I see…

You know how you get that feeling about some people….that something isn’t right about them.

Yeah I got that feeling about someone a few months ago, and sure enough I was right. I also learned recently that even if you extend an olive branch to someone – that person can burn it down and not care less about it.

My mother told me last night that one of her good friends once told her “You don’t judge the person, you judge their fruits.” Something to that effect – it was late and I was yawning – but I am pretty sure I am close.

My talk with my mom was a good one. If my phone wasn’t beeping at me, and if I didn’t have to pee, I’m sure we would have talked for even longer. My mom is a pretty smart cookie. šŸ™‚

So – now I see how certain people are – and that’s cool. I don’t like their “fruit” so I’m sure I can find someone with better. šŸ™‚


One thought on “I see…

  1. Moms are kinda like that….they been around a long time and have learned a little. One of my very best friends told me about being a “fruit inspector”. The Word teaches that it is God’s domain to judge people…….it is not ours. We are to “know them (others) by their fruits.” A bad tree cannot bring forth good fruit. How is your fruit?

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