What I Want To Do

I have been putting together a list of races (running) that I want to do this year.

Jeremy wants to do some as well so here’s hoping we can keep each other motivated. Although – with his schedule we won’t be able to run together for a while. Anyway – here goes!

March 23rd – Berry College 10K/5K
March 30th – Color Me Rad 5K
April 20th – Chick. Chase 15K/5K
April 27th – Run For Ringgold 5K
Aug. 17th – Chatt. Mud Run
Nov. 9th – Chick. Half Marathon

If I can only do ONE race this year – it would be the Color Me Rad run. My second choice would be the Mud Run.

My list is growing and if you are around the Chattanooga area – let me know of races that aren’t on this list and I can add them! Thanks! 🙂


New PR’s – Maybe??

So since it rained on Monday I didn’t get to go for a run until Wednesday. That’s the night that we go to church. Which means I usually go run before I get the kids and then meet Jeremy at his dad’s house cause they watch Keira while we go to church.

Well – that’s not what happened on Wednesday. Since we live 30+ minutes away from our church Jeremy wanted me to come pick him up. My car gets better gas mileage than his truck – so I said sure. I changed clothes at work, went and picked up Seth (which is back in school now 15 minutes from where I work) then went on to the house (15+ minutes from the school away from where I work) and did some house cleaning before Jeremy got home. After we all piled in the car we went to get Keira from daycare (closer to my work and Jeremy’s parents) – and then headed to get something for dinner THEN to Jeremy’s parents house.

If you’re wondering why we picked Keira up last – you try doing laundry and dishes and cleaning house while a 9 1/2 month old is clinging to your legs or wanting you to hold her or cry cause you aren’t holding her. Yeah – it felt weird being at home and her not there.

Finally – once at Jeremy’s parents house we dropped the kiddos off and headed for the park. It was about 6:30 by the time we got there. Remember – we have a 5K to run in 22 days (as of today) so we need to get in as much running as we can. We walked for a minute and stretched our muscles and then started off. I turned on my Strava after we were done stretching and didn’t touch it the whole time. I also used the band that Jeremy bought for me.

Long run short – we did 2.5 miles according to my Strava and I had a pace of 12:29 BUT Jeremy’s phone (which is different from mine and in a Otterbox case) says that he did 2.1 miles and had a pace of 15:06. WTHeck?!? When we look at the GPS mapping of the route we took his is more smooth and mines all over the place. His also says that we started and stopped at the same place and mine says we didn’t (but we kind of did so it should at least be close but it’s not).


Does that mean that all my mileage and times are wrong?! Could it have been from the arm band covering up my phone that interfered with the GPS signal? I don’t know. I was mad!!! Then Jeremy said this after we looked at all my other runs and saw that they were kind of off too “At least your phone has been consistently wrong which means you have been improving.” Huh?

He meant that since my phone hasn’t been exactly recording, but I’ve been using the same phone, the PR’s I got on the run for Wednesday are still improvements. See what I’m saying? Here are my PR’s from Wednesday:
400m         1:37
1/2 Mile     4:43
1K               6:30
1 Mile        11:07
2 Miles      24:35

Those are a little better than my 2nd place times so maybe Jeremy is right. I don’t know. Maybe I will use some of the extra money I earn from my new venture to buy myself one of those GPS watches. Maybe that will be better than my phone!

What do you use to keep up with your runs?

O2 – Girly and Shiny Things!

I first saw Origami Owl (or O2) back about three or four months ago at a craft show. I really wanted to buy everything right then and there but the lady said you had to sign up for it because there was a waiting list. So – after thinking about it for a few days I decided to sign up. When the time came I could decided then if I really wanted to do it.

Well – that time came last Friday when I got my email with my sign up link. I had until today to sign up and I did it yesterday! I’m really excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to see what happens next!

BUT – (there is always one of those isn’t there) I may not be posting as often as I have been for a bit. Just until I get settled into how to do things and how everything works – you know – just until I get my bearings. I don’t want to leave you guys hanging!

