Little Things

I read Young House Love and Bower Power (as long as my computer can load all Katie’s photos) everyday. They recently went on a Goodwill Hunting trip (did you see what I did there?). Good Will Hunting….yeah never mind.

We (meaning Katie, Sherry and I) have an addiction to Pinterest. I don’t know them personally but I feel like I do just because of their blogs. Anyway – they do a Pinterest challenge every season and I’ve tried to do it once but it never worked out and I felt stupid because my project didn’t turn out like I wanted. They are doing it again right now – I have no plans to link my little project to theirs though – just in case it doesn’t work out.

I only need two things for my project. Hooks or hangers and some fabric. What am I wanting to do? This….
Except – larger hooks on a larger piece of wood for our kitchen for keys and Jeremy’s collection of hats he likes to wear. We have a staple gun and lots of left over wood in the garage.Right now we have a three hook hanger that says “HOME” in mirrored letters but – I just don’t like it anymore. Plus – we need more hooks. During the cooler months when we all wear coats they would get hung up on there and over time it’s made one of the holes bigger from all the weight on the hooks combined with hats, scarves, keys and anything else we put up there. It needs to be fixed.

So – I am on a mission to find some fabric that will work well in our kitchen. Our kitchen is a light brown on top, white chair railing and a chocolate-brown on bottom with a Chianti red accent wall and white foot railings. There’s hoping I can find something that works in there.

Oh and the picture is from The Jar Collection on Etsy but I think they are on “vacation mode” so you can’t see their stuff. Oh well – maybe they will be back soon.

This weekend is also mine and Jer’s 5 year anniversary (which is also John and Sherry’s anniversary!). We will be alone for one night – Seth is still at his Granny’s house and little Keira bug will be staying with her Granmaw and Big Daddy and going to church with them on Sunday. Here’s hoping that I won’t cry because she’s away and that I don’t drive them cray cray with phone calls. 🙂


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