Thank You WordPress (Day 17)

So yesterday I posted day 16 of my Post A Day challenge. Yeah – I’m behind a post but I’ll catch up today!

The title of this post is because yesterday after I posted day 16 a video popped up on my screen telling me I did a good job. I started the video and it showed a crowd standing outside in the snow. One man began to clap and then the rest of the crowd joined in.

The camera then turned to the reason they were clapping. It was that movie about a Jamaican Bobsled team – Cool Runnings. That part of the movie is right after they crashed and carried their bobsled across the finish line. I have to admit – it made me smile.

I think they are trying out how something like that will affect people because down at the bottom it said “What did you see? How did you feel?” Even though the clip made me smile seeing those questions made think that I was in a shrink’s office looking at ink blots.

Thanks WordPress for making me smile and then making me feel like I should pay you for your effort at making me feel good about myself!

xo – S.J.


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