Fall TV Cancelations

I try to stay on top of the shows that are coming out and the ones that are being canceled. I also try to stay on top of casting updates for my favorite books turning into movies – so far no updates on City Of Bones – but they will start filming in the fall in Canada sooooo – we should have news soon on who is Alex, Izzy, Magnus and my favorite character besides Jace – Simon. That will be another post!

Anywho….on to the cancellations for the fall TV schedule. I watch ALL (seriously ALL) my shows on Hulu. We have Hulu plus and it’s the bomb. Much better than a DVR (in our case) and seriously better than Netflix. We only get to watch TV on MAYBE Saturday’s and the two or three hours we have in the evenings – sometimes. We try to get in bed at nine during the week. We are those people – the kind that never knows what’s going on in the world unless we hear it on the radio or from someone else. Our jobs and our kids take up our time.

Well – here’s the list…I cried a little….okay not really.

PanAm – I liked this show – but I’m not hurt it’s going.
Missing – I really wanted this to work for Ashley – guess it didn’t.
Charlie’s Angels – I never even knew there was such a show!
Man Up – Never knew about this one either.
Work It – OR this one.
The River – I liked it….kinda weird and cool.
A Gifted Man – Saw previews, never watched it.
Unforgettable – Not interesting enough for me.
Rob – Seriously? Who would watch this?
CSI:Miami – I will NOT miss that dude’s posing
NYC 22 – What is this? Never heard of it.
How To Be A Gentleman – Like that would have lasted on tv, doesn’t happen in real life either
Ringer – Sorry S.M.G. – Buffy was your best deal
The Secret Circle – One of my favorites…this does make me sad.
H8R – Dumbest Show Ever
Remodeled – Never watched it
Terra Nova – I liked it – didn’t love it but I will miss it
Alcatraz – I didn’t get it.
Breaking In – Never watched it
I hate my teenage daughter – Lovely title FOX…
The Finder – OMG. This does make me want to cry. Geoff Stults is adoreable, I will miss him
Napoleon Dynamite – WHY was this ever a show?
Allen Gregory – Never watched it
Are You There Chelsea? – Watched it some – didn’t really like it
Best Friends Forever – Um…no comment??
Playboy Club – Should be on HBO
Free Agents – Never heard of it
Harry’s Law – SO UNBELIEVABLY SAD. I love Kathy Bates..  😦
Bent – Never watched it
Awake – Good but confusing if you haven’t watched it from the beginning.

So – there the canceled list for this coming fall. Like I said The Finder and Harry’s Law make me want to cry. Everything else I could deal without. Any of these make you sad?


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