Finally! Pinterest Challenge (Day 231)

Okay so really – it took me for. ever. to upload the pictures from my phone for my Pinterest Challenge. Sorry.

But finally I have them all!!

I chose to make a hair bow holder for Keira’s room. It’s not too amazingly hard to do. I just went to Wal-Mart (or you can go to Michael’s) and I got a letter that was about four inches tall – maybe six at the most. I of course bought the letter K. I already had pink paint which was called “Bright Pink”. I went to my mom – who I knew had a few glue guns to borrow one – and she told me I could keep the one she gave me! Yeah! 🙂 Next I had to find the ribbon I wanted to use. So I went to Wal-Mart again and I found this.
As you can see in the top left corner – my K is already painted. I think this ribbon was about $2 and I am sure I will find another use for it. I then I took the glue gun – after it heated up of course – and glued the bottom of the ribbon up so that no strings or anything would get pulled and make it fray.

Next I pulled out the length of ribbon I wanted and hot glued the other end to the back of the K. I thought about putting it down the middle but I just didn’t like the way it looked. I chose to put it down the first side of the K. Makes sense to me.
I had to get Jeremy to figure out how to put it on the wall. There was the two screw holes you can see in the above picture but we didn’t really want to put two holes in the wall for something that may eventually get moved. So – his solution – which worked out pretty well – was to put one flat head screw or nail in the wall and use the staple that was left in the K to hang it on. (See Below). It worked!!

After he got it where I wanted it I hung it up on the wall to see how it looked.
As you can see I hung it up between her changing table and the light switch. It’s a little longer than what I might have wanted but I am sure it will get full quickly. I already put the hair clips my mom got us on it. I like it – I just wish it was more secure to the wall BUT I may want to move it or I might find something else to hang there instead. Eh – I think it’s cute and it does it’s purpose!

I’m proud of myself!

I know it took a while – but there it is. Not amazing but I made it so it’s special. Yeah!

xo – S.J.


Sorry….(Day 229)

I know I put up the Pinterest Challenge and I promise you I’ve done it. I promise also that I have the pictures. I also promise I will put it up AS SOON AS I CAN.

Thing is – I’ve been stressed at work and trying to type up everything I do on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. I fear that I won’t be here to train the temp that they still haven’t found for me yet. I heard today that they are interviewing someone today at 1:30 and since we only work four days a week and the next week after that is Thanksgiving week and we only work three days – I technically have only seven days to train said person – IF my doctor’s appointment on Friday isn’t bad. More on that later.

Good thing about this person? She had an office job then decided to change careers and went to nursing school but she’s having problems finding a job so – she’s open to the temporary 12-14 week assignment. Plus – she is the wife of a guy at the home office that I talk to on a regular basis – he’s the shipping guy.

Anyway – my point is – I’ve got the challenge done I just haven’t had time to post it. Oh – and with three doctor’s appointments in eight days – that doesn’t leave much time for me either. I’m proud of myself for doing something I wanted to do that I found on Pinterest (thanks to Sherry and Katie) but I’m disappointed that I haven’t posted it for you guys yet. It’s not the most amazing thing ever but I’m proud of it. Don’t hate me. I’m trying.

xo – S.J.

38 Weeks (Day 228)

Well – it’s once again that time of the week.

I’ve said “I’m done being pregnant!” to myself at least a few times this week. I weighed myself this morning. I’ve gained a pound since Friday but I guess that’s better than gaining seven. I have to go back to the doctor today so they can check my blood pressure. I don’t know if they will check anything else – I guess we will see.

Per last week – I am in the last fruit stage over at The Bump so nothing new there. I do feel like a watermelon though. It’s getting harder for me to find shirts to wear. I’ve started to wear my belly bands again because I can’t zip my pants, much less button them.

Baby Center says that Keira is about 6 pounds 9 ounces and is around 19 1/2 inches long. She has a firm grasp and her organs have matured to the point to where she can survive outside the womb. This week it talks about her eye color. It says that if she’s born with brown eyes that they will likely stay that way. If she’s born with steel-gray or dark blue eyes, they may stay gray or blue or turn green, hazel, or brown by the time she’s 9 months old. That’s because a child’s irises (the colored part of the eye) may gain more pigment in the months after she’s born, but they usually won’t get “lighter” or more blue. (Green, hazel, and brown eyes have more pigment than gray or blue eyes.)

