Let’s Do This Ya’ll!!!

It’s finally Friday people and I’m channeling Paula Deen (and George)!!

Did you think I was going to post that annoying Rebecca Black song? I thought about it….she’s not too bad on her own but that song is – well – annoying.

Tomorrow is my very first vendor show! I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. I hope that I have enough handouts and information slips printed. We will see I guess. My mission tonight is find a table and a canopy.

Also – I know that when I vent on my blog (like yesterday) I am very vague. What I say can be applied to many people in many different situations. Um….that’s the point. I know that I have lots of friends and some family that read this (thank you ALL) but please know that if I still talk to you on a weekly basis and if I have an issue with you and I feel like I need to resolve it – I’ll tell you about it. Funny thing, my work email just sounded and it was an email to a seminar on how to deal with difficult people. How coincidental….

Said person from yesterday, I hardly talk to and I see no point in trying to fix what’s wrong. I just needed to get those words out of my system. The whole reason in starting this blog was so I could vent. Keeping a diary or a journal felt too secretive. Plus I can type faster than I can write and believe me, computer font looks better than my writing!

I never wanted this blog to just be about DIY stuff, photography, event planning, my O2 business or anything else. That’s why it says up there at the top “A Little Bit Of Everything, All Rolled Into One.” No one is perfect, no one ever will be. Some of these posts will be happy ones, some pissed off ones and some in the middle. Some of you will think I’m crazy and some of you will be like “She is totally writing for me!!”

It’s a free world. You can read what I write or you won’t, totally up to you. Happy Friday Folks!


I’m Back…

For the moment anyway.

It’s been TWO WEEKS since I posted. Dude, I’m sorry! My last post was about my low down dirty EX sister-in-law who was also my best friend who up and left my awesome brother one weekend. Just in case you’re reading this – how is that working out for you? 🙂 Oh – and maybe you can borrow that big white Chevy to look for a job in.

For those of you wondering about my brother…Johnathan won another tournament with his best friend Jamie a few weekends ago. I honestly think he should try to go pro. He is that good, I think it might take just a little convincing. He has the time now to do it since he doesn’t have to work all three of the jobs he had.

Moving on – an update on my Origami Owl business. I’ve made about seven to ten sales and that’s made me my money back I spent on the kit plus a little. Since the Christmas season is coming up I have a few Jewelry Bars in the works and I have two fall festivals booked (one at my son’s school and one at a friend’s church) and possibly another one at another really prominent school for a family member.

Instead of handing out catalogs (which are expensive and take forever to ship at the moment) I printed up 450 (4×6) handouts with all my information on them. Want to see?

The only thing that’s missing from it is my Facebook page which I totally didn’t notice until just now…but that’s okay. I can put a sticker on the back with that information (Facebook.com/JaneMorrowCharms). I’m pretty excited about everything.

One other thing – we’ve been looking for a new vehicle. Something that will hold five of us….you know: me, Jeremy, Seth, Keira’s huge car/booster seat and an infant seat/car/booster seat in the future. The inside of a civic just isn’t meant for two car seats, an almost 11-year-old and two adults. I looked at come Acura’s yesterday and a Kia. Also a Tahoe and a Suburban. Those last two are for sure NO’s. I do not want to have that gas bill.

Oh – NO I am not currently pregnant. At least I don’t think I am. A week of no birth control pills because I forgot to get them filled – there is maybe a chance but I’d say with 90% certainty its a no. According to my fertility app anyway – it’s impossible. So don’t freak out family. If there is a bun in the oven you’d get a phone call or a Facebook post first. 🙂 Then there would be another gender reveal party to plan! Heehee!!

So that’s been the past two weeks in a nut shell. Nothing else really exciting going on. Keira isn’t walking just yet but she does take about five steps when she thinks no one is looking. Sneaky little bugger. She’s so smart too it’s crazy. Man they grow up so fast! OH! I got her Hello Kitty invites and party supplies. Only one more month and she will be ONE! I can’t wait to see her with her smash cake! 😀

TBD or Mish Mash

I don’t know what to title this post so I’ll just leave it as it is cause there is O2 stuff, baby stuff and other stuff so it’s just a mish mash….there we go  🙂

So….I made my first sale this weekend for Origami Owl! I sold a locket to my sister-in-law Rita and she took some catalogs and business cards with her the next day to church. I was so excited and I can’t wait to get more orders and make some more people smile with their lockets! 🙂

We ate at a buffet for Jeremy’s mom’s birthday on Saturday. Keira ate four pieces of chicken, three green beans, three peach slices, two cantaloupe pieces, a few bites of jello that she could actually keep in her mouth and some ice cream. Man was she hungry! This was also the first week that we started giving her bottles with a little cereal in them before bed. She still gets up at night but it’s a longer stretch from when she first goes down for bed and the first time she gets up. Even then she only nurses for five minutes and she’s out again for another three to four hours.

