. Oh man – its like the best ice cream EVER! So we got the candy bars, evaporated milk and the ice, Jared got the regular milk and Brenda (Lynda’s sister) got the rock salt cause my Wal-Mart was all out. We got over there around noon and soon after we grilled out some hot dogs and bratwurst – that’s Jeremy’s favorite. We slathered up with sunscreen but as we later found out it wasn’t enough.

In the evening after staying in the pool ALL DAY you could tell Seth was starting to get red. He had also broken out in a rash on his stomach from the boogie board he was playing on. I went to go and spray some more sunscreen on him and he started screaming and crying saying it was burning. Needless to say we didn’t use that sunscreen anymore. I thought it was a name brand but found out later it wasn’t. I found one that didn’t burn (we had used the other day) and used the rest of it on Seth and Jeremy.

Once home that evening around nine we all took showers to get the chlorine off of us and I put aloe on both of them and some on myself. My shoulders are pretty red but that’s about it. Jeremy and Seth can hardly move their arms, chest and back are so burnt. Next time I will know not to buy that brand of sunscreen and I wish I could remember the name of it so I could pass it on but I can’t – sorry!

Once we were all cleaned up and had aloe we sat down and watched “I Am Number Four” on Blu-Ray. I’d have to say it was a pretty good movie. Now I will just have to read the books before the next one comes out. Oh – and Alex Pettyfer isn’t all that bad-looking!
It maybe helps a little too that he is English – I LOVE English accents!!! I will leave you now to possibly drool over your keyboard.

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Alex Pettyfer picture from here.

Sunday & Baby Names (Day 76)

Being in the pool takes a lot out of you as I quickly learned – waking up seeing eleven on the alarm clock. Crap.

No alarms on the phones went off – Seth was still asleep and I was hungry. Imagine that. It was too late for breakfast from Hardee’s and since I hadn’t went to the store yet there was only three eggs and some biscuits in the fridge. Not nearly enough for all off us – plus there was no bacon. I must have bacon.

So – once I got Jeremy up and Seth up and we all got dressed and ready it was around one. I convinced Jeremy we needed to go to Cracker Barrel and off we went. I love Cracker Barrel and not just because it was the place I had my first job. I made $8 an hour at age 15 to wrap presents. Everyone hates my wrapping skills at Christmas because I use WAY too much tape – but it’s just to keep out prying eyes from the cracks in the paper. It’s something I had to do at Cracker Barrel – it just kind of stuck.

Anyway – I had two eggs with cheese, three pieces of bacon, a biscuit with grape jelly and a pancake. We still ended up taking two pancakes with us because Jeremy couldn’t eat them either. After we went into the antique store where I loved an old buffet they had for $170 but we decided not to get it. I was kind of sad but I know we can find something else.

We also decided that it was still early enough to go to my MIL’s house for a swim – it was only 4:30 and still really hot so off we went. We leave our bathing suit and towels there so we don’t have to lug wet stuff back and forth to our house. Once there Jeremy’s mom and step dad were already in the pool so we all changed and got in. It was still pretty cold to me but it was too hot to sit under the umbrella. Later we got something else to eat for dinner – don’t ask me what it was cause I can’t remember – and ended up going through our baby name book.

We sat down and wrote out all the highlighted names in the book. Boys on one side – girls on the other. We had probably 24 girl names and 19 boy names. Jeremy thought that the easiest way to pick out names was for each of us to write down our favorite eight from each list. The ones we both liked would be the ones we would eventually choose the name of the baby from.

Well – we wrote down our eight and handed them over to Lynda (my MIL) and she read out the ones that we matched. For girls there were only two. Kiera and Faith – Faith was a last-minute addition and we don’t know why it wasn’t highlighted in the first place. Now we had initially told Seth he could pick the middle name from a select list but since we only matched two girl names there was no list to pick from. Therefore – if this little pea is a girl her name will be Kiera Faith. What do you think? I love it – it’s different but not so different that people are like “Huh? What did you just say?”

Now as far as the boys names go we had four matching names. In no particular order: Evan, Elijah, Cooper and Jace. I can’t tell you which one is my favorite because really they all are. Being as we were into making our lists I sat and wrote down each name with the other names as the middle. For example: Jace Evan, Jace Elijah, Jace Cooper then Evan Elijah, Evan Cooper, Evan Jace and so on. We said each name (twelve of them) out loud to Lynda, Rik and Seth. We couldn’t make a final decision on a boy’s name at that moment. Given that you have probably wrote down or thought about the names given interchanged together – what is your favorite boy name?

Up next – the weekly update! 🙂

xo – S.J.