City of Bones: Casting Update

I can not WAIT for this movie to come out! If you haven’t read The Mortal Instruments series – well – there is just something wrong with you. DO NOT compare it to Twilight. Yes there are vampires and werewolves but there are also demons, faeries, witches & warlocks and way too much else to mention. Just read the books people.

Any who – the master mind behind TMI is a woman named Cassandra Clare. I’ve posted casting updates here before – you should be able to find them under the tag “Mortal Instruments”.

Cassie’s been posting on her Tumblr recently new casting so I thought I would share!
First up – Luke. (Possible SPOILER!!!!) The step father of Clary. He’s right up there behind Jace in my book!
His name is Aidan Turner, he’s Irish and in the upcoming movie The Hobbit. How cute is he?! I love him as Luke already!

Next – Madame Dorothea. Clary’s neighbor and a “witch” – like with crystal balls and tarot cards and magic doors kind of witch – till you really get to know her. ๐Ÿ™‚
Don’t you know that face? CCH Pounder. She’s done the X Files, ER and the most awesome show Warehouse 13 and several others. She’s perfect for Dorothea….kind of who I pictured when I was reading the book!

Oh my – Magnus (& Chairman Meow – can’t forget him).
He is Godfrey Gao. Who ever gets to play Alex – I’m jealous! Yeah – they still don’t have an Alex! I can’t even guess who he might be.

Now as for Simon – I know him from a show Jeremy watches….I forget the name of it though (Misfits). It’s a British TV show where these kids get powers some how. It’s an alright show – I don’t make it a regular but this guy is adorbs!
I give you the best Simon EVER – Robert Sheehan.
This kid is unbelievably funny. He will be English in the movie (sad – I like his accent but Simon isn’t Irish). I think Simon is the ice breaker in MANY situations – and the comic relief. Robert will be awesome.

They have also cast Jocelyn (Lena Headey from Game of Thrones) and Hodge (Jared Harris from Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows as Moriarty).













Whew! That’s it….The Mortal Instruments City Of Bones casting update. If you want to check out Cassie’s Tumblr just click here. All the photos I used were from her Tumblr.

I’m really excited about the castings of Simon and Luke. They still need a Valentine, Raphael and Alex. I can’t wait to find out who they are! Anyone else anticipating this movie? August 2013 is a long ways away….



To be completely honest…we could do without our cable. We NEVER watch anything but the news on channel 4….those guys are awesome and are completely on top of everything. Since I was little any time there was weather issues it was always “Paul said it would be like this” – it’s true too.

Anyway – point is – we usually get our other news by the internet. I am on Facebook A LOT and then there’s MSN I check and I must also say that TMZ is an addiction. There has been lots of weird things going on – locally and nationally that have caught my attention.

For instance – this guy in Miami. They say he was on some form or LSD or something called bath salts. I’m sure the other guy was too since they were both supposedly homeless. Two men….naked….on a freeway and one’s eating the others face??? Gosh – sends shiver’s through me. I read somewhere that the man doing the eating was shot several times and never stopped. Finally they just had to kill him. The other man was taken to the hospital and treated. Of course – there are lots of people out there making jokes about the zombie apocalypse…..Resident Evil is just a movie/video game kids – but I do know how to use a 9 mm and a shot-gun just in case!

Locally – a man killed his 28-year-old wife (she owned a tanning salon) and her grandfather and is on the run. He was spotted yesterday near where the murder occurred. Family has been on alert and police and K-9 units have been searching for him non stop. There have even been several helicopters patrolling for him. No one knows why but a family friend went on TV saying that he was a very jealous man and that apparently he had something to be jealous about.

Really? The guy shouldn’t have said anything about anything the woman may or may not have done. That was dumb on his part. I mean – for crying out loud – the woman was murdered and her daughter found her. Don’t say anything about stuff you have no clue about! I know it’s not really “weird” news but what’s weird to me about it is the guy is still in town and they haven’t found him. Which means – in my mind – he has to have someone helping him hide otherwise they would have found him by now.

