Hot Dang! (Day 236)

First post in a while I know…might be the last one for a while (haha). Who knows.

I was given a pump – a First Years Soothie – I had never heard of it before and a friend of mine had never even seen it before. Anyway – it worked for a few days and I would get about four ounces in like FIVE minutes.  Then it started to not work. The suction on the left side started to not work. The only way I could get any milk to pump at all was to take off the left side bottle and hold my finger over the hole where the suction is and THEN the right side would pump. It took twice as long to pump and then I would only get about two ounces total. That’s when I started asking around about which pumps were the best. Most recommended: Medela.

A friend mentioned searching Ebay for one – so today I did. Jeremy was here with me to look and about an hour before he had to go to work we found a Medela Double Electric Pump with everything and the cooler pack. It was the shoulder bag one – can’t remember the exact name of it. Anyway – there was only three bids on it when we started watching it. There was seven minutes left when Jeremy made our first bid. I’ve never bought anything on Ebay but he has so he knew what he was doing. We were winning until about 30 seconds before it was over then he put in our last bid of $70 and we WON.

AWESOME! With $20 in shipping costs from Massachusetts it ended up being $89.95. YEAH US!! I couldn’t believe it. It says it will ship in about three days so I should get it next week. I pray that it works great. The girl said that it sat in her closet and was opened but she never used it. Plus the one I wanted from Target was $80 so we only spent another $10 for one that comes highly recommended.

I am still learning about this whole breastfeeding thing. She eats on both sides for about 15-20 minutes but I LEAK about an ounce on which ever side she isn’t eating on. So – I collect it and either store it in the fridge or put it in a bottle because most the time – she’s still hungry. I’m not sure if she’s just not getting enough from me or what – she comes off on her own on each side but after the second side – five minutes later she wants more. I either move her back to the other side or just give her what I collected in the bottle.

So far there has been no confusion from her about which is the bottle and which is me – thank goodness. I also found out that I can collect the milk that I leak in the shields that I have to wear. Sometimes – within the hour if she’s eating – I can collect about four or five ounces. I am so glad that I can because I felt horrible throwing it out before. Now – I have a pretty good stock pile of milk in the freezer even without pumping.

So – just a little update about what’s going on. If you breastfeed and pump for whatever reason – what pump do you use? Oh and here is one of Keira’s pictures we got from the hospital – and that’s my amazing hubby Jeremy. Again – pictures don’t do the girl justice!!


She’s Here (Day 235)

In case you haven’t heard….our little girl is here!!

Keira Jane M. was born on November 18th 2011 at 9:13 am at 6 pounds 14 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long.

More later….it’s been busy.

Training (Day 234)

Training the new girl is going pretty well. She learns by doing so I’ve just kind of sat back the past two days and watched her. Monday she watched me and she’s getting the hang of it pretty well.

Today I have a doctor’s appointment. I must have another ultrasound to check her weight – Friday she was 6 pounds 5 ounces – so I doubt that’s she’s gained a lot since then. They will check my blood pressure and stuff as always. Last Friday it was 143/93 or something like that. My protein count was +2 which has gone up in the past two weeks. There is a 99% chance that I will schedule my induction for this Friday – November 18th.

It is so NOT what I wanted but since there is a definite possibility of putting my health and hers at risk with my toxemia getting worse – we decided to not risk it and go ahead with what the doctors recommended. Today there will not be a weekly update. I am telling you right now – after Friday there won’t be many updates from me for at least a week (posts rather). I am sure you can understand why. I will make time to post to my Twitter and my Facebook if you follow me at either place. Although I haven’t figured out how to put text with pictures on Twitter – I just can’t figure it out for some reason. So if there is a picture – I will post a description after.

I will however – tonight or Thursday – make a post about when my induction is on Friday and how everything went at the doctor’s appointment this evening. So stay tuned and wish me luck.

xo – S.J.


RunStar (Day 233)

Since I got to looking for a calorie counter I wondered if there was a running/walking app available for download. Sure enough – there WAS!

It’s called RunStar and you can download the full version for a few bucks ($5 to be exact) and then it will let you do treadmill run, distance run and a timed run. In the free version there is – duh – free run. I used it for the first time Sunday evening. You have to enable the GPS on your phone for the app to work. Once you start a “run” or a “walk” it will find you by GPS and then tell you can start your run/walk.

It keeps up with your pace and distance. It also maps out where you are walking/running using Google maps. Once you’re done it keeps up with how many miles you’ve done in the month, the year and all time. It also automatically makes a “goal” for you. Mine says to do 13 miles in November. Since walking our neighborhood is exactly a mile – my goal now says I should do 12 miles this month. You can of course change it if you want to.

