Here I Go Again….

Oh boy – I don’t know what it is but I just get so ticked off at people sometimes!!

I wrote this big long 500+ word post about something I’ve ranted about before – people using government money in ways that they shouldn’t. I decided that maybe you guys have heard enough of that. I’ll just say this: I think this country is even more on the decline than it used to be and I don’t see it getting better in the next four years….

BUT (and there is ALWAYS a but) one thing – good for you for buying a $30,000 + plus vehicle dude – cept maybe you could have used that money to pay off the house that you don’t own so you won’t have to worry about losing a place to live since you say you can’t pay it. Also – judging by your weight – maybe you should spend a little less money on that junk food you just spent $25 on.




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