Happy 4th!!

Lots of things have been going on in the Southerner household.

Seth (our oldest) has been away with his grandmother in Nashville. Keira has started to pull herself up on EVERYTHING including her crib which we have to lower her mattress now. We’ve been in the pool a few times and have been dealing with teething.

Also – I’ve been pouring over Pinterest and have been finding small projects to do around the house. I really want to tackle the second bathroom with is also the kids and the one the guests use. It needs to be putted (sp?), painted and accessorized. I have several small projects to do including wanting to frame the “construction mirror” that’s in there and changing out the light fixture. I want everything to be ORB (that’s oil rubbed bronze) instead of the silver that’s in there now. I REALLY want a new sink and cabinet too. I have been searching Craigslist every day or two also.

We will be spending today with Jeremy’s mom and his brother’s. We both have to work tomorrow so hopefully we won’t have to be out too late.

Be safe and be careful!


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