Like Friday night she went to bed at about 9 and woke up at 3am. Then she was up again at 5:30 but then slept until 8:30. She has NEVER slept past seven since she was born, it was a first and REALLY nice for mommy and daddy. 🙂 These days she’s only eating cereal and fruit for breakfast and then what ever we eat for lunch and a toddler meal for dinner. Yup – toddler meals. She LOVES them and she does so good with them. I swear the girl has gained at least two pounds this week from bottles and actual dinners at night.

She started to refuse the stage 3 baby foods and that’s why we started trying the toddler meals. At daycare she eats their lunches just in her size portion. Amanda (her teacher) says she eats every bite, every day. Keira also loves her pink Playtex sippy cup. She won’t drink out of anything else and I am getting tired of washing it everyday. I will have to buy her another one. OH – and we just went from 5 oz. bottles to 10 oz. bottles. I put six ounces in them today for daycare to see if she eats it all. She had just been taking 5 oz. for the longest time – we only have one month until we can start halving her bottles with whole milk. I kind of can’t wait but at the same time it kind of makes me sad. 😦

Another reason why we’ve been giving her bottles before bed – I think my milk is drying up. I hardly get a half ounce when I pump anymore and drinking more water isn’t helping. I knew it would eventually happen but it makes me feel like my body is saying “Sorry – no more bonding time with Keira!” Jeremy has been giving her the bottles before bed and I know he enjoys that time with her. He deserves it. 🙂

As far as other things go – I am totally happier. I used to wonder what people would say when I would say or do things but I’ve come to realize that what they think or actually say – doesn’t matter because their opinion – in the end – is pointless to me. I don’t do things in my life to benefit them. A wise not old woman told me once “Those people say and do those things to get under your skin because they feel inferior to you.”

Thank you not old woman, thanks. 🙂 I always thought I wasn’t doing enough for my family but apparently – I’m totally doing enough!

Oh man…

This new job is REALLY time-consuming! But dude….I LOVE IT!

I started selling Origami Owl last week. My package comes in tomorrow and I can start booking jewelry bars! I know I won’t have tons of inventory right away but I can’t wait to build it up!

The ladies I have been talking to are so nice! They have been a lot of help trying to figure out how everything works! I am looking at display pieces and trying to figure out what to stock first – there is so much to pick from.

I’ve been constantly updating my Facebook page with photos and news. Please like my page because at 50 likes I’m giving away a crystal dangle! If you want to know about ordering please go to the notes section and if you want to book a jewelry bar just send me an email!

Next up….more new PR’s and is my phone screwed up??

O2 – Girly and Shiny Things!

I first saw Origami Owl (or O2) back about three or four months ago at a craft show. I really wanted to buy everything right then and there but the lady said you had to sign up for it because there was a waiting list. So – after thinking about it for a few days I decided to sign up. When the time came I could decided then if I really wanted to do it.

Well – that time came last Friday when I got my email with my sign up link. I had until today to sign up and I did it yesterday! I’m really excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to see what happens next!

BUT – (there is always one of those isn’t there) I may not be posting as often as I have been for a bit. Just until I get settled into how to do things and how everything works – you know – just until I get my bearings. I don’t want to leave you guys hanging!

On that note – I will be posting about the run that Jeremy and I took together on Wednesday and how I discovered my phone isn’t quite what I thought it was. :/

I’m A Guru

Not really – but I did open a Guru account.

In case you haven’t heard of it – which unless you are a freelance writer you probably haven’t (heck I heard about it months ago and just took the plunge to open an account today) – it’s a website where you create a profile and bid for freelance writing jobs in your chosen category. Mine happens to be writing, editing and translation. You can pick more than one category – I just haven’t yet. I want to see how this works out.

Of course I can’t translate anything. But underneath that category headline is other things like creative writing, articles and press releases and blogs. See where I am going with this? See this is a blog – I’ve had it for over a year. I am in the process of writing a book – four to be exact. I’m saving some of my money for Scrivener. Yeah it’s only $40 but we need a new laptop desperately – I won’t buy it until we have one.

