Baby Milestone

Keira, our little Princess, will be 15 months old on the 18th of this month.

For a while now we have had this little potty in our master bathroom:

You can click this link¬†to get to Babies R Us website to see how much it is and get it shipped to you. ūüôā

Anyway – whenever I go to the potty, she follows right behind me. I always ask her “Do you have to go pee pee?” She will point at the bear on the front and say “Pee-pee”. She’ll sit down and I have to get her up and get her pants off and her diaper to let her sit. But by the time I do that, she’s already went potty. I let her sit there anyway.

Well – yesterday at Big Daddy and Mawmaw’s house she kept saying “pee-pee, pee-pee” and pointing to her diaper. So I checked her but she wasn’t wet. Said it another few times and I finally asked her if she had to go to the potty. She started to walk off to the bathroom.

Once in there I got her pants and diaper off of her and sat her down on the big person potty. She sat there for a minute and kicking her feet, watching her pants fall off her feet. Then she started to fidget like she wanted down. So I stood her up, off to the side of the potty. Almost as soon as her feet it the floor she started to pee. I picked her back up really quick and she stopped and then when I sat her back on the potty she finished pee-peeing in the potty!

I told her “Good girl Keira! Yea!!” She just smiled and kicked her feet. Once I got her down and cleaned up she clapped and I hollared¬†for her daddy to come get her and get a diaper on her. I cleaned up the floor and luckily she didn’t pee on her socks, shoes or pants.

I told her daycare teachers about it and told them to ask her if she needed to go throughout the day. I haven’t called to check on her yet today but I will be sure to ask when I pick her up. Hopefully by the time she’s two she will be fully potty trained – that’s the hope anyway.

If you have kids, how has potty training went for you??


Ho Ho Hoe….

Yeah I did that.

Not for any reason – just thought it would be funny. Also – it might not be funny but I’m sleep deprived and I think it is so it’s going to stay.

This past week and weekend was an all together almost crappy one. The weekend of the 15th (TMI here¬†people so avoid the next paragraph if you don’t want to know) was my ovulation weekend. It was also the first weekend that I didn’t have birth control (we are in a dispute with my OB’s office and they won’t see me so I had to go get a prescription¬†from my other doctor). So there fore¬†– when Aunt Flo came around after three days I was kind of worried/excited. What if it was early implantation bleeding or what if it was something bad? So for the next three days I hurt and had spotting. As of today – no more spotting but still hurts. I guess we shall see. I am supposed to pick up my new birth control (I get my NuvaRing¬†back!!) today. I am not going to use it until Jan. 1st so I can get back on the same schedule that I was on before I stopped taking it to have Keira. Oh – and no we aren’t trying. But we weren’t technically trying not to try either…..

Also happening in the¬†Southern household – stitches. Thursday the 20th, right around lunch end, I got a phone call from the daycare saying that Keira had fallen and that she looked like she might need stitches. I left the office pretty quickly and got over there. I didn’t say much to the girls at the front desk or the girl who¬†was watching Keira when she fell. I just got her and her things and left for the hospital. I could tell she would need stitches. She was covered in blood and she wouldn’t let them hold a wash rag on her head so there was blood dripping down the right side of her face. I’ve never felt my heart sink so fast.

Once at the hospital they put a band-aid with clear, cold gel on it to make the skin around the cut numb so they could stitch it up. Long story short she ended up with four stitches right above her right eye brow. Ever since then she’s been wobbly. Saturday at Jeremy’s mom’s house she fell (it was around six I’d guess) and hit her head on the other side and got a little bruise. Sunday morning at 8 am she drank some milk and then started coughing and threw up all over me and the bed.

During the day she was still wobbly and later that evening before my brother’s birthday dinner she fell again and hit the same spot as she did on Saturday. This time a bigger bruise and a little knot. About an hour or two after that she fell asleep and when she got up at around 1:45 or 2ish Jeremy went to get her some warm milk. She drank it and then proceeded to throw up all over him a few minutes later.

I called the doctor cause it wasn’t normal. They said “She may have a skull fracture from Thursday’s fall so you need to take her back to the ER and get a CT scan.” So at 2:45 this morning we all piled in the Dodge and off we went to the hospital.

