Oh The Agony!

It’s been a while I know – life happens people.

I must say – the past few weeks have been pretty crazy/painful.

I went to the chiropractor yesterday for shoulder pain. It’s been hurting for a while now and this past weekend it caught at least five or six times. Enough that once I wanted to just cry. I apparently have rotator cuff tendon issues. I had some ultrasound therapy done on it yesterday and he told me to ice it twice a day and if it still hurt by the end of the week I would need to come back and see him.

Obviously I looked up what exactly a rotator cuff is and the surgery (if it is determined that I need it) and apparently surgery is pretty painful. Awesome. If the pain continues after I’ve seen the chiropractor a few times he said that he was going to send me for an MRI. Then we would go from there. PRAY that I do not need surgery – cause that would suck.

Next up – Female Issues

TMI ahead guys…

I got back on my birth control that I was on before – NuvaRing – and I love it. Downside – you start it on the first and end it on the 21st. I say downside because with the way my other birth control had been working – my friend came during the middle of the month. So – the first month I used the ring, my friend was about a week late. OMG – most painful week of my life.

I seriously wanted to lay in bed and cry the whole time. I wondered aloud about the possibility of some thing else being wrong – as to why it hurt so bad. I did a search and found this on WebMD: Changes in the color and thickness of menstrual blood are often normal. But there are a number of problems that might cause abnormal clots (which I did notice and it freaked me out, hence the web search) to form in your menstrual blood or lead to the changes in color or thickness during your period. Problems that can cause changes include: Miscarriage. Women who have miscarried may pass blood clots or gray clumps of tissue from the vagina. Fibroids or Hormonal changes are also possibilities.

Need I underline anything else?

I told Jeremy about it but he didn’t seem that all concerned and I didn’t push the issue or the discussion. I also didn’t call my doctor because let’s be honest – they would either say yes I did have a miscarriage and I’d feel horrible because what if I caused it because of the birth control (which is likely if that’s the case) and I’d feel even more worse or they would tell me no and I’d just be an idiot freaking out about nothing.

I haven’t told anyone this – now I’m telling everyone. Do I wonder if that’s what really happened, a miscarriage? Yes. Should I have went to the doctor? Probably. Do I feel better not knowing the truth? Yes. Does that make me a horrible person? Insert answer here _____________.

I’m kind of numb to the whole thing now. I think that’s one reason why I’m glad I don’t know for sure. If I knew and the answer was yes – I’d be a miserable ball of craziness. If the answer was no – I’d figure I was just one of those people who think they are sick all the time….what do you call them? Hypochondriacs?

So – with all that being said and trying to find something to take my mind off it – I am going to throw myself back into running. I have went once these past few weeks (cause it’s been FREEZING down here or raining or snowing) and I’m looking forward to warmer weather. Come this winter – I’ll be getting a gym membership just so I can have a treadmill to run on. Also – I’ve been contemplating joining 9Round – look it up here http://www.9round.com/. I just have to get my membership fees up. Anyone want to donate? 🙂

This is also on my to do list http://pinterest.com/pin/164733298842060021/

Who wants to go with me?


I wasn’t running….

Stupid weather!

Ugh – yesterday before work was over I changed into my running gear. Which means I slipped into my new Danskin knee-length leggings, a new sports bra and a bright pink tank from American Eagle plus my New Balance shoes. I looked AWESOME if I do say so myself!

The only downer…as soon as I got into the car and started heading for the park – all kinds of nasty black clouds descended and it rained the rest of the day. DARN IT! I so need a gym membership where they have treadmills. Looking into it this week. I may sound weak and prissy but I can’t stand to run in the rain. Is it just me? Also – running in the rain and getting into my car with leather seats soaking wet probably isn’t a good idea. Oh – and my husband would kill me. Just sayin’.

I brought everything to run again today and it’s looking prettier so cross your fingers and pray that it doesn’t rain today. I really really NEED to run today. Like – it’s only been a month since I started running but when I miss a run it kills me. It feels like I don’t have a good day if I don’t go run. I feel like I eat worse (but I don’t I promise) and I feel – well – fat. I’ve lost about 4 pounds and have kept it off but I have 21 pounds left to go.

