Good Intentions

Honest – I was going to make the new coat/key/hat rack mentioned in this post. It was something like this but on a bigger scale with different fabric to match our red and brown kitchen.
Our old coat/key/hat rack has pretty much bit the dust and needs to be replaced (and the wall patched where it was). I was ready to go on the 7th and pick out the fabric and the hooks I needed but – plans change. I really wanted to do this but with our new furniture I have to re-think things.

That’s right….new furniture!

See Saturday (the 7th) was our 5th year wedding anniversary. The traditional gift is wood and I wanted to order Jeremy this wooden ring.
It’s zebra wood with a Honduran rosewood inlay. I think it’s beautiful and it’s only $30 cause you get free shipping. Oh – it’s from Etsy shop Wood Recycled out of Montgomery, Alabama. This is from his welcome on his Etsy page: “At Wood Recycled we use the finest materials which are all rescued scraps from a burn pile behind a local wood shop. As a result all items are made of the finest materials and my customers help prevent deforestation by buying from Wood Recycled. You also benefit because we are able to offer the absolute lowest prices with unsurpassed quality. Thanks, Wood Recycled”

So you save trees and he makes some money! I will more than likely be buying something from his shop for a few people for Christmas. I can think of two people right now. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway – point is I didn’t get to order it cause I need an exact ring size and well – that’s something I just have to ask Jeremy to get sized for so he’d know what I was getting. Instead – I ended up getting him a new pair of sunglasses because he lost his some how at his mother’s house on the 4th. Without them the sunlight really bothers his eyes and he gets headaches. They were a slightly more than the 30 for the ring but it’s totally worth it – they look great on him and he loves them.

Now onto the new furniture. Every time we get groceries I get frustrated about the cabinet space. We never have enough room it seems to put up everything.
Ignore all the people in our kitchen and picture cabinets behind everyone on the bottom. There is a stove in there somewhere too. Oh – and this is a picture of our house from last year during the baby reveal party in June. You can kind of see the colors. Red on the back wall and brown on the right wall. Just do your best to imagine. ๐Ÿ™‚

Even with all these cabinets – there isn’t room for stuff. We have lots of glasses and dishes and pots and pans. I got mad last night cause I had to take EVERYTHING out of the corner cabinet to just get to the big pizza pan on the bottom. Shows how much we use it though. Moving on – Friday night (the 6th) Jeremy shows me pictures of what he wanted to get me but didn’t know which one I wanted so he told me to pick. These are the kinds of pictures he showed me.

AHHH! It’s a Pie Safe!! O.M.G.

You have no idea how happy I was to know that he wanted to get me one! Almost as happy as I was when he gave me my Kindle Fire for my birthday!

It will solve the “I have NO WHERE to put anything in this kitchen!” problem AND it will look awesome! The one I ended up picking out is almost as tall as I am – 5′-4″ and probably about the color of the one pictured on the right. It brings out the honey tones in our dining room table. We took our bench to compare. The only difference is there is a full drawer across the top and the bottom and there are three shelves. Our tin will be copper-colored and punch with a decorative pattern. It will be $15 extra but they will put wood on the back of the tin so that if Keira some how opens it up she won’t get cut on it. It should be here in about a week.

I AM SO EXCITED! That’s why I never got around to making my hanger for the kitchen. I don’t know where exactly this will hit on the wall and I want to get it in there before I decide to do anything else in the kitchen. So – I can’t wait! YEAH!


Happy 4th!!

Lots of things have been going on in the Southerner household.

Seth (our oldest) has been away with his grandmother in Nashville. Keira has started to pull herself up on EVERYTHING including her crib which we have to lower her mattress now. We’ve been in the pool a few times and have been dealing with teething.

Also – I’ve been pouring over Pinterest and have been finding small projects to do around the house. I really want to tackle the second bathroom with is also the kids and the one the guests use. It needs to be putted (sp?), painted and accessorized. I have several small projects to do including wanting to frame the “construction mirror” that’s in there and changing out the light fixture. I want everything to be ORB (that’s oil rubbed bronze) instead of the silver that’s in there now. I REALLY want a new sink and cabinet too. I have been searching Craigslist every day or two also.