There was also a three-year old girl locally that died from a self-inflicted gun shot wound. Her father was a state trooper. You’d think him of all people would know not to leave a .45 caliber handgun somewhere that his three-year old daughter and her two-year old cousin could find it. I know he didn’t do it but he basically did by leaving it where she could get to it.

I don’t understand what’s wrong with people. Doing drugs and killing…I mean – what’s wrong with our society? I honestly believe if you kill someone – and there is definitive proof you did it – then you shouldn’t rot in jail, you should be executed.That’s what’s wrong with our justice system I believe.

I’ve been looking into a different direction for my work – hopefully soon I will have an answer about it and maybe – I will be able to under stand what exactly is wrong with people these days.

I’d Sure Not Like To

Check you for ticks!!! YUK!!!

I’ve never – ever in my life – had a tick on my body. Period. I go in the woods (and outside) alright – I wear tall socks, long pants and spray myself down with bug spray 50% of the time when I do. Kids – Seth in particular – wears shorts, short socks and sleeveless t-shirts. He’s a boy – it’s in their nature.

Last night he was playing with the new kids down the street – all five of them – and the boys across the street from us. I met the new kids parents – Sally and um…Allen and the kids across the street dad Scotty. They’ve lived there for a while I don’t know why I never introduced myself. I’m not good with new people.

Anyway – we cooked out hamburgers last night on the grill – well – Jeremy did. I heated up some mesquite baked beans and cut up a tomato that mom brought – horribly cut it to pieces I might add. Yes – mom came to dinner! It’s been a while since I’ve seen her and Keira was happy to see her too. As far as the tomatoes – I hardly ever eat them and I butcher them when I try to cut one up. Never give me a tomato to cut up – unless you want it in chunks for your salad – I can do that.

We all sat down and ate dinner in the kitchen – Keira had sweet potatoes and NO NAP. She’d been getting up a lot more so we thought denying her nap and filling her belly would help her sleep better. She got up once – so I guess it worked. Burger were DELISH – marinated in beer and Dales. Thanks honey! We talked for a while, mom played with Keira and I tried to clean up.

When it was time for mom to leave we went out and talked in the drive way while Jeremy jumped in the shower from smelling like work and smoke from the grill. Seth ran by us yelling “Bye Neeah!!” He could never say Nana so that’s what came out and it stuck – and he went back to playing with the kids down the street. Me and mom talked about everything in the drive way until around 8:10 including Seinfield episodes. The one with the chick and the man hands, the one with the “Pick” and the one where Kramer and George’s dad try to sell a bra for men. It was a fun conversation.

After mom left, Seth came in not to long after. I asked him to help me find Keira’s burp cloth (which is really a receiving blanket) and he went to her room and then the kitchen and then I found it in the living room floor on her play blanket. Seth starts to scratch his head – then he begins to pick something from his hair. Then you see him jump and throw something on the floor and start crying yelling “It’s alive!!!!! Something in my hair was alive!!!” I’m thinking – just a regular bug….

I say “Well go get a piece of toilet paper and pick it up and throw it in the toilet.” So he goes and gets toilet paper and Jeremy goes to check out what it was. It was a TICK!!! O.M.G. Jeremy told Seth to immediately get in the shower and wash thoroughly and feel through his hair for anything else. This is why he will be getting a hair cut soon – his hair is way to long for me.

No more ticks. But we couldn’t tell what kind it was. Deer tick? Dog tick? One of those other kinds of ticks? How many kinds could there be??? Well – there are five (here anyways). It creeps me out even looking at the pictures on the internet to figure out which one it was. This is the best place to check out – Tick Encounter. You can scroll down and click on the region you live in and see which kinds of ticks there are.

Here in the south – in Georgia – there is the Lone Star tick, the Dog tick, Deer tick, Gulf Coast tick and Brown Dog tick. Listed in order from high abundance to low abundance. I won’t put the pictures up here – cause it creeps me out that much – but you can go check them out for yourselves.

From the quick glance I took at the tick Jeremy had in his hand in the toilet paper I am pretty sure in saying that it was a dog tick. When you click on a picture of the one you think you found it gives you a list of diseases that it carries and when it is most abundant. Dog ticks can carry Rocky Mountain Fever and something called Tularemia. It says to seek medical treatment if you’ve been bitten by any tick.

