I logged into WordPress today and glanced through the things that were on the front page. I stopped at one that said “I’m Pissed” with a picture of what looked to be a Wal-Mart shopping isle. It’s a blog post by a guy named Glenn Pendlay…you can read it right here. Please do as I am going to be talking about some of the things he’s said.

First off – I haven’t read anything else this guy has written. I know he’s from Wichita Falls because that’s what it says in the left margin – “wichitafallsweightlifting”. At least – that’s where I assume he’s from but you know what they say about assuming things.

In the first paragraph we learn he’s a weightlifter – good for him. He talks about the food he was eating at the mess hall with the other guys and it actually made me kind of hungry – even at 8:30 in the morning. Then he mentions the commercials on the flight back home. You have no idea how often this happens – it happens ALL THE TIME. I can’t sit and watch T.V. with Jeremy and Seth without a pop tart commercial coming on or a thing for Doritos. Man I love doritos.

He’s right too – why do we do this to ourselves? Why does the government and Mrs. Obama scream “Eat Healthy” and to fight obesity then let all these crappy foods be produced and marketed to little kids and busy families? I will admit – we’ve had our share of Pop Tarts, Toaster Strudels and junk food in our house – we aren’t perfect. But since getting pregnant with Keira last year – I’ve looked at what’s in my food a lot more closely and tried to change our eating habits.

I really wanted to make Keira’s baby food but after looking at the ingredients in the baby food I’d bought her cause it was on sale – it’s exactly what I would have made. Fruit or vegetables in water or juice. I always taste what I give her and I always read the labels on EVERYTHING she eats. There is even an app I have on my phone called Fooducate. It’s awesome. It’s like having one of those “Eat This Not That” books on your phone. You scan the bar code on what ever it is you want to know about and it gives you a grade – A through D and tells you why it’s given that rating. The best thing about it is that it gives you alternatives on another tab that’s better for you but still the same thing.

Get it? It helps you eat better. You have no idea how many times I’ve scanned something and it’s told me an off brand that’s cheaper – is better for me. So it really does two things – helps you eat better and it can help you save money! We used to eat out all the time and at least twice a week we still do because I just don’t feel like cooking (I’ve been sick this week and one night we had spinach pizza – so yummy). I cook at home for dinner at least 4 times a work week and on Saturday’s for breakfast and lunch. Jeremy takes left overs from the night before to work for lunch and Seth fixes himself a sandwich, chips, a snack and a drink for lunch every day. He eats breakfast at school most the time. I try to fix muffins for breakfast through the week or we have instant breakfast in the cabinet.

Seth used to eat lunch at school but when he would tell me that the main meal on their lunch plates on a specific day was cheese sticks – I started to wonder and that’s when I told him he should start taking his lunch. If it’s a special day (like field day or a field trip or something) I will let him eat at school. Otherwise – he takes his lunch. I thought schools were supposed to give kids good, balanced meals for lunch. How is cheese sticks as the main food any kind of balanced?

No wonder kids these days are obese – no wonder obesity is becoming an epidemic in adults either. We are prone to “this is quicker than cooking at home” when actually it’s not. Or – this cereal bar is just as good as oatmeal or a whole wheat muffin – yeah right.

You know what Seth told me the other day? He said he likes this girl at school and he talks to her all the time and she’s really nice and she’s got blonde hair (his favorite) and she’s really pretty – but he doesn’t want to ask her to be his girlfriend because he’s afraid his friends will make fun of him because she’s not skinny. Seriously – it’s what he said. I was like “What do you mean she’s not skinny?” He said that she was a little bigger than the other girls and that she does cheer-leading for a recreation team. You know what I told him? “Seth – it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks – if you think she’s pretty then ask her to be your girlfriend if you want. Your friends shouldn’t make fun of people and you shouldn’t think that everyone has to be a twig either.”

I totally understand that some people have health issues that prohibit them from losing weight – but at the same time – maybe stopping eating all the crap and starting to eat healthier would help just a little. I mean – pasta is good but only if it’s whole grain or whole wheat but certainly not all the time. Maybe once a week. Eat a salad every once in a while, put some lettuce and tomatoes on that hamburger if you’re going to eat it. Stop drinking carbonated drinks and drink some water.

I know I have a problem with drinking tea – I’m a Southerner – we all have that problem. I am trying to drink more water though because I was told to by my lactation consultant and my doctor. I also have an issue lately with coffee. I needed it this week to stay awake – I usually don’t drink it all but the caffeine can’t be good.

I’m rambling. Point is I agree with Glenn – we all need to try to eat better and stop filling our kids with crap. Seth get’s mad cause he isn’t allowed to have carbonated beverages and there’s a coke sitting in the fridge. I didn’t buy it….just so you know.

What do you think about society and the ads on tv? What do you think about what Glenn said? Hmmm??


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