Two hours later and a CT scan is clean. No clue as to why she’s wobbly. She does have a cold the doctor says but there isn’t anything we can do about that. No ear infections, no chest congestion, nothing to show that she should be wobbly. We are to watch her for the next day and if she continues we need to bring her back and there is a possibility that they will need to do a spinal tap to see if there is something else wrong with her. Those two words make me cringe. To think of something like that being done to our baby is awful. Please pray that what ever it is making her wobbly – goes away. I do don’t want to write my next post telling you all about how she had to go back for that. I want it to be about the fact that she’s all better and she was just having growing pains or something and that we had a wonderful Christmas.

Here’s hoping that you and yours have a great Christmas!! I’ll try to write more too – not just every two weeks. Oh –¬†hope that I don’t fall asleep at my job today as well….¬†ūüôā

It’s Official…

No sleep for this girl tonight.

Tomorrow Keira has her “minor surgery” to get tubes in her ears. I have to be AT the hospital at 6:30 AM. Seriously?! I thought I would get to sleep in but NO….this means I will have to get up at around 4:15 am and get dressed, pack her bag(s), get her up and in the car by 4:45 am to get to my father in law’s house by 5:25 am (with a stop for coffee and breakfast along the way) to get to the hospital in time to find a spot and get inside before her scheduled time.

I may just¬†let¬†Jeremy get Keira ready for bed tonight and hit the sack around 8pm. Did you notice that “let”?¬†She usually doesn’t go to bed until 9 and get’s up around 11:45 and again around 1:30 and sleeps until 7 or 8 in the morning. For those people whose babies¬†sleep through the night – I hate you. Not really – but sort of. She’s so stinkin’ cute I don’t mind it.

There is a long list of demands to be met: nothing to drink except for sprite (for an 11 month old???), water or apple juice after 1:30am. Nothing at all period in her mouth except for her paci after 4:30am. Wear clothes that are easy on/easy off and bring something that she’s attached to. That would be her “ball kitty” at the moment and her bottle, sippy cup, etc. (things a baby normally needs on an outing).

Jeremy is going to be an hour late to work so that he can see Seth off to school on the bus and Jeremy’s dad (Big Daddy to the kids) is going with me so I won’t be alone. I’m glad, I’d go crazy there by myself.

Also – I have a free turkey that’s going to be sitting in my fridge this year (we get one for free every year from work – awesome) so I called my brother and my mother – guess what? Thanksgiving at my house this year! Holy flippin’ cow….you’d think they’d notice if I paid a restaurant to do everything for me? lol No – I won’t do that. They at least know I will make desserts.

One more tidbit… is my new hangout. I’ve even talked to the hubs – front bathroom renovation is in the works – with one catch. I have to do everything myself (well – almost everything, who wants to do tile work on our floors?) I also plan on doing it with about a $1,000 or less budget. Watch out now! I’ll keep you updated on my progress – I’ll even take pictures! ūüėÄ Who wants to hold me to that?

And We Continue….

After Friday night’s dinner we went home and crashed. Keira only got up twice and was up at 7am per the norm. Jeremy had to work that morning so we had an hour or so together before he had to leave. I used to always fix a big breakfast on Saturdays but the days that Jeremy has to work we just eat cereal or muffins together.

Now – first – when we have cookouts for birthday’s or anything at my mom’s house it usually goes like this: get all the food together once everyone gets there and start grilling! Then while everything is grilling we usually sit around and talk or play badminton. (I know I am going to have to bring Keira’s play pen next weekend¬†because the girl hates grass, you’d think you chopped her pinky toe off when she even remotely touches it. She freaks out – A LOT. You should have seen her the first time – I felt horrible.)

When the food finally gets done we assemble in a line and pack our plates full. Mom’s house used to be my grandmother’s house (her mom’s). It’s a small two bedroom one bath house and there is no central a/c…mom has window units during the summer and in the winter she uses heaters. Needless to say that’s why we stay outside and I like it that way – except for the bugs. I have EIGHT mosquito bites on my feet from being in my cousin’s grass that my mom and step dad were cutting the other day…(I will have to buy bug spray that’s safe for Keira next weekend.)