We will be spending today with Jeremy’s mom and his brother’s. We both have to work tomorrow so hopefully we won’t have to be out too late.

Be safe and be careful!

Keira’s Room Reveal (Day 221)

Well – it’s almost completely done. We still need to put the batteries in her bouncy seat and I still need to wash the two dresses I got at Carter’s last week. There are some teething toys that need to be washed too and I need to get two baby dolls out of the box and wash them and put them up.

The changing table is still not organized which isn’t freaking me out as much as I thought it would. There are diapers on it, wipes, baby powder, diaper rash cream and her car seat/stroller toys. Also her hair bow’s are on there since I haven’t finished her hair bow holder yet. It will be done tomorrow though! ๐Ÿ™‚ I will just have to get Jeremy to hang it.

Fair warning – picture overload coming your way!
This is looking into her room from the hallway. Granted the bouncy seat is in the wrong spot from the drawing I drew up but – big deal. We are getting her curtain rod and valance this weekend. The dresses I bought are sitting in her seat at the moment.
This is the Ikea dresser we bought. It’s bigger than I thought it would be and holds everything we need. In this picture you also see the corner I was talking about – we need to put something there – it’s too naked.
Her crib and her changing table. I am standing in between the glider and the bouncy seat when taking this picture. That corner over there is also kind of naked but I have no idea what to put there. Suggestions?
Just her changing table. On the left side of it is the Diaper Dekor. Most awesome thing EVER!
The top of her dresser. Her giraffe (on the left) from her Neeah. The picture frame has the last picture we got of her face with the caption “Sneak Peek” underneath it. At some point it will be on her wall with a bunch of other pictures. The lamp that matches her bedding set and the turtle that matches the bedding set too. The book is the baby book I found at Wal-Mart from Carters. Oh and that blue thing is her monitor.
The vinyls above her dresser. The monkey matches the monkey in the baby book.
Cocalo Taffy Bedding set and Jungle Jill mobile. Her boppy is in her crib in this picture but this morning I put it and her sound giraffe in the bag to take to the hospital and put it in the car. The only thing we need to put in there is a nursing bra which I am going to get this weekend.
This is above her changing table. We like it and we hope she enjoys looking at it when she’s getting changed. I still want to make a mobile of something to hang from the ceiling above her changer. Give her something else to look at and give the room a little something.
Her closet. This is the only place I could think of to put her stroller and keep it out-of-the-way. The stuff up top – a few pairs of shoes that are too big for her at the moment. Burp cloths and bibs. That hanging thing? It’s a growth chart.
From the back where the divider is to the empty hangers are all newborn to three-month clothes. I think we are pretty prepared.
The rest of her clothes. That first divider is for 3-6 months clothing and then it goes all the way to 24+ months in the back. It’s not much but it’s a start. I’ve been trying to hit up the clearance racks at Wal-Mart for Garanimal clothing but I also LOVE Carter’s and their new sales every Wednesday so I am sure I will hit up them too.
Lastly – our stash of diapers. There are 2 boxes/bags of newborns (one not pictured here), 3 boxes/bags of size one and one box/bag of size two. I try to buy a pack each time I go to the store but sometimes I forget. As you can see we have Huggies, Pampers (which is what I used for Seth), Babies R Us brand and an off brand. I am not particular about either one at the moment but we shall see which brand holds up better to her messes.

THE END! That’s Keira’s room. Granted – there are still a few things to do here and there but it’s pretty much labeled as complete at the moment. What do you think? Any suggestions for the naked corners??

xo – S.J.

Psstt: If you click on the pictures it makes them bigger. I took them on my phone last night – so sorry for the bad quality!

No Dice… (Day 218)

I mean day bed.

I was dead set on having a day bed in our nursery. We got all the materials and then they sat in our garage. Thankfully – we can take the trim and a piece of wood we had to buy back to Home Depot since we didn’t use it – at least I hope we can. It was only $30 for the material but still – that’s $30 we could use for nursing clothes or toys or you know – something else for her or her room.