Since the app uses your phones GPS it can keep up with your speed and the elevation that you do. So neat! I love this app! Now – last year when Crystal and I got into going to the park to run I bought a Nike+ band. I thought it was great – it was off – A LOT and it didn’t keep up with much except time and distance. Plus – like I said – it was always off. The other day when I used it (before I found this app) it said I had only walked .04 miles when it was actually 1.5 miles.

Since I have found this app I am thinking about selling the Nike+ band. Anyone interested? It’s pink! I still have the case in the closet too. I might just invest my $5 and upgrade to the full version of the app – but we will see. I think with this app and the calorie counter one – I am on my way to a healthier lifestyle! 🙂

xo – S.J.

Counting Calories (Day 232)

I must say – I have enjoyed having a Smart Phone or an Android phone if you will. There are all kinds of free apps and things you can download. We have AT&T so when we are linked up to a WiFi connection – our internet usage is FREE and since we use WiFi at home – we constantly download apps (free ones) to our phones. Jeremy more than me but that’s okay. I will download something and use it for a few days and then uninstall it because I don’t find it useful any more.

Since I will be having Keira soon – I know I will start having to watch what I eat (I already do but just more so) since I will be nursing. I know that I need a few hundred more calories a day since I will be nursing and I don’t want to just eat junk. I want to start trying to eat more fruits and veggies and be aware of what all I am putting in my body. Anything that can go into my blood stream can go to her.

So – I got to searching on my phone and I found this app called “Calorie Counter” which was free to download. When you open the program for the first time it asks you if you are male or female (duh) and if you want to use pounds/feet or kilos/centimeters. Of course I clicked pounds/feet. Next it asks you to put in your current weight. I won’t tell you what I put in. Next you put in your goal weight. I want to get back to 120 pounds like I was seven or eight years ago.

After that it asks you your height (5′-4″ for me) and then your birthday. After that is your level of activity a day. Sedentary, low active, active or very active. I picked low active cause I will be up more since Keira is coming soon (probably be more like “active”). It then asks you your diet goal. If you want to gain weight, have slow weight gain, maintain weight, slow weight loss and just weight loss.

I am going to put slow weight loss even though I know I will lose a lot just after Keira is born (her weight, water weight, placenta etc.). You then pick your country and make an account (if you want). I didn’t make one. It then pulls up a screen and tells you what everything is you are looking at. There is a daily food diary, an exercise diary, weight tracker, and then you can also search for food by restaurants (SO AWESOME) or you can scan the bar code on something and put in how many servings you are eating. I haven’t found ONE thing that isn’t in this program. Of course – if I make something myself like I have been lately – I don’t always know the calorie count so I try to find the individual ingredients and add them separately. I know that seems like it would take forever (and it does sometimes) BUT you know just what you are getting.

You can also look up recipes on here and add them if you want. It really helps you keep up with how many calories you take in a day and it has made me very aware of what can be good for you and what can be bad for you. For example – Jeremy and I hit up Dunkin Donuts the other day and they serve breakfast all day. I originally wanted a blueberry muffin. I search by restaurant and then clicked muffins and found the blueberry muffin. It has 500 CALORIES in it with 16gs of fat with 83 carbs and 48gs of sugar. Based on a regular “diet” that one muffin makes up 22% of your recommended daily intake.


So I went and looked at the blueberry bagel. Know what? It has 330 calories with 3gs of fat, 65 carbs and 10 grams of sugar and is only 14% of your recommended daily intake (2300 calories for slow weight loss). That made my decision easy peasy. I got the blueberry bagel! Plus they toast it so it’s all warm and delicious. You can also go in the app and look up cream cheese from Dunkin Donuts and add that to the bagel if you wanted.

I don’t use it every day like I should but I try to. I realized that a lot of the things I thought would be good for you (like a salad from Applebee’s) aren’t really. (The chicken breast covered in cheese was better as far as calories and fat content). Like I said – I am going to try to start eating at home more – making our own dinners and such so I will have to go through and find each individual ingredient and add it. You can save favorites to a certain place for quick adds.

So I think this will help me a lot in watching what I eat and keeping track of things.

Do you have a Smart Phone or an Android and use an app similar to this one?? Has it helped you?

xo – S.J.

Finally! Pinterest Challenge (Day 231)

Okay so really – it took me for. ever. to upload the pictures from my phone for my Pinterest Challenge. Sorry.

But finally I have them all!!