I found a small “express” gym in town, close to work and the daycare for Keira that only costs $15.99 a month with no contract AND it’s open 24/7. It has no daycare, no pool, no court for basketball or anything but like I need that! Keira is in daycare and Seth is back in school so I could go before I go and get them. I am going to call later and ask what kind of equipment they have. I think they even have trainers on site 24/7 which is awesome.

Wish me luck for today – oh – and I have the opportunity to get in on something new so I will let you know if that pans out. I’ll give you a hint – it’s girly and shiny. 🙂

See Jane Run

There is actually a website called See Jane Run. They basically sell anything for women that has to do with running.

This past Friday was the first time in a LONG time I had went for a run – and this time I went alone – into the woods. My hubby could have killed me. I had my pocket knife – and a cell phone but let’s face it – if something was going to happen to me, it would still happen.

I went to a nature park that ended up being 20 minutes from my work. I thought it would be closer. There were little white puffy clouds and it felt nice, in the 80’s I’d guess. Someone had said that the last time they were at said park that the trails were over grown. I could tell that they had been through there recently to clear them out as you could still see rake marks in the dirt.

I chose the 1.1 mile loop which said it would take an hour to do….if you were walking. I started up my Strava app and took off. I chose to go to the right which ended up being mostly downhill. Not so bad right? Well – I had to dodge rocks, limbs and leaning trees on the way. There was once – right before a wooden bridge – that I thought I was going to trip and seriously injure my face – but I didn’t! 🙂 I looked at Strava a few minutes later and found I had already done .3 miles and was pretty pumped to go the whole way around the loop. I felt good, I wasn’t breathing heavy or anything (which I honestly thought I would be) and then…

It happened.

Out of no where God decided to make it rain. REALLY!?!?! I checked Strava again and I had done a half mile in about 5 minutes. That’s pretty awesome for me since I haven’t been on a run in almost 6 months. That’s when the next thing happened. My phone decided that it was too hot or wet or whatever and froze. I was pissed to say the least.

So – in the pouring rain I decided to turn around and go back the way I came. I told myself “At least you will do a mile today!” Which is more than I can say for any other day. I started back up the trail and boy was I sorry. I mentioned at the beginning of this post that the way I took was mostly downhill, and remember that place where I almost tripped? Serious incline my friend – seriously.

By the time I got back to the top I was dying. Hills are my worst enemy. My legs felt like jello and I had dirt in my shoe and some how one of my socks came half way off from inside my shoe! I sat down on the closest bench I could find under some trees and took the battery out of my phone under my shirt and put it back in. It didn’t record my run – DANG IT! But I figured out the time and it took me about 15 minutes total. Five down and ten back. Good for me.

I love the Strava app on my phone but I really need an arm band. I looked on Amazon and found this one. Not the prettiest thing ever but are they supposed to be? I also thought about getting one of those FitBit things again. Maybe I can put it on my Christmas list. 🙂 Who knows, maybe Jeremy will get one for Christmas too and we can compare our stats.

I am going running again this afternoon after work. Even though I won’t have an app to track my time or distance (cause I forgot my phone today!!!) I still want to go, I probably just won’t go where I was going to go. I do feel naked without my phone and I’d rather run in an open space without one than in the woods without one. I plan on going Wednesday as well. I think I can put a Strava app on my blog – I remember seeing that somewhere. That way – you guys can see that I am actually doing something and motivate me if I get lazy.

I really want to sign up for my first 5k soon. It will give me something to work towards. AND – we might have found a jogging stroller for $50!! Woo hoo! Seth made mention that he wanted to go with me on my runs. I will see if maybe on Saturday’s we can start going in the mornings. Seth loved track at his old school and is really missing it here at his new one.

Wish us luck on our running endeavors! 🙂

**No such luck finding the Strava app for my blog. Sorry folks! I can keep you updated with screen shots though! It will still keep me accountable!

Yeah Buddy….

I love this Strava app….did I tell you that already? I can also log into it on the computer and sign up for challenges and that sort of thing. I haven’t done that yet though.

