Good Intentions

Honest – I was going to make the new coat/key/hat rack mentioned in this post. It was something like this but on a bigger scale with different fabric to match our red and brown kitchen.
Our old coat/key/hat rack has pretty much bit the dust and needs to be replaced (and the wall patched where it was). I was ready to go on the 7th and pick out the fabric and the hooks I needed but – plans change. I really wanted to do this but with our new furniture I have to re-think things.

That’s right….new furniture!

See Saturday (the 7th) was our 5th year wedding anniversary. The traditional gift is wood and I wanted to order Jeremy this wooden ring.
It’s zebra wood with a Honduran rosewood inlay. I think it’s beautiful and it’s only $30 cause you get free shipping. Oh – it’s from Etsy shop Wood Recycled out of Montgomery, Alabama. This is from his welcome on his Etsy page: “At Wood Recycled we use the finest materials which are all rescued scraps from a burn pile behind a local wood shop. As a result all items are made of the finest materials and my customers help prevent deforestation by buying from Wood Recycled. You also benefit because we are able to offer the absolute lowest prices with unsurpassed quality. Thanks, Wood Recycled”

So you save trees and he makes some money! I will more than likely be buying something from his shop for a few people for Christmas. I can think of two people right now. 🙂

Anyway – point is I didn’t get to order it cause I need an exact ring size and well – that’s something I just have to ask Jeremy to get sized for so he’d know what I was getting. Instead – I ended up getting him a new pair of sunglasses because he lost his some how at his mother’s house on the 4th. Without them the sunlight really bothers his eyes and he gets headaches. They were a slightly more than the 30 for the ring but it’s totally worth it – they look great on him and he loves them.

Now onto the new furniture. Every time we get groceries I get frustrated about the cabinet space. We never have enough room it seems to put up everything.
Ignore all the people in our kitchen and picture cabinets behind everyone on the bottom. There is a stove in there somewhere too. Oh – and this is a picture of our house from last year during the baby reveal party in June. You can kind of see the colors. Red on the back wall and brown on the right wall. Just do your best to imagine. 🙂

Even with all these cabinets – there isn’t room for stuff. We have lots of glasses and dishes and pots and pans. I got mad last night cause I had to take EVERYTHING out of the corner cabinet to just get to the big pizza pan on the bottom. Shows how much we use it though. Moving on – Friday night (the 6th) Jeremy shows me pictures of what he wanted to get me but didn’t know which one I wanted so he told me to pick. These are the kinds of pictures he showed me.

AHHH! It’s a Pie Safe!! O.M.G.

You have no idea how happy I was to know that he wanted to get me one! Almost as happy as I was when he gave me my Kindle Fire for my birthday!

It will solve the “I have NO WHERE to put anything in this kitchen!” problem AND it will look awesome! The one I ended up picking out is almost as tall as I am – 5′-4″ and probably about the color of the one pictured on the right. It brings out the honey tones in our dining room table. We took our bench to compare. The only difference is there is a full drawer across the top and the bottom and there are three shelves. Our tin will be copper-colored and punch with a decorative pattern. It will be $15 extra but they will put wood on the back of the tin so that if Keira some how opens it up she won’t get cut on it. It should be here in about a week.

I AM SO EXCITED! That’s why I never got around to making my hanger for the kitchen. I don’t know where exactly this will hit on the wall and I want to get it in there before I decide to do anything else in the kitchen. So – I can’t wait! YEAH!


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