After getting her crib, changing table and glider rocker in her room – we started to notice that it wasn’t going to work exactly as we had hoped. The dresser we ended up getting made us re-arrange her room once more and we finally decided on where everything will go. Here is a seriously rough sketch of her room.
Yeah I put my mad skills in drawing in Excel to use. HA! (That rectangle behind the rocker is a window). Of course this is so not to scale but it gives you an idea of what her room looks like. So – needless to say – there isn’t really much room for a day bed. I do like the fact that there is room for her to play in the center of the room as she gets older. In that top right corner (between the crib and the dresser) we are trying to figure out something to put there.

Her room is a combination of her bedding colors (pink and grey) with flowers, giraffe’s and monkey’s. So – I was thinking about heading to our local Earthbound Trading Company and getting a four-foot wooden giraffe. It’s darker in color (and you can’t find it on the website – sorry) and is just tall enough to take up the empty kind of space that’s there.

Over the changing table and the dresser we’ve put the vinyl’s from the Carter’s Jungle Jill collection. We split up the decals so they aren’t like in the picture. They will give her something to look at when she’s getting changed and the ones above her dresser compliment the lamp that’s there and a stuffed animal or two that’s up there.

I promise pictures soon. We just got our camera back from Jeremy’s step mom so look forward to her nursery reveal. Although it’s not completely done yet. I’d like to have some of the pom pom’s from Etsy still (or make my own) and get that giraffe to put in the corner. Oh – and we love our dresser from Ikea!! Deep drawers and everything I wanted to put in there fits perfectly!

Bottom drawer is all her blankets (receiving and plush ones), second drawer up is all her socks, crib sheets, changing pad covers, boppy covers and lovies and the top drawer is all the bottoms to all her out fits. It’s so nice to have everything put up. I also still need to get some baskets for the changing table but that’s not such a big deal.

AND – I am totally okay with not having the day bed – even though it was in the plan from the beginning. Maybe I’m not as OCD as I thought! (Yeah right…..)

xo – S.J.

Finally… (Day 210)

After weeks and weeks of prowling Craigslist, our local newspaper, resale shops and antique stores we’ve decided.

We will just get a dresser from Ikea. To be honest – we looked at a dresser from there the first time around and thought for sure we could find something better for around the same price. Well – we didn’t. So – to texting I went.

Jeremy’s cousin Daniel and his wife Meiyen live in Atlanta or rather on the outskirts or what ever. I’m not totally sure but I do know that the Ikea store there is close to them. I knew that they were coming up this weekend because Daniel’s sister Amy is having a baby shower for Meiyen at her house on Saturday. I also knew that it would be the last time that they would be coming up until some time after their baby arrives. She’s due two weeks after me and Jeremy and Daniel were born two weeks apart. Crazy right? Oh – and they are having a girl too.

Anyways – first thing I did though was to try calling the Atlanta store to place the order and just have Daniel and Meiyen pick it up for us. Turns out NONE of the Ikea stores take direct phone calls (so what’s the point in having a number for them on the website?). They also will not take payments for an item on the phone because of “security reasons”. The only options that we had were to either a) drive down ourselves and get it b) ask Daniel and Meiyen to pay for it and pick it up and us pay them back when they get here OR c) have it shipped.

Well – option A wasn’t really an option. Our truck gets only 20 miles a gallon and we weren’t entirely sure that the box would fit in our Honda. I looked at option C and almost choked on my water. They wanted $250 bucks to ship it to our house. A six pound box – $250. Um – NO.

So texting started to Meiyen. Thank goodness they love us! ๐Ÿ™‚ Turns out she and Daniel can pick up and pay for the dresser we want on Thursday or Friday evening or Saturday morning and us pay them for it when I see her on Saturday!! Here’s hoping it fits in my car!! ๐Ÿ˜€

I just wish that we lived closer to an Ikea store – I would so be there ALL THE TIME. Oh – I guess I should show you what it is we are getting huh? It’s called the Aneboda 3 Drawer Chest.
Isn’t it pretty? I love the frosted glass looking front of the drawers. The dimensions of the dresser (once put together) are 31 1/2″ wide, 15 3/4″ deep and 39 3/8″ tall. So around three and a half feet tall. It’s perfect for what we need which is just a place to store the bottoms to Keira’s outfits, socks, maybe some blankets and boppy covers, sheets – things like that.

I can’t wait to get this home Saturday and start putting it together! Ah – that makes me think though – this weekend is HALLOWEEN! I am NOT dressing up but question – will you go trick or treating with your kiddos on Saturday night or wait until Monday (actual Halloween) to do it???

xo – S.J.