Seth’s eyes were a bluey grey when he was born and now his eyes change from blue to green or a mix. It depends on what he’s wearing. My eyes change color from brown to green – mostly depending on my mood. Jeremy’s eyes can be either a really dark blue grey color or a really light blue color to green depending on what he’s wearing.

Baby Center also talks about breast-feeding. I asked and there is a lactation consultant that comes to visit you every day in your room at the hospital I am going to and they are available for questions throughout the day. That kind of helped me be not so nervous about nursing. I didn’t with Seth so this is a new thing for me.

The bags are packed for the hospital and in the car and her car seat is installed. Her room is just about complete (still waiting on the last vinyl) and there are a few little things to be washed (a dress, a hat, 3 teethers and a blanket) and two things still need to be put up on the wall. The painting my mom did for the baby shower that everyone signed and a wall plaque. We don’t know exactly where each one will go but it should be done this week.

Work is still looking for a replacement for me while I am gone. They want to interview people and I will only have about a week to train them – that is – if Keira decides to wait until her due date to arrive. There is a little bit of TMI ahead so if you’re not into pregnancy related stuff – have a nice day.

I am pretty sure I lost my mucus plug. It wasn’t red or brown or anything just a lot more “stuff” than usual. It lasted about two days and it’s pretty much stopped today. I know that it’s not a complete sign that she’s on her way but hopefully it’s a start. Maybe Friday when I go back to the doctor (when I know they will check me) I will have made some progress. Keep your fingers crossed.

xo – S.J.

Last Little Things (Day 225)

After my disappointing doctor’s appointment Friday – I went and picked up Seth and Jeff and off to the mall we went.

Our first stop – Target. I desperately needed nursing bras – regular and sleep ones. Preferably two of each kind so four total. How many did I end up getting? ONE. You know why? Cause they didn’t have my size! Also – asking Jeff to come along keeps him and Seth in other parts of the store until I’m done looking at bras.

I love Target for their clothes and usually their bra selection is AWESOME – for nursing bras – not so much. It was pretty much bare pickings. I managed to find two sleep nursing bras that were $16 and kind of my size. They don’t go by bra size technically. It’s either a small, medium, large, x-large or 2x large and below that size is the sizes that would fit in that sleep bra. These are the two they had in my size.







The one on the left says that it isn’t available in store (but it was) and the closest size they had to me was a 36 and not a 34 like I needed. The one on the right is available in store and it was on my registry. The size on these are like the small, medium and large so you had to look at the tag to see which size you needed. Me? 2X large….seriously. I need a 34 and my letters are two letters that are really close to a failing grade. Figure it out. NEVER in my life did I ever think I’d get to two letters in my bra size.

Anyway – moving on. I got the one on the right. It was cuter to me. I wore it to bed to see how it fit and felt and such and it’s pretty comfortable. I know that sleep bras aren’t supposed to have wires but I wish that this one did. The next morning when I changed I put it in the hospital bag to take with me. I have sleep bras now – they just aren’t nursing ones.

Next stop – Babies R Us. That should have been a given. Jeremy wanted me to get the valance for Keira’s room and I wasn’t really going to get anything else BUT I have like seven 20% of one item coupons that run out this month so I figured I’d use two and get something we needed. This is what I ended up leaving with.







The Cocalo Taffy window valance that matches her bedding and the Itzbeen Baby Care Timer. Both of these were on our registry. I highly recommend getting a Rewards Card because you get points each time you buy something at Babies R Us or Toys R Us and you get a gift card depending on how much you spent at the end of each month or something like that. Anyway – the valance ended up being around $20 after the 20% off coupon and the timer ended up being around the same with another 20% off coupon.

