Good Intentions

Honest – I was going to make the new coat/key/hat rack mentioned in this post. It was something like this but on a bigger scale with different fabric to match our red and brown kitchen.
Our old coat/key/hat rack has pretty much bit the dust and needs to be replaced (and the wall patched where it was). I was ready to go on the 7th and pick out the fabric and the hooks I needed but – plans change. I really wanted to do this but with our new furniture I have to re-think things.

That’s right….new furniture!

See Saturday (the 7th) was our 5th year wedding anniversary. The traditional gift is wood and I wanted to order Jeremy this wooden ring.
It’s zebra wood with a Honduran rosewood inlay. I think it’s beautiful and it’s only $30 cause you get free shipping. Oh – it’s from Etsy shop Wood Recycled out of Montgomery, Alabama. This is from his welcome on his Etsy page: “At Wood Recycled we use the finest materials which are all rescued scraps from a burn pile behind a local wood shop. As a result all items are made of the finest materials and my customers help prevent deforestation by buying from Wood Recycled. You also benefit because we are able to offer the absolute lowest prices with unsurpassed quality. Thanks, Wood Recycled”

So you save trees and he makes some money! I will more than likely be buying something from his shop for a few people for Christmas. I can think of two people right now. 🙂

Anyway – point is I didn’t get to order it cause I need an exact ring size and well – that’s something I just have to ask Jeremy to get sized for so he’d know what I was getting. Instead – I ended up getting him a new pair of sunglasses because he lost his some how at his mother’s house on the 4th. Without them the sunlight really bothers his eyes and he gets headaches. They were a slightly more than the 30 for the ring but it’s totally worth it – they look great on him and he loves them.

Now onto the new furniture. Every time we get groceries I get frustrated about the cabinet space. We never have enough room it seems to put up everything.
Ignore all the people in our kitchen and picture cabinets behind everyone on the bottom. There is a stove in there somewhere too. Oh – and this is a picture of our house from last year during the baby reveal party in June. You can kind of see the colors. Red on the back wall and brown on the right wall. Just do your best to imagine. 🙂

Even with all these cabinets – there isn’t room for stuff. We have lots of glasses and dishes and pots and pans. I got mad last night cause I had to take EVERYTHING out of the corner cabinet to just get to the big pizza pan on the bottom. Shows how much we use it though. Moving on – Friday night (the 6th) Jeremy shows me pictures of what he wanted to get me but didn’t know which one I wanted so he told me to pick. These are the kinds of pictures he showed me.

AHHH! It’s a Pie Safe!! O.M.G.

You have no idea how happy I was to know that he wanted to get me one! Almost as happy as I was when he gave me my Kindle Fire for my birthday!

It will solve the “I have NO WHERE to put anything in this kitchen!” problem AND it will look awesome! The one I ended up picking out is almost as tall as I am – 5′-4″ and probably about the color of the one pictured on the right. It brings out the honey tones in our dining room table. We took our bench to compare. The only difference is there is a full drawer across the top and the bottom and there are three shelves. Our tin will be copper-colored and punch with a decorative pattern. It will be $15 extra but they will put wood on the back of the tin so that if Keira some how opens it up she won’t get cut on it. It should be here in about a week.

I AM SO EXCITED! That’s why I never got around to making my hanger for the kitchen. I don’t know where exactly this will hit on the wall and I want to get it in there before I decide to do anything else in the kitchen. So – I can’t wait! YEAH!


Little Things

I read Young House Love and Bower Power (as long as my computer can load all Katie’s photos) everyday. They recently went on a Goodwill Hunting trip (did you see what I did there?). Good Will Hunting….yeah never mind.

We (meaning Katie, Sherry and I) have an addiction to Pinterest. I don’t know them personally but I feel like I do just because of their blogs. Anyway – they do a Pinterest challenge every season and I’ve tried to do it once but it never worked out and I felt stupid because my project didn’t turn out like I wanted. They are doing it again right now – I have no plans to link my little project to theirs though – just in case it doesn’t work out.

I only need two things for my project. Hooks or hangers and some fabric. What am I wanting to do? This….
Except – larger hooks on a larger piece of wood for our kitchen for keys and Jeremy’s collection of hats he likes to wear. We have a staple gun and lots of left over wood in the garage.Right now we have a three hook hanger that says “HOME” in mirrored letters but – I just don’t like it anymore. Plus – we need more hooks. During the cooler months when we all wear coats they would get hung up on there and over time it’s made one of the holes bigger from all the weight on the hooks combined with hats, scarves, keys and anything else we put up there. It needs to be fixed.

