I’m Back…

For the moment anyway.

It’s been TWO WEEKS since I posted. Dude, I’m sorry! My last post was about my low down dirty EX sister-in-law who was also my best friend who up and left my awesome brother one weekend. Just in case you’re reading this – how is that working out for you? 🙂 Oh – and maybe you can borrow that big white Chevy to look for a job in.

For those of you wondering about my brother…Johnathan won another tournament with his best friend Jamie a few weekends ago. I honestly think he should try to go pro. He is that good, I think it might take just a little convincing. He has the time now to do it since he doesn’t have to work all three of the jobs he had.

Moving on – an update on my Origami Owl business. I’ve made about seven to ten sales and that’s made me my money back I spent on the kit plus a little. Since the Christmas season is coming up I have a few Jewelry Bars in the works and I have two fall festivals booked (one at my son’s school and one at a friend’s church) and possibly another one at another really prominent school for a family member.

Instead of handing out catalogs (which are expensive and take forever to ship at the moment) I printed up 450 (4×6) handouts with all my information on them. Want to see?

The only thing that’s missing from it is my Facebook page which I totally didn’t notice until just now…but that’s okay. I can put a sticker on the back with that information (Facebook.com/JaneMorrowCharms). I’m pretty excited about everything.

One other thing – we’ve been looking for a new vehicle. Something that will hold five of us….you know: me, Jeremy, Seth, Keira’s huge car/booster seat and an infant seat/car/booster seat in the future. The inside of a civic just isn’t meant for two car seats, an almost 11-year-old and two adults. I looked at come Acura’s yesterday and a Kia. Also a Tahoe and a Suburban. Those last two are for sure NO’s. I do not want to have that gas bill.

Oh – NO I am not currently pregnant. At least I don’t think I am. A week of no birth control pills because I forgot to get them filled – there is maybe a chance but I’d say with 90% certainty its a no. According to my fertility app anyway – it’s impossible. So don’t freak out family. If there is a bun in the oven you’d get a phone call or a Facebook post first. 🙂 Then there would be another gender reveal party to plan! Heehee!!

So that’s been the past two weeks in a nut shell. Nothing else really exciting going on. Keira isn’t walking just yet but she does take about five steps when she thinks no one is looking. Sneaky little bugger. She’s so smart too it’s crazy. Man they grow up so fast! OH! I got her Hello Kitty invites and party supplies. Only one more month and she will be ONE! I can’t wait to see her with her smash cake! 😀


Downtown Parking

Saturday was an eventful day. We went to Jeremy’s nephew’s graduation downtown (Chattanooga if you don’t know) and after ward his family was taking his nephew Austin out to eat. Now – I didn’t really care to go eat with them. Friends know why but moving on…

They were going way out-of-the-way to go eat (out to Hamilton Place) so we decided to stay downtown and eat somewhere. I told Jeremy I wanted a sit down place that I didn’t have to get my own food and my own drink. We hadn’t been to the new Buffalo Wild Wings so we decided to go there.

The parking lot at BWW says it is only for employee’s so we went next door (Cheeburger Cheeburger) and parked in the lot behind them. Never saw a sign or anything saying who the parking lot was for. I did notice two junkies (crackheads – whatever you want to call them) sitting in the parking lot. We had Keira and Seth and all our bags and walked right by them. We went into BWW and ate then came back out to find our car GONE! I almost started to cry. I was hot, Jeremy was pissed off, Seth started to worry. He said his DS was in there and that it had pictures of Keira on it and he wanted it back.

At first we thought it was stolen – then we saw a sign up about four feet OVER our heads in small print that said “This parking lot is for Cheeburger Cheeburger, Vaudeville Cafe and Genghis Grill. Cars will be towed if not eating at these restaurants.”

So we called the number TWICE and they guy said he didn’t know anything about towing. So I called again and finally I got someone to tell me it would be $200 in cash and where it was to come get it. I was LIVID. I heard one of the junkies laughing. They could have at least told us when we walked by them but instead they called our car in and got some money for their habit and left a mom with two kids stranded while her husband found a ride to go get the car.