I have a basic membership which means it’s free. I get 10 bids – you get more if you pay for a subscription to the service. Like I said – I am going to see how this works out first before shelling out some money. Next you find a project in your category that you think you could do in the time frame given by the employer and for the amount they are paying (or you give your own amount you’d like to be paid). Once you found something you think you could do you place a bid for it. You are competing against others to get the work, if you get the work you do it and turn it in and you get paid through Guru – as long as the employer approves your work. Easy right?

I found a posting for wedding planning and event writing for a blog. I put in my bid and gave them a short description about how I think I am the best fit for the job and so far I am up against 8 other folks. I checked them out. Seven of them have actual Guru accounts – that they pay for. The other loner signed up is like me, new and never done anything on Guru before. At least I have a one in ten chance of getting it. I just hope that my bid for the work wasn’t too high, you can’t change it.

You do have to pay a fee though to Guru if you get the job….11% or something like that. If you pay for a membership it’s cheaper and you get more bids a month. I’m anxious to see what happens. You know – if I get it or not. I think it would be fun and awesome!

That’s one of the things I was thinking about doing that I mentioned here – there is other stuff I am thinking about doing to…when I figure it out I will let you know. 🙂


I shouldn’t be writing this cause I’m at work.

You see last Wednesday I went onto Facebook and Hulu like I always do at lunch to catch up on my shows and gossip. Then it happened. My computer crashed. Long story short – it died a fast death. It didn’t feel any pain. But I sure as heck did. For the next day and a half I had to hand write tickets at work and tags. Friday I didn’t get a computer until about 3pm, thirty minutes before I am supposed to leave.

To top it off – Monday it wouldn’t work. I now have my “local desktop” which is on the actual computer here in the office and a “virtual desktop” which I have to log into everyday which is actually at the home office to do my work. I can’t have short cuts on there cause “it’s just not allowed”. I also can’t open any kind of file on my local desktop because – guess what – that’s not allowed either.

Give me a break! This system sucks. I can’t scan anything cause it will go to my local desktop instead of the virtual one. If I need to print something from a floppy disk I can’t do it from the virtual one only the local one AND if I need to open something from a thumb drive I have to open my PERSONAL email from Google and send it to myself at work because I don’t have any programs to open it in my local desktop. It’s just ridiculous.

Also – since I am technically not supposed to anything on my local desk top and I can’t do anything on the virtual desk top except work, my Kindle has gotten good use the past few days. I have finished two books. Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman and Little Sacrifices by Jamie Scott. I meant to download a new book last night but I just never got around to it so now I have nothing to do – hence my writing you this.

Neverwhere was hard to get into – it’s about an “Underground London” where people go when they slip through the cracks. There are ratspeakers, witches, Kings and the Velvet Women. It was okay – I gave it a 3 out of 5 stars. I wouldn’t spend the money to buy it as a real book. I’m glad I only spent a few bucks on it.

Little Sacrifices was good – I guess. Historical Fiction – my kind of thing. I so wasn’t prepared for the losing of her virginity or the back yard abortion from a back alley mid wife. It was set in Savannah in the 1930’s. It had a substory too from letters that were found in the attic of the home the main character and her family moved into set in the 1900’s that ties into her friends she makes. I’d give it a 4 out of 5.

This wasn’t meant to turn into a book review post but – I guess it doesn’t matter. Maybe now since I am not supposed to have anything else to do I can spend more time finishing up one of my stories instead of reading others. 🙂

Passion and Disappointment

I have a ton of both of those….anyone want to take the disappointment for me?

I have this passion to do something for myself (business wise) but for some reason it never works out. First it was Crystal Event. I got maybe four weddings and a few parties in two seasons and then it just dropped into oblivion. No one wanted to hire anyone to plan anything. It was “I can do this on my own, thanks for the inspiration for everything though!”

Then – Pink Bird. I can NEVER get in touch with my “business partner” and she supposedly has gotten our business license but I can’t be sure. I have vendor’s lined up and ready for our first order – just waiting – but I can’t even get 30 people to “like” our page much less order anything. It’s a lot of disappointment to say the least.

I see a few friends who’s business’s have taken off seemingly without a hitch and I have to admit – I’m jealous. I’ve went home and cried to Jeremy about how their stuff works how they have some kind of magic touch and that I’m just a failure.

I post in Craigslist at least once a month (I know it should probably be more often) for event planning still but no dice. I’ve written up emails to send to companies to plan employee appreciation outings, holiday dinners ect. but I’m too afraid to send them. Stupid I know. People quit their jobs to throw themselves into the things they love to do and that’s great for them if they are able to but I just can’t. There are too many bills to pay and not enough money to go around if I just up and quit my job to pursue event planning full-time.