Now to my Aunt Teresa. She will be coming in on the 7th, visiting extended family in Alabama on the 8th and her and my mom will be going to church with Jeremy, me and the kids on the 9th and then going back to my mom’s for a cook out for my mom’s birthday. Hence all the “next weekend” talk.

I usually hate to talk on the phone – but if it’s with Aunt Teresa or with mom or with a friend I haven’t seen/talked to¬†in a long time – I could talk for a while. As is what happened Saturday. I sat in the floor of my freshly cleaned bathroom while Seth was playing outside and Keira took her two-hour nap and talked to my Aunt Teresa for over an hour and a half. We talked about family and friends and problems and solutions.

She helped me see that not all people will be there for you and not all people will get along with you. She also helped me realize that the longer a problem persists, the harder it will be to fix – especially if that problem just keeps getting repeated and if it refuses to see reason. She also helped me realize that the way she and her siblings¬†were raised and the way my mother raised me leaves us open to attacks. We were taught to be honest when asked a question and to be open with our opinions. Those things usually mean that all your cards are laid on the table and you have nothing left in your hand to fight with if it’s needed.

My father taught me something too – forgive past transgressions but never forget. Forgetting means that you also forget the pain that came along with it and the person that caused it. Remembering those things but loving those who did it (because you forgave)¬†keeps you on your toes so it doesn’t happen again. If that person or those things continue to happen then you have proof of a pattern. Then – he said – you realize that those people/problems aren’t worth having in your life and to just move on from them. They/It will only bring you down further and that’s not good for you.

One of the things that I love about my Aunt Teresa (and there are lots) is that she is a very Godly woman. She can quote you any verse and tell you the passage right off the top of her head. I can rattle off verses but I couldn’t tell you where they were. My daddy was a preacher at one point too. Weird that I never went to church until I was 13 huh?

Anyway  when ever I am having trouble with someone or something and I talk to my Aunt Teresa about it on the phone Рshe always prays with me before we say goodbye. She did this Saturday for a good five minutes and by good I mean GREAT! What she said and asked for me was exactly what I needed to hear and what I should have been saying for myself and my friends/family all along these past few months.

It made me realize that I need to fix things with a few close family members – I just don’t know how to go about that just yet. The longer I wait the harder it will be to fix. It also made me¬†see though that some things are better left alone. Better to just erase that part out of my life as much as I can and be nice when I have to be because in the end – it’s not worth it to ponder over and figure out ways to try to fix it because I will just end up back in the same situation. Remember that pattern thing? Yeah….

Thank you Aunt Teresa for everything that you do for me and I can’t wait to see you next weekend and spend a day with you!!

9 Months!

Keira turned 9 months old this past Saturday – the 18th. Yesterday was her check up. Seth also had a check up cause he’s 10 this year.

Seth’s check up was like a physical for school except he also¬†got a flu shot too.¬†I asked¬†the doctor about his height because¬†Seth said that he gets picked on because of it. He’s 4′-5″ and I am 5′-4″. The doctor said that Seth should end up being about half a foot taller than me – so that’s about how tall Jeremy is – 5′-10″.¬†The doctor told Seth¬†that he just hasn’t hit his growth spurt just yet. I remember when my brother hit his growth spurt (we are five years apart). It’s like he grew a foot in two weeks (I’m sure it took longer than that in reality). Hopefully – since¬†Seth takes after his¬†Uncle Johnathan so much that’s how it will be for him too.

As for Keira’s check up she was fine until she was laid down so the doctor could check her belly. She didn’t like that and started to cry. When she cried some times she sticks her bottom lip out and frowns…it’s makes me sad to see her unhappy but at the same time I think it’s a cute face. Is that bad? Anyway – they weighed her and she’s only 15 lbs 3 oz. which means she’s only gained a pound since her last check up three months ago.

