Baby Milestone

Keira, our little Princess, will be 15 months old on the 18th of this month.

For a while now we have had this little potty in our master bathroom:

You can click this link to get to Babies R Us website to see how much it is and get it shipped to you. 🙂

Anyway – whenever I go to the potty, she follows right behind me. I always ask her “Do you have to go pee pee?” She will point at the bear on the front and say “Pee-pee”. She’ll sit down and I have to get her up and get her pants off and her diaper to let her sit. But by the time I do that, she’s already went potty. I let her sit there anyway.

Well – yesterday at Big Daddy and Mawmaw’s house she kept saying “pee-pee, pee-pee” and pointing to her diaper. So I checked her but she wasn’t wet. Said it another few times and I finally asked her if she had to go to the potty. She started to walk off to the bathroom.

Once in there I got her pants and diaper off of her and sat her down on the big person potty. She sat there for a minute and kicking her feet, watching her pants fall off her feet. Then she started to fidget like she wanted down. So I stood her up, off to the side of the potty. Almost as soon as her feet it the floor she started to pee. I picked her back up really quick and she stopped and then when I sat her back on the potty she finished pee-peeing in the potty!

I told her “Good girl Keira! Yea!!” She just smiled and kicked her feet. Once I got her down and cleaned up she clapped and I hollared for her daddy to come get her and get a diaper on her. I cleaned up the floor and luckily she didn’t pee on her socks, shoes or pants.

I told her daycare teachers about it and told them to ask her if she needed to go throughout the day. I haven’t called to check on her yet today but I will be sure to ask when I pick her up. Hopefully by the time she’s two she will be fully potty trained – that’s the hope anyway.

If you have kids, how has potty training went for you??


So Over It….

So I know it’s been two weeks since I posted once again – what can I say? Life gets in the way.

Let me tell you – I’ve had it up to here (WAY over my head) with people acting like – well like kids. I don’t know what they said to make you kiss up to them but as of right now – I don’t give a flip. If it’s not about you – then you don’t care. You act as if I don’t even exist until you want something. Do not sit there and think that I am going to jump when you say so. If you want to be part of my life, our life, then make yourself available and make yourself known. Other wise – don’t pitch a fit when I don’t do what you want.

On another note – what the hell is with people giving their kids (like UNDER 2 years old) sweet tea? I mean seriously? Do you not think that it’s bad for them? “Here little one, here’s some tea so you get addicted to the sugar and pitch fits and have sugar highs.”

I flipped out one day when Jeremy told me that his step mom gave Keira a sippy cup of sweet tea. She knows I freaked out about it. Anyway – she said that she didn’t think it was that big a deal. Well you know what – she’s my daughter and you should ask before you give her something. She will not have anything BUT juice or milk until she’s at least three years old. Seth isn’t even allowed to have caffeine – maybe a glass of tea sometimes with dinner (I know tea has caffeine but it’s not like he drinks it all the time). He drinks sprite, water, juice or milk.

I was out once with friends at dinner about two years ago and a woman had a baby who was maybe a year or year and a half old was sitting in the table next to us. I watched her pour COKE into her babies sippy cup and he drank at least two of them while we were there.  Oh and don’t get me started on pregnant people smoking or drinking or being any other kind of unhealthy.

I’m sorry – I hardly ever drink coke so I wouldn’t give it to my kids. I drink mostly water, sprite, koolaid, milk or Diet Snapple. I have an energy drink every now and again and Seth (who’s almost 11) asked when he could have one. I told him when he’s 18 and old enough to have one. Kids under 18 don’t need any energy drinks – they have enough freakin’ energy unless they sit on their arse and play video games all the time and are over weight and only drink them to stay awake to play more Halo.

Am I sorry if what I said offends you? Nope – not one tiny bit. Cause it’s my opinion and my blog. Freedom of Speech folks…..



Oh Ears….

I knew in the back of my mind that Keira’s ear infections were going to lead to this, but I never really wanted to think about it and never really considered the fact that it could happen.

Did you follow that at all?

Keira’s daycare called yesterday around 2 saying that she wouldn’t eat her snack and was fussy and shoving her fingers in her ears. Great. I called the doctor’s office and they wanted me to bring her in. So I go get Seth then Keira and off we go. I could tell she didn’t feel good but she didn’t have a fever or anything.

