Where Do I Start….

How about we start on Friday with the dinner with friends? I knew this weekend would be busy but gosh – crazy busy!

Friday after work I didn’t go run – and I missed it terribly!!! – I had to go to the store to get the stuff for our friend Leah’s house. I was making brownie batter dip (which I now have TWO bowls of sitting in my fridge) and Raspberry Lemon Cheesecakes.

I got off work, got to the store and got out in about 20 minutes. Record time for the Wal-Mart closest to my work. Then I was off to get the kiddos. I got Seth first, just because he got in trouble and was in the front office. He supposedly knocked over some dominos and the teacher told him to do something and he was on the other side of the room and he yelled at her. He said he did it so she could hear him over everyone else (those kids are super loud). No one was forthcoming with what actually happened so he was just grounded from his DS for the night. It was supposed to be his distraction after dinner with our friends. Thankfully everyone else brought their kids too so he didn’t get to board with a teenager around and matchbox cars Leah had for him to play with.

Moving on – we got Keira and headed home. Once there I went ahead started making everything while Seth helped put up Keira’s bags from daycare and play with her so she wouldn’t be under my feet. She loves to watch me cook and sometimes Jeremy just has to stand at the stove with her if I can’t hold her. Jeremy got home and jumped in the shower and we were all done at the same time (for once).

Leah’s new house (which is amazing by the way) was about an hour from our house. We live in the boonies people. Keira took a nap and Seth was reading Animal Farm in the back seat. We were almost there till our GPS in the car told us to go one way that didn’t exist. We had to call Leah and get directions. Once there we said our hey’s and hi’s and walked around the house. She has an amazing tree house for her nieces and nephews and I love her yard and really just everything. I told Jeremy it’s the kind of house I always pictured for us.

There was another baby there (well – she’s over a year old but still Keira’s size) and they shared puffs with each other and I lost Jeremy (to a different conversation with someone) and talked with Lori and Terry and watched babies. Before we knew it – it was time to eat. Everyone gathered and got their plates. The food was awesome as it always was. Oh – I forgot to mention how we knew Leah and everyone else.

You see – Jeremy used to be a draftsman for an architecture firm. Leah was the front desk lady, then there was Terry and Mike which we both worked with at our old jobs and then Bob, Carol and Valerie and Tracy. Most everyone brought their significant other and I knew Terry’s wife from my old job too. At the architecture firm they would have pot luck Fridays and if I was off work I’d go and bring Jeremy’s dish. Soon everyone went on to different jobs and we hardly saw each other any more. We’ve gotten together once for Thanksgiving (at Leah’s old house) and now this time at her new house.

We seriously need to do it more often – at least once every other month. The food was great and so was the company! These people are amazing and SOOO MUCH FUN. Lori (Terry’s wife) is hilarious. She had everyone laughing! I mentioned a girls night before we left and all of us seemed on board with it. If we can’t get everyone together for dinners like Friday every so often I am sure us girls can keep up a girls night!!

It’s great to have amazing friends in your life! Below – all of us after dinner. I already miss you guys!


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