What Was I Thinking?

I have a full-time job as an administrative assistant. I guess you could say I love my job. It’s not hard, I get paid well and I don’t have to deal with females since I am the only one. 🙂 It’s good.

I also have what you could consider a second full-time job – it’s called my kids. Keira is (knock on wood) maybe about to start sleeping all night. She’s done it the past few nights. She’s gone to bed around 8 and gotten up around 11 and stays asleep until I get her up in the mornings. Awesome! Although – my body wants to stay asleep. 🙂 Seth is a handful lately. He’s 10 and I think he’s getting to that age where – Lord – puberty isn’t too far off. Warning of TMI: I started my period when I was 12, I thought I was dying. I don’t know how it is for boys so……..I don’t know how to deal with that. That’s Jeremy’s department and Mike’s….and his Uncle Jared’s. lol

Oh – then there is my side job (which is like a full-time job in itself). I love it, love it, love it!! We are having some growing pains but in the end it’s amazing. I do home parties (we call them jewelry bars), catalog parties and I do vendor events as well.

So that begs the question – why did I think that I could do a bathroom remodel in all this?! In the previous post I said that I had spackled the areas that needed it and took photos (and I really did). I just haven’t had the chance to upload them yet. Maybe if I didn’t have three full-time jobs I could. 😀

I have already picked out colors. I had thought I wanted a blue color but Jeremy likes the lighter green colors. Which I can’t complain about them. I picked them out too and we kind of agreed on four of them so now they are stuck on the wall in the bathroom.

My eye always goes to one in particular when I walk in there, I am going to move them though to a wall with more light (or either go and pick up more swatches) to see if they look okay there. Once it’s down to two colors I will buy some paint can samples and paint swatches. Hopefully that will be within two weeks. Of course, before we paint, the floor is going to be redone. Tile here we come!!

I’m totally crazy right?


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