My Friend – But Not Really

This weekend was well – pardon my French – shitty.

For those of you who have been keeping up with my baby adventure’s, breastfeeding etc. – after 20 months of no Aunt Flo she decided to make her appearance Friday night in the middle of the night. On Saturday morning I decided that I completely hate Eve for eating that freakin’ apple.

When I very first ever got my monthly friend I think I was 12 and I thought I was dying. Thank goodness it was on a Saturday and I wasn’t at school. I don’t remember hurting much, having cramps etc. but I remember not feeling good. Dude – your first period after a baby – has to be 10 times worse.

With Seth I didn’t nurse and I don’t ever remember my first month back on my cycle being any kind of bad, like at all. I’ve always had a few cramps and maybe a headache but this time takes the cake. I’m moody, I’m irritable and just plain pissed off at everything. Some things more than others. I think I’ve done good at being nice this weekend and keeping my mouth shut when I’ve wanted to say things when a pain hits or my head hurts. Oh – hitting your head on the car door doesn’t help either by the way.

I have more to talk about but I don’t think that topic and this one go together very well. It will either be a post for later today or tomorrow. Oh – I plan to go running today. My 5k is in six days. Here’s hoping that I don’t get attacked by a bear or something because of my “friend”.


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