I could have taken a job writing for the paper in Walker County but I turned it down because I had Seth and then soon after found out I was pregnant. Who would watch the kids if I had to go out at 3 am for a story and Jeremy wasn’t home from his then 3rd shift job yet? No one. So I couldn’t have went and the story would have went to someone else. Anyone else would have killed for that job.

I write in my spare time – four stories in the works. I think about what I would want my shop to be like if I ever got to open one. It would have dresses for every occasion, shoes, jewelry, make up. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Everything you’d need for a wedding or event in one little place and everything would be hand-made and/or local. I streamline my event planning papers and my charts for seating arrangements, guest lists, budgets and anything else I think I could trim down and make easier.

If I got paid for what I really wanted to do – I’d never dread getting out of bed in the morning. Isn’t that what everyone wants?



To be completely honest…we could do without our cable. We NEVER watch anything but the news on channel 4….those guys are awesome and are completely on top of everything. Since I was little any time there was weather issues it was always “Paul said it would be like this” – it’s true too.

Anyway – point is – we usually get our other news by the internet. I am on Facebook A LOT and then there’s MSN I check and I must also say that TMZ is an addiction. There has been lots of weird things going on – locally and nationally that have caught my attention.

For instance – this guy in Miami. They say he was on some form or LSD or something called bath salts. I’m sure the other guy was too since they were both supposedly homeless. Two men….naked….on a freeway and one’s eating the others face??? Gosh – sends shiver’s through me. I read somewhere that the man doing the eating was shot several times and never stopped. Finally they just had to kill him. The other man was taken to the hospital and treated. Of course – there are lots of people out there making jokes about the zombie apocalypse…..Resident Evil is just a movie/video game kids – but I do know how to use a 9 mm and a shot-gun just in case!

Locally – a man killed his 28-year-old wife (she owned a tanning salon) and her grandfather and is on the run. He was spotted yesterday near where the murder occurred. Family has been on alert and police and K-9 units have been searching for him non stop. There have even been several helicopters patrolling for him. No one knows why but a family friend went on TV saying that he was a very jealous man and that apparently he had something to be jealous about.

Really? The guy shouldn’t have said anything about anything the woman may or may not have done. That was dumb on his part. I mean – for crying out loud – the woman was murdered and her daughter found her. Don’t say anything about stuff you have no clue about! I know it’s not really “weird” news but what’s weird to me about it is the guy is still in town and they haven’t found him. Which means – in my mind – he has to have someone helping him hide otherwise they would have found him by now.

There was also a three-year old girl locally that died from a self-inflicted gun shot wound. Her father was a state trooper. You’d think him of all people would know not to leave a .45 caliber handgun somewhere that his three-year old daughter and her two-year old cousin could find it. I know he didn’t do it but he basically did by leaving it where she could get to it.

I don’t understand what’s wrong with people. Doing drugs and killing…I mean – what’s wrong with our society? I honestly believe if you kill someone – and there is definitive proof you did it – then you shouldn’t rot in jail, you should be executed.That’s what’s wrong with our justice system I believe.

I’ve been looking into a different direction for my work – hopefully soon I will have an answer about it and maybe – I will be able to under stand what exactly is wrong with people these days.

Hey Hey!

I’ve been away for a few days – not like away from the house or my city just – absent from reality I guess.

Sickness took over our house for the past two weeks. First it was me with my infection then Jeremy had a sinus infection. Once that went away he got ANOTHER sinus infection AND strep throat. I’ve never seen him so sick in the eleven years I’ve known him.

On top of that – Seth got sick Thursday when I picked him up from school…no temperature just throwing up. I then learned there was three cartons of milk involved before he went outside to play in 80+ degree weather. Needless to say he went to school the next day and he was fine. Now – he’s got bad allergies to where its running down the back of his throat and making it sore. Keira is congested too but I talked to her pediatrician and they said since she isn’t running a fever to just keep her nose suctioned out and use a solution to help clean it out. She has an appointment today anyway for her four-month check up.

Finally I think we are all getting better. We were invited to go to Six Flags this weekend and Jeremy’s awesome step mom volunteered to keep the kiddos. It’s supposed to rain (40% chance) so who knows if we will actually go.

On another note – I’ve jumped in to a possible good thing with a friend of mine. It’s going to start small but we will see where it goes. I promise I will have more information soon. Things should be getting off the ground by the end of next month. Lots of people thought I was going to say I’m preggo – nope. Not Here!!

Although Katie from Bower Power IS!!! Congratulations Katie!!! Your video made tear up at work! My little girl was born on Nov. 18th last year….can’t wait to see what you’re having!!!