Poor Kid….

I went to pick up Keira yesterday from her daycare. I have to pass by the infant room on the way to her room and the girl in there – Cristina – was holding a teeny tiny baby boy wrapped up in a Florida Gators blanket with a football onesie on under it.

He was sooooo soooo tiny!! I just wanted to squeeze him!! He was only six weeks old and it made me really miss Keira being that little! No – that little baby did not make me want to go home and jump my husband to have another one – I can wait until she’s potty trained….maybe.

Anyway – I stopped and awed and ohed over him and touched his little fuzzy feet. He had been fussing but then he saw me and he quit – I’m awesome. So I asked her the norm…how old is he, what’s his name…you know. That’s how I knew he was six weeks old. Then when she told me his name I was like “Oh like Aspen but with an E. Espen.”

Next is when I knew the kid would have it bad in school forever. Cristina said “No not like that. It’s like E-S-P-N.”

I hung my head for him. ESPN. REALLY?!?!

Kid, God love you, I’m so sorry your parents named you that. You have to know your parents really like football and they REALLY want you to like it too. I’m so glad my parents didn’t name me Virginia or…Georgia. Or like those chicks on Hart Of Dixie – Magnolia and Lemon Breeland.

Here’s hoping that Keira and this kid don’t go to the same school and end up liking each other and then they get married. I don’t know if I could handle it. My cousin Crystal married a guy named Addan. My dad used to say “Like Addan and Subtractin.”

Have you ever heard any weird kid names???


What’s in a name? (Day 98)

When I type in Keira into the Bing home page this is what I see. Sorry if it’s a little fuzzy (you can click on it to make it bigger and it won’t be as fuzzy).
First – let me say that we were not planning on spelling it this way ^ – we were planning on going with Kiera to be grammatically correct but when it’s said out loud it sounds more like Key-Era instead of sounding like we want it to sound which is like Ker-ra. Okay – if that doesn’t make sense to you, have you ever watched Reba MacIntyre’s show – aptly named – Reba? She has a daughter on that show named Keira (but they spelled it Kyra). Anyway – it’s said like that – hopefully it wasn’t all that confusing.

So it’s Keira now. We’ve decided that will be our little pea’s first name. I can’t wait to meet her! A few posts back I had mentioned that her middle name would be Faith. After talking with a friend – I realized that there were already too many girls with that middle name in the family. So then we had thought about Grace – same thing there. Then it was on to Hope but Seth has a cousin named Hope so that was a no go. What was left? Nothing really.

A few weeks ago (when we found out) all the mom’s and my friend Natalie and my SIL Crystal got together to talk about baby shower stuff. When I announced it was a girl there – I told everyone the baby’s first name. I don’t think my mom was too on board with it at first but it will grow on her. She went on to talk about my fifth great-grandmother. Her name was Sara Jane. My Grandmother’s name was Carolyn Jane and of course my name is Jane.

Now my Great Grandmother – her name was Della Irene. Yeah – that would be a no. My Maw-Maw was adamant that I not be named after her so I wouldn’t do something she didn’t want then – now. On Jeremy’s side there is a Lynda (his mom), Kathy (his Aunt) and a Lynette (also his Aunt). Kathy and Lynette were also the last girls to be born with our last name – so it’s been a while since there was a girl. None of those sounded good to us either (but we love you anyway!!). Then there is Granny Pony. Pony isn’t her name – it was what the kids started calling her when they couldn’t say Grand-momma or some other name for her – it just kind of stuck. Her real name is Leona but I think that name has already been spoken for.

That left us with either going back to the 100,001 baby name book and finding another name or just going with a name that we know no one will misspell or say wrong and no one has claimed. Mine. So we decided Saturday morning. Our little girl’s name will be Keira Jane.

Keira means “little dark-haired one” and Jane means “God is gracious” and they sound good together. I can’t wait to meet her in five months!

xo – S.J.

And It’s A…..(Day 96)

Saturday!!! Yea for the weekend!!! Aren’t you glad it’s Saturday? I know I will be (see – I am technically writing this on Friday evening)! So excited! Even though my face just broke out like I’m 14 again. I will take pictures cause I know that some people will kill me if I don’t!! Of the party – not my ugly face. I won’t name names so no one will come looking for you if I for some reason go missing!