Jeremy put the valance up Sunday evening after we made a trip to Wal-Mart to buy a curtain rod. It looks great in her room. The timer I can already tell will be a life saver for us. The first button is for diaper changes – when you change the baby you push the button. It keeps up with how long it’s been since the last time you changed the baby, fed them, how long they have been asleep or awake and there is a fourth button that you can use for what ever. Like medicine or something like that. There is also a clock (which is the last number on the screen), a button for a night-light and a little switch down at the bottom for breastfeeding moms to remember if you last fed them on the left or the right.

I could write it down or use my phone but this just seems a lot better – for my OCDness anyway. Everything is in one spot and there is even a lock out feature so that you don’t accidentally push a button when you don’t mean too. There is also a clip on the back so you can carry it on your pants. I think it will be totally worth the $20 something bucks I spent for it.

After the Babies R Us trip we went into the mall. I headed for the Earthbound Trading Company and got the medium-sized giraffe and some bobby pins with feathers on them. Here is a picture of the giraffe in store.
I love it! It looks great in her room (which I was kind of skeptical about) but it matches her furniture and ties in the other giraffe’s in her room. We hung around the mall for a bit more and Jeff bought some things (Jeff is 17 by the way – at least 16 – I can’t remember). After that I had a craving for some cupcakes so we hit up Chattanooga Cupcakes and Jeff got a cappuccino cupcake for right then and me and Seth picked out a peanut butter and chocolate one and a lemon one for later. (I LOVE LEMON). We took them with us when we met Jeremy for dinner that night along with coffee from Dunkin Donuts and Chinese food from a place called Great Wall.

What. A. DAY. I wish I could remember to drive out to Chattanooga Cupcakes one day when they have Maraschino Madness (Tuesdays) or White Chocolate Wow (Thursdays). Just looking at them makes me want to go there NOW. OR someone reading this could be really awesome and go get me some that day and surprise me with one! 😀 That would make my day!

Besides what I got at the mall Friday – we are waiting on a vinyl of Keira’s name from a friend and I still need a pump, storage bags and cream. Oh – and a moby wrap and a play pen and a bassinet. None of those last three things are seriously needed – they are just seriously wanted. 🙂

xo – S.J.

Keira’s Room Reveal (Day 221)

Well – it’s almost completely done. We still need to put the batteries in her bouncy seat and I still need to wash the two dresses I got at Carter’s last week. There are some teething toys that need to be washed too and I need to get two baby dolls out of the box and wash them and put them up.

The changing table is still not organized which isn’t freaking me out as much as I thought it would. There are diapers on it, wipes, baby powder, diaper rash cream and her car seat/stroller toys. Also her hair bow’s are on there since I haven’t finished her hair bow holder yet. It will be done tomorrow though! 🙂 I will just have to get Jeremy to hang it.

Fair warning – picture overload coming your way!
This is looking into her room from the hallway. Granted the bouncy seat is in the wrong spot from the drawing I drew up but – big deal. We are getting her curtain rod and valance this weekend. The dresses I bought are sitting in her seat at the moment.
This is the Ikea dresser we bought. It’s bigger than I thought it would be and holds everything we need. In this picture you also see the corner I was talking about – we need to put something there – it’s too naked.
Her crib and her changing table. I am standing in between the glider and the bouncy seat when taking this picture. That corner over there is also kind of naked but I have no idea what to put there. Suggestions?
Just her changing table. On the left side of it is the Diaper Dekor. Most awesome thing EVER!
The top of her dresser. Her giraffe (on the left) from her Neeah. The picture frame has the last picture we got of her face with the caption “Sneak Peek” underneath it. At some point it will be on her wall with a bunch of other pictures. The lamp that matches her bedding set and the turtle that matches the bedding set too. The book is the baby book I found at Wal-Mart from Carters. Oh and that blue thing is her monitor.
The vinyls above her dresser. The monkey matches the monkey in the baby book.
Cocalo Taffy Bedding set and Jungle Jill mobile. Her boppy is in her crib in this picture but this morning I put it and her sound giraffe in the bag to take to the hospital and put it in the car. The only thing we need to put in there is a nursing bra which I am going to get this weekend.
This is above her changing table. We like it and we hope she enjoys looking at it when she’s getting changed. I still want to make a mobile of something to hang from the ceiling above her changer. Give her something else to look at and give the room a little something.
Her closet. This is the only place I could think of to put her stroller and keep it out-of-the-way. The stuff up top – a few pairs of shoes that are too big for her at the moment. Burp cloths and bibs. That hanging thing? It’s a growth chart.
From the back where the divider is to the empty hangers are all newborn to three-month clothes. I think we are pretty prepared.
The rest of her clothes. That first divider is for 3-6 months clothing and then it goes all the way to 24+ months in the back. It’s not much but it’s a start. I’ve been trying to hit up the clearance racks at Wal-Mart for Garanimal clothing but I also LOVE Carter’s and their new sales every Wednesday so I am sure I will hit up them too.
Lastly – our stash of diapers. There are 2 boxes/bags of newborns (one not pictured here), 3 boxes/bags of size one and one box/bag of size two. I try to buy a pack each time I go to the store but sometimes I forget. As you can see we have Huggies, Pampers (which is what I used for Seth), Babies R Us brand and an off brand. I am not particular about either one at the moment but we shall see which brand holds up better to her messes.

