Oh Ears….

I knew in the back of my mind that Keira’s ear infections were going to lead to this, but I never really wanted to think about it and never really considered the fact that it could happen.

Did you follow that at all?

Keira’s daycare called yesterday around 2 saying that she wouldn’t eat her snack and was fussy and shoving her fingers in her ears. Great. I called the doctor’s office and they wanted me to bring her in. So I go get Seth then Keira and off we go. I could tell she didn’t feel good but she didn’t have a fever or anything.

We waited the shortest amount of time ever at the doctor’s office. I was in and out in about 30 minutes. Awesome. Not awesome was the fact that she now had double ear infections. She was off antibiotics for a week with her last ear infection. When her doctor went to look at her ears he put his instrument down and stuck his head out the door calling for a nurse.

He couldn’t see anything in her ear because of her ear wax. “I swear to you I clean her ears and she hates it” I said to him. He said “Oh I know you do, I can tell BUT she produces more ear wax than normal and you can’t get it all out. It’s too far in there for you to do it.”

He gets out this other thing. Me and a nurse hold her little head, arms and feet down so she can be somewhat still while he proceeds to pull enough earwax out that it’s the SHAPE of her ear canal, from BOTH ears. I felt horrible.

I asked “Can something like that be, you know, hereditary?” Thinking I had asked the dumbest question in the world his answer kind of shocked me “It sure can be. Who else has this problem?” Oh, just Keira’s Big Daddy (Jeremy’s dad) and her Uncle Michael (I think anyways, I know he has problems with his ears a lot, don’t quote me on it.)

Her doctor prescribes her more antibiotics, a stronger dose, and tells me I need to go to the 5th floor to see the E.N.T. doctors and make an appointment as soon as I can. Ear, Nose, Throat……he proceeds to tell me she will more than likely need tubes in her ears. Minor surgery, nothing big.

SURGERY – I don’t care if it is minor in your opinion but my baby is going to be put to sleep and a HOLE will be cut in her ear drum and a tube will be inserted in there. It’s big to me!! Seth never had these type of problems. He was never put to sleep for anything. She’s not even a year old.

I freaked out a bit. Hell I am still freaking out. My boss’ kids have all had tubes (okay 2 out of the 3) and they use the same doctor’s we do. He said that it’s easy and quick and they feel so much better afterwards. I just hope that I can handle the fact they will be taking her away, even if it is just a few minutes. If you know me at all you know I bother her Big Daddy and Mawmaw when they watch her. Text messages at least three or four times. What’s she doing? Is she being good for you guys? Is she fussing?

I’m sure they wish I would just shut up cause she’s totally fine when she’s there and I know this but I hate being away from her. Monday is her appointment at the ENT office at 2pm. They will tell us if they will do the surgery or not and if they don’t do it then, I guess it will have to be scheduled for another day.

Pray for our little girl and me, so I don’t go crazy worrying about this. Oh – Keira was crying while they were cleaning out her ears and I was watching Seth (who’s our 10 year old, if you haven’t been reading my blog for a while) and he was crying. After we left the doctor’s office I asked  him why and he said “Cause she was crying and I couldn’t do anything for her.” I felt my heart melt a little and said “Well, that’s what it will feel like when you grow up and you are a daddy.” This morning I asked him to watch her for a minute so I could get her bottles ready for daycare. I looked over and she was sitting in his lap in the floor and he was reading her Tilly Bee. She sat there herself, I watched her do it. I almost started to cry, like I am right now. Darn it, we have two cute kids…


One thought on “Oh Ears….

  1. Sorry you have to go through this. We just did the ear tubes thing with our 1 year old son. The surgery was not fun at all (is it ever, especially when it’s your BABY?) but hearing he needed tubes was a slight relief after he failed hearing tests…at least it’s a correctable problem.
    Hang in there…feel free to read about our adventures in surgery and the anesthesia and whatnot: http://www.adoptionistas.com/olivers-anatomy-our-adventures-in-surgery/ It might help : )

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