So the plan (tonight – Friday) is to get my niece Hunter, go by Sara Lee discount bakery, get Seth, go by my brother’s house and pick up some things, go home and make a grocery list, go to the store and try not so spend more than $90 and make cupcakes once we are back at the house and everything is put up. Whew! Just think – I’m pregnant too! It’s like I’m super woman or something! HA!

Saturday’s plan is this – get up and fix breakfast – go get the cake we ordered for the party. Ice the cupcakes if Hunter and I didn’t do that last night. Sweep, mop, vacuum (? – that what spell check says), pretty up the kitchen and outdoors with decorations AND THEN blow up the kiddie pool and make sure the slip n’ slide works. Oh – and fix hot dogs and the fruit tray with strawberry fruit dip and set out the cupcakes around the cake to make it look all cute.

We invited about 60 people to our little 1,300ish square foot house – only 40 of them have said they will be here – so I might not go COMPLETELY crazy. I know I will battle flies after everyone leaves for probably the next two to three days but that’s okay – I can deal.

Like I said – for those who won’t be attending – we will have hot dogs, ice cream, a fruit tray, cake and cupcakes. I fear I may give some children a sugar high but at least they go home with their parents and don’t stay with me! We bought little pink and blue pacifiers for people to hang on their wrists/cups to let everyone know what they think the baby will be. We’ll cook out and then cut the cake which is either pink or blue on the inside – which – if you’re reading this – has already happened.

So I guess you want to know if it was pink or blue? Right? I think you might – but that will have to wait a second. Jeremy and I found this really cute giraffe wall vinyl that I just have to share.
This makes me think of Seth (being the big giraffe) and the little one being Kiera. Of course it would have to be in some other color besides orange like maybe Seth’s giraffe being brown and her’s being pink or some other color that matches this.


Did you catch that? ๐Ÿ™‚ Did you see how I sneaked it in there? Did you get it BEFORE you saw the bedding? Come on – be honest!!!

Yup – our little pea is a SHE!! According to the ultrasound tech and I KNOW what I saw and it wasn’t a little ding-a-ling!! Sorry – just had to say that!

Her first name will be Kiera and if anyone steals it I will hunt you down – don’t even try me. I just knew it was going to be a girl and when the tech actually said “Looks like you’re having a girl” I thought I’d heard her wrong. Then she pointed out those three lines on the screen. I thought Lynda (Jeremy’s mom) was going to pass out. I wish I had a camera to catch the look on her face. Like I said though – I just felt like it was going to be a girl but I totally expected to hear “It’s a boy”. Why? Cause this is the first girl with our last name since Jeremy’s two aunt’s were born. Don’t worry Aunt Kathy and Aunt Lynette – I won’t say how long. ๐Ÿ™‚

Kiera’s middle name was going to be Faith but after talking to a friend about names of other kids we are changing it. We haven’t decided to what yet but I think my mom was leaning toward Jane. I found out it was my fifth great-grandmother’s name (Sara Jane) and that’s where my grandmother got her name (Carolyn Jane) and where I got my name. At least I am pretty sure my mom said fifth great grandmother. Anyway – we will let you guys know when we know!

Oh – and in case you’re wondering – our registry is already done so you can go check them out if you want at Babies R Us, Amazon and Target.

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Picture of giraffe decal is from here at Cherry Walls on Etsy and the bedding is from here.


Sunday & Baby Names (Day 76)

Being in the pool takes a lot out of you as I quickly learned – waking up seeing eleven on the alarm clock. Crap.

No alarms on the phones went off – Seth was still asleep and I was hungry. Imagine that. It was too late for breakfast from Hardee’s and since I hadn’t went to the store yet there was only three eggs and some biscuits in the fridge. Not nearly enough for all off us – plus there was no bacon. I must have bacon.

So – once I got Jeremy up and Seth up and we all got dressed and ready it was around one. I convinced Jeremy we needed to go to Cracker Barrel and off we went. I love Cracker Barrel and not just because it was the place I had my first job. I made $8 an hour at age 15 to wrap presents. Everyone hates my wrapping skills at Christmas because I use WAY too much tape – but it’s just to keep out prying eyes from the cracks in the paper. It’s something I had to do at Cracker Barrel – it just kind of stuck.

