Map My Rear End!

Seriously? Can’t I find ONE running app that WORKS?!

Strava hasn’t worked for me in a while. I’ve been using it just to keep time and then I’ve been TRYING to put my runs into Map My Run and then logging the time but Map My Run says “Welcome Jane” then won’t let me do anything! Grrrr!

It’s so frustrating because I’m OCD on just about everything and I want to know my time, my pace, my distance and I want it all to be RIGHT. With Map My Run it would be right but if I can’t log in what good does it do me?!?!

I’ve had a Nike+ band but it was never right either. Anyone want to buy it? 🙂 When I started up running again I used Strava and it worked for a good while and I was SUPER happy. It may just be my phone though cause Jeremy’s Strava app works great. He has a HTC something or other and mines a Samsung Galaxy. We’ve talked about getting him a new phone and me having his old one. We just haven’t gotten around to the AT&T store just yet.

Anybody, please, please please let me know what running app works for you! I don’t have an iPhone (although I’d die for one) so what ever app it is has to be available in the Android market. Thanks guys!!

OH!! Our run is in 13 DAYS!!!! Wish us luck!


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