I’ve got that itch…

You know – that itch you get when you have all these ideas in your head about things to write but you just don’t have time to write them (or type them) down/out…yeah that’s me lately.

I have been working on oh….four stories….for the past two years. I’d say that one is about 55% complete. The other three are not even 10% complete. Can you tell which story is my favorite? Lately though – none of them have had any loving cause there is a new story in my head. A story of lost love and betrayal, forgiveness and searching….I just can’t get it down on paper/word program because I don’t exactly know where to start.

I mean – I know I can write it down and then write in front of it or what ever but – I think because I don’t know where it’s going to go I don’t want to put it down yet. I might throw caution to the wind and go for it. It’s been rattling around up there for DAYS….I even dreamed about it last night. Like the people were real. Hell they are real – at least to me.

I know what he looks like, I know what she looks like. I know her quirks and I know which one is secretly his favorite but he tells her it drives him crazy just so she will do it more cause she thinks it bugs him. It’s the little things people…

I’ve thought about sharing some of my stories with you. Maybe one day I will – just to see how it goes over. I could do it chapter by chapter….hmmmm…..

Tell me, what do you think I should do? 🙂


It’s Called….

FREEDOM OF SPEECH for a reason.

People are free to express their views on anything and everything according to the Constitution. You know opinions on clothes, people, politics….anything really. So to sit there and tell me that what I posted (which was meant to be funny) is a “childish lash out at our nation’s president” and that Iam what’s wrong with this country and not our economy – then I guess you haven’t read that part of it.

Of course – I think at least one of you was joking. I can not be what’s wrong with our country as I am not the one who runs it. I can not use big words to tell you off cause that would just make me sound pretentious (ha!), I can’t make myself sound Harvard educated about everything law, but what I can tell you for sure and with 100% of my being is this: Obama is not good for this country.

I watched every debate and read the fact checks the next day and did my own research. If I was doing a shot for every time Obama said something that wasn’t true – I’d have ended up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning – on all three occasions.

Like I’ve said earlier – it’s called free speech for a reason. I have my opinions, you have yours.

I believe in a one man, one woman marriage and in biblical principles. I do not think that GLBTQ’s need to have an option for “legal marriage” and everything that goes along with it. I think that anyone in this country illegally should have the option to start the required paperwork and everything that goes along with it with notification that if they do not comply and start the process in 60 days they will be deported back to where they came from.

I believe in drug tests for those on welfare, unemployment and food stamps. If they test positive, they don’t get those funds. Harsh? Maybe – but I’m tired of paying for everyone else. Small business need a tax break – BIG TIME.

There are so many other things I could go into – but I won’t because I think my fingers would fall off if I did. Want to know my stance on something (anything at all – political or not)? Ask me and I will post about it here for you and everyone else to see.

I am my own person and I have my own ideas and come to my own conclusions. Thanks and have a GREAT day!

Let’s Do This Ya’ll!!!

It’s finally Friday people and I’m channeling Paula Deen (and George)!!

Did you think I was going to post that annoying Rebecca Black song? I thought about it….she’s not too bad on her own but that song is – well – annoying.

Tomorrow is my very first vendor show! I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. I hope that I have enough handouts and information slips printed. We will see I guess. My mission tonight is find a table and a canopy.

Also – I know that when I vent on my blog (like yesterday) I am very vague. What I say can be applied to many people in many different situations. Um….that’s the point. I know that I have lots of friends and some family that read this (thank you ALL) but please know that if I still talk to you on a weekly basis and if I have an issue with you and I feel like I need to resolve it – I’ll tell you about it. Funny thing, my work email just sounded and it was an email to a seminar on how to deal with difficult people. How coincidental….

Said person from yesterday, I hardly talk to and I see no point in trying to fix what’s wrong. I just needed to get those words out of my system. The whole reason in starting this blog was so I could vent. Keeping a diary or a journal felt too secretive. Plus I can type faster than I can write and believe me, computer font looks better than my writing!