THE END! That’s Keira’s room. Granted – there are still a few things to do here and there but it’s pretty much labeled as complete at the moment. What do you think? Any suggestions for the naked corners??

xo – S.J.

Psstt: If you click on the pictures it makes them bigger. I took them on my phone last night – so sorry for the bad quality!

Challenge Delay (Day 219)

Well – I had decided to attempt to do the hex nut bracelet for my Pinterest Challenge along with Sherry from Young House Love and Katie from Bower Power. I went to the craft store – Michael’s – and couldn’t find leather strips or anything really thick. So I figured that if I got smaller somethings to braid with (all they had was bamboo strings) I could just get smaller hex nuts.


I went to Home Depot yesterday – don’t hate on the procrastinator – and went home to get started. While the turkey for dinner was thawing I started braiding. Sadly – my bamboo strings I bought will not support the 6-32 hex nuts I bought.

So as ticked off as I was at myself for not thinking that this wouldn’t work – I decided to change what my challenge would be. I’ve been eying those hair clip holders you can buy online at Etsy. This one is from a shop called Marmalade Creations. You can go directly to this listing here.
It’s cute – I like it. If it had a giraffe on it I might would consider buying it – except for the $24 price tag. She does have free shipping so that’s awesome. BUT – I figured I could make my own – maybe with a letter instead of a plaque like she has here.

Plus – I already had everything I needed.
I took this picture this morning because I want to work on it at least some tonight when we get home from church. I can’t remember at the moment what color pink it is and the letter isn’t all that big – as you can see.  I got it from Wal-Mart for a $1.17. The ribbon is still in her room and I plan on hot gluing it to the middle of the K. I just need to find something to hang at the bottom to weigh down the ribbon. Any ideas?

I know that Katie and Sherry are revealing their Pinterest Project Challenge items today (I am pretty sure at least) so you can go on over there and check them out. I will be adding Bower Power to the list of “My Fav Blogs/Sites” so you can find the link to her page – and Sherry’s – there.

xo – S.J.

No Dice… (Day 218)

I mean day bed.

I was dead set on having a day bed in our nursery. We got all the materials and then they sat in our garage. Thankfully – we can take the trim and a piece of wood we had to buy back to Home Depot since we didn’t use it – at least I hope we can. It was only $30 for the material but still – that’s $30 we could use for nursing clothes or toys or you know – something else for her or her room.

After getting her crib, changing table and glider rocker in her room – we started to notice that it wasn’t going to work exactly as we had hoped. The dresser we ended up getting made us re-arrange her room once more and we finally decided on where everything will go. Here is a seriously rough sketch of her room.
Yeah I put my mad skills in drawing in Excel to use. HA! (That rectangle behind the rocker is a window). Of course this is so not to scale but it gives you an idea of what her room looks like. So – needless to say – there isn’t really much room for a day bed. I do like the fact that there is room for her to play in the center of the room as she gets older. In that top right corner (between the crib and the dresser) we are trying to figure out something to put there.

Her room is a combination of her bedding colors (pink and grey) with flowers, giraffe’s and monkey’s. So – I was thinking about heading to our local Earthbound Trading Company and getting a four-foot wooden giraffe. It’s darker in color (and you can’t find it on the website – sorry) and is just tall enough to take up the empty kind of space that’s there.

