Baby Food No No’s

I was reading about different foods to give to Keira since she’s getting older and I came across a website called Wholesome Baby Food.

There is a whole list on her site of “forbidden baby foods” and why you shouldn’t give them to your baby. Like honey for example – it could cause botulism in infants under a year old. I won’t name everything on her list – you can check it out yourself here.

Personally – Keira will not be getting ANY eggs, honey or any form of milk (ice cream etc.), peanut butter, any form of nuts, no citrus or acidic fruit, strawberries, raspberries or blueberries, grapes or shellfish. Simply because I don’t want her to have any issues with any of that stuff and because well – it’s what her doctor said. Doctor’s know best right?

I waited for all this stuff with Seth and he has no allergies to food what so ever. I’m hoping that Keira will have no issues too – when she can have that stuff. We made homemade ice cream (chocolate and vanilla) Monday and Keira really wanted some but I wouldn’t let her have any. It had half and half and sweetened condensed milk and whole milk in it.

I’ve read about people giving their babies shredded chicken and things like that at this age but I am not considering that until she gets teeth – which – she almost has!

What did/do you give your 6 month old? She’s in second stage foods right now and she just had apricots yesterday. She seemed to like them! 🙂 I love her faces when she tries new foods!


5 thoughts on “Baby Food No No’s

  1. We started with baby food purees at 4.5 months as per our pediatrician. I don’t remember when exactly we started with more solid foods, but I’m sure it wasn’t until she had more teeth. I do remember totally freaking out when we first started giving her solid foods! I was so afraid she was not going to chew thoroughly and choke! First time mama freak outs….

    • We started giving Keira cereal when she was 4 months (per her pediatrician) then after about a month of that we moved on to veggies only for lunch for a month rotating weekly to a new one…now she’s on fruits and pureed meats. She is starting to sleep better at night and she’s very impatient when she’s eating! She screams at me if I’m not feeding her fast enough. He said once she reaches 8 months we can start giving her the puffs (like the kind Gerber has) and I kind of can’t wait for that! She already puts her paci in her mouth by herself and can hold her bottle herself. They grow up so fast! 😦

      • I know, they do. We did the “one new thing at a time” thing too, just in case there were any reactions. We found that she did have an egg allergy, but so far that’s it (Chloe is 2 yrs 3 months now). The ped said we could re do a blood test to see if there is still a sensitivity to eggs, but the first time we had to do that it was so traumatic for everyone… I’d rather not put any of us through that again (they had to get blood from her fingertips when she was 12 months old — it was awful). We had to do that blood test b/c after she’d had eggs a few times with no reaction… she had a bad one — broke out in hives all over. ER, steroids…. I know some families have it so much worse… but that is not something I want to repeat soon (or ever!).

      • We have a 10 year old – Seth – he isn’t allergic to any foods but he is has allergies to basically everything outside. When we had to have him tested (skin pricked with everything imaginable) he was pretty good with it. As long as you tell him before hand he is okay with needles and procedures and things. If you spring it on him – he freaks out. I’m hoping Keira will be that way too. Seth has a dermatologist appointment Monday for a mole on his foot – last time they tried to numb his foot (5 years ago) he kicked the guy and bent the needle. The sprung it on us and he only had about 5 minutes until they did it. This time he’s prepared so hopefully it will go better.

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