I chose to make a hair bow holder for Keira’s room. It’s not too amazingly hard to do. I just went to Wal-Mart (or you can go to Michael’s) and I got a letter that was about four inches tall – maybe six at the most. I of course bought the letter K. I already had pink paint which was called “Bright Pink”. I went to my mom – who I knew had a few glue guns to borrow one – and she told me I could keep the one she gave me! Yeah! 🙂 Next I had to find the ribbon I wanted to use. So I went to Wal-Mart again and I found this.
As you can see in the top left corner – my K is already painted. I think this ribbon was about $2 and I am sure I will find another use for it. I then I took the glue gun – after it heated up of course – and glued the bottom of the ribbon up so that no strings or anything would get pulled and make it fray.

Next I pulled out the length of ribbon I wanted and hot glued the other end to the back of the K. I thought about putting it down the middle but I just didn’t like the way it looked. I chose to put it down the first side of the K. Makes sense to me.
I had to get Jeremy to figure out how to put it on the wall. There was the two screw holes you can see in the above picture but we didn’t really want to put two holes in the wall for something that may eventually get moved. So – his solution – which worked out pretty well – was to put one flat head screw or nail in the wall and use the staple that was left in the K to hang it on. (See Below). It worked!!

After he got it where I wanted it I hung it up on the wall to see how it looked.
As you can see I hung it up between her changing table and the light switch. It’s a little longer than what I might have wanted but I am sure it will get full quickly. I already put the hair clips my mom got us on it. I like it – I just wish it was more secure to the wall BUT I may want to move it or I might find something else to hang there instead. Eh – I think it’s cute and it does it’s purpose!

I’m proud of myself!

I know it took a while – but there it is. Not amazing but I made it so it’s special. Yeah!

xo – S.J.

Darn It (Day 230)

Went to the doctor again today.

Still have high blood pressure, still have protein in my sample, but I have softened a bit. That’s good right?

Tomorrow will be “clean up the entire house” day until around six when Seth has a “movie night” with the kids from church. Then Jeremy and I will find something to do – for our last night out for a while without kids. Hopefully things will all work out kind of how I wanted.

The boss men interviewed the lady to replace me while I am gone today. I called the HR lady at work and let her know what the doctor said since more than likely next week will be my last week at work. She will hopefully start either Monday or Tuesday which means I will only have about three or four days to train her which to be honest – I don’t think is enough.

More to come later on what’s happening.

xo – S.J.

Sorry….(Day 229)

I know I put up the Pinterest Challenge and I promise you I’ve done it. I promise also that I have the pictures. I also promise I will put it up AS SOON AS I CAN.

Thing is – I’ve been stressed at work and trying to type up everything I do on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. I fear that I won’t be here to train the temp that they still haven’t found for me yet. I heard today that they are interviewing someone today at 1:30 and since we only work four days a week and the next week after that is Thanksgiving week and we only work three days – I technically have only seven days to train said person – IF my doctor’s appointment on Friday isn’t bad. More on that later.

Good thing about this person? She had an office job then decided to change careers and went to nursing school but she’s having problems finding a job so – she’s open to the temporary 12-14 week assignment. Plus – she is the wife of a guy at the home office that I talk to on a regular basis – he’s the shipping guy.

Anyway – my point is – I’ve got the challenge done I just haven’t had time to post it. Oh – and with three doctor’s appointments in eight days – that doesn’t leave much time for me either. I’m proud of myself for doing something I wanted to do that I found on Pinterest (thanks to Sherry and Katie) but I’m disappointed that I haven’t posted it for you guys yet. It’s not the most amazing thing ever but I’m proud of it. Don’t hate me. I’m trying.

xo – S.J.

38 Weeks (Day 228)

Well – it’s once again that time of the week.

I’ve said “I’m done being pregnant!” to myself at least a few times this week. I weighed myself this morning. I’ve gained a pound since Friday but I guess that’s better than gaining seven. I have to go back to the doctor today so they can check my blood pressure. I don’t know if they will check anything else – I guess we will see.

Per last week – I am in the last fruit stage over at The Bump so nothing new there. I do feel like a watermelon though. It’s getting harder for me to find shirts to wear. I’ve started to wear my belly bands again because I can’t zip my pants, much less button them.

Baby Center says that Keira is about 6 pounds 9 ounces and is around 19 1/2 inches long. She has a firm grasp and her organs have matured to the point to where she can survive outside the womb. This week it talks about her eye color. It says that if she’s born with brown eyes that they will likely stay that way. If she’s born with steel-gray or dark blue eyes, they may stay gray or blue or turn green, hazel, or brown by the time she’s 9 months old. That’s because a child’s irises (the colored part of the eye) may gain more pigment in the months after she’s born, but they usually won’t get “lighter” or more blue. (Green, hazel, and brown eyes have more pigment than gray or blue eyes.)