I never wanted this blog to just be about DIY stuff, photography, event planning, my O2 business or anything else. That’s why it says up there at the top “A Little Bit Of Everything, All Rolled Into One.” No one is perfect, no one ever will be. Some of these posts will be happy ones, some pissed off ones and some in the middle. Some of you will think I’m crazy and some of you will be like “She is totally writing for me!!”

It’s a free world. You can read what I write or you won’t, totally up to you. Happy Friday Folks!

I’m A Guru

Not really – but I did open a Guru account.

In case you haven’t heard of it – which unless you are a freelance writer you probably haven’t (heck I heard about it months ago and just took the plunge to open an account today) – it’s a website where you create a profile and bid for freelance writing jobs in your chosen category. Mine happens to be writing, editing and translation. You can pick more than one category – I just haven’t yet. I want to see how this works out.

Of course I can’t translate anything. But underneath that category headline is other things like creative writing, articles and press releases and blogs. See where I am going with this? See this is a blog – I’ve had it for over a year. I am in the process of writing a book – four to be exact. I’m saving some of my money for Scrivener. Yeah it’s only $40 but we need a new laptop desperately – I won’t buy it until we have one.

I have a basic membership which means it’s free. I get 10 bids – you get more if you pay for a subscription to the service. Like I said – I am going to see how this works out first before shelling out some money. Next you find a project in your category that you think you could do in the time frame given by the employer and for the amount they are paying (or you give your own amount you’d like to be paid). Once you found something you think you could do you place a bid for it. You are competing against others to get the work, if you get the work you do it and turn it in and you get paid through Guru – as long as the employer approves your work. Easy right?

I found a posting for wedding planning and event writing for a blog. I put in my bid and gave them a short description about how I think I am the best fit for the job and so far I am up against 8 other folks. I checked them out. Seven of them have actual Guru accounts – that they pay for. The other loner signed up is like me, new and never done anything on Guru before. At least I have a one in ten chance of getting it. I just hope that my bid for the work wasn’t too high, you can’t change it.

You do have to pay a fee though to Guru if you get the job….11% or something like that. If you pay for a membership it’s cheaper and you get more bids a month. I’m anxious to see what happens. You know – if I get it or not. I think it would be fun and awesome!

That’s one of the things I was thinking about doing that I mentioned here – there is other stuff I am thinking about doing to…when I figure it out I will let you know. 🙂


I shouldn’t be writing this cause I’m at work.

You see last Wednesday I went onto Facebook and Hulu like I always do at lunch to catch up on my shows and gossip. Then it happened. My computer crashed. Long story short – it died a fast death. It didn’t feel any pain. But I sure as heck did. For the next day and a half I had to hand write tickets at work and tags. Friday I didn’t get a computer until about 3pm, thirty minutes before I am supposed to leave.

To top it off – Monday it wouldn’t work. I now have my “local desktop” which is on the actual computer here in the office and a “virtual desktop” which I have to log into everyday which is actually at the home office to do my work. I can’t have short cuts on there cause “it’s just not allowed”. I also can’t open any kind of file on my local desktop because – guess what – that’s not allowed either.

Give me a break! This system sucks. I can’t scan anything cause it will go to my local desktop instead of the virtual one. If I need to print something from a floppy disk I can’t do it from the virtual one only the local one AND if I need to open something from a thumb drive I have to open my PERSONAL email from Google and send it to myself at work because I don’t have any programs to open it in my local desktop. It’s just ridiculous.

Also – since I am technically not supposed to anything on my local desk top and I can’t do anything on the virtual desk top except work, my Kindle has gotten good use the past few days. I have finished two books. Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman and Little Sacrifices by Jamie Scott. I meant to download a new book last night but I just never got around to it so now I have nothing to do – hence my writing you this.

Neverwhere was hard to get into – it’s about an “Underground London” where people go when they slip through the cracks. There are ratspeakers, witches, Kings and the Velvet Women. It was okay – I gave it a 3 out of 5 stars. I wouldn’t spend the money to buy it as a real book. I’m glad I only spent a few bucks on it.