Tuesday and Wednesday I went walking/hiking with my SIL Crystal. Yeah it was supposed to be run but honestly – I didn’t feel ready. I mean – it’s not like you can just start back up where you left off about a year ago – especially since having a baby. At least – I don’t think so. Please don’t tell me if I’m wrong. 😀

Tuesday it was 90 degrees – HOT and humid. The norm here in the south. There was only one or two people on the trail and we fought bugs the whole time. Here’s why I LOVE Strava. We walked/hiked 2.1 miles. Elevation change was 146 feet and we did it in 39:10 with an average pace of 18:4 and it tells me all that on the app on my phone.

The app itself doesn’t give you lots of info when your done besides the above BUT if you go online and check it out you can check your elevation and your speed against each other. I think that’s pretty neat. You can also add which shoes you wore because once your running shoes get so many miles on them your supposed to buy new ones. I’ve had mine for two years so who knows. Oh and it not only gives you your average pace but it also breaks down your pace for each mile too. Our first mile was 19:04 and our second was 18:09.

On Wednesday it was 92 degrees (according to my Honda) and we walked/hiked 2.9 miles. Elevation change was 208 feet and we did it in 59:32 and our average pace was 19:03. We were a little slower yesterday – I think it was because we talked more and Crystal had went to the gym and ran about five miles on a treadmill before we met up.

You can also join “clubs” but the only one around here anywhere close is called Chattanooga UltraRunners and it’s one chick from Signal Mountain. Her pace for a 3 mile run is 10:03. She makes me look like poop. She’s even done a 30 miler….gotta give that girl some props to keep her 10 minute pace!

See – I want to be that chick. I want to say “I can do that” but it will take a WHILE to get to that point – if I can even GET to that point. HA! Just for kicks – on our trip I am going to turn on Strava while at Dollywood and see how much we walk. I can’t wait to see that one.

At least I’m doing it – I wanted to start going twice a week and I’ve already done it this week. I am going to try to go tonight around the ‘hood (the subdivision) and get in bed before 10pm for once. Maybe….

Registry Redo (Day 195)

Today I decided to go through my Babies R Us registry and delete any items that I think we really won’t use or need – ever.

Seems daunting. I know if I delete something I can just add it back later if we want but – it seems very final to hit that “delete” button and then the website ask you again “Are you sure you want to delete this item from your registry”. I’ve deleted two items already and reduced the quantity of one.

First on the chopping block – the diaper stacker.

I mean – when I think about it – why would I want to take diapers out of a box/bag to just put them in the diaper stacker? I can use a basket – same purpose and just as cute but you actually see the diapers. Who cares right? Also – at $20 I am sure I could find something else to spend that on.

Second on the chopping block – the safety step.
Again – not saying that there is anything wrong with having this but we already have a step stool. It’s gray and from Wal-Mart but that one only cost me about $5 and this one by Baby Bjorn (which is a brand I LOVE) is $22. Sorry but no thanks!

The one thing so far I have chosen to downgrade the quantity on is what Babies R Us calls a multi use pad (large).
It’s waterproof – which her mattress we bought already is – and it’s bigger than a sheet saver. It’s $10 though and instead of using this you could just put two sheet savers in the crib or bassinet or whatever. We had two on our registry so I have marked it down to only one. Why in the world would I need two of these? I don’t even think I used this or sheet savers with Seth. There were only a few times I needed one anyway.

We also have a bassinet on our registry (we found one we like at the store and it’s cheaper but for some reason not on the website at Babies R Us) and a co-sleeper in bed thing. I’ve debated taking the co-sleeper thing off because we only have a queen sized bed and both of us like to spread out. I don’t think there would be room for it. As a matter of fact – I think I will take it off.

There. Done!

Moving on….there is a bottle and jar warmer that’s $25 on our registry. I plan on nursing so – there really wouldn’t be a need for a warmer for a while. Once she goes to daycare they have their own way of thawing out frozen (or partially frozen) breast milk…it’s called hot water from the sink. I’m thinking this may work just fine for us too! I didn’t have one of these with Seth and he was perfectly happy drinking his formula the way it was – we never had to heat it for him. Also debating on taking this off too.