So – I am on a mission to find some fabric that will work well in our kitchen. Our kitchen is a light brown on top, white chair railing and a chocolate-brown on bottom with a Chianti red accent wall and white foot railings. There’s hoping I can find something that works in there.

Oh and the picture is from The Jar Collection on Etsy but I think they are on “vacation mode” so you can’t see their stuff. Oh well – maybe they will be back soon.

This weekend is also mine and Jer’s 5 year anniversary (which is also John and Sherry’s anniversary!). We will be alone for one night – Seth is still at his Granny’s house and little Keira bug will be staying with her Granmaw and Big Daddy and going to church with them on Sunday. Here’s hoping that I won’t cry because she’s away and that I don’t drive them cray cray with phone calls. 🙂

It’s all in the details

Since Keira has been in the world – I’ve been thinking about her first birthday. I know she will be too little to remember but it’s her FIRST birthday – you have to go all out right? Then again on her Sweet Sixteen birthday but that’s FAR into the future.

For Seth’s first birthday I took him to see my dad and his wife on the mountain. I got him a small cake from Wal-Mart and we all had lunch together at dad’s house. At that point in my life I hadn’t even turned twenty yet – that was two months away – and it was just me and Seth. I didn’t have any friends because all I did was work and come home to Seth. I was pretty much alone most the time. Not to get all sad or anything – we will move on.

I wish I could have done more for Seth’s first birthday but I will make it up to him on his sixteenth I guess.

I’ve been talking to Jeremy about Keira’s party for months. I wanted to have it at the first place I was able to take her when she was three months old – a little cute cafe. Jeremy said no but then said if I could get someone to help pay the $100 bucks for the location we could. Yeah – no one would help. I resigned myself to having 30+ people at my house and kids running around and a total mess to clean up afterward – until a few weeks ago.

I started hinting about it again – wanting to have it somewhere else besides our house cause I wanted it to be different and special. Going to this little cafe has been something I’ve done for the past four months – we’ve gone at least once a month and I’ve taken the kids along. Sometimes it’s just me and them because Jeremy has to work. Other times he is with us. The girls that work there always talk about Keira’s hair. The girl has a ton of it! More than her daddy at the moment….
Anyway – he finally is seeing my point of view – that this is a big deal and that it needs to be royally celebrated!! So yesterday I called and booked the venue for Sunday November the 18th at 3pm. That is her actual birthday too so that makes me even more happy. Although – who knows who will come out for a Sunday evening birthday.

Now that the location is set I can get into my event planner mode. The invitations I picked out are chocolate-brown and pink which goes wonderfully with the pink and brown table cloths at the venue! See! Things working out already! I am going to get her invitations from an Etsy store called Paper Impressions. As for the one’s I’m in the process of ordering its these!
Not the wording of course but this is the invitation! I’m debating on getting return addresses printed but I could do that myself. She also has coordinating thank you cards, stickers and hang tags. Depending on what I decide to do with favors I may end up getting the stickers or hang tags.

Next on my list of to do’s? Find a baker for her smash cake and cupcakes since my most favorite baker has closed down to focus more on her family. My second favorite baker is a little on the pricey side and my third most favorite – I’m not quite sure can get exactly what I want. I’ve had a few small (teeny tiny issues) with the cakes I’ve ordered from her.

After the baker is finalized – photography!! I have a few folks in mind! If I do it I will miss a lot and well – I’d want a professional to capture every little moment cause I don’t want to miss a thing from this birthday!

The venue and the invitations are just the first two details I am working on. There is LOTS more… me!

Challenge Delay (Day 219)

Well – I had decided to attempt to do the hex nut bracelet for my Pinterest Challenge along with Sherry from Young House Love and Katie from Bower Power. I went to the craft store – Michael’s – and couldn’t find leather strips or anything really thick. So I figured that if I got smaller somethings to braid with (all they had was bamboo strings) I could just get smaller hex nuts.


I went to Home Depot yesterday – don’t hate on the procrastinator – and went home to get started. While the turkey for dinner was thawing I started braiding. Sadly – my bamboo strings I bought will not support the 6-32 hex nuts I bought.

So as ticked off as I was at myself for not thinking that this wouldn’t work – I decided to change what my challenge would be. I’ve been eying those hair clip holders you can buy online at Etsy. This one is from a shop called Marmalade Creations. You can go directly to this listing here.
It’s cute – I like it. If it had a giraffe on it I might would consider buying it – except for the $24 price tag. She does have free shipping so that’s awesome. BUT – I figured I could make my own – maybe with a letter instead of a plaque like she has here.