Anyway – I had two eggs with cheese, three pieces of bacon, a biscuit with grape jelly and a pancake. We still ended up taking two pancakes with us because Jeremy couldn’t eat them either. After we went into the antique store where I loved an old buffet they had for $170 but we decided not to get it. I was kind of sad but I know we can find something else.

We also decided that it was still early enough to go to my MIL’s house for a swim – it was only 4:30 and still really hot so off we went. We leave our bathing suit and towels there so we don’t have to lug wet stuff back and forth to our house. Once there Jeremy’s mom and step dad were already in the pool so we all changed and got in. It was still pretty cold to me but it was too hot to sit under the umbrella. Later we got something else to eat for dinner – don’t ask me what it was cause I can’t remember – and ended up going through our baby name book.

We sat down and wrote out all the highlighted names in the book. Boys on one side – girls on the other. We had probably 24 girl names and 19 boy names. Jeremy thought that the easiest way to pick out names was for each of us to write down our favorite eight from each list. The ones we both liked would be the ones we would eventually choose the name of the baby from.

Well – we wrote down our eight and handed them over to Lynda (my MIL) and she read out the ones that we matched. For girls there were only two. Kiera and Faith – Faith was a last-minute addition and we don’t know why it wasn’t highlighted in the first place. Now we had initially told Seth he could pick the middle name from a select list but since we only matched two girl names there was no list to pick from. Therefore – if this little pea is a girl her name will be Kiera Faith. What do you think? I love it – it’s different but not so different that people are like “Huh? What did you just say?”

Now as far as the boys names go we had four matching names. In no particular order: Evan, Elijah, Cooper and Jace. I can’t tell you which one is my favorite because really they all are. Being as we were into making our lists I sat and wrote down each name with the other names as the middle. For example: Jace Evan, Jace Elijah, Jace Cooper then Evan Elijah, Evan Cooper, Evan Jace and so on. We said each name (twelve of them) out loud to Lynda, Rik and Seth. We couldn’t make a final decision on a boy’s name at that moment. Given that you have probably wrote down or thought about the names given interchanged together – what is your favorite boy name?

Up next – the weekly update! ๐Ÿ™‚

xo – S.J.

Cookies… (Day 11)

Last night I made cookies – toll house chocolate chip cookies. I didn’t really feel like making them from scratch but don’t tell the guys in the shop that! Last year when it was someones birthday I’d just put a sticky note on their check that week saying “Happy Birthday”. This year I figured I’d actually make them something – well – make everyone something.

Last month I made cupcakes, or was that the month before? Anyway, I decided to make cookies cause well, it was easier and it was seven o’clock and I wanted to go to bed already. There were four guys this month who had birthdays and I am pretty sure that the one cookie I had this morning when I got here will be the only one I get all day. Until I get home anyway – cause I saved some!

We haven’t looked at the baby name book that much this week. I mean – we have a few months to figure something out. I have made the decision that I will not use formula. It just costs way to much and I mean – God made women to provide for their babies for free! ๐Ÿ™‚ We have decided on paint colors for the baby room – partially. The bottom part will be chocolate-brown with white chair railing and the top will either be green, blue or pink. But I just remembered that someone else will be doing that same style. Grrrr….ย  Okay – so full green, blue or pink walls and make chocolate-brown stripes (only two – one about 8″ and a smaller one about 4″) as not to be copy cats.

Eh – I will talk to the hubs about it tonight. See – I wouldn’t have remembered that if I didn’t tell you guys about it here! Oh – and any suggestions for a gender neutral nursery would be greatly appreciated!!!

xo – S.J.

How We Told (Day 9)

First off – I am caught up on my Post A Day challenge for myself! Yea me! Oh – and this is long!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Second – I’ll tell you how we told the family. As you know here I told my friend Meiyen first. She is the hubs cousin’s wife…they live in that big city called the ATL. She had called me the night before (Thursday) and asked how I was since that past Sunday Aunt K speculated that I was pregnant. So I told her I hadn’t started yet and that I had just bought tests and would take one tomorrow. As soon as I figured she would be up – I texted her to tell her that it said positive and I had an appointment.

So after the appointment – I called the hubs first to let him know the great news and then Meiyen. I found out later that the hubs had told his best friend KC first after work. That night (Friday) we took the hubs brother J.A. and his wife R to dinner at a local pizza place since it was his birthday this weekend. We ordered and then got a table outside cause it was really nice.