My mom and my mother in law Mary sat with me while Jeremy and his dad Mike went and got the car. Me and mom walked around a market that was going on around the aquarium while Mary held a sleeping Keira. Seth played in the water and got soaked – of course.

When Jeremy finally got back with the car he told me what all was wrong with it. He ended up paying the guy $100 and the damage was “our problem” according to the guy at the towing company. OH! It’s called All About Towing 2 in case you were wondering. Or we could have paid $200 and let “their guys” fix it. Yeah right.

Apparently the guys used something metal – I’m thinking maybe a crowbar – to PRY THE DOOR OPEN to try to get the emergency brake off. Which – they never did get the door open and left the emergency brake on and pulled it all the way to Dodds Avenue and 17th street. Since they did that – our brakes were shot – the e-brake didn’t even work. Instead of filing a police report – cause I doubt that would do anything – I called our insurance company Geico and talked to an agent.

How awesome is it that we only have to pay $250 to get our car fixed and I get a rental car while my car is in the shop?! The insurance company came and got the car from our house Saturday night and Sunday we went to Enterprise Rental to get my car. It ended up being a Mazda CX-7. It’s pretty nice but I wouldn’t buy one. It’s blue – and roomy.

Yesterday we finally got a call about the damage done to the car. As far as paint and body damage it’s about $450 – holy poop. Who knew!?!? As far as the brakes and rotors go – it’s around $500. So after taxes and all that stuff it’s around $1,000 in damage. Ugh – but at least we only have to pay $250!!

So now – Geico will go after the towing company and they guy told Jeremy before he left that he wasn’t going to pay any “blankety blank insurance company”. We shall see about that my friend!!! I am supposed to get my car back tomorrow – I can’t wait!

Lesson learned – NEVER going downtown again unless I am going to TGI Friday’s and I pay to park there!!!

Not So Smooth (Day 176)

By no way do we condone Seth watching tv shows with bad words or fighting or anything else we consider him to  young to watch. He does watch some cartoons like Spiderman and Sid the science kid and the like. We’ve never really had an issue with him saying bad words (once or twice maybe but not like some of the kids his age I hear) or doing anything REALLY bad often.

For the most part he is a good kid and very smart. For a year or two we tried to get his old school to test him for Horizon (the smart kids classes) but they never would. This year he is going to a new school closer to home because it will be easier for me once the baby comes. Anyway – I handed them his CRCT tests from last year on a Friday and on Monday I got a letter saying they wanted to test him for Horizon at that school. Thank goodness someone else sees the potential in him instead of wanting to tell me he has A.D.D. (idiots) like his last school.

Anyway – yesterday Jeremy and I are sitting on the couch after putting up the rest of Keira’s clothes we have and watching something on tv. I think it was a movie that was on TBS or something. That’s besides the point – I hear the door in the kitchen going out into the garage squeaking. Jeremy does too. He says he will go check it out. I ask him “Is it open?” He says no and opens it to find Seth standing there.

He slowly walks in and stands in the kitchen. Jeremy says “What were you doing?” Cause I mean it’s weird he was just standing there fiddling with the door knob. He waits for a second and then – “If found a piece of metal and tried to pick the lock on the truck and the metal broke and now I can’t get it out.” I thought WTH?!?!?!?!!?

I pick up a few cups on the table in the living room and go into the kitchen and ask him to repeat what he just said again. He says the same thing and I’m kind of speechless. Of course – he gets in trouble – then I tell him to go ahead and get in the shower and get his stuff ready for school tomorrow. Jeremy is pretty mad too as you can imagine. We grab a flash light (cause it was starting to get dark) and a knife and head outside.

Sure enough the key won’t fit in the door on the driver’s side to unlock it. Thank goodness we have a key pad to lock and unlock the door but still – the fact that the key won’t work sucks if the key pad ever quits working. Jeremy wanted to know what kind of metal thing Seth used so I go inside to get him and ask him. When it broke he said he threw it in the grass and came to tell us. He wasn’t in the shower yet so I made him go out and find it.

