Breaking Back In

I got pregnant in March of 2011 – it was warm so I mostly wore flip-flops. That trend continued until I gave birth. Old Navy flip-flops are the bomb!

Since Keira’s birth – it’s been flip-flops, riding boots or tennis shoes. This past Saturday and Sunday I wore heels for the first time. O.M.G. My feet were killing me!!! My favorite heels – LimeLight brand, brown swede with pink edging – 4″ heels.

But – after wearing them for two days and them killing me I decided to wear them again today. I have to say – they are pretty comfortable! Now – I’m looking to refill my shoe collection with heels. I only have two pairs I really like to wear….the other ones are an almost neon pink (they match a shirt I love to wear with a white cardigan).

I’m breaking my feet back in to the heels. Jeremy likes them – what man doesn’t like his woman in heels? I’ll take suggestions on my new shoe journey!


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