They measured her and she’s 27″ long. That’s an inch longer than she was three months ago. It kind of made me worry that she wasn’t eating enough or that something was wrong because she hadn’t grown much. The doctor said not to worry – that based on her stats and the growth chart it just meant that she was going to be very petite. That just proves to us that she does take after Jeremy’s mom’s side of the family as far as her body build is concerned. His mom, Aunt and cousin Tara are all about my height or a little taller and little. Little like I gave my size three jeans I couldn’t wear anymore to his mom and they were a little big on her. Yeah – seriously.

Keira’s doctor also said that she could eat anything she wants since she burns off her calories so fast. She has started to eat the lunch that the daycare provides and her teachers say that she has been doing really good with it. Today is ham, corn and pineapples so I am sure that she will love it. Ham is her favorite at the moment.

OH! Something I didn’t know but am kind of super excited about – Keira’s doctor said that beginning at 11 months we can start subing half of her formula bottles with whole milk! She still only drinks between 4-5 ounces every three hours from a bottle so that means that come October 18th 2 1/2 ounces can be formula or breast milk and 2 1/2 ounces can be whole milk. If she does good with that for two weeks we can totally transfer her over to whole milk. I think that will be a good time for me to start weaning her. She already wants the milk I pour for myself (I think she thinks it’s formula or breast milk).

They also gave her a flu shot in her leg and pricked her toe to check her blood count and other things. It came back saying that she’s anemic. Which makes me think that I am too. Guess I should start taking my iron pills again huh? He (Keira’s doctor) said that we should get some Flintstone vitamins with iron and break one in half and crush it up and give it to her daily. So today I did just that and put it in her cereal. Did you know that regular Flintstone vitamins don’t have iron in them? I figured it would – I though it was weird.

Anyway – both kids are good except for the iron issue which makes mommy and daddy happy. Keira ended up falling asleep at around seven and she slept until about 11. Then she got up again around 2:30 and again at 5:30 (I was already up getting ready for work) so I count that she only got up twice. It’s an improvement from the past few nights when it’s been three times. I guess because she was so tired from the doctor’s office.

When did you start giving your baby whole milk? I don’t think Keira will have any reactions but you never know.


Since Friday last (the 22nd) things have been pretty rough. The daycare asked for Tylenol or ibuprofen for her during the day for her teething pain so I had brought that – the Tylenol anyway. That night I went and got ibuprofen for her and gave it to her before bed. It helped some but she still got up three times and only once was it to nurse.

Saturday night was even WORSE. I had given her the ibuprofen before bed and she got up SEVEN times and twice was to nurse. Sunday night wasn’t as bad – she still got up three times. So – Monday when Jeremy was picking up his medicine at CVS I asked him to go look for these teething tablets that everyone has been talking about.

He found Humphrey’s Cherry Teething Pellets #3 so I told him to get them and we would try them. She fell asleep at 7:30 and by 8:30 I told Jeremy to get her up to change her clothes and get her to take her medicine. Well – she didn’t want to wake up. We laid her on her changing table and she stretched out and stayed that way. We got her onesie off and got her a new one on and she never even wiggled. We gave her her medicine (ibuprofen) and then gave her her teething pellets. I didn’t read it completely and gave her two pellets under her tongue. We were supposed to dissolve them in 1/2 teaspoon of water and then give it to her under her tongue. Woops.

Anyway – I didn’t try to feed her because she had eaten at 7:30. She woke up at 12:30 a.m. and then at 4:30 a.m. and then at 6 a.m. I got her up to nurse before going to daycare. At least I got some sleep – and so did Jeremy. She missed Seth that morning (he’s at his granny’s for a few weeks visiting).

I took the teething pellets to daycare and they only had to give them to her once. They said she was pretty happy the rest of the day along with her Tylenol. I left it there for them to use because – well – ibuprofen works better for her at night and I don’t want to possibly forget it at daycare or something.

Last night wasn’t bad either. She fell asleep at 7:30 again but she needed a bath – her hair had so many tangles! We got her up around 8:30 and got her in there and then by 9 she was clean, dressed and ready for her medicine. She did NOT want to take it. Some of the ibuprofen went down her chin and then the dissolved pellets went down her cheeks some. I got most of it in her mouth (under her tongue) if you count just giving it to her like medicine. She only got up once around twoish and then again at five.