Plus – I already had everything I needed.
I took this picture this morning because I want to work on it at least some tonight when we get home from church. I can’t remember at the moment what color pink it is and the letter isn’t all that big – as you can see.  I got it from Wal-Mart for a $1.17. The ribbon is still in her room and I plan on hot gluing it to the middle of the K. I just need to find something to hang at the bottom to weigh down the ribbon. Any ideas?

I know that Katie and Sherry are revealing their Pinterest Project Challenge items today (I am pretty sure at least) so you can go on over there and check them out. I will be adding Bower Power to the list of “My Fav Blogs/Sites” so you can find the link to her page – and Sherry’s – there.

xo – S.J.

Polyvore (Day 213)

To be honest – I am not the most fashion conscious person in the world. I mostly wear black, grey and white. Every once in a while you’ll see me in something more girly – when I’m going out with Jeremy or going out with the girls. Most of the time (I’m talking before I got pregnant) I wore boots, jeans and a t-shirt of some sort usually with a tank under it cause it was see through. These were my staples.

As far as boots – think Steve Madden “Banddit” Boots usually underneath jeans from American Eagle or Fossil. Sometimes – if I wanted to be cute and stylist – I’d wear them with my skinny jeans and go for the “I ride motorcycles” look. If you can’t picture it – that’s fine. Maybe this will help. I just didn’t have a leather jacket – I have Bella’s jacket. Yup – this one.

Sorry I can’t put the actual pictures here – I’m sure it would help lots.

Now – when I found Polyvore I was SO SO SO excited. Problem is – I don’t really know how to maneuver around the website to find what I need or what I want. I’ve pinned so many outfits to my Pinterest clothing pin board from Polyvore BUT it’s always been (well mostly) because someone else has pinned it first.

Everything on that board is either from Polyvore, Etsy or Mod Cloth. If I was rich – man the clothes I’d have!!! The point of this is – does anyone out there use Polyvore?? Could you give me some pointers? Don’t get me wrong – I love to browse and see what’s new every day but when I want an outfit with ballet flats and jeans it just seems like I can’t find anything!

And being totally serious – I am going to over haul my closet after I have Keira. I love my jeans I have, I love my boots and my heels. It’s just my shirts – they aren’t exactly feminine. Like I said – it’s mostly t-shirts and maybe a few collard shirts here and there. I’ll have to have nursing shirts anyway for the next year so I might as well try to incorporate some other “girly” pieces. I seriously wore boots and heels with everything – before it got too uncomfortable.

Any ideas or tips on where to point me for decently priced outfits? I am going to check out American Eagle (since it’s my favorite store) and their prices are usually pretty good. I will need some new jeans too – I really only have two or three pairs I can wear after I have Keira. Like it was with Seth – I am hoping to be back in my size 5 jeans in three months – HOPEFULLY sooner and size 4 instead!!

I’ll keep you posted!!!

xo – S.J.

Business Fever (Day 199)

When I was little we had career days in elementary school where we could dress up as what we wanted to be when we grew up. (I think I’ve mentioned this before). I remember dressing up as a lawyer. I had a black skirt on a little jacket and a white shirt on underneath (as far as I can remember anyway). I carried one of my mom’s old briefcases (she worked for a lawyer – still does).

I googled images of little girls dressed up as lawyers (I was thinking like Halloween costumes) and all it pulled up was pictures of Nicki Minaj and Suri Cruise.








For real? Why do these two come up? I will never know…no one probably will.

Anyway – as far back as I can remember – I’ve wanted my own business. I wanted to be my own boss. I wanted to operate my own shop/store and sell things. In high school I had the idea to open a coffee shop across the street from our school in the open field. It would have free internet access (which a lot of places didn’t have back then) and be kind of like a Panera (before I knew what a Panera Bread was or even heard of it). Needless to say that didn’t happen. There is still an open field across from the high school…waiting. I wonder if it would even be profitable? Eh….

Last year or early this year (I can’t remember) a friend of mine came to me with the proposition to open a restaurant. A Zaxby’s – then that turned into a yogurt place and then into a cupcake place…and then the idea got dropped all together when we realized that no one (the banks) would loan us the money we needed. Stupid recession.

At least Suri can get an Ipad.