There is also a bunch of blankets on the registry – receiving blankets and fuzzy blankets. I’m pretty sure we have plenty of receiving blankets but just to make sure I am going to wait until I get everything washed and counted before I start taking them off. I know we have at least four fuzzy blankets and we will need the thicker ones like that since she’ll be born during winter.

Again – going through this is probably just my OCD but there is only seven weeks left and I don’t want to spend money on something that we won’t use or don’t really need. A lot more things will likely be taken off between now and then – I’m feeling a little stressed still about not having everything but I will get over it – eventually. I’m starting to worry about when I will be out for my 12 weeks. I get four weeks of that paid but the rest (eight weeks) isn’t. We’ve been saving our money for those weeks – I just hope it’s enough.

xo – S.J.

Painting Keira’s Room (Day 169)

It took us a while to decide on the color to go with the pink we picked out for Keira’s room. Which was this color.
In case you can’t see it – it is Hint Of Cherry by Valspar. After several days of looking at two different colors of grey (yes – I got my grey) we decided to go with Warm Grey. Now – for the life of me I can’t figure out which company makes that color but it is something kind of similar to this only darker.
This is Gravity from Valspar – the grey we picked out is a little more brown than this color. Some points in the day it looks very light brown and then some points looks very grey. So instead of just white and black making grey it’s more like white and brown very diluted. Think a slightly toasted marshmallow. This might not help any but –
This is the Hint Of Cherry paint swatch/chip (what ever you want to call it) and the Warm Grey together on Keira’s changing table. I put that together with Seth on Saturday – it was pretty easy but definitely a two person job. You will notice in this picture that the Warm Grey is on a brown toned card. It for sure reads darker in this picture.

It’s grey enough that I like it and brown(ish) enough to where Jeremy likes it. Sunday after church we went to Lowe’s since they are the only people around here I have found to carry Olympic One No VOC paint. We had them color match one gallon of each for us. We had to get a few more supplies like liners, another trim cup and an extra roller. It ended up being about $60 for everything.

Since the next day was a holiday we decided to just go home and chill out the rest of the day. We told a few friends that if it wasn’t bad Monday and if they felt like it – they could come and help paint and we would feed them. Sadly – it started to pour down Sunday night and didn’t stop until Tuesday sometime. We seriously needed the rain – but not that much. No one came to help and with the rain it just made us want to be lazy.

I cooked twice that day – breakfast and dinner – don’t ask me what I can’t remember. At some point we decided that we should attempt to paint. Jeremy and I broke out the plastic for the carpet and moved the changing table and the still in the box crib to the middle of the floor. He began to frog tape around the doors while I pulled up the blinds to clean the window sill – it was dusty – then he could tape around it. Yeah – the blinds broke at the top – falling and hitting me square on the bridge of my nose.

I immediately started crying. It hurt – BAD. Jeremy came over and checked it out – he said it looked red but there was no blood and not three minutes later I had this huge bump on my nose. The next day I discovered that I had in fact cut it as evident by the scab that had formed. It’s Thursday and it still hurts to touch it.

So after all that – we started to paint at around five in the afternoon. Trying to do trim work with two light bulbs in the fan and at night isn’t easy. I am going to have to go back over one trim piece on one wall – it looks awful. We both trimmed for a bit and then when Jeremy was done (he does the ceiling trim, I do the floor trim and the doors & windows) he started to roll the walls.

We were done in about three hours. It was too dark to take a picture of the room and it’s been cloudy ever since it stopped raining. We left the pink walls for another day and bid the room goodnight. I will have finished pictures at some point but don’t bet on when.

xo – S.J.

Baking Fool (Day 152)

So Sunday was a lazy day for us. We overslept our alarm and I woke up at 10:45 – so we missed church. I hate that we missed it but it was a humongous lazy day which I think we both needed. Jeremy worked over Thursday and Friday and Saturday we had people over – we really needed it.

The only thing we did Sunday was go to Cracker Barrel and eat and then get apples from the Food Lion. The Cracker Barrel was in Ringgold. Maybe you’ve heard of it. It was on the news a few months ago.