Seth found no more on himself and we checked Keira’s room to be sure and the hallway – and the living room. None to be found. He wasn’t bitten because well – he wouldn’t have pulled it out head and all if it had. Want to hear a nasty story? The night before our wedding my brother (who walked me down the aisle) went camping with one of his buddies and ended up falling asleep outside. Sometime during the night he went inside and fell back asleep. When he got up the next morning and went home to get in the shower he noticed all the spots on his arms, legs and other areas. Upon closer inspection – they were all TICKS. My SIL Crystal – Lord love her – helped him pick all of them out with tweezers and he came to the wedding before going to the doctor about it. At least – I remember him going to the doctor afterwards.

Anyway – I hate ticks. That’s our story from last night – and Johnathan’s weird story. Do you have any tick stories?

The Secret Circle Fall Premier (Day 187)

Okay – to be honest – I wasn’t really looking forward to this show. One thing changed my mind though.
Thomas Dekker. He plays Adam Conant in the Secret Circle and is the love interest for the main character Cassie Blake (played by Britt Robertson).You may recognize him from that Terminator show that was on – the Sara Connor Chronicles. He played Sara’s son.

The premier episode of the first season aired on September 15th (sorry I’m so late). The episode summary says that Cassie’s world is turned upside down when her mother dies in a mysterious accident forcing Cassie to move in with her Grandmother in the small town of Chance Harbor, Washington. (I automatically thought Twilight). When strange things start to happen Cassie’s friends are forced to tell her their secret. (WARNING: Spoilers)

The episode starts out with Cassie in the car and a voice saying that destiny isn’t easy to run from. A car passes her honking on the empty highway and then her tire blows sending her into a spin. She comes to a stop, gets out and checks her tire and sees that there isn’t anyone around to help her except that car that just passed her. She waves – starts to ask for help – and the car drives away.

Personally – I wouldn’t ask for someone’s help who just pissed me off. It breaks to her mother in their kitchen fixing dinner. She calls to tell her about the flat and the same car that passed her on the road pulls up in front of the house. A guy gets out and starts making things happen – water pipes burst, fire erupts from the stove top. The house blows up.

She meets her Grandmother (apparently for the first time) and she is staying in her mother’s old room that hasn’t changed in 16 years. After her shower she sees a guy across the street staring at her from his room (she has a robe on). She closes the curtains but then they open again. The next day at school she meets Adam and the rest of the circle. One of the girls I already can’t stand – Faye. She’s very arrogant – I hate that.

Diana – the leader (sort of) of the circle is put to be like a goody-goody – I am sure she isn’t though. Cassie gets invited to the boat house (a restaurant) after school. Turns out Adam’s dad owns it and was in love with Cassie’s mom. He starts saying that their families are destined to be together – that it’s written in the stars.

That’s as much as I am going to give you. I’ll spare you all the juicy details – you should watch it anyway, it’s a great show. I thought it was going to be more like Charmed revisited. I was totally wrong. Cassie finds out that she’s a witch and they try to convince her but it’s no use. The only one who gets through to her is Adam – and he gets really close to her in the first episode.

This seems like it’s going to be a great show and I don’t see it getting canceled. If it does – I’d be upset. That means I’d have to read the books – and like I have time to read anymore!

xo – S.J.

Body Of Proof (Day 186)

Okay – a little back ground on the Body Of Proof series. Taken from IMDB because I’m too OCD to try to tell you myself without giving something away.

Having lost her medical license in the aftermath of a family tragedy, Megan Hunt M.D. (Dana Delany) joined the medical examiners and proved herself a forensic genius. Yet even diplomatic police partner Pete Dunlop (Nicholas Bishop) can’t prevent her arrogant attitude and total disregard for any authority or social norm to cause grave aggravation all around. Still, as long as the perpetrators suffer most, the bulldozer approach pays off on the balance.
PIcture From Here.