Jeremy’s Rocker (Day 204)

Okay it’s not really Jeremy’s rocker – but he has sat in it more than I have.

We looked around for ages for a rocker or a rocking chair. What ever you want to call it. My brother has the one that my mother had when she had us. When I had Seth I didn’t have one. At that point we had a futon for a couch and one recliner in our tiny apartment. So I used the recliner even though it was hard as crap to get out of it when I finally got Seth to sleep.

I hated that thing.

So when we started to look we went to our usual place – Craigslist. The only rockers that were for sale were the fully upholstered ones that run like $700 (used for like $250) and I didn’t want that either. How come no one was selling just a regular rocking chair?

There is a place locally that sells all wood furniture. So I dragged my nephew Jeff with me one day to go look. They had several rocking chairs but they were all over $200. Some more than $300 if they were Amish made. Don’t get me wrong I loved them but I wasn’t going to pay that much for a rocking chair.

No luck there or Craigslist. The only other places to look were furniture stores like Ashley or wholesale warehouses. Jeremy and I did just that two weekends ago. Sadly – they were all over $200 also. I knew there were glider rockers at Wal-Mart but I didn’t know if we could find one that was around the same price somewhere else and maybe better made.

Nope. We didn’t.

So off to Wal-Mart we went. Oddly enough the same exact chair at our Wal-mart (closest to the house) was $145 and the one closest to Jeremy’s dad’s house (30 minutes away from us) was $130. So needless to say we went to the cheaper place. Jeremy checked out how it was made and he said that it was actually pretty decent. Just like the rockers we looked at when we went to the wholesale place who wanted $260 bucks for theirs. We were saving about $100 getting the same thing from Wal-Mart. So – here she is.
Might I also add that the one at the wholesale place didn’t come with an ottoman. The one from Wal-Mart does. They wanted about $150 just for the ottoman at the wholesale store. Ridiculous I know. The wood on the glider matches the wood on Keira’s crib and changing table. The off white fabric is suede feeling and seems easy enough to clean.

When we first got it, it stayed in the living room. It was too crowded in there for my taste so I finally moved it to her room. Once it was in there I realized that the day bed we were going to build plus a dresser may not fit. Yikes! We’ve been thinking about 86ing the whole idea of a day bed in there. I mean there is a glider in there now but – I just liked the idea of having a place to lay down I guess.

We will have to see how that goes. We also were thinking about a five foot long dresser. If we could find a shorter one the day bed wouldn’t be an issue. I’ve re-arranged her room about five times. At the moment her crib is between the closet and a window. It being close to the window makes me nervous but at the same time I don’t think she could reach anything on them (like the blinds or the strings or anything). It will more than likely be moved again – and maybe one more time after that.

xo – S.J.

Day Bed! (Day 197)

For a few months now we’ve had 3/4″ wood pieces in the garage waiting and ready for our storage day bed project. Saturday before we left to look for a dresser we made sure we had everything we needed. Turns out we didn’t.


We need another sheet of 3/4″ wood and if we wanted to use the 2×4’s for trim we could cut them down. We decided we would wait and see how much trim was at Home Depot before we made our decision. We already have white paint – that hopefully is still good to use – and since Jeremy bought that skill saw I mentioned in the previous post we can get started this week! We have a saw – but it’s battery-powered. It dies within like 10 minutes and takes forever to charge back up.

So – after driving around to all the furniture stores we went to Home Depot. Turns out trim was cheaper than what we thought. We got all our trim we needed and the sheet of 3/4″ wood we needed for about $30. Not bad considering we got all the other wood for FREE. Now we just need to buy the $150 twin mattress for it.

In case you were wondering – we got the plans for the day bed from Ana White’s website. We hope to make our daybed just like this.
We will have pink baskets or white baskets with pink liners. The mattress will have a pink sheet on it (or a brown one). We need to get pillows – I’ll probably hit up Home Goods for those. I found a giraffe print pillow at Wal-Mart yesterday but it was $11. Not something I am willing to pay.