Over the changing table and the dresser we’ve put the vinyl’s from the Carter’s Jungle Jill collection. We split up the decals so they aren’t like in the picture. They will give her something to look at when she’s getting changed and the ones above her dresser compliment the lamp that’s there and a stuffed animal or two that’s up there.

I promise pictures soon. We just got our camera back from Jeremy’s step mom so look forward to her nursery reveal. Although it’s not completely done yet. I’d like to have some of the pom pom’s from Etsy still (or make my own) and get that giraffe to put in the corner. Oh – and we love our dresser from Ikea!! Deep drawers and everything I wanted to put in there fits perfectly!

Bottom drawer is all her blankets (receiving and plush ones), second drawer up is all her socks, crib sheets, changing pad covers, boppy covers and lovies and the top drawer is all the bottoms to all her out fits. It’s so nice to have everything put up. I also still need to get some baskets for the changing table but that’s not such a big deal.

AND – I am totally okay with not having the day bed – even though it was in the plan from the beginning. Maybe I’m not as OCD as I thought! (Yeah right…..)

xo – S.J.

More Shopping! (Day 217)

I just love when I can go shopping. Especially when the money I am spending was gifted!!

My mom called me at one point last week and told me that she put some money in my bank account to get things for Keira that we still needed. Yeah! I love my mom! So – after my doctor’s appointment Jeremy and I ate lunch and went home. I left to get Seth from school around 2pm and then headed to pick up my SIL Crystal to go shopping!

The first place we hit up? Carter’s. We got a new store in town a few months ago and it’s really hard for me to stay away from there. Good thing they have new sales every Wednesday!! 😀 I went there for the purpose of buying Keira her Christmas dress and buying a gift for a friend’s shower the next day. I ended up leaving with these lovelies.
This one is the Sateen Dress Set and it’s usually $38 but is on sale right now for $19. I got this one in a 6 months size so she could maybe wear it for Easter or just for church. This one is the Plaid Taffeta Dress Set and it too is usually $38 but on sale right now for $19. I got this one in newborn size cause this is what she will be wearing for Christmas (probably the first time we take her out to see family) since she will only be about a month old. I found red shoes to match at Babies R Us and I’ll have to find her some white leggings or tights – something thick to keep her warm.

I picked this up for my friend’s shower.
It is the 3 Piece Microfleece Vest Set. It too was on sale. I also gave her some travel size Bath and Body Works spray and lotion. Mom has to be pampered too right? All in all I spent about $40 which included a 20% off coupon if I spent over $40. Seth picked out a finger puppet to play with Keira with. He thought it was a monkey but it’s really a bear. We had a long conversation about it being a bear on the way home. He just wouldn’t give up that it was a monkey.

Anyway – after Carter’s we went to Babies R Us (my other favorite place). I ended up getting our changing pad for $14 and then two crib sheets, a changing pad cover, one plush white sheet saver and one plush pink sheet saver. I also ended up buying three 6 oz. Playtex Ventaire wide nipple bottles. My cousin is giving me her Dr. Brown’s bottles but I haven’t gotten them yet. I was freaking out about not having some so buying those three made me feel a lot better! 🙂

I think I spent around $80 at Babies R Us. So all in all it was a great shopping trip. I saved about $50 at Carter’s and around $30 at Babies R Us. Yeah for me! I treated myself and Crystal (and Seth) to some Starbucks on the way home. I got a Vanilla Bean Frapp and Crystal got a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I got us all some vanilla bean scones and they were yummy!

That was the extent of my Friday. How was yours? 🙂

xo – S.J.

You up for a Challenge? (Day 215)

As you may or may not know – depending on how long you’ve read my blog – I read Young House Love just about every day. I go back at least three times a day because sometimes they have two posts a day – cause they are awesome like that. I also started to read Bower Power which is Sherry’s friend Katie’s blog. I WISH I had half the talent that Katie and Sherry have in their pinky finger. I mean – they do amazing things! Admittedly – it’s not just them but their husbands too. 🙂

You should also know by now that I am addicted to Pinterest (in case that big red button on the bottom right didn’t clue you in – follow me!!). I also follow Sherry on Pinterest – she has lots of DIY things on her pin boards. Not that I stalk them or anything.