Little Sacrifices was good – I guess. Historical Fiction – my kind of thing. I so wasn’t prepared for the losing of her virginity or the back yard abortion from a back alley mid wife. It was set in Savannah in the 1930’s. It had a substory too from letters that were found in the attic of the home the main character and her family moved into set in the 1900’s that ties into her friends she makes. I’d give it a 4 out of 5.

This wasn’t meant to turn into a book review post but – I guess it doesn’t matter. Maybe now since I am not supposed to have anything else to do I can spend more time finishing up one of my stories instead of reading others. 🙂

City of Bones: Casting Update

I can not WAIT for this movie to come out! If you haven’t read The Mortal Instruments series – well – there is just something wrong with you. DO NOT compare it to Twilight. Yes there are vampires and werewolves but there are also demons, faeries, witches & warlocks and way too much else to mention. Just read the books people.

Any who – the master mind behind TMI is a woman named Cassandra Clare. I’ve posted casting updates here before – you should be able to find them under the tag “Mortal Instruments”.

Cassie’s been posting on her Tumblr recently new casting so I thought I would share!
First up – Luke. (Possible SPOILER!!!!) The step father of Clary. He’s right up there behind Jace in my book!
His name is Aidan Turner, he’s Irish and in the upcoming movie The Hobbit. How cute is he?! I love him as Luke already!

Next – Madame Dorothea. Clary’s neighbor and a “witch” – like with crystal balls and tarot cards and magic doors kind of witch – till you really get to know her. 🙂
Don’t you know that face? CCH Pounder. She’s done the X Files, ER and the most awesome show Warehouse 13 and several others. She’s perfect for Dorothea….kind of who I pictured when I was reading the book!

Oh my – Magnus (& Chairman Meow – can’t forget him).
He is Godfrey Gao. Who ever gets to play Alex – I’m jealous! Yeah – they still don’t have an Alex! I can’t even guess who he might be.

Now as for Simon – I know him from a show Jeremy watches….I forget the name of it though (Misfits). It’s a British TV show where these kids get powers some how. It’s an alright show – I don’t make it a regular but this guy is adorbs!
I give you the best Simon EVER – Robert Sheehan.
This kid is unbelievably funny. He will be English in the movie (sad – I like his accent but Simon isn’t Irish). I think Simon is the ice breaker in MANY situations – and the comic relief. Robert will be awesome.

They have also cast Jocelyn (Lena Headey from Game of Thrones) and Hodge (Jared Harris from Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows as Moriarty).













Whew! That’s it….The Mortal Instruments City Of Bones casting update. If you want to check out Cassie’s Tumblr just click here. All the photos I used were from her Tumblr.

I’m really excited about the castings of Simon and Luke. They still need a Valentine, Raphael and Alex. I can’t wait to find out who they are! Anyone else anticipating this movie? August 2013 is a long ways away….


To be completely honest…we could do without our cable. We NEVER watch anything but the news on channel 4….those guys are awesome and are completely on top of everything. Since I was little any time there was weather issues it was always “Paul said it would be like this” – it’s true too.

Anyway – point is – we usually get our other news by the internet. I am on Facebook A LOT and then there’s MSN I check and I must also say that TMZ is an addiction. There has been lots of weird things going on – locally and nationally that have caught my attention.

For instance – this guy in Miami. They say he was on some form or LSD or something called bath salts. I’m sure the other guy was too since they were both supposedly homeless. Two men….naked….on a freeway and one’s eating the others face??? Gosh – sends shiver’s through me. I read somewhere that the man doing the eating was shot several times and never stopped. Finally they just had to kill him. The other man was taken to the hospital and treated. Of course – there are lots of people out there making jokes about the zombie apocalypse…..Resident Evil is just a movie/video game kids – but I do know how to use a 9 mm and a shot-gun just in case!

Locally – a man killed his 28-year-old wife (she owned a tanning salon) and her grandfather and is on the run. He was spotted yesterday near where the murder occurred. Family has been on alert and police and K-9 units have been searching for him non stop. There have even been several helicopters patrolling for him. No one knows why but a family friend went on TV saying that he was a very jealous man and that apparently he had something to be jealous about.

