O2 – Girly and Shiny Things!

I first saw Origami Owl (or O2) back about three or four months ago at a craft show. I really wanted to buy everything right then and there but the lady said you had to sign up for it because there was a waiting list. So – after thinking about it for a few days I decided to sign up. When the time came I could decided then if I really wanted to do it.

Well – that time came last Friday when I got my email with my sign up link. I had until today to sign up and I did it yesterday! I’m really excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to see what happens next!

BUT – (there is always one of those isn’t there) I may not be posting as often as I have been for a bit. Just until I get settled into how to do things and how everything works – you know – just until I get my bearings. I don’t want to leave you guys hanging!

On that note – I will be posting about the run that Jeremy and I took together on Wednesday and how I discovered my phone isn’t quite what I thought it was. :/


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