You can find other video’s on YouTube if you care to go check it out.

It’s been over four months since the tornado rolled through town. I remember spending that night in the bath tub with Seth. Thank the Lord our power never went out and the ones closer to us never did a lot of damage. A few homes in our subdivision had shingles and siding gone but that was it. Not nearly as bad as Ringgold. I would have kind of thought that at least some of the stuff would have been repaired by now – but not really.

There were several gas stations that still only have a trailer as an office. The Wendy’s has been rebuilt, the KFC is almost done and the Pizza Hut and Krystal’s are still bored up. The Taco Bell is new too and the auto dealership is rebuilding. It was kind of sad to see that not more of the city had been rebuilt but I understand it takes a while. The high school is being rebuilt and should be open in time for school to start next month.

The point of this was to tell you what I baked this weekend. Sunday we got home at around six so I THOUGHT I had plenty of time to bake what I wanted to bake. I did – but I ended up going to bed at eleven and that was after eating a piece of the pie I made with ice cream. Yup – I made apple pie from scratch again AND blueberry muffins from scratch last night. It took me longer than what I thought it would but it was okay – everything is yummy so who cares.

Here is the recipe I used for the Deep Dish Apple Pie and the Blueberry Muffins. You can’t pass on the brown sugar on the muffins – without the sugar they just aren’t the same. Believe me I know – I didn’t have any last night when I made mine, I wish I had went to the store to get some. Sorry I can’t remember where I got these recipes. Anyway if you try it let me know what you think!

xo – S.J.

Details (Day 97)

So – I’m a bit behind – I didn’t feel so hot yesterday. I went home and folded clothes and sat and watched Dr. Phil. I never watch Dr. Phil – ever. Yesterday was supposed to be mine and Lynda’s four mile walk day – but like I said – I didn’t feel good and I feel bad for missing the walk BUT it was also 97 out side and I was already sweating with shorts and a t-shirt on.

Anyway – back to the party. If you’ve read the post before this you know how crazy my Friday and Saturday was. You also know that our little pea is a SHE. Now – I personally didn’t take pictures but Hunter (my niece) did. I don’t know what it is but I could take one picture and it not look so great and she could take the camera and not change any settings and it look awesome. What’s up with that? We’ve had our camera for a little over a year and we bought it new at Best Buy. It’s a Canon Powershot SX20IS with 20x zoom and 12.1mp. It looks like this.
Believe me – I really should go take a class or have a friend show me everything this baby can do. We’ve taken shots of the full moon zoomed completely in and they were amazing. I’ve read up on what it means to change the aperture and the shutter speed but I just haven’t figured out yet how to do it on this camera.

Needless to say I think we have an awesome camera and it sucks that I haven’t figured out how to use it to its full potential in the past year. BUT I did sit down last night and clear the SD card. All of the 1,000 plus pictures that were on there since we’ve had it. I organized them too – in folders by date and what they are of. Now if I could just get our photo album box in order and print them out! One day – some day!

Alright – sorry – I got off track. Back to the party – again. Everything was ready to go about 30 minutes before everyone got there. Which in our house, like, never happens. But – it started to get dark and VERY windy at about 4:45 (party started at 5:30). We had already sat out the slip ‘n slide for the kids and the kiddie pool which took almost 30 minutes to air up with an air compressor. When it started to rain we all went and sat in the garage and watched. The power was flickering so it wasn’t like we could watch tv. Once people started to arrive we heard how bad it was. Trees down everywhere and power out to most of the people around us including my BIL who lives not a half a mile from us. Luckily – it stopped raining right before everyone got there and the kids were still able to play. If Hunter wasn’t there – I probably wouldn’t have been as sane as I was. She helped me with everything! On to the details!



















This cake only cost me $40 – I was pretty amazed. I thought she’d charge me more. It was a friend of a woman from church that did it. The only fondant on it was the red checks (they were very thin) and the bees. (I love fondant, most people don’t.) The inside was almond flavored cake and the bee was made after the bee stamp we had on the invitations.

We blew up green, pink, blue and yellow balloons and tied them to the chairs and hung them from the pull chains on the fans. We also left some in the floor for the kids to play with.