After some regular conversation, the hubs told them we were having a baby – this is also when Seth found out. J.A. gave the hubs a hug and said it was the best present he could have ever gotten for his birthday. Of course – we got him something cause not getting him something would have just been wrong! R was really happy for us too and Seth – well he just said “What?” Then I told him – “You’re going to be a big brother!” He kind of sat there for a minute then just said “Cool.” I didn’t really know what to expect from an eight almost nine-year old but over the course of the weekend he started coming up with names and checking out all the baby stuff at every store we went to!

Now – on to the rest of the family. Saturday we went with J.A and R, M.H. & K (the hubs youngest brother and his wife) and the hubs mom and step dad to O’Charlie’s for J.A.’s birthday. We didn’t talk about the baby at all through dinner because everyone was supposed to come back to our house for games.

M.H. and K didn’t know either and J.A. seemed really excited about us telling everyone – which I thought was awesome. After dinner everyone went to Wal-Mart for different things but we picked up a Sprite and that baby name book I posted about. Before everyone got there we called Grandma and Grandpa (the hubs dad and step mom). They have a camper out in Alabama on the lake and were there. We told them that Aunt K was on a winning streak and that’s all it took. “You’re pregnant?” is all that Grandma could say. Needless to say they were really happy and excited. We talked for a bit and then let them go because we saw M.H. and K’s car.

The hubs had wrapped up the baby name book in the bag on the counter. Once M.H. and K were settled and some talk got started, the hubs took the book and said “I don’t know if you guys have names picked out or not but this might help you, I know it will help us.” K looked up to the hubs and then to me and said “Are you expecting?” I just shook my head yes. She got up and came to give me a hug. M.H. hugged the hubs and then of course they congratulated us.

J.A. and R showed up next and then the hubs mom (lets call her Ly and her husband R) showed up. They sat down and we started talking about different games we could play and I think we did J.A. gifts first, I could be confused. M.A. and K were looking through the baby name book and they were calling out different names that were funny or just plain stupid. One of the ones that was called out was Abirtha.

The hubs smiled at me and said “That’s funny. M.H. and K are having Abirtha in September and me and Jane are having Abirtha in November.” I waited for Ly and R reaction. R looked to me and then smiled. Ly didn’t get it all she said was “Huh?”

J.A. then explained “J.M. (my husband) is using the name Abirtha to say that M.H. and K are having a baby in September. Then he said me and Jane are having Abirtha in November.” She got it at that point. She looked to R, then to the hubs and then me. “You’re pregnant?” I just shook my head – she literally jumped out of her seat and started to jump up and down and scream. I wish I would have had my camera.

Sunday we spent with Grandma and Grandpa and of course we told everyone we could at church that morning. Later in the evening I got to thinking – with my family, the hubs family, our friends and church family – it’s going to be one heck of a baby shower!!!

xo – S.J.

More Names! (Day 7)

I think I’ll just start putting day instead of Post A Day or PAD or what ever. ๐Ÿ™‚

So – baby names. The hubs and I have looked through all 600 lists in the book, nothing really stood out to us (well – one has but I won’t say yet) and we are into the T’s for girl names. We haven’t even hit the boy names yet. I don’t have the book with me at the moment but we are highlighting and at the end of the book I will flip back through and write down all the names in alphabetical order – cause I’m O.C.D. like that.

In their 600 lists were ones like – Southern names which of course Scarlett was in there and so was Georgia – Presidential names, popular names from ALL the states and other countries etc. If I take a guess – we’ve marked about 15 names, mostly girls cause like I said – we haven’t gotten to the boy names yet.

I did order some thing last week when we found out.
You can’t really read it on here – but it says first in the top corner and then the list reads positive test, sick feeling, craving and the list goes on. I bought it and a smudge proof pen from Ruby Love Designs on Etsy. You can click that underlined part and it will take you to her store.

She (and other moms) are based out of Los Angeles, California. She is a graphic designer and when her son was born she hated all the “super cheese” baby books on the market and made her own. There are solid and fabric covered books and you can buy sibling pages, extra baby shower pages and lots more.

Pages can come in different colors to coordinate with what ever book you buy – or not – your choice. This one is of course in blue but I bought mine in lime green (it’s actually really pretty – don’t hate) and pink. I think there are several others too but I won’t bore you. I will let you explore on your own. I should get my pregnancy page pack and pen in about a week. I can’t wait to fill it out!