We waited the shortest amount of time ever at the doctor’s office. I was in and out in about 30 minutes. Awesome. Not awesome was the fact that she now had double ear infections. She was off antibiotics for a week with her last ear infection. When her doctor went to look at her ears he put his instrument down and stuck his head out the door calling for a nurse.

He couldn’t see anything in her ear because of her ear wax. “I swear to you I clean her ears and she hates it” I said to him. He said “Oh I know you do, I can tell BUT she produces more ear wax than normal and you can’t get it all out. It’s too far in there for you to do it.”

He gets out this other thing. Me and a nurse hold her little head, arms and feet down so she can be somewhat still while he proceeds to pull enough earwax out that it’s the SHAPE of her ear canal, from BOTH ears. I felt horrible.

I asked “Can something like that be, you know, hereditary?” Thinking I had asked the dumbest question in the world his answer kind of shocked me “It sure can be. Who else has this problem?” Oh, just Keira’s Big Daddy (Jeremy’s dad) and her Uncle Michael (I think anyways, I know he has problems with his ears a lot, don’t quote me on it.)

Her doctor prescribes her more antibiotics, a stronger dose, and tells me I need to go to the 5th floor to see the E.N.T. doctors and make an appointment as soon as I can. Ear, Nose, Throat……he proceeds to tell me she will more than likely need tubes in her ears. Minor surgery, nothing big.

SURGERY – I don’t care if it is minor in your opinion but my baby is going to be put to sleep and a HOLE will be cut in her ear drum and a tube will be inserted in there. It’s big to me!! Seth never had these type of problems. He was never put to sleep for anything. She’s not even a year old.

I freaked out a bit. Hell I am still freaking out. My boss’ kids have all had tubes (okay 2 out of the 3) and they use the same doctor’s we do. He said that it’s easy and quick and they feel so much better afterwards. I just hope that I can handle the fact they will be taking her away, even if it is just a few minutes. If you know me at all you know I bother her Big Daddy and Mawmaw when they watch her. Text messages at least three or four times. What’s she doing? Is she being good for you guys? Is she fussing?

I’m sure they wish I would just shut up cause she’s totally fine when she’s there and I know this but I hate being away from her. Monday is her appointment at the ENT office at 2pm. They will tell us if they will do the surgery or not and if they don’t do it then, I guess it will have to be scheduled for another day.

Pray for our little girl and me, so I don’t go crazy worrying about this. Oh – Keira was crying while they were cleaning out her ears and I was watching Seth (who’s our 10 year old, if you haven’t been reading my blog for a while) and he was crying. After we left the doctor’s office I asked  him why and he said “Cause she was crying and I couldn’t do anything for her.” I felt my heart melt a little and said “Well, that’s what it will feel like when you grow up and you are a daddy.” This morning I asked him to watch her for a minute so I could get her bottles ready for daycare. I looked over and she was sitting in his lap in the floor and he was reading her Tilly Bee. She sat there herself, I watched her do it. I almost started to cry, like I am right now. Darn it, we have two cute kids…

I’m Back…

For the moment anyway.

It’s been TWO WEEKS since I posted. Dude, I’m sorry! My last post was about my low down dirty EX sister-in-law who was also my best friend who up and left my awesome brother one weekend. Just in case you’re reading this – how is that working out for you? 🙂 Oh – and maybe you can borrow that big white Chevy to look for a job in.

For those of you wondering about my brother…Johnathan won another tournament with his best friend Jamie a few weekends ago. I honestly think he should try to go pro. He is that good, I think it might take just a little convincing. He has the time now to do it since he doesn’t have to work all three of the jobs he had.

Moving on – an update on my Origami Owl business. I’ve made about seven to ten sales and that’s made me my money back I spent on the kit plus a little. Since the Christmas season is coming up I have a few Jewelry Bars in the works and I have two fall festivals booked (one at my son’s school and one at a friend’s church) and possibly another one at another really prominent school for a family member.

Instead of handing out catalogs (which are expensive and take forever to ship at the moment) I printed up 450 (4×6) handouts with all my information on them. Want to see?

The only thing that’s missing from it is my Facebook page which I totally didn’t notice until just now…but that’s okay. I can put a sticker on the back with that information ( I’m pretty excited about everything.