In the finale of season one (called Broken Home) Megan finds out her boss is sleeping with her ex-husband. Megan’s daughter (Lacey – age 12) is talking to her more now – when she wouldn’t even say hello the beginning of the season. She stops a funeral of a girl because she figures out that someone is lying about how she died. It’s all very interesting. But what I’m supposed to be writing about is the series second season premier.(WARNING: Spoilers)

The episode is called “Love Thy Neighbor” and it aired on the 20th of September and it comes on ABC. Sometimes I just don’t have time to watch everything I want to. ๐Ÿ™‚
The episode opens with a girl in the woods who is there to meet her boyfriend. They both snuck out of their house at 5am (seriously?) so they could “be together” when their moment was interrupted by a BMW flying off the embankment at them and running into a tree.

The scene cuts to her meeting Lacey to take her to school at her ex husbands house and she greets both of them – and her boss (Kate) walks out the door and by her, saying hello and moving on. She really doesn’t care about Megan’s feelings AT ALL – at least in my opinion. Her daughter makes the remark that studying at the house is hard because ofย  the noise – of the tv down stairs. Then back to the BMW guy – Megan notices that the man driving the car didn’t turn his face away from the air bag which meant he was unconscious and that there was mud on his shoes but not on the brake or gas pedal. I would have never noticed that! After interviewing the wife – Megan takes a look around the neighborhood. Everyone looks suspicious.

I won’t go into detail with everything (yea for you).ย  Lacey is picked up from school by Kate because she’s sick without Megan knowing. Megan and Pete also find out that the driver of the BMW didn’t get along to well with his neighbors. One of them has a kinky fetish – some of her items match fibers found on the BMW driver. Odd thing – her husband set up the BMW driver and his wife to have an affair (who DOES that?).

Turns out the whole cul-de-sac is in on this “wife swapping” thing – swingers. THE WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD. One guy’s wife left him and took their kids because he realized he loved one of the other women. One of the women in the group (they call it a sisterhood) is trying to sell the others pieces of a time share that turns out to be a money pit. It’s a condo built on top of a land fill in the Bermuda Triangle. Who wouldn’t look into something before they gave someone money?

Megan figures out that something in the air is poising the entire neighborhood. She found evidence of it in the brain of the BMW guy. So they go looking. The guy who lost his wife and kids (and his job) was cooking meth. The BMW guy saw him, so he killed him. Long story short anyway. He said he did it because he didn’t want anything else taken away from him (ie: his income from the meth making). Also – Megan’s daughter lied about being sick so she could get out of a science test. She didn’t want to fail and disappoint her mother. I never did that in school!!

The end.

Not the most riveting season opener ever but it was good. Megan was hit in the face with her ex husband sleeping with her boss and her and her daughter are getting closer. In all seriousness – Megan and her husband divorced over five years ago. Get over it. The whole reason they divorced was because she was more focused on her work than on the family. She still is – kind of – but she’s letting go of being so work oriented as far as I can tell.

All in all – a good episode. Nothing new was learned though and nothing old was really resolved. I watched it on Hulu for free just now as I am watching the CW waiting on the premier of Hart Of Dixie. I love Rachael Bilson (even though I don’t really like Rachaels because of one in particular) but I love the Bilson!

Did/Do you watch Body Of Proof? What do you think about this show? I think it’s a good one for ABC – I just hope it gets better.

xo – S.J.

Fall Premier Time! (Day 185)

Yeah so I know I am a little late writing about the new fall line up – but you have to admit – I’ve been pretty busy.

Surprise baby shower, organizing, making chocolates for baby shower coming up this weekend – crazy busy at work – yeah, I have to seriously think about when I can sit down to write. I guess that’s a good thing though. I mean – I can’t sit down and write amazingly long posts like John and Sherri over at Young House Love but honestly – I wish I could. I seriously read everything they write no matter if I am interested in it or not.

So – Fall Premier Time!!!

I have to admit – most the shows I watch are on the CW network (which used to be the WB). I like a few shows on ABC Family but we don’t get that channel with our cheap $15 a month cable package. I have to resort to watching the shows online either at work (shhhhh) or at home (when I can find time too).

I’m getting around to some of my favorites. First up is Body Of Proof…stay tuned for what I think about it!!!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

xoย  -S.J.