Really? The guy shouldn’t have said anything about anything the woman may or may not have done. That was dumb on his part. I mean – for crying out loud – the woman was murdered and her daughter found her. Don’t say anything about stuff you have no clue about! I know it’s not really “weird” news but what’s weird to me about it is the guy is still in town and they haven’t found him. Which means – in my mind – he has to have someone helping him hide otherwise they would have found him by now.

There was also a three-year old girl locally that died from a self-inflicted gun shot wound. Her father was a state trooper. You’d think him of all people would know not to leave a .45 caliber handgun somewhere that his three-year old daughter and her two-year old cousin could find it. I know he didn’t do it but he basically did by leaving it where she could get to it.

I don’t understand what’s wrong with people. Doing drugs and killing…I mean – what’s wrong with our society? I honestly believe if you kill someone – and there is definitive proof you did it – then you shouldn’t rot in jail, you should be executed.That’s what’s wrong with our justice system I believe.

I’ve been looking into a different direction for my work – hopefully soon I will have an answer about it and maybe – I will be able to under stand what exactly is wrong with people these days.


I logged into WordPress today and glanced through the things that were on the front page. I stopped at one that said “I’m Pissed” with a picture of what looked to be a Wal-Mart shopping isle. It’s a blog post by a guy named Glenn Pendlay…you can read it right here. Please do as I am going to be talking about some of the things he’s said.

First off – I haven’t read anything else this guy has written. I know he’s from Wichita Falls because that’s what it says in the left margin – “wichitafallsweightlifting”. At least – that’s where I assume he’s from but you know what they say about assuming things.

In the first paragraph we learn he’s a weightlifter – good for him. He talks about the food he was eating at the mess hall with the other guys and it actually made me kind of hungry – even at 8:30 in the morning. Then he mentions the commercials on the flight back home. You have no idea how often this happens – it happens ALL THE TIME. I can’t sit and watch T.V. with Jeremy and Seth without a pop tart commercial coming on or a thing for Doritos. Man I love doritos.

He’s right too – why do we do this to ourselves? Why does the government and Mrs. Obama scream “Eat Healthy” and to fight obesity then let all these crappy foods be produced and marketed to little kids and busy families? I will admit – we’ve had our share of Pop Tarts, Toaster Strudels and junk food in our house – we aren’t perfect. But since getting pregnant with Keira last year – I’ve looked at what’s in my food a lot more closely and tried to change our eating habits.

I really wanted to make Keira’s baby food but after looking at the ingredients in the baby food I’d bought her cause it was on sale – it’s exactly what I would have made. Fruit or vegetables in water or juice. I always taste what I give her and I always read the labels on EVERYTHING she eats. There is even an app I have on my phone called Fooducate. It’s awesome. It’s like having one of those “Eat This Not That” books on your phone. You scan the bar code on what ever it is you want to know about and it gives you a grade – A through D and tells you why it’s given that rating. The best thing about it is that it gives you alternatives on another tab that’s better for you but still the same thing.

Get it? It helps you eat better. You have no idea how many times I’ve scanned something and it’s told me an off brand that’s cheaper – is better for me. So it really does two things – helps you eat better and it can help you save money! We used to eat out all the time and at least twice a week we still do because I just don’t feel like cooking (I’ve been sick this week and one night we had spinach pizza – so yummy). I cook at home for dinner at least 4 times a work week and on Saturday’s for breakfast and lunch. Jeremy takes left overs from the night before to work for lunch and Seth fixes himself a sandwich, chips, a snack and a drink for lunch every day. He eats breakfast at school most the time. I try to fix muffins for breakfast through the week or we have instant breakfast in the cabinet.

Seth used to eat lunch at school but when he would tell me that the main meal on their lunch plates on a specific day was cheese sticks – I started to wonder and that’s when I told him he should start taking his lunch. If it’s a special day (like field day or a field trip or something) I will let him eat at school. Otherwise – he takes his lunch. I thought schools were supposed to give kids good, balanced meals for lunch. How is cheese sticks as the main food any kind of balanced?

No wonder kids these days are obese – no wonder obesity is becoming an epidemic in adults either. We are prone to “this is quicker than cooking at home” when actually it’s not. Or – this cereal bar is just as good as oatmeal or a whole wheat muffin – yeah right.

