It’s Called….

FREEDOM OF SPEECH for a reason.

People are free to express their views on anything and everything according to the Constitution. You know opinions on clothes, people, politics….anything really. So to sit there and tell me that what I posted (which was meant to be funny) is a “childish lash out at our nation’s president” and that Iam what’s wrong with this country and not our economy – then I guess you haven’t read that part of it.

Of course – I think at least one of you was joking. I can not be what’s wrong with our country as I am not the one who runs it. I can not use big words to tell you off cause that would just make me sound pretentious (ha!), I can’t make myself sound Harvard educated about everything law, but what I can tell you for sure and with 100% of my being is this: Obama is not good for this country.

I watched every debate and read the fact checks the next day and did my own research. If I was doing a shot for every time Obama said something that wasn’t true – I’d have ended up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning – on all three occasions.

Like I’ve said earlier – it’s called free speech for a reason. I have my opinions, you have yours.

I believe in a one man, one woman marriage and in biblical principles. I do not think that GLBTQ’s need to have an option for “legal marriage” and everything that goes along with it. I think that anyone in this country illegally should have the option to start the required paperwork and everything that goes along with it with notification that if they do not comply and start the process in 60 days they will be deported back to where they came from.

I believe in drug tests for those on welfare, unemployment and food stamps. If they test positive, they don’t get those funds. Harsh? Maybe – but I’m tired of paying for everyone else. Small business need a tax break – BIG TIME.

There are so many other things I could go into – but I won’t because I think my fingers would fall off if I did. Want to know my stance on something (anything at all – political or not)? Ask me and I will post about it here for you and everyone else to see.

I am my own person and I have my own ideas and come to my own conclusions. Thanks and have a GREAT day!


4 thoughts on “It’s Called….

  1. Well, you know I do not agree with you on politics. I will vote Obama as I did last time. No, you won’t change my mind, any more than I can change yours. No, I don’t believe in many things in the Democratic platform and I bet you could find things in the Republican platform you could not support either. I can tell you one thing for sure …. I am proud that I have raised a woman who has a strong voice and her own opinion.

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