This week is Seth’s fall break from school. Since there is a lady that lives down the street whose daughter Seth goes to school with – she’s letting him stay with her for a few hours between when Jeremy goes to work and I get home. That way we save about $100 on daycare! Awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

Since Seth is staying home with Jeremy – I am thinking maybe Jeremy can start cutting the pieces we need for the day bed this week. Hopefully have it painted and be done with it by next weekend. We will see how that goes though. I can’t do power tools – well except for a drill – otherwise I’d do it myself! HA!

I’ll keep you updated!

xo – S.J.

PS: We got our glider rocker from Wal-Mart yesterday. I can’t find a picture of it online but we paid $140 for it after tax and it came with an ottoman. It’s espresso colored like Keira’s crib and changing table and has white swede cushions. SO comfy!!


Dresser Search (Day 196)

I thought finding a dresser for Keira’s room would be easy. Why does it seem like I am always wrong?

This past Saturday we drove around and looked at several different furniture places for a dresser. We went to a resale warehouse, a few antique stores we saw on Craigslist and a several different furniture warehouses. Sad to say – we found nothing.

Jeremy did buy a skill saw for $5 from the resale warehouse. It works and a lot better than what I thought it would. There was a dresser at an antique mall I fell in love with for about $70 but when we got there it was gone. At a furniture warehouse there was a lady that was working really hard to sell us a dresser and a chest of drawers (that’s for our room) but in all seriousness – everything was WAY over priced and particle board made. Most of it was anyway.

I saw glider rockers in the back of the warehouse and went to look. The cheapest was $300 marked down from about $650. Honestly – I’ll take Wal-Mart’s $135 glider rocker AND ottoman. Not yours. Thanks.

Since we have internet on our phones now – thanks to switching to AT&T – I searched on Craigslist on Sunday evening at Jeremy’s dad’s house while waiting on a yummy lunch from his step-mom Mary. I found this.
Don’t laugh at the color (I actually like it). It would be easily paintable though to the white we need (with a few extra coats maybe). It says it’s a Victorian dresser (who knows) and she’s only $60. She’s also not that far of a drive from where we live and I’m dying to get it. Of course – since the weekend is over and Jeremy has school and work and I only drive the car – by the time next weekend comes around she’ll be gone (more than likely) and the search will have to start all over again.

At least I’ve washed most of the things we got from the baby shower. I had to go and buy about 30 more hangers (for a total of about 50 so far) and I will still need more. All the bottoms to the outfits are currently folded on her changing table waiting for a dresser (or daybed) to fill. More on that daybed thing later.

xo – S.J.

Registry Redo (Day 195)

Today I decided to go through my Babies R Us registry and delete any items that I think we really won’t use or need – ever.

Seems daunting. I know if I delete something I can just add it back later if we want but – it seems very final to hit that “delete” button and then the website ask you again “Are you sure you want to delete this item from your registry”. I’ve deleted two items already and reduced the quantity of one.

First on the chopping block – the diaper stacker.

I mean – when I think about it – why would I want to take diapers out of a box/bag to just put them in the diaper stacker? I can use a basket – same purpose and just as cute but you actually see the diapers. Who cares right? Also – at $20 I am sure I could find something else to spend that on.

Second on the chopping block – the safety step.
Again – not saying that there is anything wrong with having this but we already have a step stool. It’s gray and from Wal-Mart but that one only cost me about $5 and this one by Baby Bjorn (which is a brand I LOVE) is $22. Sorry but no thanks!

The one thing so far I have chosen to downgrade the quantity on is what Babies R Us calls a multi use pad (large).
It’s waterproof – which her mattress we bought already is – and it’s bigger than a sheet saver. It’s $10 though and instead of using this you could just put two sheet savers in the crib or bassinet or whatever. We had two on our registry so I have marked it down to only one. Why in the world would I need two of these? I don’t even think I used this or sheet savers with Seth. There were only a few times I needed one anyway.

We also have a bassinet on our registry (we found one we like at the store and it’s cheaper but for some reason not on the website at Babies R Us) and a co-sleeper in bed thing. I’ve debated taking the co-sleeper thing off because we only have a queen sized bed and both of us like to spread out. I don’t think there would be room for it. As a matter of fact – I think I will take it off.

There. Done!