You know what Seth told me the other day? He said he likes this girl at school and he talks to her all the time and she’s really nice and she’s got blonde hair (his favorite) and she’s really pretty – but he doesn’t want to ask her to be his girlfriend because he’s afraid his friends will make fun of him because she’s not skinny. Seriously – it’s what he said. I was like “What do you mean she’s not skinny?” He said that she was a little bigger than the other girls and that she does cheer-leading for a recreation team. You know what I told him? “Seth – it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks – if you think she’s pretty then ask her to be your girlfriend if you want. Your friends shouldn’t make fun of people and you shouldn’t think that everyone has to be a twig either.”

I totally understand that some people have health issues that prohibit them from losing weight – but at the same time – maybe stopping eating all the crap and starting to eat healthier would help just a little. I mean – pasta is good but only if it’s whole grain or whole wheat but certainly not all the time. Maybe once a week. Eat a salad every once in a while, put some lettuce and tomatoes on that hamburger if you’re going to eat it. Stop drinking carbonated drinks and drink some water.

I know I have a problem with drinking tea – I’m a Southerner – we all have that problem. I am trying to drink more water though because I was told to by my lactation consultant and my doctor. I also have an issue lately with coffee. I needed it this week to stay awake – I usually don’t drink it all but the caffeine can’t be good.

I’m rambling. Point is I agree with Glenn – we all need to try to eat better and stop filling our kids with crap. Seth get’s mad cause he isn’t allowed to have carbonated beverages and there’s a coke sitting in the fridge. I didn’t buy it….just so you know.

What do you think about society and the ads on tv? What do you think about what Glenn said? Hmmm??

“Are you MOM enough?”

How could I not post about this?

Notice this cover says May 21st 2012 in the top right corner. It’s not even out yet right? Yet it’s ALL OVER the internet. This woman – Jamie Lynne Grumet and her THREE YEAR OLD son are automatically known.

I can’t read the article on the TIME’s website cause they want you to pay for a subscription – I won’t even buy the stupid thing to read the article but it has to do with attachment parenting. What is attachment parenting? This is according to Dr. Sears (the guy who is featured in the story). Oh – these are HIS points – and MY observations and what I did/do with Keira.

1. Birth Bonding – I stayed home with Keira for the first three month’s of her life. I hardly ever left her alone and she slept in a cradle by our bed and when she couldn’t or wouldn’t sleep in there she slept ON me in our bed or ON me on the couch. Now she sleeps in her crib in her room and we use a monitor to keep a listen out for her.

2. Breastfeeding – Keira was exclusively breast-fed for three months. Once I started back to work I couldn’t pump enough to keep up my supply of frozen milk. Now – she gets at least one and a half bottles of breast milk and three and a half bottles of formula a day at day care. There is always one extra bottle when I pick her up because I pick her up early unless I have something to do after work. When she comes home she’s breastfed and when we are out she’s breastfed. At church I bring a bottle for the nursery just in case.

3. Baby Wearing – I have a Moby wrap. I’ve used it maybe ten times. Jeremy has used it maybe five times. Keira is very wiggly and I doubt she’d want to be in there. She likes to sit on my hip so a sling carrier would be better for us now and I am looking into getting one that adjusts.

4. Bedding close to baby – See above #1

5. Belief in the language value of your baby’s cry – Those people who say babies cry for attention are stupid. Your baby – up to a certain age – cries because either they are hungry, dirty/wet or tired (at least in Keira’s case – she fought sleep hard for a while). I can tell when she’s “pretending” to fuss and actually fussing and crying. All mom’s should be able to tell the difference (IMO).

6. Beware of Baby Trainers – Or the Cry It Out method. I thought about buying a sleep trainer timer but then I realized – what’s the point? If she wakes up it’s because of something (dirty diaper, hungry, etc.) and never in my life would I let her cry and hollar in her crib. That’s just ridiculous to me.

7. Balance – Dr. Sears says you are supposed to be able to know when to say yes to help and when to say no and how to balance the rest of your life (marriage, other kids, job, etc.)