On that note – I will be posting about the run that Jeremy and I took together on Wednesday and how I discovered my phone isn’t quite what I thought it was. :/

I hate you.

Yes. I said hate.

I hate that you get under my skin and make me feel like I want to chop my foot off. I hate your mouth and the crap that you do with it. It’s ridiculous that you are so annoying….I don’t see how anyone can stand you AT ALL. You drive me insane.



OH EM GEE!! I went to the lake this weekend with Jeremy’s family and rode the jet ski and just hung out. It was all good until me and Hunter (Jeremy’s step niece) decided to go on a walk. Never wear flip-flops to go for a walk in the woods by a lake. Wear actual shoes and jeans. I had flip-flops and jeans on but my jeans were rolled up so that they didn’t drag.

On the way back to camp is when I started itching. It’s horrible. I didn’t take a picture cause I want to spare you the horrible image. I counted the bites on my feet alone – 34. Just on my FEET. THIRTY FOUR. Do I need to say it again? 34!!!

Never in my life have I ever itched so bad!! I’ve tried everything – clear fingernail polish and even Neosporin with pain. Neither one really works but when the fingernail polish burns it stops itching for a while – so that’s good right? Probably not. Either way – I looked them up. You can see what I found here. Oh – try searching for “chiggers” under images. That’s exactly what I look like from my ankles down.

I have on tall socks and my running shoes today….maybe it was a bad idea. I have resisted the urge to itch but they still bother me with the socks and the shoes rubbing against everything. I had planned on running today – and I still plan to but I doubt I will enjoy it today with my feet bothering me so much. We have 26 days until our first 5K (Jeremy and I). So I need to be on my game as much as I can and having a three-day holiday weekend with no running has me behind. Wish me luck today as I go running.


Where Do I Start….

How about we start on Friday with the dinner with friends? I knew this weekend would be busy but gosh – crazy busy!

Friday after work I didn’t go run – and I missed it terribly!!! – I had to go to the store to get the stuff for our friend Leah’s house. I was making brownie batter dip (which I now have TWO bowls of sitting in my fridge) and Raspberry Lemon Cheesecakes.

I got off work, got to the store and got out in about 20 minutes. Record time for the Wal-Mart closest to my work. Then I was off to get the kiddos. I got Seth first, just because he got in trouble and was in the front office. He supposedly knocked over some dominos and the teacher told him to do something and he was on the other side of the room and he yelled at her. He said he did it so she could hear him over everyone else (those kids are super loud). No one was forthcoming with what actually happened so he was just grounded from his DS for the night. It was supposed to be his distraction after dinner with our friends. Thankfully everyone else brought their kids too so he didn’t get to board with a teenager around and matchbox cars Leah had for him to play with.

Moving on – we got Keira and headed home. Once there I went ahead started making everything while Seth helped put up Keira’s bags from daycare and play with her so she wouldn’t be under my feet. She loves to watch me cook and sometimes Jeremy just has to stand at the stove with her if I can’t hold her. Jeremy got home and jumped in the shower and we were all done at the same time (for once).

Leah’s new house (which is amazing by the way) was about an hour from our house. We live in the boonies people. Keira took a nap and Seth was reading Animal Farm in the back seat. We were almost there till our GPS in the car told us to go one way that didn’t exist. We had to call Leah and get directions. Once there we said our hey’s and hi’s and walked around the house. She has an amazing tree house for her nieces and nephews and I love her yard and really just everything. I told Jeremy it’s the kind of house I always pictured for us.

There was another baby there (well – she’s over a year old but still Keira’s size) and they shared puffs with each other and I lost Jeremy (to a different conversation with someone) and talked with Lori and Terry and watched babies. Before we knew it – it was time to eat. Everyone gathered and got their plates. The food was awesome as it always was. Oh – I forgot to mention how we knew Leah and everyone else.

