Funny Things She Says

Keira is a very smart 3-year-old. Like – how is this possible that she knows how to use my phone and make CALLS. Sorry for that 6am phone call that one time Angela…she said she was trying to call her Daddy.

There are SEVERAL things Keira has said the past few days and I thought I’d share some of them here.

Strawberries are Strawbabies
Look was Gook for the longest time
Noodles are Noonels
Seth going into the neighbor’s yard this weekend “Seth! You are not allowed over there!” He says “Yes I can.” Keira: “No! Look at my face! You don’t do that again!” 😀 Jeremy even got that on video!
Jeremy giving me a hug and a kiss – “WHAT are you doing to my mommy?”
Keira talking to the kids at daycare who want to touch her boo boo on her knee – “They were being irresponsible.”

This child. She will be throwing an EPIC tantrum and totally making my nerves disappear and then the next the sweetest, most cuddly thing and saying something totally off the wall hilarious. She is the middle child….she will do big things, I know this.


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