City of Bones: Casting Update

I can not WAIT for this movie to come out! If you haven’t read The Mortal Instruments series – well – there is just something wrong with you. DO NOT compare it to Twilight. Yes there are vampires and werewolves but there are also demons, faeries, witches & warlocks and way too much else to mention. Just read the books people.

Any who – the master mind behind TMI is a woman named Cassandra Clare. I’ve posted casting updates here before – you should be able to find them under the tag “Mortal Instruments”.

Cassie’s been posting on her Tumblr recently new casting so I thought I would share!
First up – Luke. (Possible SPOILER!!!!) The step father of Clary. He’s right up there behind Jace in my book!
His name is Aidan Turner, he’s Irish and in the upcoming movie The Hobbit. How cute is he?! I love him as Luke already!

Next – Madame Dorothea. Clary’s neighbor and a “witch” – like with crystal balls and tarot cards and magic doors kind of witch – till you really get to know her. 🙂
Don’t you know that face? CCH Pounder. She’s done the X Files, ER and the most awesome show Warehouse 13 and several others. She’s perfect for Dorothea….kind of who I pictured when I was reading the book!

Oh my – Magnus (& Chairman Meow – can’t forget him).
He is Godfrey Gao. Who ever gets to play Alex – I’m jealous! Yeah – they still don’t have an Alex! I can’t even guess who he might be.

Now as for Simon – I know him from a show Jeremy watches….I forget the name of it though (Misfits). It’s a British TV show where these kids get powers some how. It’s an alright show – I don’t make it a regular but this guy is adorbs!
I give you the best Simon EVER – Robert Sheehan.
This kid is unbelievably funny. He will be English in the movie (sad – I like his accent but Simon isn’t Irish). I think Simon is the ice breaker in MANY situations – and the comic relief. Robert will be awesome.

They have also cast Jocelyn (Lena Headey from Game of Thrones) and Hodge (Jared Harris from Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows as Moriarty).













Whew! That’s it….The Mortal Instruments City Of Bones casting update. If you want to check out Cassie’s Tumblr just click here. All the photos I used were from her Tumblr.

I’m really excited about the castings of Simon and Luke. They still need a Valentine, Raphael and Alex. I can’t wait to find out who they are! Anyone else anticipating this movie? August 2013 is a long ways away….


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