I love Etsy – any one who knows me should know that. I bought just about everyone’s presents for Christmas last year from Etsy. I’ve bought several things for Keira from there and I’m looking for Christmas this year. I have two Etsy accounts – one is my personal one where I buy for myself and others and the other one is for Crystal Events. My event planning business that never quite took off. Once again – thank you recession.

I logged into my Crystal Event account today. I browsed through the 13 pages of “stores” I’ve hearted (my favorite stores) and got bit once again by the entrepreneurship bug. I seriously want to open a OOAK store downtown. For those of you not in the know – OOAK means “One Of A Kind”. Every piece of work in the stores on my Etsy make wedding dresses, favors, hair clips, jewelry, etc. by hand and not one is the same.

I die thinking about how awesome it would be to walk into store with everything being handmade and beautiful. A section of dresses here, jewelry counter there, accessories in the corner – can you just picture it? I sure can. Thing is – I have NO IDEA how to go about it – sort of.

I’d have to get wholesale pricing from my favorite shops; dresses as samples in every size and style, I’d have to make a database with tags to inventory everything. Things like that don’t worry me – I’m super organized so that’s no big deal to me to sit and figure out an easy way to keep up with everything. What does worry me is where will the money to get started come from? Where will I find available space downtown? Will I even be successful? What will I do if I fail?

That worries me – failure. I don’t know what I’d do – I’d cry, be miserable for days, and never attempt to do anything ever again (I’d imagine). Just the thought that failure is an option makes me not want to even try. That’s bad isn’t it?

I’d only want a small store – nothing huge – maybe 500 square feet. I could have a catalog of dresses available and not have one of every size and style in store. They’d be custom-made anyway. Everything else could be in store – all the items I mentioned. I’d have some dresses of course but not a lot and only in certain sizes (the most common ones). It would be a lot less than I’d envisioned just so I wouldn’t freak out about not selling them if no one liked them.

Maybe I will look into it again. Maybe this time I could find something that could work. Maybe this time I’ll get over my fear of failure and just go for it (on a small-scale).

What would you do?

xo – S.J.

Baby Shower Shopping! (Day 173)

Okay so we didn’t really buy anything but we priced a bunch of stuff! That counts right?

Last Thursday I went to my SIL’s house (Crystal) to get a cardigan for the best wedding ever and we ended up going shopping. First – I had to pick up Seth from school and then we headed out to the mall. I think I scare Crystal with my driving. I passed a car on a back road and I saw her cringe in the passenger seat! I don’t mean to scare people! 😀

We went to Target first. If their website wasn’t down I would show you the invites we were looking at. It was going to be about $35 for the 60 invites I needed. Long story short – I never actually received the invites that my friend Natalie bought (at this time anyway). The whole reason I went looking for invites in the first place is because this girl never had time to meet me to give me the invites. I was supposed to give her $20 for reprinting costs (they had the wrong date on them). Needless to say – she isn’t getting her $20.

I had decided to go to Party City to see what they had and I had the thought to text the girl and ask her for the PDF of the correct invites. Surprisingly she said yes. I got the file within a few minutes. Now I just had to worry about printing them off myself. Our printer being on the fritz I would have to have them printed somewhere else.

Since we were already out at the mall – Crystal and I decided to eat somewhere. It was around six and I was starving. We decided to go to Zaxby’s before we hit up Party City to check out all the other baby shower needs like table cloths, favors, decorations and balloon. We were the ONLY people in the Zaxby’s when we walked in. It was surprising to me to be around six in the evening and the place be empty. Of course – right after we got our food the rush of people hit. Me and Seth had regular chicken fingers and Crystal had spicy chicken fingers. Seth tried one but they were too hot for him!

On to Party City we went. We were thinking pink table cloths and maybe brown plates (or the other way around). Honestly we probably won’t know for sure until we go back this Thursday and check everything out. We do know that we will NOT be getting table cloths or utensils there. Its way to expensive. You can get the same thing at the Dollar Store!

Oh – and they already had Halloween costumes out. Seriously? It isn’t even the end of September yet! Anyway – we got to looking at decorations. They actually had some stuff with giraffe’s on them (along with other things like lions and monkeys). Some of the hanging decorations we looked at you can see here. I do know that I want Hershey kisses as favors. My problem was – what to put them in? I planned on getting Hershey Kiss stickers from Etsy (they aren’t that expensive) that say “Thank You” or have Keira’s name on it or something.