It was a thin piece of metal that at one point had rubber on it. He went inside to get in the shower while Jeremy tried to get the broken piece out of the door with a swiss army knife and magnet. After about ten minutes of fiddling with the key hole he was able to move the piece of broken metal out-of-the-way and behind the little “door” that moves when you insert a key and it worked. Thank goodness!

Still – Seth is grounded – from anything fun for the next two weeks. No sleeping over at his friend’s house like was planned that same day and no video games or tv. He also isn’t allowed to play with the new kids across the street. Which is where we think he got the whole “lets pick a lock” concept. As far as I know – he’s never heard anything about how to pick locks from anyone else and they just moved in and are older so I’m thinking it has to be them. BUT – we asked where he heard about lock picking and he told us something we didn’t expect to hear. He heard about it at CHURCH.

Really? We told him we would ask who he said told him about it and he didn’t change his story. So I guess we will see. I doubt Seth will ever be a criminal or anything and I am sure he was just curious but it really stressed both me and Jeremy out. I mean – we just paid off that truck and it would suck to have to take it some where to have the key hole fixed.

xo – S.J.

I’m Not Stupid (Day 171)

You know – I think when guys (that are working there) see a girl walk into an auto parts store they automatically think “She has no clue what she’s in here for.”

I am not your average girl. This is the girl who went to Atlanta for two years in a row for Hot Import Nights. This is the girl who used to hang out down town with a group of people who like to race – and not legally (and even did it herself a few times AND WON). This is the girl whose friends would call to ask for help installing body kits and engine parts when no one else would. I got dirty, I got greasy, I got burned. I am not totally stupid when it comes to cars.

I love Honda’s. They are my favorite brand of car. Although if someone came up to me and said “You just won this BMW 325i” I wouldn’t be disappointed! I’ve had lots of cars/trucks and I’ve had to do work on most of them either myself or helping fix it with Jeremy, my dad or someone else OR even taking it to a shop. I’m not afraid to get dirty.

So yesterday leaving home, leaving work – the car (2007 Honda Civic EXL) was fine. I get to my MIL’s house and wait for her to get there with Seth cause it was his first day (more about that later) and cleaned up a bit, did some bible study and watched Judge Judy. At about five I went to leave to go and get Jeff (my nephew) from work. I get in – go to start it – and the lights fade and it clicks. Won’t even TRY to turn over.

Dang IT!

So not what I needed. I called Jeff – told him to see if he could find a ride. Called my MIL Mary to let her know I couldn’t get Jeff and called Jeremy to see what he thinks is up. The lights dimming automatically says battery to me but my little wrench light was on. It’s been on for one day – Honda recommends getting your oil changed when it says 15% which is why the little wrench light comes on – to remind you to do it. I checked the oil just to make sure – seemed okay to me but the stick is orange and there wasn’t a definite line of black oil – I’m going Friday to get it changed anyway. It doesn’t leak and doesn’t burn so I just figured I was good and Jeremy said the same thing.

I go downstairs and find the battery jump-start Jeremy’s dad has from Black and Decker and hook it up to the battery. I let it sit for a few minutes then crank it. She starts right up. Jeremy said not to turn it off and go to Auto Zone and have them check the battery. I call Jeff – tell him I can come get him – but he’s already on his way with a friend but would meet me at the parts store. I called Mary to let her know too.

I pull in – leave it running and stand there for nearly five minutes before there is someone available to help me. I tell him I need my battery checked and he gets his stuff. After a few minutes of having the equipment hooked up to the battery he tells me to turn the car off. Then shows me the screen which says “end of life” at the bottom of it and says “Looks all good. There isn’t anything wrong with your battery but you should unplug that speaker in your trunk and look at getting a new starter.”

Seriously? That speaker has been hooked up since March and we’ve never had any issues. There is a capacitor cable running from the speaker in the trunk to the battery. My starter wouldn’t just quit once – it would quit all together. I leave there knowing the guy is lying and get a pizza for us all. I take Seth to church and decide to get a second opinion.

