Let’s Do This Ya’ll!!!

It’s finally Friday people and I’m channeling Paula Deen (and George)!!

Did you think I was going to post that annoying Rebecca Black song? I thought about it….she’s not too bad on her own but that song is – well – annoying.

Tomorrow is my very first vendor show! I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. I hope that I have enough handouts and information slips printed. We will see I guess. My mission tonight is find a table and a canopy.

Also – I know that when I vent on my blog (like yesterday) I am very vague. What I say can be applied to many people in many different situations. Um….that’s the point. I know that I have lots of friends and some family that read this (thank you ALL) but please know that if I still talk to you on a weekly basis and if I have an issue with you and I feel like I need to resolve it – I’ll tell you about it. Funny thing, my work email just sounded and it was an email to a seminar on how to deal with difficult people. How coincidental….

Said person from yesterday, I hardly talk to and I see no point in trying to fix what’s wrong. I just needed to get those words out of my system. The whole reason in starting this blog was so I could vent. Keeping a diary or a journal felt too secretive. Plus I can type faster than I can write and believe me, computer font looks better than my writing!

I never wanted this blog to just be about DIY stuff, photography, event planning, my O2 business or anything else. That’s why it says up there at the top “A Little Bit Of Everything, All Rolled Into One.” No one is perfect, no one ever will be. Some of these posts will be happy ones, some pissed off ones and some in the middle. Some of you will think I’m crazy and some of you will be like “She is totally writing for me!!”

It’s a free world. You can read what I write or you won’t, totally up to you. Happy Friday Folks!


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