To be completely honest…we could do without our cable. We NEVER watch anything but the news on channel 4….those guys are awesome and are completely on top of everything. Since I was little any time there was weather issues it was always “Paul said it would be like this” – it’s true too.

Anyway – point is – we usually get our other news by the internet. I am on Facebook A LOT and then there’s MSN I check and I must also say that TMZ is an addiction. There has been lots of weird things going on – locally and nationally that have caught my attention.

For instance – this guy in Miami. They say he was on some form or LSD or something called bath salts. I’m sure the other guy was too since they were both supposedly homeless. Two men….naked….on a freeway and one’s eating the others face??? Gosh – sends shiver’s through me. I read somewhere that the man doing the eating was shot several times and never stopped. Finally they just had to kill him. The other man was taken to the hospital and treated. Of course – there are lots of people out there making jokes about the zombie apocalypse…..Resident Evil is just a movie/video game kids – but I do know how to use a 9 mm and a shot-gun just in case!

Locally – a man killed his 28-year-old wife (she owned a tanning salon) and her grandfather and is on the run. He was spotted yesterday near where the murder occurred. Family has been on alert and police and K-9 units have been searching for him non stop. There have even been several helicopters patrolling for him. No one knows why but a family friend went on TV saying that he was a very jealous man and that apparently he had something to be jealous about.

Really? The guy shouldn’t have said anything about anything the woman may or may not have done. That was dumb on his part. I mean – for crying out loud – the woman was murdered and her daughter found her. Don’t say anything about stuff you have no clue about! I know it’s not really “weird” news but what’s weird to me about it is the guy is still in town and they haven’t found him. Which means – in my mind – he has to have someone helping him hide otherwise they would have found him by now.

There was also a three-year old girl locally that died from a self-inflicted gun shot wound. Her father was a state trooper. You’d think him of all people would know not to leave a .45 caliber handgun somewhere that his three-year old daughter and her two-year old cousin could find it. I know he didn’t do it but he basically did by leaving it where she could get to it.

I don’t understand what’s wrong with people. Doing drugs and killing…I mean – what’s wrong with our society? I honestly believe if you kill someone – and there is definitive proof you did it – then you shouldn’t rot in jail, you should be executed.That’s what’s wrong with our justice system I believe.

I’ve been looking into a different direction for my work – hopefully soon I will have an answer about it and maybe – I will be able to under stand what exactly is wrong with people these days.


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