I go to Advance Auto Parts and ask the guy there to check the battery. Not too long after he’s out there he says “Yeah your battery isn’t holding a charge.” The equipment he has prints out a reading and he hands it to me. CCA (or cold cranking amps) for the battery is supposed to be at 570 (or somewhere close to that). My battery was reading 374 CCA’s. Come to find out it’s the original battery and that they only last about 4 years so it was time for it to crash.

$107 bucks later – the guy was installing the new battery and she started right up with no issues at all. I got a two-year warranty so if it ever quits working for one reason or another I get a new one for free. What I want to know is this – the guy at Auto Zone – was he just being a jerk and didn’t feel like putting in a battery or did he not know what he was doing?

I’ve replaced (and this is not all of it – trust me) a radiator on an 88 GMC Jimmy 4×4 with my dad, a starter and I think an alternator on a 94 Honda Accord EX with Jeremy and his dad in the middle of winter in a Pizza Hut parking lot while it was snowing, a few belts here and there on different vehicles, oil changes, body kits (4 total) on Honda’s and who knows what else. I may not know everything but I know enough. Do not under-estimate this girl.

xo – S.J.

Today’s The Day (Day 141)

Today is August 3rd 2011. Today is the day I pay off my truck – well, our truck.
It’s just like this but silver. It’s a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac. It’s big enough to do what needs to be done around our house (moving mowers and such) and big enough on the inside to seat five comfortably.

I drove her for a while and then when we got the Civic (which we traded in the Endeavor on) Jeremy started to drive her. He has a messy job (grease and such).

All in all we’ve not had any trouble out of her – except for a few minor things that cost us maybe $20 to fix once or twice which was a lot less than that stupid Endeavor. Knock on wood – I hope that she continues to be an awesome vehicle so maybe when Seth is 15 (which is only five years away – omg) he can drive this and we can get a newer truck for Jeremy. By that time Keira will be in school and I won’t be paying $100-125 bucks a week in daycare anymore! I look forward way too much.

Any who – she’s getting paid off today. You have no idea how happy this makes me. This will make the fourth car/truck I’ve paid for myself. This also starts the period of which I save as much money as I can until the baby comes. I have a STD (or a Short Term Disability plan) at work that I’ve paid into since I’ve been here – just in case I needed it. It covers me for my maternity leave which is usually six weeks but I only get paid for four of those weeks since I have to be out more than seven days before it kicks in.

We’ve toyed with the idea of me staying out for twelve weeks but haven’t set anything in stone yet. I think that’s how long I took when I had Seth but I can’t remember. We will have to discuss it more. I just think that a month and a half old is a little too small to be in daycare. I’m more comfortable with her being three months old and going. We will just have to sit down one day and work out the finances to see how it would pan out.

How many weeks did you take off after your little one was born? We will be paying $125 a week for daycare until she’s one then it drops to $120 and so on until it just reaches $100 a week which is what I pay now for Seth to go to summer day camp. We get discounts if both of them will be in daycare at the same time – which is nice but it’s only 15% I think – better than not having a discount at all though!

Other big things are happening this week too – hopefully I can post about it on Friday. Check back later for my 24 week update!!!

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Photo of truck from here.

You Jack…(Day 86)

You know what I really want to say don’t cha? Yeah – I thought so.

Here’s the thing. I don’t park beside anyone on the right side of the car (the passenger side) at work. It’s the end spot so the only person I have to worry about is the guy parked on the driver’s side. Which – I park far enough away from him to open my door all the way so I can get out of the car with all of my stuff with no worries that I will get hit with the door.

I leave work yesterday and go get Seth. Still no one to my left or right when I am picking him up. He has allergy shots on Wednesday so we head there. Once again – when I park there is no one parked to the left or right of me. We come out and still no one is there. I leave – go get my niece and her friend to get dinner and even there no one is parked on the right but there is to the left.