I debated on just doing tulle circles with pink string to tie with but I felt that just too under done if you know what I mean. They have the pink bootie things to put candy in or even lolly pops you can put stickers on. They also had boxes, rattles and bottles you could put candy in. They just weren’t something I was interested in.

Off on the isle next to the baby stuff were more favor boxes. Ones not really meant for baby showers. They were between the bagged candy that you’d use for the favors and balloon weights. One that caught my eye first were these. I like the pink color but it doesn’t come with the ribbon. Yeah you get 100 boxes for $20 but then buying the ribbon and then the candy – just wasn’t floating my boat.

Crystal then saw these beauties. You get 50 for $20 (I may not need more than that) and it comes with the popcorn favor boxes, cellophane bags, ribbons and seals. So – I say yes! I will get them this Thursday more than likely along with a few other things from Etsy (hopefully) like the Hershey Kiss stickers. Favor issue – solved! Now just to find Hershey kisses that aren’t wrapped in orange and black wrappers or have nuts in them!

That was the extent of our shopping for baby shower things. Crystal and I did have a craving for something sweet so we headed over to the nearest Gigi’s Cupcakes and shared one. I bought a whole one and so did she but we split hers and Seth had half of the one I bought and we took the other half home. I am getting a Cherry Limeade cupcake next time I am in there! I can’t wait to try it!!!

xo – S.J.

Baby Hats (Day 158)

Finally! I thought I was going to have to pay out around $25 to someone this weekend for somethings they got for me but turns out I am not going to have to – so what did I do? I figured – the money was going to be gone anyway – soooo – why not buy something off one of the registries!!!???

So that’s what I did.

I went and surfed our Babies R Us registry, our Target registry and our Amazon registry. After about 30 minutes I just couldn’t pick what I wanted to get with my $25. I had to remember shipping too you know. So I texted Jeremy. “What should I buy?!” He replied “One of the animal hats we picked out.” Works for me!

I closed out the Babies R Us and Target registries and went to the Amazon one – where we have things from Etsy we want on there. We use their “universal registry” button. It sticks to your task bar thing at the top of your web page. So easy to use! Anyway – I went on there and we have a pom-pom hat (not an animal I know) a bird hat (we want it in pink), a sock monkey hat in pink, a polar bear baby hat and the zebra baby hat. It may seem like a lot but she will be born in the winter – five hats isn’t much to us. Plus – by the time she out grows them – she won’t need them any more. This is the one we bought.
It’s a 0-3 months size and I paid $19 and some change for it. I then discovered that the shop KreativKris had a Facebook page. She posted on the 18th of July that if you used a certain code at check out you got free domestic shipping. I don’t know if it would have still worked but it would have been nice not to pay around $3 for shipping. We should get it in about a week or so – maybe more. I forgot what her shipping schedule says. I can’t wait to get it though!!

xo – S.J.

Dress Shopping (Day 146)

I tell ya – I don’t think I have spent that much time at the mall in one weekend in almost a year (we hit up the after Thanksgiving sales – but not this year).

Friday after our ultrasound and lunch with Jeremy and his mom – Seth and I headed out to meet Crystal to go to the mall. I had to get two birthday gifts for two girls parties we had on Sunday and get Seth some of his school supplies because this past weekend was tax-free weekend in Tennessee. We went to a few stores: Charming Charlies, Forever 21, Victoria Secret and a few other stores. Charming Charlies is my favorite because they color code everything but it was SO HOT in that store I thought I was going to pass out!

I got the gifts and then we were off to Office Max. I’m usually an Office Depot girl but it was closer. There were so many people in there we had to stand in a snaking line through the store to get to the three registers and there was a guy passing out candy while you stood in line. It was too hot for candy – it would melt in your hand in the store! We got most of the stuff that was on Seth’s supply list but not all of it – he forgot it in my car and we were in Crystals. We didn’t forget much though: scissors, a pocket folder with tabs and crayons.

After that we didn’t have much else to do so we got a cupcake and then headed home. Crystal came to our house and went with me to eat dinner with Jeremy. The next afternoon we (Crystal and I) were going to meet my niece at David’s Bridal to try on wedding dresses. She asked me to be her coordinator/planner! Bonus? I’m actually getting paid! Although – it’s not a lot – I feel bad charging her because she’s family but she felt bad NOT paying me so we agreed on a small price.

We were there at David’s for about four hours and she picked out her dress, her veil, undergarments and her bridesmaids dresses. The colors she picked are so pretty and scream spring (she’s getting married in April). After that we all were starving (her sister, my other niece, came along as well) and went down the strip center to eat. While there we also booked her photographer for their engagement pictures, wedding and reception.

