Watch out now!

Apparently I’m on the attack!

First off – I’ve only ever attacked and put down one person on my blog. My now ex sister-in-law – and now – I feel bad about it. Yeah she still broke my brother’s heart but at the same time I want to know why and I want to hear it for myself from her mouth. I asked her sister yesterday how to get in touch with her….no word back just yet.

On top of that – that girl was my best friend. And to be brutally honest I was more mad at her because now we couldn’t be friends.

If I wanted to attack someone then I would talk about their past and name them straight out. If I wanted to put down someone I’d talk about how they treat people or how they are themselves and I’d also name them straight out.

ALSO – I don’t see how stating my opinion on a blog is attacking or putting down anyone. I don’t tell other people how to raise their kids. Maybe people get defensive about what I say because they feel bad about doing what I talk about. Who knows.

I will say this – I have a problem with people talking about me behind my back. I have a problem with people saying that I force my opinions on others. I have a problem with people who straight up lie about things they have said in the past. I also have a problem with people lying about me.

So, you are more than welcome to fly off. If you can’t say it to my face or in a public forum like Facebook or right here on the dear old blog….then kindly shut your face.


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