We get back to the house and I tell Seth to get his swim trunks out of the car because they had a big slide at church last night for their end of the year party. He goes back to the car and says “Mom – there’s a dent in the door and scratches.” I thought for sure that he was kidding – but nope he wasn’t. Right there in the middle of the rear passenger side door was some WHITE scratches and a dent. (I tried to get a shot of it Daniela – you just couldn’t really tell anything!)

Freakin’ wonderful. I’ve had this car for what, five months, with no scratches (other than what was already on it when we bought it – little ones on the hood from rocks) and no dents and now this?? What the crap dude? I mean really? Somebody hits my flippin’ car with their door and doesn’t leave a note or wait on me or anything? If I did that to someones car I’d wait or I’d leave a note with my name and number and an apology and I’d take pictures before I left to prove what I did and didn’t do.

Once at Barnes and Noble a person parked SO CLOSE to me that I could only get my door open MAYBE eight inches to get in the car. This was only a few weeks ago and I know I wasn’t that pregnant but you know what I did? I left the dude/chic a note saying “Thanks for parking so close to my car! 🙂 Sense my sarcasm there? It was SO easy to get in my car while PREGNANT.” There was no scratches on my car and I was nice enough not to bash my door against his to get in so his/her car was fine too but it really ticked me off.

So – I sent a text to Jeremy telling him what happened and at first I thought it was a rock or something but upon closer inspection it was a car door. He wasn’t too happy about it. We have some scratch away stuff at home to get rid of the scratches but what about that stupid little dent? It will annoy the crap out of me every time I see it until it’s fixed. Just like bird poop on the middle of your windshield that for some reason your wipers and washer fluid won’t get rid of – you got to get out and wipe it off.

I’ve thought about buying these little cards I’ve seen on Etsy. They are from seller Wry & Ginger – all the photos are from their Etsy page.

This one makes me think of our friend Mike D. Not because he parks like a drunk monkey – he just likes monkey stuff.






I’m sure you’d leave this for someone right? Right? I know I would. I can think of a few times I needed a card like this!

I am sure you have seen people do this (the rat one). I’ve seen really nice sports cars do it, pieces of crap who think their car is the shizznit do it and even old people. I doubt the old people do it on purpose though.

Oh – you get like eight laminated cards for seven bucks and it’s only one buck for shipping so $8 total. They are laminated so that, per Wry & Ginger, “the message will get through even if it rains or they try to tear it up in a fit of self-aware rage.” I’d like to watch the person I leave it for try to tear it up – it would be hilarious!

xo – S.J.

Wash it I must (Day 82)

My first car/truck was a 1988 GMC Jimmy 4×4. Think something like the following but in MUCH better shape (almost new), painted white, lowered a bit with fender flares. I had the same guards on the front too but mine were chrome. The interior was red – not my favorite but it was nice. The only thing that was ever wrong with it was a tiny oil leak that my
step-dad fixed for me. I got her when I was 16 from my mom and dad. It still is the best car/truck I’ve ever had – besides the Honda now of course.

She was painted nice but there was no clear coat on top. So when she got dirty and I washed her she still looked nasty. I later found that a little Orange Clean could clean her up. Not the best idea maybe but it worked! I was a sophomore in high school and so when ever I would wash her I would go over her with Orange Clean to make her all pretty. I took my fair share of friends home and every one of them wanted my truck.

Sadly – one day in October of 2000 – I was coming home from the mall and a woman ran a red light and hit me. Thing is she hit at the very edge of my back bumper SO HARD that I spun around, jumping the curb of a nearby house and hit their tree head on. My seat belt held but broke at the last-minute and my head hit on the passenger side of the rear view mirror. Of course that could have been from the turd sitting next to me grabbing me and pulling me that way but who knows – I can’t remember.

Pieces of the Jimmy were all over the place. A guy taking his girlfriend out on their first date stopped to check on me and later my dad took me to the hospital. I was wearing a Tommy Hilfiger hat and the docs said that if I hadn’t been wearing it – I would have been in bad shape. I ran my fingers through my hair where my head had hit and handfuls came out, glass was embedded in my hat.

