Poor Kid….

I went to pick up Keira yesterday from her daycare. I have to pass by the infant room on the way to her room and the girl in there – Cristina – was holding a teeny tiny baby boy wrapped up in a Florida Gators blanket with a football onesie on under it.

He was sooooo soooo tiny!! I just wanted to squeeze him!! He was only six weeks old and it made me really miss Keira being that little! No – that little baby did not make me want to go home and jump my husband to have another one – I can wait until she’s potty trained….maybe.

Anyway – I stopped and awed and ohed over him and touched his little fuzzy feet. He had been fussing but then he saw me and he quit – I’m awesome. So I asked her the norm…how old is he, what’s his name…you know. That’s how I knew he was six weeks old. Then when she told me his name I was like “Oh like Aspen but with an E. Espen.”

Next is when I knew the kid would have it bad in school forever. Cristina said “No not like that. It’s like E-S-P-N.”

I hung my head for him. ESPN. REALLY?!?!

Kid, God love you, I’m so sorry your parents named you that. You have to know your parents really like football and they REALLY want you to like it too. I’m so glad my parents didn’t name me Virginia or…Georgia. Or like those chicks on Hart Of Dixie – Magnolia and Lemon Breeland.

Here’s hoping that Keira and this kid don’t go to the same school and end up liking each other and then they get married. I don’t know if I could handle it. My cousin Crystal married a guy named Addan. My dad used to say “Like Addan and Subtractin.”

Have you ever heard any weird kid names???


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