One other thing – we’ve been looking for a new vehicle. Something that will hold five of us….you know: me, Jeremy, Seth, Keira’s huge car/booster seat and an infant seat/car/booster seat in the future. The inside of a civic just isn’t meant for two car seats, an almost 11-year-old and two adults. I looked at come Acura’s yesterday and a Kia. Also a Tahoe and a Suburban. Those last two are for sure NO’s. I do not want to have that gas bill.

Oh – NO I am not currently pregnant. At least I don’t think I am. A week of no birth control pills because I forgot to get them filled – there is maybe a chance but I’d say with 90% certainty its a no. According to my fertility app anyway – it’s impossible. So don’t freak out family. If there is a bun in the oven you’d get a phone call or a Facebook post first. 🙂 Then there would be another gender reveal party to plan! Heehee!!

So that’s been the past two weeks in a nut shell. Nothing else really exciting going on. Keira isn’t walking just yet but she does take about five steps when she thinks no one is looking. Sneaky little bugger. She’s so smart too it’s crazy. Man they grow up so fast! OH! I got her Hello Kitty invites and party supplies. Only one more month and she will be ONE! I can’t wait to see her with her smash cake! 😀

Poor Kid….

I went to pick up Keira yesterday from her daycare. I have to pass by the infant room on the way to her room and the girl in there – Cristina – was holding a teeny tiny baby boy wrapped up in a Florida Gators blanket with a football onesie on under it.

He was sooooo soooo tiny!! I just wanted to squeeze him!! He was only six weeks old and it made me really miss Keira being that little! No – that little baby did not make me want to go home and jump my husband to have another one – I can wait until she’s potty trained….maybe.

Anyway – I stopped and awed and ohed over him and touched his little fuzzy feet. He had been fussing but then he saw me and he quit – I’m awesome. So I asked her the norm…how old is he, what’s his name…you know. That’s how I knew he was six weeks old. Then when she told me his name I was like “Oh like Aspen but with an E. Espen.”

Next is when I knew the kid would have it bad in school forever. Cristina said “No not like that. It’s like E-S-P-N.”

I hung my head for him. ESPN. REALLY?!?!

Kid, God love you, I’m so sorry your parents named you that. You have to know your parents really like football and they REALLY want you to like it too. I’m so glad my parents didn’t name me Virginia or…Georgia. Or like those chicks on Hart Of Dixie – Magnolia and Lemon Breeland.

Here’s hoping that Keira and this kid don’t go to the same school and end up liking each other and then they get married. I don’t know if I could handle it. My cousin Crystal married a guy named Addan. My dad used to say “Like Addan and Subtractin.”

Have you ever heard any weird kid names???

TBD or Mish Mash

I don’t know what to title this post so I’ll just leave it as it is cause there is O2 stuff, baby stuff and other stuff so it’s just a mish mash….there we go  🙂

So….I made my first sale this weekend for Origami Owl! I sold a locket to my sister-in-law Rita and she took some catalogs and business cards with her the next day to church. I was so excited and I can’t wait to get more orders and make some more people smile with their lockets! 🙂

We ate at a buffet for Jeremy’s mom’s birthday on Saturday. Keira ate four pieces of chicken, three green beans, three peach slices, two cantaloupe pieces, a few bites of jello that she could actually keep in her mouth and some ice cream. Man was she hungry! This was also the first week that we started giving her bottles with a little cereal in them before bed. She still gets up at night but it’s a longer stretch from when she first goes down for bed and the first time she gets up. Even then she only nurses for five minutes and she’s out again for another three to four hours.

Like Friday night she went to bed at about 9 and woke up at 3am. Then she was up again at 5:30 but then slept until 8:30. She has NEVER slept past seven since she was born, it was a first and REALLY nice for mommy and daddy. 🙂 These days she’s only eating cereal and fruit for breakfast and then what ever we eat for lunch and a toddler meal for dinner. Yup – toddler meals. She LOVES them and she does so good with them. I swear the girl has gained at least two pounds this week from bottles and actual dinners at night.

