Downtown Parking

Saturday was an eventful day. We went to Jeremy’s nephew’s graduation downtown (Chattanooga if you don’t know) and after ward his family was taking his nephew Austin out to eat. Now – I didn’t really care to go eat with them. Friends know why but moving on…

They were going way out-of-the-way to go eat (out to Hamilton Place) so we decided to stay downtown and eat somewhere. I told Jeremy I wanted a sit down place that I didn’t have to get my own food and my own drink. We hadn’t been to the new Buffalo Wild Wings so we decided to go there.

The parking lot at BWW says it is only for employee’s so we went next door (Cheeburger Cheeburger) and parked in the lot behind them. Never saw a sign or anything saying who the parking lot was for. I did notice two junkies (crackheads – whatever you want to call them) sitting in the parking lot. We had Keira and Seth and all our bags and walked right by them. We went into BWW and ate then came back out to find our car GONE! I almost started to cry. I was hot, Jeremy was pissed off, Seth started to worry. He said his DS was in there and that it had pictures of Keira on it and he wanted it back.

At first we thought it was stolen – then we saw a sign up about four feet OVER our heads in small print that said “This parking lot is for Cheeburger Cheeburger, Vaudeville Cafe and Genghis Grill. Cars will be towed if not eating at these restaurants.”

So we called the number TWICE and they guy said he didn’t know anything about towing. So I called again and finally I got someone to tell me it would be $200 in cash and where it was to come get it. I was LIVID. I heard one of the junkies laughing. They could have at least told us when we walked by them but instead they called our car in and got some money for their habit and left a mom with two kids stranded while her husband found a ride to go get the car.

My mom and my mother in law Mary sat with me while Jeremy and his dad Mike went and got the car. Me and mom walked around a market that was going on around the aquarium while Mary held a sleeping Keira. Seth played in the water and got soaked – of course.

When Jeremy finally got back with the car he told me what all was wrong with it. He ended up paying the guy $100 and the damage was “our problem” according to the guy at the towing company. OH! It’s called All About Towing 2 in case you were wondering. Or we could have paid $200 and let “their guys” fix it. Yeah right.

Apparently the guys used something metal – I’m thinking maybe a crowbar – to PRY THE DOOR OPEN to try to get the emergency brake off. Which – they never did get the door open and left the emergency brake on and pulled it all the way to Dodds Avenue and 17th street. Since they did that – our brakes were shot – the e-brake didn’t even work. Instead of filing a police report – cause I doubt that would do anything – I called our insurance company Geico and talked to an agent.

How awesome is it that we only have to pay $250 to get our car fixed and I get a rental car while my car is in the shop?! The insurance company came and got the car from our house Saturday night and Sunday we went to Enterprise Rental to get my car. It ended up being a Mazda CX-7. It’s pretty nice but I wouldn’t buy one. It’s blue – and roomy.

Yesterday we finally got a call about the damage done to the car. As far as paint and body damage it’s about $450 – holy poop. Who knew!?!? As far as the brakes and rotors go – it’s around $500. So after taxes and all that stuff it’s around $1,000 in damage. Ugh – but at least we only have to pay $250!!

So now – Geico will go after the towing company and they guy told Jeremy before he left that he wasn’t going to pay any “blankety blank insurance company”. We shall see about that my friend!!! I am supposed to get my car back tomorrow – I can’t wait!

Lesson learned – NEVER going downtown again unless I am going to TGI Friday’s and I pay to park there!!!


3 thoughts on “Downtown Parking

  1. I can see how restaurants are a little on the anal side when it comes to parking downtown since space is limited, but that does NOT give any tow company the right to mishandle or damage cars at the owners expense! It’s still a business and they need to handle the vehicles as customer’s property whether they became a customer voluntarily or not! Glad you didn’t have to pay the whole cost! Hope Geico nails them for the damage! I’d spread the word about the tow company so others avoid them at all cost!!!

    • Excuse me? Who was trespassing? It’s a parking lot, for people to park in. They need it to be better identified which restaurant the parking is for if they don’t want to be sued for damages to a car they tow.

      Who are you to tell me that “I got what I deserved”, you are an ass.

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