I hate you.

Yes. I said hate.

I hate that you get under my skin and make me feel like I want to chop my foot off. I hate your mouth and the crap that you do with it. It’s ridiculous that you are so annoying….I don’t see how anyone can stand you AT ALL. You drive me insane.



OH EM GEE!! I went to the lake this weekend with Jeremy’s family and rode the jet ski and just hung out. It was all good until me and Hunter (Jeremy’s step niece) decided to go on a walk. Never wear flip-flops to go for a walk in the woods by a lake. Wear actual shoes and jeans. I had flip-flops and jeans on but my jeans were rolled up so that they didn’t drag.

On the way back to camp is when I started itching. It’s horrible. I didn’t take a picture cause I want to spare you the horrible image. I counted the bites on my feet alone – 34. Just on my FEET. THIRTY FOUR. Do I need to say it again? 34!!!

Never in my life have I ever itched so bad!! I’ve tried everything – clear fingernail polish and even Neosporin with pain. Neither one really works but when the fingernail polish burns it stops itching for a while – so that’s good right? Probably not. Either way – I looked them up. You can see what I found here. Oh – try searching for “chiggers” under images. That’s exactly what I look like from my ankles down.

I have on tall socks and my running shoes today….maybe it was a bad idea. I have resisted the urge to itch but they still bother me with the socks and the shoes rubbing against everything. I had planned on running today – and I still plan to but I doubt I will enjoy it today with my feet bothering me so much. We have 26 days until our first 5K (Jeremy and I). So I need to be on my game as much as I can and having a three-day holiday weekend with no running has me behind. Wish me luck today as I go running.



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