The pink and blue pacifiers were bought from a place called The Balloon Factory. We left out rubber bands so people could pick if they thought the baby was a boy or a girl. People wore them on their wrists, fingers, and on their cups. After a quick poll most everyone there thought the baby was a girl. The bee cups also came from The Balloon Factory. The one with the cat on it was one of our friends. He said he was hoping for a kitten so – we had to find a kitten for his cup. 😀 The cupcakes pictured are the “boy” cupcakes. We also made “girl” cupcakes. Hunter and I stayed up until almost 11:30 Friday night fixing them. We went the short cut way on the frosting and used store-bought vanilla frosting and colored it how we wanted.

There were only a few left by the end of the night Saturday. When Sunday came around my MIL Mary told me she counted about 30 people at our house NOT counting Jeremy, myself and Seth. I don’t think we’ve ever had that many people in our house – except for maybe our annual New Years Eve party that may or may not happen this year depending on how I feel.

Lastly – Jeremy and I with pink cake!
You know – I totally forgot my hair was up all day? To me I look awful but you know – that’s just me. I think I always look awful in pictures. I think mostly everybody does – except for super models. So – that was our party! We had a lot of fun and I think everyone else did too!!

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Picture of Canon camera from here.

17 Weeks (Day 92)

So here we are once again – our weekly pea update.

The Bump: Our little pea is the size of an onion this week. The pea is 5.1″ long and weighs about 5.9 ounces. The skeleton is hardening changing from cartilage to bone and fat is accumulating around it. The umbilical cord is getting thicker and stronger and the peas fingers and toes are now topped with one of a kind finger prints. (I could swear that I’ve read/wrote that before.)

Baby Center: Everything stated above plus the fact that sweat glands are starting to develop. They also say that I could start feeling unbalanced since my belly is growing. Jeremy and I still haven’t taken our 4 month progress photo for our pregnancy pages. Eh – being a week behind won’t be that big of a deal. Baby Center also says that my eyes could be becoming drier. Which is so true. I had to put eye drops in every morning (I wear contacts and hardly ever take them out at night like I should). I finally got tired of it and put them in some cleanser and I am wearing my library lady glasses.
This is from Halloween (duh) in 2009 I think – I don’t look good enough to take a picture of myself at the moment. That’s my SIL Rita with me. This is right before I started to lose some weight.

Anyway – I’ve tried to stop wondering about if the ultrasound could be wrong (even though I’ve heard of another story where the girl was 16 weeks and the tech was wrong but not at my office). I even called my doctor’s office yesterday asking if I could have a copy of the picture. It was too late and the tech was already gone so she took my name and number but no one has called me back yet.

I’ve been trying to stay busy. I’ve almost finished up somethings that needed to be done by Friday and I’m not as stressed out about those things so that’s good. I got word that my baby shower date is set so that’s one more thing I don’t have to wonder about.

The doctor said at my appointment last Friday that I weighed (goodness) 150 pounds. So I didn’t get griped at for losing any weight – he was glad to see that I gained back the pound I lost plus three. I checked this morning and I’d lost two pounds. Maybe that has to do with the four miles I walked Monday with my MIL. Wednesdays are also our days we either walk or run in the swimming pool. It looks like it might rain though so who knows. I don’t really feel like doing anything today but I know that exercise is good for me and the pea.

I have one more post to write for today. I guess I better figure out what it will be about.

xo – S.J.

Walking (Day 69)

Today – Monday – starts the walking program for work. I put on my pedometer as soon as I got up and ready this morning. So far I have only taken 1,048 steps – not even a mile.

We are supposed to be walking at least 5 miles a day – that breaks down to 10,000 steps a day. So what that means for me is that I will have to get my rear in gear and get out this afternoon and walk/jog the neighborhood or the park. I just don’t want to be in the complete sunshine and get more red so I will either have to wait till almost dark and go or go downtown and do the square or the battlefield.

Ehh – I’ll figure something out. Have you ever had to keep up with how many steps you’ve taken for a walking program or some other kind of program??

xo – S.J.