I heard a lot of people won’t use the all natural pellets or tablets because they have belladonna in them. Honestly – there is so little in the pellets that there is no way for a child to get sick from them from the recommended dosage. I don’t have a problem using them and Jeremy doesn’t either. I even called her pediatrician and they didn’t have a problem with me using them – even with the Tylenol and ibuprofen.

I’m just happy that she’s happy now and that her little gums aren’t hurting her near as bad. She has a bunch of teething toys and a paci that’s a teething raspberry. She was chewing on that last night like crazy. I know I see two teeth on the bottom and I think I starting to see four on the bottom yesterday. I don’t see any on the top though. Here’s hoping that the rest of this week is a good one. ūüôā

7 Months!!!!

Our little Keira bug is 7 months old (and three days)!!!! Yeah I’m a little late….sorry.

She weighs about 14 pounds 13 oz. and is about 27 1/2″ long. Of course that’s me guessing because she hasn’t had a doctor’s appointment and I haven’t taken the time to do it myself (measure her and weigh her). But that’s pretty close.

This past weekend she learned to say Dada and Bubba – momma is on the horizon. Her favorite is Dada because when she says it Jeremy gets all giggly and plays with her. I would too though if she would say momma! ūüôā I play with her most the time anyway so she probably gets bored with me.

She can go from laying down to a sitting position by herself and now she’s even pulling up on stuff. I would have thought that she would be crawling before she was pulling up on things! She LOVES to be in the pool. Thank goodness! Seth was terrified when he was little and even when he was about five would cling to me like saran wrap if we got in the pool.He hated floats and arm floaties so holding on to me was the only way he would get in.

The past couple of nights Keira hasn’t been sleeping well. She’s been getting up at least three to four times and I think it’s either growing pains or she’s teething. I’ve been able to see little white nubs in her bottom gum for a while now – what ever it is that’s bothering her I hope she’s over it soon! Mommy needs her sleep!

And I know it’s five months until her birthday but I already have a venue set – it’s the little cafe that I took her to when I could first get her out of the house. I went there with my SIL Crystal and Seth. We had fun – it was interesting but fun. I also got a photographer to capture everything. I don’t want to miss a thing from her party! I don’t want to have to worry about getting pictures from this person or that person or forgetting to even bring my camera. So – that’s why I hired Daniela!! She’s amazing….

So – that’s a quick wrap up of Keira’s seven month birthday! ūüėÄ Up next – favors for the kiddo’s (and maybe grown ups) for her party!

It’s all in the details

Since Keira has been in the world – I’ve been thinking about her first birthday. I know she will be too little to remember but it’s her FIRST birthday – you have to go all out right? Then again on her Sweet Sixteen birthday but that’s FAR into the future.

For Seth’s first birthday I took him to see my dad and his wife on the mountain. I got him a small cake from Wal-Mart and we all had lunch together at dad’s house. At that point in my life I hadn’t even turned twenty yet – that was two months away – and it was just me and Seth. I didn’t have any friends because all I did was work and come home to Seth. I was pretty much alone most the time. Not to get all sad or anything – we will move on.

I wish I could have done more for Seth’s first birthday but I will make it up to him on his sixteenth I guess.

I’ve been talking to Jeremy about Keira’s party for months. I wanted to have it at the first place I was able to take her when she was three months old – a little cute cafe. Jeremy said no but then said if I could get someone to help pay the $100 bucks for the location we could. Yeah – no one would help. I resigned myself to having 30+ people at my house and kids running around and a total mess to clean up afterward – until a few weeks ago.

I started hinting about it again – wanting to have it somewhere else besides our house cause I wanted it to be different and special. Going to this little cafe has been something I’ve done for the past four months – we’ve gone at least once a month and I’ve taken the kids along. Sometimes it’s just me and them because Jeremy has to work. Other times he is with us. The girls that work there always talk about Keira’s hair. The girl has a ton of it! More than her daddy at the moment….
Anyway – he finally is seeing my point of view – that this is a big deal and that it needs to be royally celebrated!! So yesterday I called and booked the venue for Sunday November the 18th at 3pm. That is her actual birthday too so that makes me even more happy. Although – who knows who will come out for a Sunday evening birthday.

