I wasn’t running….

Stupid weather!

Ugh – yesterday before work was over I changed into my running gear. Which means I slipped into my new Danskin knee-length leggings, a new sports bra and a bright pink tank from American Eagle plus my New Balance shoes. I looked AWESOME if I do say so myself!

The only downer…as soon as I got into the car and started heading for the park – all kinds of nasty black clouds descended and it rained the rest of the day. DARN IT! I so need a gym membership where they have treadmills. Looking into it this week. I may sound weak and prissy but I can’t stand to run in the rain. Is it just me? Also – running in the rain and getting into my car with leather seats soaking wet probably isn’t a good idea. Oh – and my husband would kill me. Just sayin’.

I brought everything to run again today and it’s looking prettier so cross your fingers and pray that it doesn’t rain today. I really really NEED to run today. Like – it’s only been a month since I started running but when I miss a run it kills me. It feels like I don’t have a good day if I don’t go run. I feel like I eat worse (but I don’t I promise) and I feel – well – fat. I’ve lost about 4 pounds and have kept it off but I have 21 pounds left to go.

I found a small “express” gym in town, close to work and the daycare for Keira that only costs $15.99 a month with no contract AND it’s open 24/7. It has no daycare, no pool, no court for basketball or anything but like I need that! Keira is in daycare and Seth is back in school so I could go before I go and get them. I am going to call later and ask what kind of equipment they have. I think they even have trainers on site 24/7 which is awesome.

Wish me luck for today – oh – and I have the opportunity to get in on something new so I will let you know if that pans out. I’ll give you a hint – it’s girly and shiny. 🙂


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