You see – Jeremy used to be a draftsman for an architecture firm. Leah was the front desk lady, then there was Terry and Mike which we both worked with at our old jobs and then Bob, Carol and Valerie and Tracy. Most everyone brought their significant other and I knew Terry’s wife from my old job too. At the architecture firm they would have pot luck Fridays and if I was off work I’d go and bring Jeremy’s dish. Soon everyone went on to different jobs and we hardly saw each other any more. We’ve gotten together once for Thanksgiving (at Leah’s old house) and now this time at her new house.

We seriously need to do it more often – at least once every other month. The food was great and so was the company! These people are amazing and SOOO MUCH FUN. Lori (Terry’s wife) is hilarious. She had everyone laughing! I mentioned a girls night before we left and all of us seemed on board with it. If we can’t get everyone together for dinners like Friday every so often I am sure us girls can keep up a girls night!!

It’s great to have amazing friends in your life! Below – all of us after dinner. I already miss you guys!

It’s all in the details

Since Keira has been in the world – I’ve been thinking about her first birthday. I know she will be too little to remember but it’s her FIRST birthday – you have to go all out right? Then again on her Sweet Sixteen birthday but that’s FAR into the future.

For Seth’s first birthday I took him to see my dad and his wife on the mountain. I got him a small cake from Wal-Mart and we all had lunch together at dad’s house. At that point in my life I hadn’t even turned twenty yet – that was two months away – and it was just me and Seth. I didn’t have any friends because all I did was work and come home to Seth. I was pretty much alone most the time. Not to get all sad or anything – we will move on.

I wish I could have done more for Seth’s first birthday but I will make it up to him on his sixteenth I guess.

I’ve been talking to Jeremy about Keira’s party for months. I wanted to have it at the first place I was able to take her when she was three months old – a little cute cafe. Jeremy said no but then said if I could get someone to help pay the $100 bucks for the location we could. Yeah – no one would help. I resigned myself to having 30+ people at my house and kids running around and a total mess to clean up afterward – until a few weeks ago.

I started hinting about it again – wanting to have it somewhere else besides our house cause I wanted it to be different and special. Going to this little cafe has been something I’ve done for the past four months – we’ve gone at least once a month and I’ve taken the kids along. Sometimes it’s just me and them because Jeremy has to work. Other times he is with us. The girls that work there always talk about Keira’s hair. The girl has a ton of it! More than her daddy at the moment….
Anyway – he finally is seeing my point of view – that this is a big deal and that it needs to be royally celebrated!! So yesterday I called and booked the venue for Sunday November the 18th at 3pm. That is her actual birthday too so that makes me even more happy. Although – who knows who will come out for a Sunday evening birthday.

Now that the location is set I can get into my event planner mode. The invitations I picked out are chocolate-brown and pink which goes wonderfully with the pink and brown table cloths at the venue! See! Things working out already! I am going to get her invitations from an Etsy store called Paper Impressions. As for the one’s I’m in the process of ordering its these!
Not the wording of course but this is the invitation! I’m debating on getting return addresses printed but I could do that myself. She also has coordinating thank you cards, stickers and hang tags. Depending on what I decide to do with favors I may end up getting the stickers or hang tags.

Next on my list of to do’s? Find a baker for her smash cake and cupcakes since my most favorite baker has closed down to focus more on her family. My second favorite baker is a little on the pricey side and my third most favorite – I’m not quite sure can get exactly what I want. I’ve had a few small (teeny tiny issues) with the cakes I’ve ordered from her.

After the baker is finalized – photography!! I have a few folks in mind! If I do it I will miss a lot and well – I’d want a professional to capture every little moment cause I don’t want to miss a thing from this birthday!

The venue and the invitations are just the first two details I am working on. There is LOTS more…..trust me!


Since I was preoccupied with a new baby and all – I totally missed my blogaversary!!!

On January 4th 2011 I made my first post….it’s crazy to think that I blogged about my whole pregnancy and her nursery design and everything in between. It so doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. I bet you Keira’s first year will go by fast too. That makes me kind of sad but at the same time I can’t wait for her to start talking and crawling!!