Do I basically follow was Dr. Sears says? Yes – I guess you could say I do. Do I take it to the EXTREME like Jamie Lynne Grumet? NO. I will try my darndest to nurse Keira until she is a year old. She sleeps in her crib in her room, we do not let her cry it out for any reason. If I had a sling I would wear it to the store, to family outings and anywhere else I needed to. It would give my left shoulder and arm a break and maybe I wouldn’t get sharp numbing stabs every so often any more. The girl wants to be up and see what I see so I let her. She hates to be held sitting down if there is stuff to look up at.

Good for Jamie for having the balls to do what she’s doing. She says she was breastfed until she was six. Good for her mom too. It may not be the right thing for everyone but for her and her son that’s what she thinks is best. I heard her interview from some news channel and she said that he is starting to self wean so this year will more than likely be his last year to nurse.

The title on the cover did piss some people off and understandably. Some mom’s can’t nurse – that’ doesn’t mean they are bad mom’s. Some mom’s – like me – can’t pump enough. I thought I was horrible giving Keira formula (mind you Seth was formula fed because I thought breastfeeding was “gross” when I was 18) but in the end at least I am giving her more of my milk than formula.

Every mom is mom enough. You give your baby the best you can with what you can and that’s all you can ask for. Women are looked down upon for breastfeeding, women are looked down upon for formula feeding. No matter what you do there will always be someone there to try to tear you down. I speak from experience. Do what you think is best for your baby and screw everyone else’s opinions. Here – on this blog – I’ve stated my opinions very openly and honestly. Do I expect you to read them and DO them? No. Do I expect you to get pissed at me for them? No – and I don’t really care if you do. Do I expect you to RESPECT my opinion? Yes and if you’d like we can have a discussion about anything you want. Why one thing is better than the other or why one thing is bad etc. but in the end – it’s my opinion and you’re not going to change my mind and I’m not going to change yours and don’t get pissy at me for it.

So – am I MOM enough? YES – and so are you.

Valentine’s Day

Wikipedia says the following about Valentine’s Day.
“Saint Valentine’s Day, commonly shortened to Valentine’s Day,is a holiday observed on February 14 honoring one or more early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine. It was first established by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD, and was later deleted from the General Roman Calendar of saints in 1969 by Pope Paul VI.

The day first became associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. By the 15th century, it had evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as “valentines“).

Interesting no? It says a bunch of other stuff too but that seemed most interesting to me. Our Valentine’s Day was celebrated this past weekend since Jeremy works late and we didn’t really have any other time to do it. Except ours was full of – complications.

First off – on Wednesday the 8th our washer broke. Well we had a used one and for some reason it didn’t work either so we had to end up going to get a new one and Jeremy’s dad thinks he can fix the other one so – we will be giving it to Jeremy’s Granny Pony. Her washer walks when it washes….really. The new one was finally put in yesterday and I got to washing clothes. It holds A LOT. Happy Valentine’s Day to me. Sort of. Jeremy didn’t just get me a new washer (hehe) he got me Breaking Dawn Part 1 Wedding Edition AND a Kindle Fire.

AWESOME! I feel like poop though cause all I got him was a card, some dark chocolate and a gift certificate for a massage. He works hard and I’m too lazy. 🙂

Saturday we were preoccupied with the washer issues and then we had a dinner for his brother’s wife at Olive Garden at 7 that night. It was alright. I didn’t eat much. Then Sunday is when we went and got the new washer and had to drive to two different stores to get the one we wanted. It was a GE and on sale plus Home Depot had a 10% sale so we saved like $200 on it! Yeah us!

So Sunday NIGHT Jeremy’s Step Mom (Granmaw) watched Keira and Seth so we could go out. We went to Big River out by the mall. It was YUMMY and we got dessert (which we never do really) and it was huge! A chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and ice cream! Delish!

I am still trying to figure out my Kindle Fire and I have already downloaded one book…Mockingjay I think it is. The last one in the Hunger Games series. I am almost done with the second on and I can’t wait to read the third one!

What did you get for Valentine’s Day????