Well – a few days ago – Wednesday to be exact – she posted about a challenge. Her and Katie’s PINTEREST challenge! Last time they did one I did not participate. I had too much going on to even think about it. When I saw that they were doing another one and it would be finished up at the end of next week – I figured – I have time to do that this time!

So off to Pinterest I went a trolling. First up was this. I repined it from Ginner.
It’s Elmer’s glue on canvas in what ever design you want then when it dries you paint the whole canvas what ever color you want. I’m totally thinking something for Kiera’s room or Seth’s room. Depending on what I can find at Michael’s I’d do smaller canvases and do four of them to make it symmetrical. OH! Then there is this.
How awesome are these bracelets?! I’ve seen these out and about for sale here and there for around $20 a pop. For realz. I understand that these are leather BUT you could do the same thing with any kind of cord or twine. I repined these from Alicia.

So – which one to do? I could do both if I really wanted to – I just don’t want to say I’ll do both and then end up not. Both are simple and easy AND I could possibly make more of either one and sell them. More the bracelets than the canvases but you never know. Anyone interested? 🙂

The more I look at the bracelets the more I want to make them!! I wonder if it would break me out? I am allergic to nickel so I wonder if those hex nuts have a lot in them. I guess I could always as the guy at the hardware store. Check back with me next Friday to see which one I picked! AND – I PROMISE to have photos!! What’s the point if I don’t take pictures to show  you guys??

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Sherry and Katie are sharing their projects on Wednesday of next week. If I’m done with mine by then – I’ll post about it that day. If not – go on over and check out theirs!!

I’m Getting There (Day 212)

I am (this) close to being to that point where I am saying – I’m done & over being pregnant. I just want her here already.

BUT – at the same time I want her to bake as long as she needs to. I can deal with my fat feet, ankles and calf muscles. I can deal with the almost TWELVE pounds of water weight I’ve gained since my feet, ankles and calf muscles started to swell. Drinking lots of water doesn’t help by the way. Neither has putting them up when I can.

Know what did help? Cold packs. Seriously. I was at my brother’s house and my SIL Crystal said “Here – put this on your feet and see if it helps.” It was a large pouch filled with beans that she keeps in the fridge for use on her knees. So as we sat there and date dinner the bag of freezing beans was on my feet. When it wasn’t cold any more I moved it (30+ minutes) and no fat feet!

I just wish I had one of those at home. We have a bed buddy but it isn’t as good as her bag of beans. I need to buy one – or better yet – just flippin’ make one. Anybody have any ideas as to what exactly goes into one of those? Like is it a certain kind of bean or something? Maybe I should just look it up. I’d also have to hand stitch it together since I don’t have a sewing machine. I so need one of those.

I just put one on my Amazon wish list. Maybe one day I will get one. 🙂

I didn’t sleep well last night – I haven’t been sleeping well the past few nights. I wake up and my right side hurts (I lay on my left cause when I lay on my right I get tingly). I try slightly rolling over onto my back and it gets better but then I don’t get comfortable so I can’t sleep. I was sitting in bed this morning eating cereal and watching the news while Seth got ready for school and realized that I could probably sleep sitting up and be more comfortable. I just don’t think it’s a good idea though.

I’ve got pillows underneath my side when I lay down – and we have a body pillow that honestly never gets used at the foot of our bed. We use it kind of as a foot warmer. You know when you get hot under the covers but it’s too cold to get out from underneath them so you just put one leg out? Yeah – that’s both of us. We stick our foot under the body pillow to keep it warm. Go ahead – say it – we are weird. 🙂

I know we aren’t the only ones though so that makes us not as weird as you may think. HA!

Anyways – this Friday will be exactly FOUR weeks until my due date. The dresser is coming this weekend thanks to Meiyen and Daniel. There is a party down the street Saturday night for Halloween and maybe we will do some trick or treating before hand. There is a ghost walk I’d like to do but I don’t know if we will make it. We shall see…..

xo – S.J.