She is trying her hardest to roll over. When I lay her on her changing table or on her play mat she rolls to the left. She’s gotten up on her side several times – she just hasn’t made that final wiggle to get over. She sleeps on her belly and I don’t fear about her not being able to breathe. She doesn’t sleep in the bed with us any more – but she sleeps in her bassinet beside the bed now. I will eventually move her to her crib but I don’t know when.

This was supposed to be about the blog’s anniversary – hehe. A lot happened in a year and I’m glad that I had my blog to write about it and post about my feelings – even if I did piss some people off.

Happy Really Late Blogaversary To Me!!

Family Outing (Day 227)

After having a blah day on Friday – Jeremy said he wanted to go out Saturday and have some fun. Sounded great to me! 😀 I am not the type of person to sit down and chill out all weekend. I have to do something. Although – lately that hasn’t been the case – Saturday’s I like lying around the house not doing anything but then Monday comes around and I realize there was clothes that should have been washed, folded and put away. The kitchen needed to be swept and mopped and the bathrooms needed to be cleaned. I then resort to either making Seth help during the week or being grouchy and doing it myself.

Anyway – some fun was needed – and deserved. I looked through our coupon book that runs out December 31st and didn’t really find anything. There were coupons to the aquarium but we didn’t really want to go downtown. We did however find some coupons for a local mini golf place. We could get eight free tokens – no purchase necessary and we had TWO of them. So off we went.

We went in and there were FOUR birthdays going on that day – So. Many. People. They were rude too. I got bumped into by the same lady like three times. She never even said sorry. We made our way to the counter and got our tokens. We gave Seth a handful and off he went. Jeremy and I played a round of ski ball each and then we played air hockey. In total Jeremy and I used about 4 tokens – Seth used the rest (that’s 12). We got a few tickets and he was able to get a few little toys.

The other coupons we had were buy two tokens for the batting cages and get one free – I of course can’t do that so Jeremy and Seth did. I was nervous to watch Seth in the batting cage. He’s never been in one as far as I know. They used the 50 mph baseball cage and I so feared that Seth would step outside the batters box and be hit – but he didn’t and he actually hit quite a few.

When that was said and done we did 18 holes of mini golf. Seth had to pick up the ball for me on every hole because – well – I can’t bend over to pick it up myself. I won by one point – Jeremy wanted a recount – it still came out the same. 🙂 We had an hour to kill before we were supposed to watch a movie so we went to a local park and walked a path they had just finished adding to. I think it was about a half a mile or so each way so a mile total. There were rose bushes along the path that still had blooms on them. It’s been low 30’s at night for a few nights this week and I was surprised to see them. They were frail and you could tell they would be gone soon but they were still pretty.

After our walk and Jeremy and Seth skipping rocks we went to our movie. We watched Puss In Boots 3D. Thank goodness they don’t have those crappy paper 3D glasses that have one lens one color and one lens another. These were actually like glasses and it was pretty good. I must say though when Puss would talk (Antonio Banderas) I couldn’t picture him – I could only picture Jack Black as Nacho Libre.  Don’t ask me why – I have no idea.

After the movie was over we headed home. We had planned on eating out but instead just picked up Taco Bell (not the best but it’s what my belly wanted) and once home we ate some left over Halloween candy and a few hours later went to bed after getting cleaned up.

All in all – it was a fun day. Seth enjoyed the batting cages (he was too small for the go carts) and I liked the fact that we all got to spend some much-needed time together. Things like that won’t happen for a while in a few weeks (maybe days). I’m glad we got at least one family outing in before she gets here.

Have you done any family outings lately??

xo – S.J.

You up for a Challenge? (Day 215)

As you may or may not know – depending on how long you’ve read my blog – I read Young House Love just about every day. I go back at least three times a day because sometimes they have two posts a day – cause they are awesome like that. I also started to read Bower Power which is Sherry’s friend Katie’s blog. I WISH I had half the talent that Katie and Sherry have in their pinky finger. I mean – they do amazing things! Admittedly – it’s not just them but their husbands too. 🙂

You should also know by now that I am addicted to Pinterest (in case that big red button on the bottom right didn’t clue you in – follow me!!). I also follow Sherry on Pinterest – she has lots of DIY things on her pin boards. Not that I stalk them or anything.