She started to refuse the stage 3 baby foods and that’s why we started trying the toddler meals. At daycare she eats their lunches just in her size portion. Amanda (her teacher) says she eats every bite, every day. Keira also loves her pink Playtex sippy cup. She won’t drink out of anything else and I am getting tired of washing it everyday. I will have to buy her another one. OH – and we just went from 5 oz. bottles to 10 oz. bottles. I put six ounces in them today for daycare to see if she eats it all. She had just been taking 5 oz. for the longest time – we only have one month until we can start halving her bottles with whole milk. I kind of can’t wait but at the same time it kind of makes me sad. 😦

Another reason why we’ve been giving her bottles before bed – I think my milk is drying up. I hardly get a half ounce when I pump anymore and drinking more water isn’t helping. I knew it would eventually happen but it makes me feel like my body is saying “Sorry – no more bonding time with Keira!” Jeremy has been giving her the bottles before bed and I know he enjoys that time with her. He deserves it. 🙂

As far as other things go – I am totally happier. I used to wonder what people would say when I would say or do things but I’ve come to realize that what they think or actually say – doesn’t matter because their opinion – in the end – is pointless to me. I don’t do things in my life to benefit them. A wise not old woman told me once “Those people say and do those things to get under your skin because they feel inferior to you.”

Thank you not old woman, thanks. 🙂 I always thought I wasn’t doing enough for my family but apparently – I’m totally doing enough!

New PR’s – Maybe??

So since it rained on Monday I didn’t get to go for a run until Wednesday. That’s the night that we go to church. Which means I usually go run before I get the kids and then meet Jeremy at his dad’s house cause they watch Keira while we go to church.

Well – that’s not what happened on Wednesday. Since we live 30+ minutes away from our church Jeremy wanted me to come pick him up. My car gets better gas mileage than his truck – so I said sure. I changed clothes at work, went and picked up Seth (which is back in school now 15 minutes from where I work) then went on to the house (15+ minutes from the school away from where I work) and did some house cleaning before Jeremy got home. After we all piled in the car we went to get Keira from daycare (closer to my work and Jeremy’s parents) – and then headed to get something for dinner THEN to Jeremy’s parents house.

If you’re wondering why we picked Keira up last – you try doing laundry and dishes and cleaning house while a 9 1/2 month old is clinging to your legs or wanting you to hold her or cry cause you aren’t holding her. Yeah – it felt weird being at home and her not there.

Finally – once at Jeremy’s parents house we dropped the kiddos off and headed for the park. It was about 6:30 by the time we got there. Remember – we have a 5K to run in 22 days (as of today) so we need to get in as much running as we can. We walked for a minute and stretched our muscles and then started off. I turned on my Strava after we were done stretching and didn’t touch it the whole time. I also used the band that Jeremy bought for me.

Long run short – we did 2.5 miles according to my Strava and I had a pace of 12:29 BUT Jeremy’s phone (which is different from mine and in a Otterbox case) says that he did 2.1 miles and had a pace of 15:06. WTHeck?!? When we look at the GPS mapping of the route we took his is more smooth and mines all over the place. His also says that we started and stopped at the same place and mine says we didn’t (but we kind of did so it should at least be close but it’s not).


Does that mean that all my mileage and times are wrong?! Could it have been from the arm band covering up my phone that interfered with the GPS signal? I don’t know. I was mad!!! Then Jeremy said this after we looked at all my other runs and saw that they were kind of off too “At least your phone has been consistently wrong which means you have been improving.” Huh?

He meant that since my phone hasn’t been exactly recording, but I’ve been using the same phone, the PR’s I got on the run for Wednesday are still improvements. See what I’m saying? Here are my PR’s from Wednesday:
400m         1:37
1/2 Mile     4:43
1K               6:30
1 Mile        11:07
2 Miles      24:35

Those are a little better than my 2nd place times so maybe Jeremy is right. I don’t know. Maybe I will use some of the extra money I earn from my new venture to buy myself one of those GPS watches. Maybe that will be better than my phone!

What do you use to keep up with your runs?

9 Months!

Keira turned 9 months old this past Saturday – the 18th. Yesterday was her check up. Seth also had a check up cause he’s 10 this year.

Seth’s check up was like a physical for school except he also got a flu shot too. I asked the doctor about his height because Seth said that he gets picked on because of it. He’s 4′-5″ and I am 5′-4″. The doctor said that Seth should end up being about half a foot taller than me – so that’s about how tall Jeremy is – 5′-10″. The doctor told Seth that he just hasn’t hit his growth spurt just yet. I remember when my brother hit his growth spurt (we are five years apart). It’s like he grew a foot in two weeks (I’m sure it took longer than that in reality). Hopefully – since Seth takes after his Uncle Johnathan so much that’s how it will be for him too.