Moving on….there is a bottle and jar warmer that’s $25 on our registry. I plan on nursing so – there really wouldn’t be a need for a warmer for a while. Once she goes to daycare they have their own way of thawing out frozen (or partially frozen) breast milk…it’s called hot water from the sink. I’m thinking this may work just fine for us too! I didn’t have one of these with Seth and he was perfectly happy drinking his formula the way it was – we never had to heat it for him. Also debating on taking this off too.

There is also a bunch of blankets on the registry – receiving blankets and fuzzy blankets. I’m pretty sure we have plenty of receiving blankets but just to make sure I am going to wait until I get everything washed and counted before I start taking them off. I know we have at least four fuzzy blankets and we will need the thicker ones like that since she’ll be born during winter.

Again – going through this is probably just my OCD but there is only seven weeks left and I don’t want to spend money on something that we won’t use or don’t really need. A lot more things will likely be taken off between now and then – I’m feeling a little stressed still about not having everything but I will get over it – eventually. I’m starting to worry about when I will be out for my 12 weeks. I get four weeks of that paid but the rest (eight weeks) isn’t. We’ve been saving our money for those weeks – I just hope it’s enough.

xo – S.J.

The Reveal (Day 163)

This past weekend we finished the last pieces of furniture for Seth’s room. Everything was painted black and had silver handles. The handles were either spray painted or bought. So – the past few days has been the lovely task of going through the stuff in Seth’s old room (toys and such) and figuring out where to put them in the new room.

I’m telling you – the kid has WAY too much crap. Too much as in – we couldn’t see the floor and the only piece of furniture in his room was his bed. Seriously. There is now a pile of stuff in a tupper ware tote in the hallway that is over flowing. Like it comes up to my hip almost stacked full of stuff he doesn’t play with or with clothes he can no longer wear. This will be the FIFTH tote of stuff taken to Goodwill from his room in the past several months.

Oh – and we still aren’t done in his room. The new room still has stuff that needs to be put up into the attic or building. Jeremy is working on getting it done this week. So everything in Seth’s closet (clothes) is still in there – which I need to go through those too. He has a three drawer plastic dresser in his closet which held toys too – that’s still in his old room needing to be gone through. He also has a two drawer dresser (a small one from Wal-Mart) still in his room with winter clothes in them I need to go through.

Both of those items will be able to fit in his closet once it’s cleaned out and that will give him a place to store his shoes on top. I swear he has more shoes than I do! I realized yesterday that most of his clothes are still on “baby” hangers and they actually are still useful. Nothing falls off of them. I think next year we might have to switch over to regular hangers.

So for the big reveal – Seth’s new room.
Don’t mind that cabinet on the left with no top – it was in the garage letting the clear coat dry on it. We got it without a top for free (woo hoo) and used a router to put an edge on it and spray painted it. Those handles (there were two – one for the drawer that is missing in this picture) were bought at Wal-Mart for $5. This picture was taken in front of the closet and 2nd window.
This picture was taken beside the night stand. That door with the sticky note on it? That’s the closet. There is a window to the left of it and the closet will hopefully be cleaned out by this weekend. The Playstation and remotes are in the floor here too – whoops. It stands vertically beside the tv.
Taken from the entry door to the room. That shelf was originally brown and from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $7 on sale a few years ago. We never used it until now! It houses coral from Seth’s Uncle Johnathan, a trophy from a Word Of Life competition and two pieces of pottery Seth’s has painted. The eagle picture also came from Seth’s Uncle Johnathan – I am pretty sure it’s the Declaration of Independence that’s in the other side. Oh – the weights? They are going into the building. The drawer for the cabinet is on the futon (yup – it’s staying) and there is a hard hat that goes to Uncle Jared, a garbage can and a picture that will be framed at some point and put somewhere. Maybe. That garbage can will probably stay in his room – even though we don’t really allow him to have food or drinks in there.

He loves his new room – it doesn’t scream “little kid” and it’s “cool” enough that when he hits his teen years (in three years!!!) he won’t want to change it – hopefully.

So – there it is. Back bedroom chaos into Seth’s grown up room. What do you think? There are a few more things to be put up on the wall and that will be it. Toys will all find a home either in the new room or in the back of the car on the way to Goodwill.

Now to start on Keira’s room. Details on the colors of her room coming soon!!

xo – S.J.