She was totaled – front axle broken and frame bent. There was no way to save her. I don’t think I drove again until my 18th birthday that next May. I ended up getting a Chevy Blazer but it wasn’t the same. Since then I haven’t really been a fan of cleaning up my vehicles. I guess I think that putting time into keeping them nice would just end in vain like it did with the Jimmy.

But – the Honda is my new baby – 2nd best car I’ve ever had. I ran her (see – every car/truck I own is a her) through the automatic wash the day before yesterday but it didn’t look like I had done anything when I dried her off at home. She still had bugs plastered to her side mirrors and the front of the hood. Today on the way to work I hit a stupid bird who decided it would be a good idea to fly in front of me and I almost hit a dog running out in the road. Why are animals so dumb?

Anyway – the whole point of this is that I need to wash her – by hand. I need to condition her leather seats and clean the dash with Armor All. I will not use Orange Clean – promise. I need to treat her like I treated the Jimmy but without fear of something happening. That wreck was the first and ONLY wreck I have ever had (I don’t count that one time getting hit in the parking lot – that’s another story) and I have never kept another car/truck as clean as I did the Jimmy. My irrational fear I guess.

Lets just hope my four months pregnant butt can do it alone – well – with the help of a nine-year old.

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Photo of Jimmy from here.

Previous Owner

A really weird thing happened this weekend. The hubs and me plus our friend and his girlfriend went shopping this weekend. I guess you can call it shopping, even though we only bought video games. Yep – we are a nerdy kind of family. In case you are wondering – we picked up Call Of Duty Black Ops (or something to that effect) and Beatles Rock Band. I thought the Rock Band thing was an awesome score at $65 for EVERYTHING – meaning the drums, guitar, microphone and game. Yes – we. are. awesome.

Anyway – we left the local Best Buy and got in the car and starting talking about energy drink names when this guy comes over and taps on my husbands window (he was driving). So the hubs cracks the window cause we all were a little paranoid I think and the guy says. “This is my car – well it used to be. You bought it at _____ and it had 74,000 miles right?” Which – the place we bought it was obvious cause the drive out tag was still on the car. So the hubs says “Yeah that’s where we got it.” The man is probably in his early 40’s with graying hair. He says “Cool man – I hope you like it!” and walks away.

It was a very odd encounter but also kind of neat. The next day (Sunday) I go to our Wal-Mart which the dealership we bought the car from is right in front of. I try to catch a glimpse of the Endeavor because well – I do miss it just a little. To my surprise it was sitting in front of the office with a drive out tag on it!! Not two weeks on the lot and she was already spoken for. I wondered if I would ever get to meet the people who bought her. I wonder if they were caught up in her roomyness when they checked her out just like I was the first time I sat in her. Today I got my answer.

On the way home – down our LONG stretch of road I see a familiar outline of the Endeavor. I am totally awesome at spotting cars and trucks makes and models a mile away. Seriously. Anyway – I keep my eyes on it – and the road and practically hold my breath to see what the people look like driving it. When she gets close enough – I can see through the window and see it’s a young family, mostly like us and the hubs of the woman is driving and – he’s smiling.

It felt nice to see the people who bought her – I knew that she would be in good hands. It may be sad for me to name cars and give them genders but I’ve worked on them enough to know that they kind of do take on personalities of their own. You have to take care of them just like a pet really. They have to be fed (gas), they should be washed at least every two weeks (one week according to the hubs) and you have to water them (changing the oil).

So – call me weird, call me crazy – but I love my vehicles. It’s nice to have a Honda once again…and I know that the family that got the Endeavor will enjoy her for as long as she lasts. Love your cars people – love them!!  xo – S.J.

New(ish) Car

So last Saturday we went to look for a car/truck/suv as I told you about here. We didn’t end up going to drive Black Beauty. I had spotted a Honda Civic and a Jeep Compass at our local Chrysler, Dodge & Jeep dealer. So I convinced the hubs to go and check it out. Seth was pretty excited just to check out the Challengers up close!