As for Keira’s check up she was fine until she was laid down so the doctor could check her belly. She didn’t like that and started to cry. When she cried some times she sticks her bottom lip out and frowns…it’s makes me sad to see her unhappy but at the same time I think it’s a cute face. Is that bad? Anyway – they weighed her and she’s only 15 lbs 3 oz. which means she’s only gained a pound since her last check up three months ago.

They measured her and she’s 27″ long. That’s an inch longer than she was three months ago. It kind of made me worry that she wasn’t eating enough or that something was wrong because she hadn’t grown much. The doctor said not to worry – that based on her stats and the growth chart it just meant that she was going to be very petite. That just proves to us that she does take after Jeremy’s mom’s side of the family as far as her body build is concerned. His mom, Aunt and cousin Tara are all about my height or a little taller and little. Little like I gave my size three jeans I couldn’t wear anymore to his mom and they were a little big on her. Yeah – seriously.

Keira’s doctor also said that she could eat anything she wants since she burns off her calories so fast. She has started to eat the lunch that the daycare provides and her teachers say that she has been doing really good with it. Today is ham, corn and pineapples so I am sure that she will love it. Ham is her favorite at the moment.

OH! Something I didn’t know but am kind of super excited about – Keira’s doctor said that beginning at 11 months we can start subing half of her formula bottles with whole milk! She still only drinks between 4-5 ounces every three hours from a bottle so that means that come October 18th 2 1/2 ounces can be formula or breast milk and 2 1/2 ounces can be whole milk. If she does good with that for two weeks we can totally transfer her over to whole milk. I think that will be a good time for me to start weaning her. She already wants the milk I pour for myself (I think she thinks it’s formula or breast milk).

They also gave her a flu shot in her leg and pricked her toe to check her blood count and other things. It came back saying that she’s anemic. Which makes me think that I am too. Guess I should start taking my iron pills again huh? He (Keira’s doctor) said that we should get some Flintstone vitamins with iron and break one in half and crush it up and give it to her daily. So today I did just that and put it in her cereal. Did you know that regular Flintstone vitamins don’t have iron in them? I figured it would – I though it was weird.

Anyway – both kids are good except for the iron issue which makes mommy and daddy happy. Keira ended up falling asleep at around seven and she slept until about 11. Then she got up again around 2:30 and again at 5:30 (I was already up getting ready for work) so I count that she only got up twice. It’s an improvement from the past few nights when it’s been three times. I guess because she was so tired from the doctor’s office.

When did you start giving your baby whole milk? I don’t think Keira will have any reactions but you never know.

See Jane Run

There is actually a website called See Jane Run. They basically sell anything for women that has to do with running.

This past Friday was the first time in a LONG time I had went for a run – and this time I went alone – into the woods. My hubby could have killed me. I had my pocket knife – and a cell phone but let’s face it – if something was going to happen to me, it would still happen.

I went to a nature park that ended up being 20 minutes from my work. I thought it would be closer. There were little white puffy clouds and it felt nice, in the 80’s I’d guess. Someone had said that the last time they were at said park that the trails were over grown. I could tell that they had been through there recently to clear them out as you could still see rake marks in the dirt.

I chose the 1.1 mile loop which said it would take an hour to do….if you were walking. I started up my Strava app and took off. I chose to go to the right which ended up being mostly downhill. Not so bad right? Well – I had to dodge rocks, limbs and leaning trees on the way. There was once – right before a wooden bridge – that I thought I was going to trip and seriously injure my face – but I didn’t! 🙂 I looked at Strava a few minutes later and found I had already done .3 miles and was pretty pumped to go the whole way around the loop. I felt good, I wasn’t breathing heavy or anything (which I honestly thought I would be) and then…

It happened.

Out of no where God decided to make it rain. REALLY!?!?! I checked Strava again and I had done a half mile in about 5 minutes. That’s pretty awesome for me since I haven’t been on a run in almost 6 months. That’s when the next thing happened. My phone decided that it was too hot or wet or whatever and froze. I was pissed to say the least.

So – in the pouring rain I decided to turn around and go back the way I came. I told myself “At least you will do a mile today!” Which is more than I can say for any other day. I started back up the trail and boy was I sorry. I mentioned at the beginning of this post that the way I took was mostly downhill, and remember that place where I almost tripped? Serious incline my friend – seriously.

