People just piss me off. A few fly to the front of my mind right away.

One can’t tell the truth for a million dollars and another – well – they are rather an unsavory person I’d rather not call family and the last – that person just gets on my last nerve with all the “it’s all about me” crap. I have to talk to one person at least once a month, the unsavory character I haven’t spoken to since after my father died and the “me me me” has been a few months.

I have very few requirements to be in my social/family circle.

Number one: tell me the freaking truth. If and when I find out you are lying or not telling the whole truth – strike one my friend. Do it again – strike two. ONE more time – that’s it. Don’t talk to me and don’t try to be friends with me. If we HAVE to see each other…I guess I just have to deal with it but that doesn’t mean I have to talk to you or sit next to you and be all buddy buddy for everyone else’s benefit. I have several people who are on their second strike and HOVERING on third. Get there and you are gone.

Number two: Do not bring me into a discussion that isn’t about me and do not bring other people into a discussion that isn’t about them. If I say “Why didn’t you do this when you said you would?” Then give me an answer all about how so and so is ripping you off and you have no money. I DON’T CARE. Just say “I don’t have the money right now.” You should have said that BEFORE jack hole! You don’t have to tell a child that you won’t do what you said you’d do – well you will but just a month and a half later. Either way he’s still disappointed.

You ask me any question and I will tell you the truth. Heck leave me a comment with a question and I’ll answer it ASAP with the honest truth. PLEASE do it. Go head. I am so pissed off right now it’s not even funny. I guess this Rockstar Relax drink works…cause I’d usually be crying mad and angry texting and shaking.

Seriously. Piss off if you can’t handle the truth and don’t come at me being all woe is me with your crap!


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