Getting There….

And I took pictures….but I forgot the card reader at home so I will have to upload them later. 🙂

I have talked about us redoing the front bathroom. I started on it last week. Go me!!

I bought some spackle – the earth friendly, no VOC and no smell kind – which is awesome. I sanded down the areas that needed spackled (where the cat scratched and some little child decided to carve his name into the wall) and started to putty it up. It wasn’t hard at all and didn’t take me long.

All the while that I was doing this I was thinking about paint and whether we should make the front bathroom just a shower instead of a tub and a shower. If it became just a shower we’d tile all the way up the wall and have to put in a glass divider thing. Once I started to think about it though – our shower head is on the left wall and our toilet is on the right wall. So if we did that and left everything where it is, you’d have to get past the toilet to get in the shower. Not ideal – so that puppy will probably just stay a shower and a tub.

I then started to think about paint again, I decided I wanted a kind of ocean color. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that the house I grew up in was 50 shades of blue. (I Love You Mom). Our kitchen was different blues and if my mind serves me right so was our one bathroom we all shared. I think the hall was blue – or maybe we never got around to painting that? Our house had panelling – our dining room was AWESOME (I miss it) but everything else was panelling. It was awful – and dark.

I thought back to my Houzz pin boards. If you don’t know is like Pinterest but for everything house. Fixtures, design, carpet, layouts AND you can ask the uploader (which is usually designers) what stuff is and they can tag it and you know how much it is and where to get it etc. It’s so cool. Here is the public idea book for the half bath. Now – we won’t demo anything, just redoing the same space. Some of the pictures just have things I love like fixtures, wall color etc.—Guest-Bath

If you want you can browse around to my other idea books….I think they are all public. I know most of the pictures aren’t of ocean colored bathrooms – I’m keeping my options open but I like the light blue color a BH&G’s color – I’ll have to get the name and show you guys. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Getting There….

  1. You were only 3 months old when we moved in that house and so do not remember that everything – I mean EVERYTHING – inside and out – was puke green in color so blue HAD to be better right?! LOL The hallway was dark paneling and I ripped that out – (all by myself) and put in a tiny floral wallpaper on the top of a nicer paneled bottom with a chair rail. Your room was originally a light color of badly installed paneling…. I ripped that out too and repaired the plaster and painted it different shades of lavender which you picked….with a canopy bed and tons of stuffed animals…..the master bedroom -which had previously been part of the huge living room – also had dark paneling which I ripped out and repaired the walls and painted powder blue…I loved it… Uncle Don built the dividing wall and the closet. The other part of the living room also had dark paneling which I ripped out and Uncle Don and your father hung sheet rock on the dividing wall and again – I took down the paneling and spackled and painted….yes, I think it was the same power blue. The bathroom was blue too……I will admit that…….but before that it was white paneling with gold splashes…..yuck! Johnathan’s room was light blue too………I think he picked it. And yes, the kitchen was blue too….not a dark blue but 3 different shades of light blue. To me, it was cheery and calming.and I added all my strawberry accessories. I still have many of the strawberry things and many new ones that are boxed up and haven’t been seen yet. : ) Please keep in mind that I was limited by a very, very small budget and to the work that I could do mostly by myself with 2 children and a job. In re-reading, I see that I come off as being defensive. I guess I am. I grew up in a house with a pink front door and an dark orange dining room and kitchen. My and my sister’s bedroom was first gold and black and then pink, red and black. I guess that is why the color blue is attractive to me. LOL There is a reason for everything. I guess I needed to explain.

    • Yeah see I don’t remember all of that at all! I just remember paneling came down and blue everywhere. 🙂 I didn’t know Uncle Don and dad build that wall. You’d think living in that house till I was 12 – I would remember something about it besides paneling, the paint and the layout. I didn’t think you were being defensive. 🙂 I know I picked my colors and I liked them then, I think Johnathans room changed colors a few times didn’t it? Granny had a pink front door?! Orange?!?! Gold and black? Lord – thanks for not picking those kind of colors!! 🙂

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