Me Stuff (Day 129)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about things to get for the baby, things to get for Seth and things to get for Jeremy (cause our anniversary was this month) but I haven’t really been looking for anything for me. Hmmmm….

We decided that this year for our anniversary gift to each other that we would buy a new refrigerator – yeah – that’s right. It’s a side by side with ice and water in the door. It’s a definite upgrade from our current fridge – a beige fridge from oh – early ninety’s. We haven’t ordered it yet but we will in the next few weeks.

So I got to looking on Pinterest – the most amazing collection of everything you could ever imagine – and fell in love with some boots. I pinned these pictures in my “clothing” section cause they are paired with outfits but I MUST have these – at some point – not like I’m going to race out and buy them!
The girl in the picture is Emily from Pretty Little Liars – her real name is Shay Mitchell. I love some of the outfits her character wears on the show and this is one of them. I’ve always wondered how much the outfits are and where I could find more of a description on them and such – that place is Polyvore. You can find anything there. Most people make these images and then link to where you can buy the items.

For example – that t-shirt is from and is $125 BUT I am guessing you could find something similar at Forever 21 or even Rue 21 for lots cheaper. The jeans are described as low-rise legging jeans – I’d just buy low-rise skinny jeans (which I already own a pair of). The ones shown are $145 and I paid $20 for mine. The bag is $295 from All Saints which I could do without – I never carry a purse. Earrings say $76 but you could get the same thing from Claire’s or The Icing.

Then come my favorite part – the boots. Steve Madden Women’s Linderr Distressed Knee High Boot – they are $135 on Amazon with free shipping. I am betting that I could find similar ones at Shoe Show or Shoe Carnival or another online place for cheaper. Aren’t they gorgeous though?! I used to wear heels all the time – I’m getting more into boots now – even during the summer with jeans. Since I’m pregnant though I haven’t been wearing any – just flip-flops mostly – which I need to make a trip to Old Navy to buy more. My grey ones are getting worn out!!

I can’t be the only one who wants those boots!! Oh – if your interested in how Polyvore works either visit their website linked above or click the red Pinterest button at the right of the page. That will take you to my pin boards and you can click on clothing. From there if you click on a picture you like it will bring it up on one page then click again to be taken directly to the place I got it from. If it has been pinned before – you must visit the original pinner’s page. Sounds confusing but it’s not – promise!!!

xo – S.J.

Oh Hugh…(Day 87)

Oh my goodness….the yumminess that is Hugh Laurie. You may know him as Dr. Gregory House or from that Stewart Little movie. Did you know the man can sing and play the piano?

He released his debut album last month – I just heard about it last week so I searched it. I found it on and was so excited!!! I read up on it before I downloaded it. He has a website up about his music –

The first thing I did was register for the guitar signed by him. I don’t play but – at least I would own it (if I win). Then I went to the “About” section. In the first paragraph I read that it is a “celebration of New Orleans blues”. Blues has never been at the top of my “go to” music list but I like it. Some of it. It says the album was inspired by T-Bone Burnett’s “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” soundtrack. Once I read that I knew I had to download it. If you’ve never seen Oh Brother Where Art Thou and you live in the South – there is something wrong with you. Same goes for if you’ve never seen Gone With The Wind.

Anyway – Hugh’s album is called “Let Them Talk” and it’s also the title track. Hugh plays the piano through the whole album and does all the vocals with the help of the so-called “Queen of New Orleans” Irma Thomas, blues piano and horn player Allen Toussaint and vocal legend Sir Tom Jones. He also collaborated on ‘After You’ve Gone’ with Dr. John (Dr. John also was on the album Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band in 1990 – I got that somewhere).

So I downloaded it and I’ve been listening to it while writing this post. I might not be for most people – but I like it pretty well. Hugh doesn’t sound English when he sings but his voice is just – I can’t really find a word for it. You just have to listen to it. Since I say that – here you go. The first one is an intro to the album itself – if you don’t want to listen to it skip to the next one to hear him just sing. Sorry the second one is jumpy – it’s the only one I could find!! Let me know what you think.

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Picture of Hugh from here.

