3.8 Miles…

That’s what my phone said that I did yesterday. It’s at least kind of right. Let me explain….

Strava showed that my run was all over the place, like I was getting chased by a bee. All jagged and crazy looking instead of a straight line like it should have been. Ugh.

I was so happy with Strava and now….I can’t trust it. Maybe it’s just my phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy S and my husband has an HTC something or other. His works GREAT even in cloudy weather. He’s thinking of buying a new phone and giving me his old one. Which is totally fine with me.

So now….I am using MapMyRun.com to map it and figure out my pace. Anyone else have any problems with Strava? I am wondering if I should invest in a GPS watch or if it makes sense to do that. If I have problems with my phone in cloudy weather woulnd’t the watch have problems too?

Using Map My Run I – mapped my run. 🙂 It said 3.11 miles and I did it in 40:09. So that means my pace was 12:54. I don’t think that was too bad. I would walk for five minutes and run for two minutes. Starting next week I am going to walk four minutes and run two minutes.

Jeremy and I have the Susan G Komen Race For The Cure 5k on the 30th of this month. I told him that I just want to finish in front of one person. Which hopefully I will going at this rate!


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