Honestly – I can’t believe how much we got done in one day. She did want to get married in September but I told her she would stress herself out too much and she should consider moving it back – I’m glad she did – it makes things a lot easier. She’s also got her invitations (DIY) and working on getting the church and reception hall booked. I forgot how much fun it was to plan a wedding – at least – I consider it fun. Other people might consider it stressful and boring – I guess I’m just weird or something!
As far as her colors go – I’ll give you this picture as a hint. It’s not one of the exact colors (she’s got two) but this is similar to the color that her maid of honor is going to wear. This dress is from Beauty Idea on Etsy and guess how much it is handmade to fit you???  $180 which includes shipping. She sells “free size dresses” and there is one that I love that’s $71 including shipping. I may just have to buy my dress for Sonya’s wedding from here – it would be cheaper than buying one at David’s!!

xo – S.J.

I’m OCD….(Day 140)

For realz.

I remember my mom checking everything twice (sometimes even more than that) when we would leave the house to go to school. She’d make sure her cigarettes were out in the ash tray in her room. She’d make sure her curling iron and curlers were unplugged and she’d check the door to make sure it was locked.

Although I don’t think she ever noticed herself doing these actions – I did. As I got older I started to check to make sure my curling iron was unplugged and not touching anything. I’d make sure my truck doors were locked before I went inside for school. I’d check the front door when I left for work and daddy was out of the house. I still do most of these things. I think that’s why my lock button on my keys died on six months after having it – I want to hear it beep a few times to make sure it’s locked. I know I am not the only one who does this.

Now a days I’m more organized with lists and such. I have a list for everything. We have grocery lists, lists of things I need to do in my phone, lists of things I want to buy for the baby, lists of things I want for us, movies I want to watch, places I want to go, things I want to do. My niece Hunter knows ALL about my lists. I think I have even gotten her hooked.

This past weekend I got a phone call from a panicked sounding niece saying “I’m getting married! In a month a half – will you help?” Since I am a certified wedding and event planner I of course said yes. BTW – I’ve only done a few weddings and I’ve done them free as to get experience – one girl did give me $50 – I was so freakin’ excited about that! Anyway – things started running through my mind – LISTS of things that needed to be done like NOW.

I think it finally got to her and yesterday she called me saying that she will put it off until April as to not overwhelm her and her fiance financially and emotionally. Thank goodness! I told her she needed to book an appointment to look at dresses and she said she’s already done that – for this Saturday at one. I’m going with her to spread out my lists of what needs to be done and when and hopefully not freak her out any more than she already is. I don’t think she really knew – in the beginning – what it takes to plan a wedding, but she’s getting there.

I think that’s one reason why I like it so much. Everything has to be done at a certain time and within a certain time frame. Having lists and being completely OCD with everything you have to keep up with is a challenge – but not really for me. It comes easy – I also think that’s why I loved accounting!! 😀

Point being – I wanted to open my own event planning business a few years ago when I first got certified. We all know what happened though – the economy tanked and everyone lost jobs. I even called the other event planners in the area asking if they needed any part-time help – nope. Hotels? Nah – they didn’t need anyone either. So – I was all alone. I decided to make up some business cards and start hanging them on cork boards and advertising on Craigslist. Needless to say the Craigslist posting brought nothing but junk though my in box.

That was about the extent of me sticking my neck out there and designing my papers and sheets and things. Doing this wedding for my niece has gotten me back in the spirit. I’ve gone through most of the things I needed to finish as far as information on vendors and put together a binder of everything you can imagine you need to keep up with. I’m pretty proud of myself. Of course – down the line things will probably be rearranged and changed several times but that’s okay. To be honest – I’d like to just open up a shop and sell custom-made wedding dresses from Etsy shops, jewelry, shoes, invitations etc. A really nice all-in-one kind of place. The stipulation? Everything is hand-made or embellished with handmade items (like the shoes). OH! Like these lovely shoes – I die.
They are from La Plume Ethere on Etsy. Right now her shop is on “vacation” so you can’t look at any of her other items but she will be back on August 11th per her shop announcements. I mean – imagine some white pumps with peacock feathers on them like this – I would have so worn those in my wedding!

Things like that is what I want to sell – dresses hand-made to fit you, tiaras that are hand beaded and twisted to be amazing and earrings to match. (sigh) One day….

xo – S.J.