I’ve Lost

I lost my personal address. I’m back to http://www.musingsofasoutherner.wordpress.com because I forgot to renew it (at least I think so) but whatever. I’m cool with that. I also realize it’s been over a MONTH since I posted something. I’m a horrible blogger.

I want to mention how much I dislike the new Word Press layout at the moment, but I might get used to it.

I’ve been catching up on the blogs I follow: Young House Love (who just bought a beautiful new house that’s more than like their always house) and Bower Power Blog (whose new bundle Weston is such a cutie) and I realized I need to start writing again.

We went on vacation for a whole week the first week of June and we loved just about every second of it. There were sunburns involved – Keira didn’t get one but the rest of us did. I’ve been cooking a lot from FoodGawker and I think we’ve finally decided on a color for the bathroom….again.

The kids have a live in baby sitter during the week which is awesome. It’s Jeremy’s niece and Keira loves her to death. She even does the dishes for me and sweeps and vacuums. Well, Seth does it but she makes him do it. 😀

It’s nice to come home and have clean floors and a clean sink.

We have money left from our tax return after taking vacation and paying bills so we’ve been talking about ways to use that for the house. Someone mentioned a flat screen for the living room to replace our 50 some odd inch projection t.v. but I was thinking more along the lines of maybe a deck or extended patio and pergola in the back. Dude…..it’d be awesome.

Oh, I’ve also maintained my weight (145) BUT I’ve lost fat and inches and hence can now fit in my size 6 jeans once again, two more sizes to go. Doing it the right way and hitting the gym doing weights, spin class and the treadmills – trying to eat clean but sometimes that’s just not possible. I do cook just about every night at home but like Monday night I made chocolate peanut butter cookies for dessert and last night we had chocolate ice cream. Gotta have something sweet right?

Love you all for reading my blog and hey – don’t just like my post, leave me a comment – ask me a question – I’ll respond! 🙂


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