Well – a few days ago – Wednesday to be exact – she posted about a challenge. Her and Katie’s PINTEREST challenge! Last time they did one I did not participate. I had too much going on to even think about it. When I saw that they were doing another one and it would be finished up at the end of next week – I figured – I have time to do that this time!

So off to Pinterest I went a trolling. First up was this. I repined it from Ginner.
It’s Elmer’s glue on canvas in what ever design you want then when it dries you paint the whole canvas what ever color you want. I’m totally thinking something for Kiera’s room or Seth’s room. Depending on what I can find at Michael’s I’d do smaller canvases and do four of them to make it symmetrical. OH! Then there is this.
How awesome are these bracelets?! I’ve seen these out and about for sale here and there for around $20 a pop. For realz. I understand that these are leather BUT you could do the same thing with any kind of cord or twine. I repined these from Alicia.

So – which one to do? I could do both if I really wanted to – I just don’t want to say I’ll do both and then end up not. Both are simple and easy AND I could possibly make more of either one and sell them. More the bracelets than the canvases but you never know. Anyone interested? 🙂

The more I look at the bracelets the more I want to make them!! I wonder if it would break me out? I am allergic to nickel so I wonder if those hex nuts have a lot in them. I guess I could always as the guy at the hardware store. Check back with me next Friday to see which one I picked! AND – I PROMISE to have photos!! What’s the point if I don’t take pictures to show  you guys??

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Sherry and Katie are sharing their projects on Wednesday of next week. If I’m done with mine by then – I’ll post about it that day. If not – go on over and check out theirs!!

Maternity Picture Time! (Day 190)

I usually hate to have my picture taken. Really.

I hated picture day in school. I remember (I think it was middle school) knowing it was picture day and still just wearing a t-shirt. I didn’t want to dress up. It wasn’t a nice like solid color shirt or one with a collar. It was a Friends t-shirt. Yup – like Ross and Rachael Friends t-shirt. I had that FOR. EVER. and I loved it.

High School was different. I think I did “dress up” but not anything like some other people did. I didn’t wear make up AT ALL in high school. I thought it was pointless and towards the end of my junior year I did start wearing mascara and eyeliner. That is the extent of my make up – kind of still to this day. I do use eyeshadow and some concealer. If I need my hair or my make up done these days I call my sister-in-law Crystal. I mean – that is what she’s going to school for. 🙂

Now – when we found out we were pregnant this time I wanted pictures done – I knew that much. When I was pregnant with Seth there are NO PICTURES of me what so ever any where. So I wanted to make sure that we got some with this little one. Who do I get to do them??? Why I know the best person!!

Daniela Plank Photography. I knew Daniela from Facebook because she married a guy I went to high school with. She also attended a Dove Chocolate party that I threw sometime in February or March of this year with her sister-in-law Amanda Plank who is also a photographer. Her business is called Studio 711. You should like them both on Facebook – they are awesome! Oh – that isn’t just a suggestion – it’s a MUST DO people! 🙂

Anyway – our pictures were done this past Sunday with Dani and Amanda. It was the first time Jeremy and Seth had met either one of them (as they were gone for the chocolate party). We went to the battlefield and were there for about an hour I’d say. It wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t too cold – it was perfect. If you were chilly it was nothing a light jacket or sweater wouldn’t fix.

Now – I won’t post any of the maternity pictures here because I want you to go and see them on Dani or Amanda’s page (I think they are on Dani’s). There are only a few posted as of right now but there should be more later and I can’t wait to see them!

Props to Crystal (my sister-in-law) for my make up and hair. I totally couldn’t do that braid thing on my own (much less to anyone else). That’s why I told her when Keira gets older and she asks me about make up or hair I’ll be like “I don’t know – go ask your Aunt Crystal!”

xo – S.J.