We had already talked to a sales guy named Larry. He was pretty nice. We told him the two cars that we were interested in looking at and he handed us the keys to the Civic first and let us take it for a drive. The hubs drove since – silly me – I forgot my license in the other car. As soon as we got in, Seth said “It’s got leather!” We’ve never had a car with leather plus he got to keep the balloon that was tied to the antenna.

The hubs got in and didn’t say much at first. On down the road though, he said “I really like this…a lot.” It had heated front seats, a sunroof (yes!) and a navigation system. It’s also a four door and surprisingly roomy on the inside in the back so it’s good for kids! Once back at the dealership, the hubs and I glanced over at the Compass that was parked beside it. We both kind of looked at each other and walked away.

We weren’t interested in it anymore. I think we were both in love with the Civic. Larry met us in the parking lot and asked what we thought about it. Without even asking the hubs said, “Lets see what you can do.” Well, of course he asked me if I liked it first but other than that….

So…after an hour spent there wheelin’ and dealin’ and not getting to where we wanted to be payment wise, we decided that we would stay with the $20 more dollars a month than we were shooting for (which ended up being $270 a month). We told them we would think about it and call them on Monday (they are closed on Sundays). The owner heard us and asked us to wait. He went into his office with Larry and got us to our goal of $250 a month for a payment. We still said we would sleep on in – even when we knew that we would probably get it. It’s just good to “sleep on it” before you make a big purchase – just so you don’t jump into things too quickly.

So – Monday morning rolled around and the hubs called the dealership. That afternoon we picked up the new(ish) car! A 2008 Honda Civic EX-L. I think they call it – electric blue or vortex blue. Something cool anyway. This isn’t him but he sure looks similar. Mine has different wheels, no rear spoiler and a sunroof visor.

So…what do you think? Not an SUV but it gets GREAT mileage at 35 mpg highway (which is what I mostly drive). Also…it takes the cheapo gas, not the expensive stuff the Endeavor called for. Yea for us! So, if you could get a new(ish) car, what would it be?????

Psst: Photo of car taken from here.

Car Shopping

Tomorrow is the day we will celebrate my husband’s 28th birthday (It was really the 17th) and also the day we will go shopping for a car/SUV/truck. Whatever strikes our fancy. Now – I am all for an SUV since we maybe having more kids in the future (call me crazy) but I just am not sold on the 16 or 17 MPG that some of them are rated. That maybe one reason I am also leaning towards a Honda Civic (SI – cause I’m cool like that) and of course it would be 4 door.

Now the hubs – he’s more “We need a 4×4.” I understand his point of view since we have had two semi major snows in our area this year which is kind of odd cause it hardly EVER snows here significantly. Anyway – with our front wheel drive Mitsubishi and our rear wheel drive Ford – we couldn’t really get anywhere. It would have been nice to have a 4×4 then for sure.

There has been one SUV that’s been on my mind since I came across it on the internet Tuesday night. She’s very pretty….you can check her out here. I love that it’s black and not like bright red or the usual Jeep color of green. It’s also a year newer than the Mitsubishi I drive now and….she has a sunroof. Goodness gracious how I miss having a sunroof! Oh – and in case you didn’t notice…it’s got leather seats too!! I have NEVER had leather seats and to top it off – they are HEATED! It’s rated at 25 MPG in the city and 29 on the highway which is mostly what I drive. We scheduled a test drive for tomorrow and I can’t wait to see it!

Of course I might be getting myself too excited about it. There is that distant possibility that will HATE it once actually sitting in it. It’s like when you are looking for a wedding dress – that perfect ONE. You might LOVE something on the rack but absolutely HATE it once you see yourself in it. It happened to me – several times – before I found my perfect dress and I hated it on the rack!!!

We aren’t just going to look at Black Beauty (yes I already named her!). The hubs also wants to go to Honda (which I by no means object to) and to possibly Nissan. So – I will keep you posted!