Now that the location is set I can get into my event planner mode. The invitations I picked out are chocolate-brown and pink which goes wonderfully with the pink and brown table cloths at the venue! See! Things working out already! I am going to get her invitations from an Etsy store called Paper Impressions. As for the one’s I’m in the process of ordering its these!
Not the wording of course but this is the invitation! I’m debating on getting return addresses printed but I could do that myself. She also has coordinating thank you cards, stickers and hang tags. Depending on what I decide to do with favors I may end up getting the stickers or hang tags.

Next on my list of to do’s? Find a baker for her smash cake and cupcakes since my most favorite baker has closed down to focus more on her family. My second favorite baker is a little on the pricey side and my third most favorite – I’m not quite sure can get exactly what I want. I’ve had a few small (teeny tiny issues) with the cakes I’ve ordered from her.

After the baker is finalized – photography!! I have a few folks in mind! If I do it I will miss a lot and well – I’d want a professional to capture every little moment cause I don’t want to miss a thing from this birthday!

The venue and the invitations are just the first two details I am working on. There is LOTS more… me!

Baby Milestones

Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant and had Keira. This coming Monday she will be seven months old. When she’s asleep at night in my arms I just look at her and wonder what she will be when she grows up, what her favorite subject will be, things like that.

She’s so beautiful – Jeremy and Seth will have to beat the boys off with a stick and maybe with the threat of a gun. She has so much hair it’s ridiculous. We could put her hair up like Pebbles if we wanted but I don’t have hair bands that tiny.

Our kitchen is open to our dining room – it’s just one big room. In there we keep her pack n play and her stationary entertainer (she can jump in it). She’s never more than a step away from me when I am in the kitchen and she’s in her pack n play. Last night I was cleaning/doing dinner at the same time and she’s done this several times but I looked over and she was on her back playing with Sophie and the next time I looked over at her she was sitting up. I totally missed it!! Jeremy said he’s seen the same thing but not actually seen her do it.

Last night she did some thing extra. I looked over and saw her sitting up when last time she was laying down. This time when I looked she was standing up holding on to the side of her pack in play. She wasn’t in danger of falling out or anything but it did freak me out and I ran over and picked her up. I told her “Good girl Keira!” and she just smiled and laughed. She is trying to do it in her crib too.

I guess it’s time for me to lower her pack n play from the bassinet level to the complete bottom so she doesn’t do it again and maybe get herself hurt. I’ve been working on her birthday for what feels like forever. It’s been a few months at least. Finally I have some concrete stuff to work with and can move forward. That will be another post though.

I can’t believe my little girl is growing up so fast!! ūüė¶


Baby Food No No’s

I was reading about different foods to give to Keira since she’s getting older and I came across a website called Wholesome Baby Food.

There is a whole list on her site of “forbidden baby foods” and why you shouldn’t give them to your baby. Like honey for example – it could cause botulism in infants under a year old. I won’t name everything on her list – you can check it out yourself here.

Personally – Keira will not be getting ANY eggs, honey or any form of milk (ice cream etc.), peanut butter, any form of nuts, no citrus or acidic fruit, strawberries, raspberries or blueberries, grapes or shellfish. Simply because I don’t want her to have any issues with any of that stuff and because well – it’s what her doctor said. Doctor’s know best right?

I waited for all this stuff with Seth and he has no allergies to food what so ever. I’m hoping that Keira will have no issues too – when she can have that stuff. We made homemade ice cream (chocolate and vanilla) Monday and Keira really wanted some but I wouldn’t let her have any. It had half and half and sweetened condensed milk and whole milk in it.

I’ve read about people giving their babies shredded chicken and things like that at this age but I am not considering that until she gets teeth – which – she almost has!

What did/do you give your 6 month old? She’s in second stage foods right now and she just had apricots yesterday. She seemed to like them! ūüôā I love her faces when she tries new foods!