By the time I got back to the top I was dying. Hills are my worst enemy. My legs felt like jello and I had dirt in my shoe and some how one of my socks came half way off from inside my shoe! I sat down on the closest bench I could find under some trees and took the battery out of my phone under my shirt and put it back in. It didn’t record my run – DANG IT! But I figured out the time and it took me about 15 minutes total. Five down and ten back. Good for me.

I love the Strava app on my phone but I really need an arm band. I looked on Amazon and found this one. Not the prettiest thing ever but are they supposed to be? I also thought about getting one of those FitBit things again. Maybe I can put it on my Christmas list. 🙂 Who knows, maybe Jeremy will get one for Christmas too and we can compare our stats.

I am going running again this afternoon after work. Even though I won’t have an app to track my time or distance (cause I forgot my phone today!!!) I still want to go, I probably just won’t go where I was going to go. I do feel naked without my phone and I’d rather run in an open space without one than in the woods without one. I plan on going Wednesday as well. I think I can put a Strava app on my blog – I remember seeing that somewhere. That way – you guys can see that I am actually doing something and motivate me if I get lazy.

I really want to sign up for my first 5k soon. It will give me something to work towards. AND – we might have found a jogging stroller for $50!! Woo hoo! Seth made mention that he wanted to go with me on my runs. I will see if maybe on Saturday’s we can start going in the mornings. Seth loved track at his old school and is really missing it here at his new one.

Wish us luck on our running endeavors! 🙂

**No such luck finding the Strava app for my blog. Sorry folks! I can keep you updated with screen shots though! It will still keep me accountable!

Hello Again

I realize it’s been two weeks (EEK!) since I wrote a post. Things have just been a little – well….crappy lately.

I was talking to my mom the other day (yesterday actually) and told her this: I feel like I work my hardest and try to do better for myself and my family and it seems like I never get ahead. People who seem to do NOTHING get everything they want/need and that’s BS.

I mean, I see people who say that they are struggling because only one person in their marriage is working but yet they have expertly done nails and toes. Hell – I haven’t had my hair cut in almost six months because I don’t have the money to have it done and have you SEEN my eyebrows lately? Plucking them is not fun…I’d much rather have them ripped out with wax every two weeks but I don’t have the money for that either.

I’m still trying to pull together Keira’s birthday which – in all truth – I have nothing done. The venue is booked but not paid for and the photographer is booked too but not paid for. That’s $200 for both right there. Her cake and cupcakes are ordered. I need to get her invitations, I found the food platters I want and all the decorations I need. It just needs to come together which is kind of stressing me out.

Oh and – I am so completely thankful for Jeremy’s step mom and his dad (Mawmaw and Big Daddy). They keep Keira every once in a while so we can have a meal together without me worrying about feeding her first and my food getting cold. Do you know how awesome that is? I love her to death and miss her horribly but it’s nice to sit and actually eat warm food once in a while. My mom loves Keira to death too but doesn’t get to see her that often cause she works a lot. She comes by the house some too (sorry about the mess mom). I don’t know what we would do without Mawmaw, Big Daddy and Neeah! You guys are awesome grandparents!

Anyway – I feel like I can’t get ahead for nothing. There are two doctor bills that need to be paid because my insurance or Keira’s insurance didn’t cover stuff and that my FSA won’t cover since they were last years bills. There are three other bills that could be completely paid off too and everything else is just regular bills that I can’t really do anything about. Like water, cable, electric etc. Those don’t worry me as much cause they are necessities.

I think I will be less stressed when Seth starts back to school because instead of paying $215 for daycare I will be paying about $185. It’s only a difference of $30 a week but that could go towards those bills I mentioned. Seth wants to take his lunch again this year and needs a new lunch bag. Baseball is in the spring and we just got him a new glove so it will be broken in by then. Keira and Seth both need clothes. Seth because he’s growing out of them for school and Keira well because of the same thing. Babies grow fast and I realized we don’t have a lot of 9-12 month clothes for her. She can still wear some of her 0-3 month onesies!

So – when I was talking to my mom she said that she did the same thing when me and my brother were little. She worried about paying bills and dreamed about a business she could start and things she could do. She said that she should have spent more time with us instead. That we aren’t little forever. She said that she remembered holding our little faces in her hands and thinking “I need to remember this”.

Of course we cried. She said things will get better and I know they will – I just wish it was sooner rather than later.

And who knew my mom was so smart? 🙂