7 Months!!!!

Our little Keira bug is 7 months old (and three days)!!!! Yeah I’m a little late….sorry.

She weighs about 14 pounds 13 oz. and is about 27 1/2″ long. Of course that’s me guessing because she hasn’t had a doctor’s appointment and I haven’t taken the time to do it myself (measure her and weigh her). But that’s pretty close.

This past weekend she learned to say Dada and Bubba – momma is on the horizon. Her favorite is Dada because when she says it Jeremy gets all giggly and plays with her. I would too though if she would say momma! 🙂 I play with her most the time anyway so she probably gets bored with me.

She can go from laying down to a sitting position by herself and now she’s even pulling up on stuff. I would have thought that she would be crawling before she was pulling up on things! She LOVES to be in the pool. Thank goodness! Seth was terrified when he was little and even when he was about five would cling to me like saran wrap if we got in the pool.He hated floats and arm floaties so holding on to me was the only way he would get in.

The past couple of nights Keira hasn’t been sleeping well. She’s been getting up at least three to four times and I think it’s either growing pains or she’s teething. I’ve been able to see little white nubs in her bottom gum for a while now – what ever it is that’s bothering her I hope she’s over it soon! Mommy needs her sleep!

And I know it’s five months until her birthday but I already have a venue set – it’s the little cafe that I took her to when I could first get her out of the house. I went there with my SIL Crystal and Seth. We had fun – it was interesting but fun. I also got a photographer to capture everything. I don’t want to miss a thing from her party! I don’t want to have to worry about getting pictures from this person or that person or forgetting to even bring my camera. So – that’s why I hired Daniela!! She’s amazing….

So – that’s a quick wrap up of Keira’s seven month birthday! 😀 Up next – favors for the kiddo’s (and maybe grown ups) for her party!


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