Seth’s eyes were a bluey grey when he was born and now his eyes change from blue to green or a mix. It depends on what he’s wearing. My eyes change color from brown to green – mostly depending on my mood. Jeremy’s eyes can be either a really dark blue grey color or a really light blue color to green depending on what he’s wearing.

Baby Center also talks about breast-feeding. I asked and there is a lactation consultant that comes to visit you every day in your room at the hospital I am going to and they are available for questions throughout the day. That kind of helped me be not so nervous about nursing. I didn’t with Seth so this is a new thing for me.

The bags are packed for the hospital and in the car and her car seat is installed. Her room is just about complete (still waiting on the last vinyl) and there are a few little things to be washed (a dress, a hat, 3 teethers and a blanket) and two things still need to be put up on the wall. The painting my mom did for the baby shower that everyone signed and a wall plaque. We don’t know exactly where each one will go but it should be done this week.

Work is still looking for a replacement for me while I am gone. They want to interview people and I will only have about a week to train them – that is – if Keira decides to wait until her due date to arrive. There is a little bit of TMI ahead so if you’re not into pregnancy related stuff – have a nice day.

I am pretty sure I lost my mucus plug. It wasn’t red or brown or anything just a lot more “stuff” than usual. It lasted about two days and it’s pretty much stopped today. I know that it’s not a complete sign that she’s on her way but hopefully it’s a start. Maybe Friday when I go back to the doctor (when I know they will check me) I will have made some progress. Keep your fingers crossed.

xo – S.J.

Family Outing (Day 227)

After having a blah day on Friday – Jeremy said he wanted to go out Saturday and have some fun. Sounded great to me! 😀 I am not the type of person to sit down and chill out all weekend. I have to do something. Although – lately that hasn’t been the case – Saturday’s I like lying around the house not doing anything but then Monday comes around and I realize there was clothes that should have been washed, folded and put away. The kitchen needed to be swept and mopped and the bathrooms needed to be cleaned. I then resort to either making Seth help during the week or being grouchy and doing it myself.

Anyway – some fun was needed – and deserved. I looked through our coupon book that runs out December 31st and didn’t really find anything. There were coupons to the aquarium but we didn’t really want to go downtown. We did however find some coupons for a local mini golf place. We could get eight free tokens – no purchase necessary and we had TWO of them. So off we went.

We went in and there were FOUR birthdays going on that day – So. Many. People. They were rude too. I got bumped into by the same lady like three times. She never even said sorry. We made our way to the counter and got our tokens. We gave Seth a handful and off he went. Jeremy and I played a round of ski ball each and then we played air hockey. In total Jeremy and I used about 4 tokens – Seth used the rest (that’s 12). We got a few tickets and he was able to get a few little toys.

The other coupons we had were buy two tokens for the batting cages and get one free – I of course can’t do that so Jeremy and Seth did. I was nervous to watch Seth in the batting cage. He’s never been in one as far as I know. They used the 50 mph baseball cage and I so feared that Seth would step outside the batters box and be hit – but he didn’t and he actually hit quite a few.

When that was said and done we did 18 holes of mini golf. Seth had to pick up the ball for me on every hole because – well – I can’t bend over to pick it up myself. I won by one point – Jeremy wanted a recount – it still came out the same. 🙂 We had an hour to kill before we were supposed to watch a movie so we went to a local park and walked a path they had just finished adding to. I think it was about a half a mile or so each way so a mile total. There were rose bushes along the path that still had blooms on them. It’s been low 30’s at night for a few nights this week and I was surprised to see them. They were frail and you could tell they would be gone soon but they were still pretty.

After our walk and Jeremy and Seth skipping rocks we went to our movie. We watched Puss In Boots 3D. Thank goodness they don’t have those crappy paper 3D glasses that have one lens one color and one lens another. These were actually like glasses and it was pretty good. I must say though when Puss would talk (Antonio Banderas) I couldn’t picture him – I could only picture Jack Black as Nacho Libre.  Don’t ask me why – I have no idea.

After the movie was over we headed home. We had planned on eating out but instead just picked up Taco Bell (not the best but it’s what my belly wanted) and once home we ate some left over Halloween candy and a few hours later went to bed after getting cleaned up.

All in all – it was a fun day. Seth enjoyed the batting cages (he was too small for the go carts) and I liked the fact that we all got to spend some much-needed time together. Things like that won’t happen for a while in a few weeks (maybe days). I’m glad we got at least one family outing in before she gets here.

Have you done any family outings lately??

xo – S.J.