Music (Day 83)

I have read in my Bradley book – and other places – that I should have music playing (if I want) to calm me while in labor. So – I’ve been looking for a used Ipod for sale because I have an older mp3 that I like but just isn’t what I want right now. Jeremy has a Zune but it’s too much new and not a lot of people have them used.

Anyway – I looked through my cd’s in the car and really there isn’t anything relaxing in there unless you consider Paramore and Colt Ford relaxing. I have stuff saved on the computer that I’ve been waiting to burn to cd that I really want in my car but just haven’t gotten around to buying any new cd’s yet.

So to share with you guys what I have been listening to lately here are some of the You Tube video’s I found. First is Olin and the Moon – they played in an episode of One Tree Hill. I watch that show and look up the music they play way too much!!

Jana Kramer plays a character on One Tree Hill – she’s an actress who went to rehab then turned her talents to music (her character not really her!). She actually sounds amazing!

This is another one of her’s – I just really like her voice.

What kind of music do you listen to – to calm down or relax? I need some opinions people! I have a few months to make a list and such but I am one of those people who like to be prepared in advance. Oh – and I don’t like all that classical stuff – it just makes me sleepy!!

xo – S.J.

Cambodia (Day 72)

In reality the correct name is the Kingdom of Cambodia and their tourism website (yes – they have one) says the Kingdom of Wonder at the top.

You may have heard of Cambodia before and not known it. I’ve watched several ghost hunter tv shows about it and a few Vanguard episodes about different things. One of which I will touch on soon. I say you may have heard of it because if you’ve heard of Angkor Wat – you’ve heard about Cambodia.
Cambodia is in the southeastern corner of Asia. Angkor Wat was built as a temple for a king in the early 12th century as the state temple and capital city. It is surrounded by a moat to protect it. The stones that make up Angkor Wat were placed without the use of mortar which I think is just cool. They are held together by mortise and tenon joints or sometimes just dovetails and gravity itself.

A day pass to the Angkor Archeological Park is $20. The park closes at 6pm and according to some locals interviewed by the Destination Truth team – you don’t want to be there after dark. There have been reports of several different types of entities in the complex and screams. I for one – wouldn’t be there.

Another place to visit/stay in Cambodia is Sihanoukville Beach. A white sand beach resort with the waters of the Gulf Of Thailand at your feet. It looks really pretty and I’d love to go there. Anybody with me?

The website offers several different tours/stays for Cambodia. Just like anywhere here would do. Combined packages for the beach and Angkor Wat or travel to the different cities and other Cambodia attractions. Even though all this sounds and looks amazing (check out their other hotels and attractions) you should also be aware of what’s going on that you can’t see and no one talks about.

Vanguard is a show on Current TV. As their page headline reads “No-Limits Documentary Journalism TV Series”. Now if I didn’t have a family – this is the kind of reporting I would do – if at all possible. They get into things that no other tv news shows get into and it’s amazing what the world wouldn’t know if it wasn’t for these people.

One of the shows I am talking about regarding Cambodia is this one: Forest Of Ecstasy. Now this isn’t the whole tv show on this – it’s just the promo. I watched the whole episode on Hulu because we don’t get the channels that it comes on. Just by this preview you see that people are tearing down the forests in Cambodia to supply the world need for ecstasy.

The oil they are taking comes from one certain tree. Once they find it they cut it down and basically boil the oil out of it then take it to who ever makes the pills in Cambodia and start the process over. Adam Yamaguchi and his crew were even fired upon while searching with the police for camps to destroy.

Would you have known where the supply for ecstasy came from if not for this show? Would you have known how that tiny little pill is destroying the forests in Cambodia? I wouldn’t have. I love this type of reporting and I would die to have a chance to go with Mariana on one of her stories.

So – even though it’s a beautiful place to visit and a very ancient culture with lots of buildings to explore – there are dangers that threaten the country and people here who use this drug. I would love to go here just to say that I have been and walked the steps of a centuries old temple.

Knowing the good and bad of Cambodia – would you still go??? Just for kicks I looked up how much an airline ticket would be from Atlanta to Cambodia. Leaving on a Friday and coming back on the following Saturday with short wait times on flight changes was about $2,638 per person round trip.

Maybe one day when I hit the lottery then….

xo – S.J.