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Picture is from Ruby Love Designs

Jensen (Post-A-Day 5)

Of course this is a boy name – and I really like it. I looked at a few different places and they all said basically the same.

Baby Name World says that the origins are Finish, Danish and Norwegian. In 1998 it was ranked 968 on the list of baby names. In 2008 it was 999 and in 2009 it was ranked 832. So it’s not that high up on the list, but I still like it.

Think Baby Names says it’s a variant of Janson (Scandinavian) and Jens (Scandinavian & Hebrew). It says there that the meaning of Jensen is God Is Gracious. Adoption.com also says the meaning is the same but with origins from the Nordic region. Babynames.com also agrees with the Scandinavian origin and the meaning.

Then I turned to Ancestry.com. It also says that the origins are Norwegian & Danish but adds Northern German. Wikipedia adds that it is rarely used as a given name and can also be spelled Jenson or Jenssen.

So – there you have it.
Meaning: God Is Gracious
Origins: Finish, Danish, Norwegian, Scandinavian, Hebrew & Northern German

x0 – S.J.

Names (Post-A-Day 4)

I will be posting more meanings of names in the next few weeks and/or months. Maybe some nursery pictures to inspire you too.

I did a search for baby name books – there a like hundreds of them. How do you choose one? DO you choose only one? I found that some have stupid lists in them and others don’t have enough information. It can get very irritating. If you are reading this and want to know the meaning or origin of a name and you can’t find it – leave a comment. I may be able to find something on it.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


xo – S.J.


When I hear that name all I can think about it Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With The Wind. Actually her name was Katie Scarlett O’Hara. I can hear the father in the movie saying her name – he was Irish – I love the accent!

I looked through a few different places on the internet to try to figure out the meaning and origin of the name Scarlett. There is some conflicting information on different sites. One says that the origin is Old French and the others say English or Old English. Either way it’s still a pretty name!

Information I got from Meaning-Of-Baby-Girl-Names.org.uk says that the meaning of the name Scarlett is “Bright Red” and the origin is Old English. (English: 1ย  French: 0) There is also a Numerology meaning of the name Scarlett – if you’re into that kind of thing.

For those not understanding Numerology – you assign a number to each letter of the alphabet then take the numbers and add them together. Then you take that number like say 25 and go 2 + 5 equals 7. You would then look up the meaning for the number 7. The numbers and meanings only go up to nine so you have to add until you get a single number. This system was developed by Pythagoras. If you’ve taken algebra – you know that name.

Okay – so the Numerology number for Scarlett is: 8. According to ol’ Pythagoras system the number 8 means Organizer. They have leadership skills, are a high achievers and have sound judgment. I totally don’t believe that a number and a meaning will totally describe your kid when they grow up but – who knows. On to the next one!

Behindthename.com also says that Scarlett is of English origin (English:2ย  French: 0) They say that it comes from a surname denoted to a person who sold or made clothes made of Scarlet (a kind of cloth) which was derived from Persia.

Answers.com only states that it is defined as a variable color the vivid shade of red used to describe cherries, tomatoes and rubies. They to reference a cloth made from wool which was common in England in Medieval times.

Babynames.com only says that it means red and is of English origin. Babynamesworld.com also says English origin (English: 4ย  French: 0) They also have a graph of the popularity of the name. In 2002 it was ranked #806 on the list of the most popular name, it has risen since then and in 2009 it was #169 on the list.

Lastly – Thinkbabynames.com says it is of FRENCH origin (English: 4ย  French:1) and also means red. It mentions Scarlett O’Hara and a few other famous Scarlett”s. Mike Jagger gave it as a middle name to one of his children. Mfnames.com states – gasp! – the name is of PERSIAN origin but most often used in English to describe a woolen cloth. Sound familiar??

The name Scarlett is derived from the word “scarlet”, a type of woolen cloth common in medieval England. The word “scarlet” is derived from the Latin word “scarlata”, which was itself derived from the Persian word “saqirlat”.

CONCLUSION: Scarlett means red. The origins can be traced to England and Persia. I don’t count the French reference because there was only one. It was used to describe a cloth that came from Persia and used in England during the Medieval period.

ox – S.J.

PS: If you know of anything else as far as other origins or meanings, leave a comment!!